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Lower Caisse (Caissa Inferiore) is an island in San Serriffe.



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Water runs off the local streets after a thunderstorm. Within minutes, the islands roads will once again be passable.

The weather on Lower Caisse is great except for the regular twice-daily thunderstorms — one in the morning, and another in the afternoon. Until you get used to the precise and predictable schedule of the storms, you would do well to remember to always carry an umbrella and wear your galoshes lest you be caught out in a downpour! During Monsoon season, a third storm may occur around noon.


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The port at Cap Em is the easiest place to land a boat on the island and is well remembered as the start of a memorable trip of a lifetime for most visitors.

The nearest international airport is on Upper Caisse. You can sometimes convince a drunk fisherman into ferrying you from Upper Caisse if you speak quickly so that he doesn't realize where you want to go until it's too late. Make sure you do this at high tide to maximize your safety when passing over the Shoals of Adze which separate the two islands.

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