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There are currently 0 ghost articles. This number represents a mysterious discrepancy between the real number of main namespace articles and the automatic count given by the {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} attribute.

Calculating the number


To find the true number of articles in the main namespace, we must find the total number of pages in the Category:Project tree. Mediawiki does not offer a way to do that automatically, so we have to use an external tool. Once we have that number, we subtract it from the automatic count to find the number of ghost articles. Try the following:

  • Before beginning, make sure that Special:UncategorizedPages is empty, as this will throw off the calculation.
  • Click here to find the total number of articles
  • Subtract the number found from number of articles: 32,600 (working?) (Total for site: 172,065)

If the result is different from the number given at the top of this page, edit this page and change the number. Be sure not to mess with the <noinclude> tags or it will screw up the tables.

Resolving discrepancies


If the number of ghost articles is correct, but there is still a discrepancy between the two grand totals at the bottom of the type/status matrix, one of the following may be the cause

  • If the first total is higher than the second:
  • An article may have more than one type or status - use an external category tool like Catscan to find it (not working)
  • An itinerary, phrasebook, or topic article may contain the {{IsPartOf}} template, causing it to be counted a second time as a destination article - use an external category tool like Catscan to find it
  • If the second total is higher than the first:
  • There may be an uncategorized page - check Special:UncategorizedPages
  • A redirect page may be tagged in a category causing it to be counted as an article. This usually occurs when a redirect has been tagged for deletion - check Category:Vfd.

Sometimes small discrepancies resolve themselves after a couple of days, as the category tree rebuilds itself.