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Wikimedia sister projects are all the publicly available wikis operated by the Wikimedia Foundation, including Wikivoyage. This guideline covers Wikivoyage's relations to the sister projects, including linking and copying content between a Wikivoyage article and a sister project.

This is a draft policy, and not yet in effect. Please see the discussion page for more information.

When to link[edit]

Wikivoyage encourages the linking to sister projects when there is a logical connection between the two projects and it will serve to benefit the traveller. Below are some common examples of Wikivoyage linking to sister projects:

  • Wikipedia can be linked to on most destination articles to give travellers factual, background information.
  • Wikimedia Commons when there are further photos available that will serve to complement the guide

Editors can link to Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wikispecies, Wikiversity, Wiktionary or any other project if they feel there is a clear connection, but this is rare and specific to certain situations.

How to link[edit]

As a general policy, we do not use in-line links for external sites when logically avoidable. All links to sites external to Wikivoyage must be instantly recognisable as such, and in order to keep the formatting consistent, and as an aid to recognition, the following formats are provided:

To an article with the same name or similar subject[edit]

Generally, sister wiki links are added to the left sidebar under the heading "Related sites". Editors can add sister wiki links by simply including [[Project:NameOfArticle]]. A list of items that the project field can be replaced with is below.

For example, a link to a similar Wikipedia policy has been provided in the left sidebar of this page. It was included by adding the following text to the article:

[[wikipedia:Wikipedia:Wikimedia sister projects]]

Technically, the link can be added at any point in the article. But for the sake of organisation and ease of editing, editors are asked to place the link at the bottom of the article below any content or templates.

To a section of an article[edit]

Links may be made to a relevant section of an article by adding the section title to the link, connected by the hash symbol (#), for example:

[[wikipedia:Wikipedia:Wikimedia sister projects#Where to place links]]

From a specific section of an article[edit]

Links which are relevant to a specific attraction or section of an article, such as climate, can be linked from within the relevant section by an Interwikimedia link template to be provided for this purpose.

{{Template:Interwikimedia link|Interwikimedia link code|Target article title|Display title}}

This will display as: See also: Display title at Interwikimedia link target

For example: See also: Decompression theory at Wikipedia

Note: For best appearance us long form Interwikimedia link code with initial capitalised. If this is accepted, the template can be extended to handle shortcuts and return the full name.

These links should be just below the section heading, as a hatnote.

From templates within an article[edit]

A few MediaWiki templates retrieve data from Wikidata or create links to maps and sibling projects in an article:

  • {{listing}} and {{marker}} accept (lat, long) co-ordinates and link to a dynamic map; {{mapframe}} places that map into a destination article
  • {{listing}} supports links to a venue's official site, to a Wikidata entry and to an encyclopaedia article
  • {{quickbar}} and {{pagebanner}} retrieve data from Wikidata; the listing editor is able to lookup (lat, long) given a Wikidata link.

See the individual template documentation for details.

To images[edit]

See: Wikivoyage:How to add an image

To an image category on Commons[edit]

Use a sidebar link for an image category relating to the article in general, or a hatnote link for a category relating to a section. A link to a Commons category will typically look like:


Linking between projects[edit]

Interwikimedia links
Project Long form Shortcut
Wikipedia [[wikipedia:]] [[w:]]
Wiktionary [[wiktionary:]] [[wikt:]]
Wikinews [[wikinews:]] [[n:]]
Wikibooks [[wikibooks:]] [[b:]]
Wikiquote [[wikiquote:]] [[q:]]
Wikisource [[wikisource:]] [[s:]]
Wikispecies [[wikispecies:]] [[species:]]
Wikiversity [[wikiversity:]] [[v:]]
Wikivoyage [[wikivoyage:]] [[voy:]]
Wikimedia Foundation [[wikimedia:]]
Wikimedia Commons [[commons:]] [[c:]]
Wikidata [[wikidata:]] [[d:]]
Meta-Wiki [[meta:]] [[m:]]
Wikimedia Incubator [[incubator:]]
MediaWiki [[mw:]]
Phabricator [[phabricator:]] [[phab:]]

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