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Umf. This article is probably necessary, but I don't really know what it should look like, esp. since unlike some previous events (Burning Man, Expo 2005) it's not in a single geographical location. Linking "See Berlin/Munchen/Bratwurststein" for every section hardly seems sensible. (WT-en) Jpatokal 21:23, 19 Dec 2005 (EST)

As it is an intersection of time/activity and geography, I guess it should use the Itinerary article template instead of a geographic unit template. (WT-en) Rmx 21:37, 19 Dec 2005 (EST)

I started this article in a distant time but as the seasons and eras passed me by I became distracted and have forgotten to tend to this article. I was using FIFA's website to find dates, stadium names, ticket info, and all the other neccessary information.

Please help me if you feel the calling. (WT-en) Sapphire 04:04, 16 Jan 2006 (EST)

I had a bit of a muck around. Now it's just fingers crossed for some tickets in the draw. :) (WT-en) Brendio 21:12, 16 Jan 2006 (EST)
Im up for helping! Ive already started by putting all the venues into the sleep section... although it has just occured to me that it might be a better to have a section with the venues listed and then with links to each city in it than to have eat sleep drink etc and then links in each of those to each city.
I think that possibly sometime in the future it might be worth going through each of the cities as collaboration-of-the-weeks in order to get them all up to a reasonable standard for when the World Cup is gonna take place, actually it might be worth while doing them as a batch lot for a couple of weeks.... What do you all think?? (WT-en) Tim 14:48, Feb 28 06


Anyone have any recommendations on how to start of the Itinerary? (WT-en) Sapphire 16:59, 23 April 2006 (EDT)

World Cup 2006[edit]

Swept in from Travellers Pub The World Cup is happening in June! Some of the pages for the venues already look great and have loads of info, Berlin for example, but some of the smaller venues Kaiserslautern, Hanover to name but a few are looking very bare!

I didn't know whether the whole World Cup could count as a collaboration of the week, but it might be worthwhile grouping a couple of venues together and having a double collaboration of the week or something like that so that they are looking good soon. The tickets are in the process of being handed out to customers after the draw, so people will very soon be looking at places to stay during their trips to Germany, and we will have missed the boat if we dont get it sorted out in the very near future.

What do people think??? (WT-en) Tsandell 15:05 Feb 28 2006