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Windsor is a mid-sized Canadian city on the southwest tip of Ontario. It's an extremely multi-cultural city with over 20% of its population having been born outside of Canada. The city's rich cultural background is made aware by its Middle Eastern, Italian, and Asian neighbourhoods. Just across the Detroit River from Detroit and the American border, it's one of the very few places where you have to go south to enter Canada. Its main waterfront park stretches about 5 km, from the 1929 Ambassador suspension bridge past the contemporary Windsor Sculpture Park. It ends near the 1894 Italianate Canadian Club Heritage Centre, which recalls when Windsor was a source for liquor smuggled to the Prohibition-era states.


The Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival celebrates Canada's Canada Day and the American Independence

Founded as a French agricultural settlement in 1748, Windsor has grown into a multi-cultural city of just over 210,000 people. Reflecting its American neighbour across the Detroit River, it has a strong connection with the automobile industry, with Chrysler's Canadian headquarters based in the city.

The river-side area of Windsor has been developed into a lush area of parkland that offer spectacular views of the Detroit skyline, and is the city's most well known feature.


Even if you spend a day in Windsor you'll notice that it's a very multi-cultural city, especially for its small town feel. Right off the bat, visitors will hear English, French, Arabic and Italian. Near the East side of the downtown area is the North African/Middle Eastern neighbourhoods with a large Lebanese community. southeast of the downtown area is the Via Italia neighbourhood, with numerous Italian restaurants and shops. West of the downtown area is an area with strong Asian influences.


The city has quite a wide range in climate conditions, with average temperatures hovering around 21°F (-6°C) in January, while in July the average temperature is around 82°F (28°C) . The late summer is the best time to visit the city, though it can be humid and sultry.

Windsor's weather breaks the most records, in more categories, in both averages and extremes, than any other Canadian regions. Windsor is the southernmost city in Canada, yet mid-western, while surrounded by the Great Lakes. Some of these records measure heat, humidity, precipitation, lightning, variances, mild winters, etc. For specifics details see:

Visitor information[edit]

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

By train[edit]

  • 3 VIA Rail, 298 Walker Rd (east of Caesars Windsor, on the corner of Riverside Dr & Walker Rd), toll-free: +1-888-842-7245. Ticketing and station hours: M-Su 5:15AM-8PM.. VIA Rail's western end of the Windsor-Quebec City corridor is located here and the Windsor (Walkerville) passenger train station serves those tourists needs. Windsor railway station (Ontario) on Wikipedia Windsor, Ontario railway station (Q3098087) on Wikidata

By car[edit]

Highway 401, a major artery that follows the Windsor-Quebec corridor (becoming Autoroute 20 in Quebec), has its west termination in Windsor. Canada's busiest highway, the 401 carries the bulk of the traffic between Canada's two largest cities.

Windsor is also easily accessible by crossing the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel or the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit. For more information about the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel and Ambassador Bridge and immigration/customs please see the From the United States section.

From Buffalo, Windsor is a sneaky shortcut which lops about a hundred miles off the trip to Detroit compared to a domestic route through Ohio. Unfortunately, much of the time saved is lost dealing with strange Customs on both sides. Take QEW from the Buffalo Peace Bridge to Hamilton, then take the 403 west to join the 401.

By bus[edit]

  • 4 Windsor International Transit Terminal, 300 Chatham Street West, +1 519 254-7575. Station & Ticketing hours: Daily: 7AM-8PM. The Greyhound terminal near the tunnel serves bus traffic.
  • 5 Tunnel Bus, 300 Chatham Street West (Windsor International Transit Terminal), +1 519 944-4111, fax: +1 519 944-5121. Local Windsor city bus route through downtown Detroit, including Cobo Center/Arena, Joe Louis Arena, Rosa Parks Transit Center, Campus Martius and Hart Plaza. Additional sport stadium stops during Detroit major league home games and special events. $4/person (C$ or US$).

From the United States[edit]

The Ambassador Bridge crosses from Detroit to Windsor over the Detroit River.

As of June 1, 2009, U.S. and Canadian citizens are required to present a passport, passport card, enhanced driver's license, or trusted traveller card when crossing the U.S.-Canada border. For more detailed identification requirements, visit Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) [dead link]. Although it is efficient for an international border, this is the busiest crossing between the two countries, and is not as quick and casual as it once was.

There are two ways to get to Windsor from Detroit:

  • 6 Ambassador Bridge (accessible from all interstates connecting to downtown Detroit). Bridge traffic can be congested, due to the high number of 18-wheelers. Expect wait times of 30 minutes. Toll per passenger car: $4.75 (CAD or USD).
  • 7 Detroit-Windsor Tunnel (connecting to I375 from all interstates in downtown Detroit). Every time traffic backs up in the tunnel the tunnel is shut down until traffic congestion is eased, which can sometimes take quite a while. A "tunnel bus" connects downtown Detroit with Windsor, which may reduce parking costs; the customs/immigrations process can be quite lengthy for bus riders since everyone on the bus must disembark and be cleared through customs. Toll per passenger car: $4.50 (CAD or USD).
  • A third bridge, the future Gordie Howe International Bridge between Brighton Beach (Windsor) and Delray (Detroit), has been proposed but not yet built.

The Windsor-Essex Parkway, an extension of Highway 401 which opened in 2015, will connect Canadian freeway traffic directly to the new bridge - which is not expected to be completed until the early 2020s. In the meantime, all traffic from Detroit lands not directly on the 401 but on Windsor surface streets (Ontario highways 3 and 3B) leading to substantial delays at the border.

Pedestrians cannot walk across the bridge or through the tunnel; they must use the tunnel bus. Bicyclists are prohibited from using the bridge and the tunnel, but (since 2017) can use the bike rack of the tunnel bus. One can also disassemble the bike and put it in a bike bag, which can be brought on the bus.

A Windsor-Detroit ferry crossing exists, but primarily serves truck traffic (including hazardous material) which cannot use the tunnel.

An alternative to crossing at Windsor-Detroit is the Blue Water Bridge in Sarnia-Port Huron, an hour from Windsor-Detroit by motorcar.

Get around[edit]

If you are going to get around the entire city, not just the downtown area and immediate neighbouring districts, your best option would be to rent a car. The majority of the hotels and entertainment are concentrated in the downtown area, so walking and reasonable cabs may be good options. An inexpensive transit system (Transit Windsor) has suitable routes, such as the Ottawa 4 or Transway 1C lines, but it isn't outstanding. Windsor is a city that was built for the car, or rather, a city built on building cars, thus earning the nicknames the 'Automotive Capital of Canada' or 'Motor City Canada' in addition to 'Rose City' branding (despite not particularly featuring more roses than other cities across Southern Ontario).


Map of Windsor (Ontario)
  • 1 Ford City. The birthplace of the Canadian Ford Motor Company. The district is home to a wide variety of architectural examples, including four byzantine styled Orthodox churches built by immigrants, who came to work for the Ford Company. Several buildings have murals depicting the history and transformation of the Ford Company and Ford City. Ford City, Ontario on Wikipedia Ford City, Ontario (Q5467686) on Wikidata
  • 2 Little Italy, Erie Street, +1 519 962-5105. Little Italy, or "Via Italia", as it is affectionately called is home to many Italian families and businesses. It is known for its restaurants and clothing boutiques, along Erie Street, from Moy Avenue in the east to Goyeau Avenue to the west. Windsor, Ontario on Wikipedia Windsor (Q182625) on Wikidata
  • 3 Old Sandwich Town (West Windsor on Riverside, Turns into Sandwich). Established in 1797, it is considered one of the oldest, most historically significant settlements in Ontario. It has been the site of several historically significant events in Ontario's history. Many historic buildings remain in Old Sandwich Town and the area hosts an annual festival to celebrate its heritage. The area is now a neighbourhood of the city of Windsor. Old Sandwich Town on Wikipedia Old Sandwich Town (Q7084898) on Wikidata
  • 4 Pillette Village (Pillette Road Village or Pillette Vintage Village), 4400 to 4900 Wyandotte East and 200 to 800 Pillette Road, e-mail: . A small community between historic Walkerville and their hipsters to the west and the sleepy Olde Riverside suburbs to the east. Most of the commercial buildings from George Avenue to Thompson Boulevard are on Wyandotte Street or Pillette Road spreading outward from that intersection, leading up to the spectacular Coventry Gardens & Reaume Park, just a block away. Pillette Village features several restaurants and several vintage stores, unique enterprises, convenience, bowling, as well as common franchises (McDonalds, Subway, Shoppers, etc) and utilities. free + free parking except Wyandotte Street has parking meters.. Neighbourhoods of Windsor, Ontario#Pillette Road Village on Wikipedia
  • 5 Walkerville (around Wyandotte and Ottawa Street). Incorporated in 1890, the town was founded by Hiram Walker, owner and producer of Canadian Club Whisky. Walker planned it as a 'model town’ (originally called 'Walker's Town') that would be the envy of both the region and the continent.[2] He established a distillery on the Detroit River, diversifying the business by growing grain, milling flour, and raising cattle and hogs. Later, the town supported other major industries, notably automotive manufacturing. Walkerville, Ontario on Wikipedia Walkerville, Ontario (Q3565412) on Wikidata


An Underground Railroad To Freedom monument, facing north-northwest from up Windsor's Civic Esplanade with the Detroit skyline distant across the river, from Pitt Street East, between Goyeau Street and McDougall Street, by the casino at a corner of The Colosseum.


  • 10 Art Gallery of Windsor, 401 Riverside Drive West (west of Ouellette Ave. and just west of the Cleary International Centre, and the Radisson & Hilton hotels, at Church Street), +1 519 977-0013, fax: +1 519 977-0776, e-mail: . W 11AM-8PM, Th,Fr 11AM-9PM, Sa,Su 11AM-5PM(Closed: M,Tu). Somewhat of a small art museum, but its exhibits are interesting and make the most of the available space. The gallery also has several works available for rent or for purchase. $3 per person.
  • 11 Canada South Science City, 930 Marian Ave (one block north of Erie Street (Little Italy)), +1 519 973-3667, fax: +1 519 973-3676, e-mail: . September - June: M-Sat: 10AM - 5PM, (Closed Sunday). Adults $8, Students & Seniors $7, Children (Age 2-12) $6..
  • 12 Serbian Heritage Museum, 6770 Tecumseh Rd. E, +1 519 944-4884. M-F 12PM-4PM. Exhibits change every three to four months.
  • 13 Windsor Community Museum, 254 Pitt Street West (François Baby House) (directly behind the Cleary International Centre & Hilton Hotel), +1 519 253-1812, fax: +1 519 253-0919, e-mail: .


  • 14 Caesars Windsor (Windsor Casino), 377 Riverside Drive East (overlooking the Detroit river & Skyline), +1 519 258-7878, e-mail: . Very large casino and popular among residents and tourists because the Canadian government does not tax any winnings. The casino exchanges US dollars to Canadian Dollars at a low rate (it is therefore advised to exchange your money elsewhere). Absolutely no one under 19 is allowed on the casino floor; however, those under 19 are allowed to stay in the Augustus (new) Tower. Those who are under 22 will need to show an additional piece of identification (such as a school ID or a debit card) upon entering. Caesars Windsor on Wikipedia Caesars Windsor (Q1025472) on Wikidata


The Peace Fountain in Windsor's Reaume Park/Coventry Gardens facing west-northwest across the Pillette "Dock" and Detroit River to Belle Isle and a distant Detroit skyline.
  • City Of Windsor list of all parks. Parks in Windsor, Ontario on Wikipedia
  • 1 Adventure Bay Family Water Park, 401 Pitt St W, N9A 0B2, +1 519 974-2782.
  • 2 Coventry Gardens & Reaume Park (Pillette Park), Pillette Road & Riverside Drive East. A showplace and tourist attraction, Reaume Park / Coventry Gardens includes the Pillette Dock (a favourite fishing spot) with a grand northern view of the Detroit skyline and its largest park, Belle Isle, as the spectacular Charles Brooks Peace Fountain floats on the Detroit River spouting water 70 feet in the air from April to October with radiant coloured evening illuminations. Coventry Gardens is elegantly maintained, with hanging gardens, trees, flowerbeds, tarmac and brick paths, and this park also contains a restaurant and restroom, but bicycles are not allowed in the park, due to its large attendance of pedestrians and tight curves. free + free parking + free overflow parking. Coventry Gardens on Wikipedia
  • Devonwood Bike Trail (South Windsor). 13.4 km free. Devonwood Bike Trail on Wikipedia
  • 3 Dieppe Gardens, Riverside Drive & Ouellette Avenue. At the northern-most base of Ouellette Ave., Windsor's centermost street, overlooking the Detroit River and skyline. free. Parks_in_Windsor,_Ontario#Dieppe_Gardens on Wikipedia
  • 4 Enigma Escape Rooms, 395 Tecumseh Rd W #104, N8X 1G3, +1 519 562-0497.
  • Ganatchio Trail (follow along Riverside Dr. East to pick up the starting point of the Ganatchio Trail, near Lauzon Rd.). Stretching from Windsor into Tecumseh, provides an excellent way for bikers, roller bladers, or the casual pedestrian to enjoy the afternoon. free. Ganatchio Trail on Wikipedia
  • Grand Marais Trail, Grand Marais Road (Central Windsor). 11.3 km free. Grand Marais Trail on Wikipedia
  • Little River Extension (Little River Bike Trail or Little River Parkway) (South of Wyandotte Street East along Riverdale Avenue beyond Little River Road.). 7.5 km free. Little River Extension on Wikipedia
  • 5 Peche Island City Park, Mouth of Detroit River and Lake St. Clair. Only accessible by boat, this island park is fun for picnics and exploration, at the mouth of Detroit River and Lake St. Clair. free. Peche Island on Wikipedia
  • 6 Queen Elizabeth II Sunken Gardens in Jackson Park, Tecumseh Road East & Ouellette Avenue. free. Parks in Windsor, Ontario#Jackson Park, Queen Elizabeth II Gardens, and Windsor Stadium on Wikipedia
  • Riverfront Bike Trail (The Roy A. Battagello River Walk Bike Trail), Riverside Drive East (All along the north waterfront of Windsor.). 5.17 km free. Riverfront Bike Trail on Wikipedia
  • Russell Street Neighbourhood Trail, Old Sandwich Town (West Windsor). 16.6 km free. Russell Street Neighbourhood Trail on Wikipedia
  • 7 Springz Trampoline and Amusement Park, 2411 Dougall Ave, N8X 1T3, +1 519 250-1111.
  • 8 Willistead Park (Willistead Manor). Willistead Park is located in the Walkerville neighbourhood, just east of downtown Windsor. The park contains the old Willistead Manor, a mansion built from 1904 to 1906 . Most of the houses that border the park across the streets are stylized in industrial revolution-England style, with rounded windows and row-houses with steep roofs. Every year, this park hosts "Art In The Park", in June, a large and very popular arts and crafts show. Willistead Manor on Wikipedia
A seagull sculpture in Windsor's Odette Sculpture Park with a distant Ambassador Bridge crossing the river to Detroit, facing west-northwest.
  • 9 Windsor Sculpture Park (Odette Sculpture Park), Riverside Drive West (From the Ambassador Bridge to Church Street north Windsor's chain of parks sprawling between Riverside Drive West and the Detroit River.). Touted as a "museum without walls" Windsor Sculpture Park is a 3.5 km park with over 30 sculptures dotting the park. All along Windsor's southern banks of the Detroit River from the base of the Ambassador Bridge (starting in Assumption Park at Huron Church Road) blending into Centennial Park on to Church Street where the park further continues as Dieppe Gardens at Ouellette Avvenue and even further along Riverside Drive East. The park features large-scale contemporary sculptures for public viewing. The collection continues to develop every year through private donations, with 32 sculptures presently in the park. Admission: Free, Parking: Metered. Windsor Sculpture Park on Wikipedia
  • 10 XS Family Fun Centre, 1930 Ambassador Dr (off Huron Church Road, near the Holiday Inn Select & across the street from the Hampton Inn.), +1 519 972-6748, e-mail: . Su-Th: 11AM-11PM, Fr,Sa: 11AM-midnight (Go-karts close one hour prior to the rest of the centre). Arcade with Laser Tag, Go-Karts and Batting Cages. Prices vary from activity..
  • 11 Zap Zone Fun Center, 1665 Lauzon Rd, Windsor, ON N8S 3N4, +1 519 974-5768. Mo-Th: 12-10, Fr: 12-11, Sa: 11-11, Su: 12-8. Go for laser tag, glow golf, balladium and bumper cars.


  • Windsorite Festival Listing.
  • Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival. An enormous celebration of both Canada's Canada Day, held on July 1st, and America's Independence Day, held on July 4th. The festival, which began in 1959, evolved into the current pair of events (Windsor Summer Fest and Detroit River Days) in 2007.
  • Windsor International Film Festival. Nov 1-9, 2014. Also has a summer series on Thursday evenings.
  • 12 Windsor Emancipation Celebration Festival, Festival Plaza - 370 Riverside Drive East (overlooking the Detroit River and skyline), e-mail: . August 3–6, 2012. An enormous celebration of Freedom, held on the first weekend in August Emancipation Celebration was once the largest outdoor celebration of it's kind in all of North America. It boasted colourful parades that made its way from the riverfront into Jackson Park celebration grounds, Miss Sepia Pageants, talent contest, concerts, family reunion picnics and community wide barbecues. In fact these cross-border celebrations drew the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. George Washington Carver, Jesse Owens, Diana Ross, Joe Louis, Eleanor Roosevelt and many other world renowned dignitaries annually to appear as guest speakers or simply to join the revelry of freedom. At its peak Emancipation celebration had over 250,000 in attendance . Free/$5 for concerts/shows.
  • Bluesfest. four days, mid-July. Promotes not only the blues genre, but local and international artists. Four day pass: $50, otherwise $20-25 per day.
  • Pridefest Windsor-Essex, +1 226-348-3378. LGBT parade to Riverfront Festival Plaza, early August.

Music & Theatre[edit]

  • 13 Capitol Theatre and Arts Centre, 121 University Avenue West (in downtown Windsor, at Pelissier Street, on University Avenue beside the Phog Lounge, just west of Ouellette Ave. and south of Riverside Dr), +1 519 253-7729, fax: +1 519 253-8912.
  • 14 Chrysler Theatre, 201 Riverside Drive West (downtown Windsor, on the corner of Riverside Dr. and Ferry St), +1 519 252-6579, fax: +1 519 973-4976, e-mail: .
  • 15 Cineplex Odeon Devonshire Mall Cinemas (Devonshire Odeon), 3100 Howard Ave, Windsor, ON N8X 3Y8, +1 519 967-0197. All the blockbuster corporatocracy propaganda brainwashing you can handle.
  • 16 Imagine Cinemas - Lakeshore (Lakeshore), 164 Commercial Blvd, Tecumseh, ON N9K 1G5, +1 519 979-2400. All the blockbuster corporatocracy propaganda brainwashing you can handle.
  • 17 SilverCity Windsor Cinemas (Cineplex), 4611 Walker Rd, Windsor, ON N8W 3T6, +1 519 966-6888. All the blockbuster corporatocracy propaganda brainwashing you can handle.
  • 18 Windsor Symphony Orchestra, 487 Ouellette Ave, +1 519 973-1238, fax: +1 519 973-0764. Charitably donate to the Windsor Symphony and generously support the fine arts because all the poor folks prefer the ballet and supporting perpetual war to better alternatives, uncorrupted social systems, healthy food, and a fair chance.

Music Scene[edit]

Windsor's underground music scene is blooming with talented musicians creating music genres such as rock, indie, metal, soul and more. Every single day there's a show being put on by the determined booking agents and venues alike who love this city. The scene in Windsor is tightly-knit, like a big family. It creates this home-like feeling, as most of the people who have left only miss the concerts. The venues in Windsor set the stage for gorgeous concerts to be brought down from all over the world!

  • 19 Dominion House, 3140 Sandwich St, N9C 1A7, +1 519 971-7400. Unfussy historic pub with billiards & a traditional menu of burgers, snacks & sandwiches.
  • 20 Phog Lounge, 157 University Ave W, N9A 5P4 (in downtown Windsor, at Pelissier Street, on University Avenue beside the Capitol Theatre and Arts Centre, just west of Ouellette Ave. and south of Riverside Dr), +1 519 253-1605. Intimate, quirky nightspot featuring independent bands, pub grub like poutine & a full bar.
  • 21 Player's Sports Club (The Backstage), 1530 Langlois Ave, N8X 4M2, +1 519 256-6202.
  • 22 The Rondo, 63 Pitt St E, N9A 1G5.
  • 23 The Windsor Beer Exchange, 493 University Ave W, N9A 5P8, +1 226 674-1212.
  • 24 Villains, 256 Pelissier, N9A 4K3, +1 519 915-5215.


  • City Of Windsor list of all parks. Parks in Windsor, Ontario on Wikipedia
  • 25 Ambassador Golf Club, 1025 Sprucewood Ave (on the border of Windsor & LaSalle, across from the Windsor Raceway & Slots), +1 519 966-2425, fax: +1 519 966-2327. Weekdays: 9 holes $40, 18 holes $60; Weekends: 9 holes $45, 18 holes $68.
  • Devonwood Bike Trail (South Windsor). 13.4 km free. Devonwood Bike Trail on Wikipedia
  • Ganatchio Trail (follow along Riverside Dr. East to pick up the starting point of the Ganatchio Trail, near Lauzon Rd.). Stretching from the City of Windsor into the Town of Tecumseh, provides an excellent way for bikers, roller bladers, or the casual pedestrian to enjoy the afternoon. free. Ganatchio Trail on Wikipedia
  • Grand Marais Trail, Grand Marais Road (Central Windsor). 11.3 km free. Grand Marais Trail on Wikipedia
  • Little River Extension (Little River Bike Trail or Little River Parkway) (South of Wyandotte Street East along Riverdale Avenue beyond Little River Road.). 7.5 km free. Little River Extension on Wikipedia
  • Riverfront Bike Trail (The Roy A. Battagello River Walk Bike Trail), Riverside Drive East (All along the north waterfront of Windsor.). 5.17 km free. Riverfront Bike Trail on Wikipedia
  • 26 Roseland Golf And Curling Club, 455 Kennedy Drive West (east of Huron Church Road, just south of Cabana Rd.), +1 519-969-3810. 18-hole championship golf course, a challenging 9-hole Par 3, and a 6-sheet curling rink. Clubhouse with banquet facilities.
  • Russell Street Neighbourhood Trail, Old Sandwich Town (West Windsor). 16.6 km free. Russell Street Neighbourhood Trail on Wikipedia
The Windsor Spitfires are a junior ice hockey team in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL).
  • 27 Windsor Spitfires hockey, WFCU Centre, 8787 McHugh St, Windsor, ON N8S 0A1. The extremely popular local junior hockey team was Canadian champions in 2009 and 2010. Tickets can be hard to come by. They play at the WFCU Centre in Forest Glade, buy tickets well in advance. Windsor Spitfires on Wikipedia



Shopping in Windsor can be a treat particularly due to the abundance of ethnic stores littered about Windsor. There's a store to suit everyone's need, including the American cigar aficionado, who will be delighted to realize that due to Canada's cozier relations with Cuba than America's, Cuban cigars are widely available for purchase. Do realize that even purchasing a Cuban cigar or Cuban products in Windsor, even if consumed on Canadian soil, is considered by U.S. government to be a violation of the U.S. embargo and you may be subject to hefty fines or jail time if caught. In practice, however, this might not be a big problem, as thousands of Americans travel to Cuba illegally every year with no problem.

  • 1 Ambassador Duty Free Store, 707 Patricia St (on the Ambassador Bridge), +1 519 977-9100.
  • 2 C Shells, 4729 Wyandotte St E, N8Y 1H5, +1 519 915-4917. Tu-Fr: 10-5, Sa: 10-4, Su-Mo: closed. Overwhelmingly beautiful vintage, shabby chic, clever barn couture, too cool for words with waaay too much eye candy to absorb. Much of it hand crafted in the back. One stop for unique gifts for even the most hard to please. Out of the way almost hidden gem.
  • 3 Devonshire Mall, 3100 Howard Ave. (south on Howard from E.C. Row Expressway), +1 519-966-3100. M-F, 9:30AM to 9PM, Sat. 9AM to 6PM, Sun. 11AM to 5PM. Over 175 stores, services and eateries.
  • 4 Endless Heights, 2141 University Ave W, N9B 1E3, +1 519 946-0570. Mo-Sa: 12-8, Su: 2-7. West Windsor's best little head shop. The best pieces for the best prices, guaranteed! Seeds, Bongs, Rigs, Vapes, Papers, and all things cannabis culture. Come Reach Your Highest Potential! "Good selection, good prices & good knowledge and customer service." Marijuana is now legal in Canada.
  • 5 Higher Limits, 251 Ouellette Ave, N9A 4H9, +1 519 915-8885. The world's largest and first cannabis lounge in southwest Ontario. Marijuana is now legal in Canada.
  • 6 Holland Consignment Shoppe, 1407 Ottawa St (Ottawa St and Moy Ave, behind the TD Bank), +1 519 977-5200, e-mail: . In the heart of one of the last remaining local outdoor shopping districts
  • 7 Tecumseh Mall, 7654 Tecumseh Rd E, N8T 1E9, +1 519 944-7760.
  • 8 The Vintage House, 4667 Wyandotte St E, N8Y 1H6, +1 519 944-9685, e-mail: . open Saturdays, sometimes Wed-Fri, rarely Tues, closed Sun-Mon. The Vintage House is gracefully classy with wonderful stylings to get retro re-inspired. Furniture, kitchen, wardrobe, decor, flourishes, nick-knacks, and memories. Re-find the refined, rediscover your style, and savor the vintage. (And inexpensive!)
  • 9 Windsor Crossing Premium Outlets, 1555 Talbot St (in the town of LaSalle, just off Huron Church Rd., south of the Ambassador Bridge), +1 519 972-7111, fax: +1 519 972-6432, e-mail: . M-F 10AM-9PM, Sa (Jan-May) 9AM-6PM or (Jun-Dec) 9AM-9PM, Su: 10AM-6PM, Holidays: 10AM-6PM, Closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.
  • 10 Windsor Hobbies, 3895 Tecumseh Road East, +1 519-945-5471. Hobby and model shop
  • 11 Windsor Tunnel Duty Free Shop, 465 Goyeau St, +1 519 252-2713, fax: +1 519 252-1688. Open: Daily, 24 hours..


Windsor is known for being one of the great food places in Canada, with much of its reputation owing to the many ethnic restaurants in the city ranging from Italian, Lebanese, Chinese (Cantonese/Szechuan), Thai, Indian, Greek, African (Ethiopian/Somalian), Caribbean, as well as other specialties such as vegetarian/vegan restaurants.


  • 1 Acapulco Delight Restaurant, 485 Pelissier St, +1 519-977-1881. 6PM-3AM Mon-Thu, 6PM-3:30AM Fri-Sat, closed Sun. Mexican fare. $20+.
  • 2 May Wah Inn, 1689 University Avenue West (just west of downtown), +1 519 256-4755.
  • 3 Mini Restaurant, 475 University Avenue West (a few blocks west of downtown), +1 519 254-2221.
  • 4 Perfetto Bistro Bottega, 4783 Wyandotte St E, N8Y 1H7 (near Pillette on Wyandotte's south side, adjacent to McDonald's and Shoppers'), +1 226 221-9944. Tu-Sa: 11-7:30, Su-Mo: closed. Fresh homemade pasta at a great price.
  • 5 Palenque Fresh Mexican Cuisine, 4736 Wyandotte St E, N8Y 1H7 (near Pillette on Wyandotte's north side), +1 519 945-2688. Tu-Th: 11-9, Fr: 11-10, Sa: 3-10, Su-Mo: closed. Authentic Mexican cuisine and setting.
  • 6 Sam's Pizzeria & Cantina, 2215 Wyandotte Street West, +1 519 258-5086.
  • 7 Sir Cedric's Fish & Chips, 468 University Avenue West (across the street from Mini Restaurant), +1 519 253-4044.
  • 8 Terra Cotta Pizzeria a La Rogue, 318 Pelissier St (downtown Windsor), +1 519 971-0223.


  • 9 Cook's Shop Restaurant, 683 Ouellette Ave (downtown Windsor), +1 519 254-3377.
  • 10 India Palace Sweet Restaurant, 1167 Ottawa St (Ottawa Street across from Lanspeary Park), +1 519 256-4104.
  • 11 Rino's Kitchen & Ale House, 131 Elliott St W, N9A 4N4, +1 519 962-8843.
  • 12 The Twisted Apron, 1833 Wyandotte St E, N8Y1E5, +1 519 256-2665. Quaint spot serving a locally-sourced menu of unique burgers, sandwiches, breakfast & brunch items.


Pelee Island Winery is always a great vintage.
  • 13 Fourteen Restaurant & Sky Lounge, 100 Ouellette Ave #1400, N9A 6T3 (corner of Ouellette and Riverside), +1 226 526-7214.
  • 14 Mezzo Ristorante, 804 Erie St (Via Italia), +1 519 252-4055, fax: +1 519 252-9202, e-mail: . M-W: 11:30AM-10PM, T-Sa: 11:30AM-11PM, Su: 4PM-10PM. Decent Italian restaurant with a friendly and helpful staff. The restaurant is pleasantly decorated and offers an intimate atmosphere for visitors to relax and hang out. The restaurant hosts musicians on Thursday and a piano player on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • 15 Niko Sushi, 10 Amy Croft Dr, N9K 1C7, +1 519 979-8996. Popular sushi house offering a range of well-known rolls, gyoza & tempura in a quaint dining room.
  • 16 Spago Ristorante & Pizzeria, 690 Erie St E, N9A 3X7, +1 519 252-2233. Lively spot with an open kitchen offering thin-crust pizza, panini, pasta & other Italian classics.


Ethanol tourism
The Ontario Wine Route logo.
Several breweries and distilleries – most notably Canadian Club – were established in the Windsor/Essex County area due to "dry laws" during the American prohibition experiment. Today, a significant part of Windsor's tourism is still directly related to alcohol, with Ontario's lower drinking age (and more liberal "exotic dance" regulations) drawing countless 19- and 20-year-old Americans over the border for legal drinks.

Bars & Grills[edit]

Pubs & Clubs[edit]

Breweries & Distilleries[edit]

Hiram Walker's Canadian Club whisky headquarters is a Canadian cultural heritage monument.
Canadian Club Classic aged whisky.
  • 11 Craft Heads Brewery, 89 University Ave W, N9A 5N8 (On the corner of University and Pelisser.), +1 (226) 246-3925.
  • 12 Frank's Brewing Co., 12000 Tecumseh Rd E, N8N 1L9, +1 519 956-9822.
  • 13 Hiram Walker & Sons Limited, 2072 Riverside Dr E, Windsor, ON N8Y 4S5 (along Riverside Dr. E.), +1 519-561-5499. Mo-Th: closed, Fr-Su: 12-5. "Great place clean and friendly staff and the tour's are full of history", "Great wedding location with brick interior", "Impressive reception hall for upto 200 people." Tours: Adults (Up to aged 55) $5.85, Seniors (Aged 55+) $4.68..
    (Note: Hiram Walker & Sons Limited is not to be confused with the Canadian Club Brand Centre tourist attraction at 2072 Riverside E, Windsor, ON N8Y 4S5 and (519) 973-9503 that was permanently closed though more details may be available at
  • 14 Walkerville Brewery, 525 Argyle Rd (east side of the city, off Wyandotte St.), +1 519-254-6067, fax: +1 519-255-9245, e-mail: . Sun-Wed 11AM-6PM, Th-Sa 11AM-7PM, Closed Sunday.. 45 minute tours ($7 each includes tastings) are given on Saturdays between 12:30PM-5PM. You can also buy beer at the brewery.


This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget $110 or less
Mid-range $111 - 140
Splurge $141 or more




Stay safe[edit]

Downtown Windsor is safe and very lively, even late at night. The biggest danger is getting into a confrontation with an intoxicated person when the clubs close for the night. The usual precautions should be taken, such as, travel in groups, mind your own business, etc. However, the downtown core is usually well policed, so you should have no real problems.

Beginning late into the evening touts will roam the streets offering free admission to bars, clubs, and strip joints. While for the most part touts operate individually you may be approached by two or more touts. Standard precautions should be taken when considering following a tout to a strange location or to a bar that you've never been to before. If you feel uncomfortable walk away.

Warning: It should also be noted that unlike most mid-sized Canadian cities the custom in Windsor is similar to bigger cities like Toronto or Montreal in that drivers will NOT stop for pedestrians crossing a street who are not crossing at a marked traffic intersection (i.e. jaywalking). Jaywalking is specifically legal in Windsor but at the pedestrian's own risk. Windsor does not have stand-alone pedestrian activated crosswalks. Additionally, Windsor drivers tend to be quite aggressive. Windsorites drive similarly to the aggressive (but quick and efficient) Detroit or US East Coast style rather than the more laid back Canadian style. If you like to drive slowly and cautiously you may find yourself getting honked at, yelled at, given the finger, tailgated, etc.


Religious services[edit]

Private Clubs & Secret Societies[edit]


Belle River[edit]



  • 30 Colio Estate Wines, 1 Colio Drive (Just off Walker Road South) (Follow County Road 11 South until you reach Harrow - Located on the east side of Queen Street), +1 519 738-2241, toll-free: +1-800-265-1322. Open 7 days a week, Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5. In 1980, Colio Estate Wines was granted the first winery license since prohibition in a region that was once the largest grape growing area in the country. The 200 acres of vineyards in Colchester, Ontario are at the same latitude as Northern California and the Tuscany region in Italy. The vine-friendly soils, southwest winds, southern exposure to the lake and one of the longest growing seasons in the country are unique attributes. Tours are daily at 2PM. Open most holidays. Tours $3.00 per person - Groups welcome by appointment.
  • 31 Cooper's Hawk Vineyards and The Vines Restaurant, 1425 Iler Rd, N0R 1G0, +1 519 738-4295.
  • 32 Oxley Estate Winery, 533 Essex County Rd 50, N0R 1G0, +1 519 738-3264.
  • 33 + The Harrow Fair, 243 McAffee St, Harrow, ON N0R 1G0 (Wellington Street at McAfee Street is the Harrow Fairgrounds & Pollard Park).
  • 34 Viewpointe Estate Winery, 151 County Rd 50, N0R 1G0, +1 866-372-8439.


  • 35 Lasalle Strawberry Festival (Lasalle Strawberry Fest), Gil Maure Park, Front Road at Laurier Drive, LaSalle (The Lasalle Strawberry Fest admission gates are both off Front Road at: Main Gate 1: Laurier Drive beside parking lot OR Gate 2: Front Road at Huron Street). Summer - Runs both days from 5pm to 1am. $5 per person, Persons over 65 or under 6 get in free


  • 36 Point Pelee National Park & Visitor Centre, 1118 Point Pelee Dr, N8H 3V4, +1 519 322-2365. Point Pelee National Park is a national park in Essex County in southwestern Ontario, Canada where it extends into Lake Erie. The word pelée is French for 'bald'.
  • 37 The Leamington Fair, 194 Erie St N, Leamington, ON N8H 3A4 (The Leamington Fairgrounds are at the Leamington Raceway), +1 519 326-8082. Summer. $7, Children under 12 free.



  • 41 Taste of Tecumseh Festival (Taste of Tecumseh), Lakewood Park, Riverside Drive East, Tecumseh (Drive down Riverside Drive East until you arrive at the circular mid-road chicane at the Manning Road intersection.). Summer - June 14-15, 2019 - Runs both days from 5pm to 1am. The Taste of Tecumseh Festival takes place at Lakewood Park. This two day event features delectable tastes and unique talents, all at a beautiful waterfront setting nestled on Lake St. Clair in the Town of Tecumseh, Ontario. Sample culinary delights, taste a variety of distinctive award-winning wines, get hoppy with craft beer, and enjoy live entertainment from talented performers. Once again Windsor/Essex’s favourite party band Bigg Wiggle will headline both nights! Tickets are $15.
  • 42 Tecumseh Corn Festival (Tecumseh Corn Fest), 600 Lacasse Blvd, N8N 2C1 (on the Lacasse Park baseball field), +1 519-735-4756 x421, e-mail: . Summer - August. $3 daily admission collected at festival entrance gates ; Children 0-12 free ; Seniors 65+ free

Go next[edit]

The Detroit skyline across the Detroit River from Windsor.

For a more quaint experience, Essex County and Pelee Island can be of interest offering many sight-seeing experiences such as wine tours (Colio Wines & Pelee Island Winery) and Point Pelee National Park, which is a 40 minute drive from Windsor to Leamington along Highway 3. About 30 minutes away along the waterfront, Amherstburg is the home of historic Fort Malden. Nearby is Bois Blanc Island, an abandoned amusement park which used to be popular among Detroit visitors.

Windsor is the southernmost major city in Canada. Detroit is situated just north of Windsor and offers some of the USA's best museums and cultural attractions, most notably the Detroit Institute of Arts, Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village, and the Detroit Zoo. Beyond centrally located Windsor/Detroit, a car ride can take you to many close cities in the United States, such as Ann Arbor, Toledo, Lansing, Cleveland, Columbus, or even Chicago is just a 4 to 5 hour drive west from Windsor.

Further out on the Windsor-Quebec corridor lies London, a 2 hour drive, while Toronto is a 4 hour drive northeast from Windsor. Also from Windsor, a 9 or 10 hour drive northeast give or take may bring you to Montréal or Ottawa, Canada's capital city.

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