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Yichang, Yangtze river view.

Yichang (宜昌 Yíchāng) is a city in Hubei Province.

Map of Yichang



The population of the Yichang area is around 4 million, with about one and a half million within the city itself and the remainder in the outside areas. The city is located just below the Three Gorges and around 30 km downstream from the dam. It used to be the gateway to the upper Yangze and an important post in the Sino-Japanese war, though not much of those times is visible anymore. Nowadays the city is known as the ending point of the Three Gorges river cruising trip and is less often used for a trip upstream.

Yiling District of Yichang City, known as Yiling in ancient times, is located at the gateway of the Three Gorges.

Get in


By plane

  • 1 Yichang Sanxia Airport (YIH  IATA) (located 40 minutes drive out of the city). There are flights connecting Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xi'an, etc. Taxi prices to the airport vary from ¥60–80, there is also a bus going out there, find out in city when and from where it leaves. The airport shuttle buses run from the time when the first flight comes and stop till the last flight leaves. Its terminal is Qingjiang Hotel of Yichang City, which is about 40 km away from the airport. It takes around 50 minutes to get there from the airport with the ticket price of ¥20. It stops at bus stations and wharfs on the way. Yichang Airport (Q2233112) on Wikidata Yichang Sanxia Airport on Wikipedia

By bus

A new highway connects Yichang with the scenic Shennongjia Forest District

Yichang can easily be reached by bus. There is a main bus station, where there are buses from/to main cities in China. There are further bus stations at the docks where the river cruises end/start.

By train


Train is also a very easy way to get to Yichang. The old Yichang Station, located in the city centre, has been closed. The city is now served by the new Yichang East station that is about 10km from downtown station. You can take bus 1 further into the town and then change to bus 23 (these routes should parallel for a while) and then ride to its terminus (Yemingzhu) from which a non-city bus (number 8) goes to the Three Gorges Dam.

Situated on one of China's main east-west high-speed mainlines, Yichang has frequent rail service to the cities along this line (Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chongqing, Chengdu); there are also high-speed and conventional trains to a number of other key destinations around the country, from Beijing to Guangzhou.

By boat/cruise


Many people get in by boat. Most boats arrive around 1-1.30pm at the docks from where it is possible to catch a bus to Wuhan the same night which for most people might be the most interesting option of getting out. There are also many Yangtze Cruises sailing on the Yangtze River between Chongqing and Yichang (see Do Section).

Get around

Three Gorges Dam

The locally run buses only cost a ¥2 and are regular enough to be relied upon. The town is not that big so going by foot is an option. If you want to go to the Three Visitors Cave take bus 10 leaving at the main Square (hourly or half hourly). A taxi ride out there is ¥10-20. There are also bus rapid transit (BRT) lines.

Taxi fares begin at ¥8 and then increase in small amounts over time and distance. Taxis may or may not use the meter, if you stay in the downtown limits, rides should not exceed ¥10.


Three Gorges Dam from upstream
  • 1 Three Gorges Dam (三峡大坝), Three Gorges Dam Area, Sandouping Town, Yuling District. 8AM-5PM. The largest dam in the world. The dam's body was completed in 2006; the power plant was completed and fully operational by 2012, when the last of the main water turbines in the underground plant began production. Each of the main water turbines has a capacity of 700 MW. Combining the capacity of the dam's 32 main turbines with the two smaller generators (50 MW each) that provide power to the plant itself, the total electric generating capacity of the Three Gorges Dam is 22,500 MW. The last major component of the project, the ship lift, was completed in 2015. ¥105. Three Gorges Dam (Q12514) on Wikidata Three Gorges Dam on Wikipedia
  • 2 Three Visitors Cave and Park (三游洞风景区), 8 Nanjinguan Road, Xiling District (西陵区南津关路8号) (On a peninsula outside the city. Bus routes 10-1, b10 and Sightseeing Bus 2), +86 717 8862161, +86 717 8861722. Nov-Mar 08:30-17:00, Apr-Oct 07:30-18:00. The cave contains some poetry engraved in stone, not very big though but has a nice little story to it. The surrounding park has a view of the Yangze River as well as some old military defense walls, Sino-Japanese war memorial stones, a river viewing pavilion and some ancient city remains. The walk around the park has lots of steps and is a pretty decent, good relaxing spot. ¥78.
  • 3 Tribe of the Three Gorges (三峡人家,三峡村 Three Gorges Village), Shipai Village, Sandou Town, Yiling District (夷陵区三斗坪镇石牌村) (On the edge of Xiling Gorge, about 40km west of downtown Yichang. Bus 10-1 will take you there in about an hour and a half), +86 717 8850588, . Mar-Oct 08:00-17:30, Nov-Feb 08:30-17:00. The ticket office closes 2 hours before closing time. Has an amazing view of the river. The theme park style site features ancient relics and a natural karst cave like an underground palace. This site is very popular among Chinese, but very few Western travelers know this place. A day tour will cover all interesting sites in this area. It is suggested that you leave in the morning. General admission ¥120, elevator ¥30, boat ride ¥30.
  • 4 Yuquan Temple (玉泉寺), County Highway 230, Yuquan Village, Dangyang (当阳市玉泉村230县道) (About 80km by road from downtown Yichang and about 15km west of Dangyang. Take a long-distance bus to Dangyang (当阳) and ask the driver to drop you off at the Yuquan Temple Intersection (玉泉寺路口). From there, you will need to catch a motorcycle taxi to take you the rest of the way), +86 717 3240301, +86 717 3240302, +86 717 3240686. 07:00-17:30. The temple was founded in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, about l700 years ago. It is one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries in China. Free.
  • 5 Changbanpo (长坂坡), 86 Changban Road, Dangyang (当阳市长坂路86号) (Take a long-distance bus to Dangyang, then walk or catch a taxi. Alternatively take the train to Danyang, then catch bus no. 1 and get off near the intersection of Zilong Road and Changban Road), +86 717 3240301. 08:00-18:00. Site of the Battle of Changba, a famous battle that took place between the warlords Cao Cao and Liu Bei in 208 A.D. ¥15.
  • 6 Yichang Museum (宜昌博物馆), Bailin River Road, Wujiagang District (伍家岗区柏临河路) (Bus routes b313 and b343), +86 717 6445679-8008. 09:00-16:30, no entry after 16:00, closed on Mondays. Free.



River Cruises

A busy harbor in Maoping (Zigui County), one of the two ports on the Three Gorges Reservoir closest to Yichang

There are many luxury Yangtze cruises sailing between Yichang and Chongqing lasting three nights downstream and four nights upstream. The cruise fare usually includes shore excursions (Fengdu, Shennong Stream/Lesser Three Gorges, Three Gorges Dam) and all meals on-board the ship except the dinner of the check-in day.

  • [dead link] Dragon Cruisers, +86 717 8860467. Each ship has weekly departures from each of Yichang and Chongqing from mid March to mid November. Operates Emperor, Dragon, Three Kingdoms and Serenity, which are all five star ships. Includes shore excursions at Fengdu Ghost City, White Shennong Stream (only downstream), Lesser Three Gorges (only upstream), Three Gorges Dam as well as on board entertainment.
  • [dead link] New Century Cruises.
  • Orient Royal Cruise (东方皇家旅游船; Dōngfānghuángjiā Lǚyóuchuán). Operates East King and Yangzi Explorer. Rates at homepage start at $760 for East King (plus $70 for shore excursions) and $1,400 for Yangzi Explorer.
  • [formerly dead link] President Cruises.
  • Regal China Cruises (中国皇家公主号; Zhōngguó Huángjiāgōngzhǔhào).
  • Victoria Cruises.
  • Viking River Cruises.


A zip-line facility allows tourists to "fly" across the Yangtze. (Xiakou Scenic Area, a few km west of Yichang)
  • Bungie Jump, Besides the Three Visitors Cave (Xialaoxi Bridge). You can bungie jump near the Three Visitors Cave, though not recommended as the construction looks really old and badly maintained.


  • Beishan Convenience Store. Yichang's 7/11 store. There is a lot of branches downtown, including one at Erma Road which is open 24 hours a day.
  • 1 Yichang Wanda Plaza, Yanjiang Avenue, Wujiagang District, +86 7176589777. 10AM-10PM. Wanda Plaza is located in Wujiagang District, Yichang City. It is a distinctive riverside Wanda Plaza, located between Yanjiang Avenue and Yiling Avenue. The project is adjacent to Wanshou Road in the east, Yanjiang Avenue in the south, Shengli 1st Road in the north and Yiling Avenue in the west, and is located at the gateway area where Wujiagang District and Xiling District.It is a popular shopping mall for young people with many trendy brands and delicious food. ¥150.
  • 2 International Trade Building (Guomao), 106 Dongshan Avenue, Xiling District, +86 7176461315. 10AM-9:30PM. Most of the high-end brands in Yichang gather here, which is a high-end shopping mall with a history in Yichang.Due to the high price, consumers are mostly middle-aged people with financial ability. ¥500.
  • 3 Times Shopping Plaza (时代购物广场), 52 Jiefang Road, Xiling District, +867176757436. A collection of shopping, dining, entertainment and other multi-functional in one large shopping place.
  • 4 Water Joy City Shopping Park (水悦城购物公园) (No.13 Development Avenue, Xiling District), +86 (0717)6681888. 10:00-22:00. It is the first shopping center in Yichang with the theme of hydrology. It is a wide-area, complex, typical festival, time-stay and family-style entertainment shopping center.
  • 5 Metro (Xiling Shopping Mall, Yichang) (麦德龙(宜昌西陵商场店)), 169 Stadium North Road, Xiling District, toll-free: +86 (0717)6308888. 07:30-22:00. Metro warehouse supermarket is a retail format that combines supermarket and warehouse.
  • 6 Ocean department store (大洋百货(宜昌店)), No. 56, Yiling Road, Yiling Avenue, Xiling District, +86 717 6378888. 10:00-22:00. It is a shopping mall that mainly targets high-end customers and introduces many international boutique products, first-line cosmetics and men's and women's clothing.
  • 7 New world of international trade (国贸新天地), No.24, Jucheng Road, Wujiagang District, +86 (0717)6093400. 10:00-21:30. World Trade Xintiandi is a large modern commercial entity of Hubei World Trade Group, located in the commercial center of Wuyi Square, Wujiagang District.
  • 8 Yidu Yas International Plaza (宜都雅斯国际广场), 63 Changjiang Avenue, Yidu City, +86 (0717)4837998. 09:00-21:30. The bustling central business district, whether shopping, dining and entertainment is super easy.
  • 9 CBD· Shopping Center (CBD·购物中心), 58 Yiling Avenue, CBD, Shopping Center, +86 0717-6558192. 10:00-22:00. CBD Shopping Center is a landmark shopping place in Yichang City. The shopping mall is a shopping street, integrating shopping, dining and leisure entertainment.


  • 1 Fang Weng Restaurant (放翁酒家), Three Gorges Culture World, 169 Xiling District, +86 13581499643. 10AM-10PM. Built in the three you cave cliff landscape restaurant, see the opposite bungee entertainment live broadcast, do is Yichang food, the white soup fat fish here is very delicious, but the price is relatively expensive, it is said to be the Yangtze River wild fishing fresh fish, the restaurant is very popular, to dinner time, almost full, pre-booking is more appropriate. ¥100.
  • 2 Fu Chu Restaurant (福厨餐厅), No. 42, Yiling Avenue, Xiling District, +86 6900877. 10AM-10PM. Fu Chu restaurant provides local authentic Hubei dishes, spicy taste, chopped chili fish head, sour spicy fern root powder, stew chicken soup, etc., are very good, in the local group can buy vouchers, the price is very cost-effective, is a cheap restaurant, worth recommending. 100¥.
  • 3 Shunda food City (顺达美食城), Liujiahe Taiping Stream, +867177510288. This is a food collection shop with a wide variety of food. Visitors who come to visit can go to taste. 50CNY.
  • 4 Xiao Dongtian Restaurant (小洞天酒楼), Yiling District Jiangxia Avenue Jiangxia Avenue 14 community food city 1 floor, +867176765748. A nice typical Chinese restaurant with a full range and friendly staff that is clean and well maintained. 100CNY.
  • 5 The fish (那个鱼), Xiling District 23, 190 meters northeast, +867176912927. Classic Chinese restaurant with rich Chinese cuisine. The specialty of this shop is fish. It's a good place to try. 100CNY.
  • 6 Fareli steak Yichang flagship store (法来利牛排宜昌旗舰店), Xiling District Yiling Avenue Gezhou bar hotel, +867176714499. It's a western restaurant that specializes in steak. It offers a diverse range of Western dishes that incorporate a variety of tastes and cooking styles, allowing customers to enjoy different culinary experiences. 150CNY.
  • 7 Chen's Fragrant Goose Feet (Yichang Branch) (陈氏香鹅掌(宜昌店)), No.111, Pearl Road, Xiling District, +867176936177. Is a company focused on the production of exquisite and delicious duck feet, offering a variety of flavors and unique recipes, so that customers can taste authentic delicious. 80CNY.
  • 8 Old Yichang special noodle restaurant (老宜昌特色面馆), Dongshan Avenue, Xiling District. The noodle shop mainly makes all kinds of fresh pasta, presenting rich taste and unique ingredients, so that customers can enjoy the delicious pasta culture. 30CNY.
  • 9 Chongqing Xiaolonglao hot pot Yichang head shop (重庆小龙老火锅宜昌总店), No. 50, Shengli 3rd Road, Xiling District, +86 15090908080. This hot pot restaurant offers a wide selection of ingredients, paired with a delicious soup base, for customers to blend tastes and social experience of cooking fun. ¥100.
  • 10 Yichang Hotel tea restaurant (宜昌饭店茶餐厅), Xiling District, +86 717 6447139. This tea restaurant combines the characteristics of Chinese and Western food, provides simple meals and refreshments, and creates a casual and comfortable dining atmosphere. ¥100.
  • 11 Saloon Restaurant (沙龙宴), No.119 Dongshan Avenue, Xiling District, +86 7176469999. 10AM-10PM. The location of this branch of Salon Banquet is excellent, just opposite the lively Yiling Square, and the traffic is large and the business is very good. Hubei cuisine operates here, the portion is quite enough, the taste is not too heavy, and diners who do not like to eat spicy food can also try. The thick river fish and the characteristic tippan potato are very popular, and the red soup rice cake is unique and suitable as a dessert. ¥150.
  • 12 Red Star Restaurant (红星酒楼), Hongxing Road, Xiling District, +86 7176243777. 9AM-10PM. In Yichang opened more than ten years of popular old shop, business has been very good, Fushou snail is a signature dish, taste spicy, big fresh, very next meal, braised river catfish taste very fresh, fish skin is also very glutinous, relatively not too heavy taste, but also a very high click-through rate of food. ¥40.
  • 13 Cima Food Stall (慈妈大排档), Fusui Road, Xiling District, +86 7176234777. 9AM-10PM. Very famous restaurant in Yichang, there are always a lot of people waiting in line during business hours. Although the environment and service is not as good as high-end hotels, it is the most rustic taste of folk. ¥70.



Cold shrimp

The Cold shrimp It is a very common characteristic snack originating in Yichang, Hubei Province. It is smooth and refreshing, soft and sweet. It is cooked with rice pulping and leaked into a cold water basin with a slotted spoon. It gets its name because it has a big head and a thin tail. After the cold shrimp is made, brown sugar water or sour plum soup is placed, which is a dessert for people to cool down the summer.

  • 1 Zheng Xinji cold shrimp, Yiling Road, Wujiagang District, +86 717 6485226. 9AM-10PM. To ask what is the most refreshing to eat in Yichang in the summer, is it cold shrimp, cold shrimp looks like the shape of shrimp, in fact, is made of rice pulp, with brown sugar water, sweet and soft, cold mouth. Zheng Xinji is a golden sign of Yichang to do cold shrimp, a cup of cold shrimp smooth to power, the price is fair, more osmanthus rock sugar taste, sour plum soup taste, honey taste and other flavors to choose. ¥5.
  • 2 Peng guihua cold shrimp, Three Gorges Culture World, 169 Xiling District. 10AM-10PM. Pengguihua features osmanthus sugar as its main flavor, which is also very popular with the people of Yichang and is worth trying. ¥5.


  • 1 Ramada Yichang Hotel (华美达宜昌大酒店), No.27, Ji Ji Road, Xiling District, +86 717 6528888. The hotel is conveniently located. Very close to the river, the hotel staff service attitude is also very good. It is a good place for tourist accommodation. ¥250.
  • 2 James Joyce Coffetel Yichang East (宜昌东詹姆斯·乔伊斯咖啡酒店), No 3 Huayan Rd, Wujianggang District, +86 716 6589666. Is a 3-star hotel, this hotel provides comfortable accommodation and basic facilities, service standards and quality of facilities have a certain level, the price is relatively moderate. ¥180.
  • 3 Crowne Plaza Yichang Wanda (宜昌万达皇冠假日酒店), Special No.169 Yanjiang Avenue, Wujiagang District, +867176588888. Hotel transportation location is very convenient, the road diagonals across the river is the Three Gorges visitor Center, many day tour connections here.The former Tai Jingshan girl has a good service attitude and a hearty breakfast. 600CNY.
  • 4 Yiduo Meishu (宜朵美宿), No.91, Pearl Road, Xiling District, +867176745000. Check-in: 2:00, check-out: 12:00. Traffic is very convenient, out of the hotel to walk up the CBD pedestrian street, down the Jiefang Road pedestrian street. 118CNY.
  • 5 Yichang Hongqiao International Hotel (宜昌虹桥国际大酒店), 358 Yiling Avenue, Wujiagang District, +867176379999. Check-in: 2:00, check-out: 12:00. Good location, whether it is very convenient to walk by the river after dinner, or enjoy the river view in the room, it is very good. 260CNY.
  • 6 Vienna Hotel Yichang Wanda Branch (维也纳酒店宜昌万达店), 142 Yanjiang Avenue, Wujiagang District, +86 7176098666. Check-in: 2:00, check-out: 12:00. Brand chain hotel, a good choice for business trips. The environment and service are very good.


  • Yichang consulting service Tel: 0717-6212301
  • Yidu consulting service Tel: 0717-4823601
  • Zhijiang consulting service Tel: 0717-4515960
  • Dangyang consulting service Tel: 0717-3222896
  • Yuan 'an County consulting service Tel: 0717-3821552
  • Xingshan County advisory service Tel: 0717-2584811
  • Zigui County consulting service Tel: 0717-2881208
  • Changyang Tujia County consulting service Tel: 0717-5322464
  • Wufeng Tujia Autonomous County consulting service Tel: 0717-5821620
  • Yiling District consulting service Tel: 0717-7821215
  • Xiling District consulting service Tel: 0717-6927500
  • Wujiagang District consulting service Tel: 0717-6557632
  • Dianjun District consulting service Tel: 0717-6226560
  • Xiaoting District consulting service Tel: 0717-6515859
  • Commodity (service) price, product quality and market order supervision: 0717-12315
  • Environmental Protection Report: 0717-12369
  • Property Service Supervision: 0717-6445920
  • Work safety supervision: 0717-6212350
  • Transportation service Supervision: 0717-12328
  • Petition appeal: 0717-6256784

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  • Shennongjia Forest District, a national park in the mountains, where middle-class urbanites flock in the summer to escape the stifling heat of the Yangtze Valley
  • Chongqing - it's a long trip by boat through the Three Gorges, but a scenic one; or you can get there in 4.5 hours by a high-speed train
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