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Yulin (榆林 Yúlín) is a city in Shaanxi Province.


Yulin (Shaanxi)
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Yulin was a garrison town along the Great Wall of China. The town now survives on the extraction of oil found locally.

Yulin is a prefecture-level city in the Shanbei region of Shaanxi province, China, bordering Inner Mongolia to the north, Shanxi to the east, and Ningxia to the west. It has an administrative area of 43,578 km2 (16,826 sq mi) and as of the 2020 Chinese census had a population of 3,634,750.



Yulin played host to the 11th CHIME (European Foundation for Chinese Music Research) conference in August 2006. In 2017, 26–29 August, the 1st IGU-AGLE Commission's conference on 'Global Rural Development and Land Capacity Building.' was held in Yulin University.


the Ordos Desert

Yulin is the northernmost prefecture-level city of Shaanxi, and borders Ordos City (Inner Mongolia) to the north, Xinzhou and Lüliang (Shanxi) to the east, Yan'an to the south, and Wuzhong (Ningxia) to the west. To the north and northwest of the city lies the Ordos Desert, though the countryside is very green due to the many small shrubs which have been planted to slow the process of desertification. The city is based in a valley which extends north–south, which rises to a large vantage point to the north east, from which there are views of the west and northwest.

Get in


By plane


Yulin Yuyang airport (UYN IATA)


1 Yulin Yuyang airport (榆林榆阳机场), This article is about the airport of Yulin, Shaanxi. For the airport of Yulin, Guangxi, see Yulin Fumian Airport. Yulin Yuyang Airport (Q8060965) on Wikidata Yulin Yuyang Airport on WikipediaThere is daily flight connection to Beijing, Xi'an, and a new Airport has been in place since 2007 which is around 17 km to city center. You can take shuttle bus (¥25) or Taxi (¥40+) to go to city center.

By train


Direct train is connecting to Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai and surrounding cities now.

By bus


Location - corner of Yuyangzhong Road and Xinjian South Road.

  • Shenmu - takes about 3 hours
  • Xi'an - takes about 8 hours
  • Yan'an - takes about 4 hours
  • Yinchuan - takes about 8 hours

Get around

  • By bike. There are communal shared bikes everywhere, so if you'd like, you can try to take a ride, using WeChat to scan the code, which is basically $2. (updated Dec 2023 | edit)
  • By bus. As of 2020, there are more than 20 bus routes in Yulin , covering basically all urban areas, and bus drivers stop at every stop to pick up and drop off passengers.


  • 1 Hongshi Gorge (红石峡; Hóngshíxiá; lit. Red Stone Gorge), Beiyuemiao Village, Yuyang Town, Yuyang District (榆阳区榆阳镇北岳庙村) (500m before Zhenbeitai; take bus no. 3 and get off at either Zhenbeitai or the Hongshi Reservoir - you can catch the bus from Changcheng North Road, near the Yulin North Bus Station), +86 912 3531177. 07:00-19:00. Houses 44 cave dwellings, lush garden-like atmosphere, pagodas and massive inscriptions on the cliffsides. ¥30.
  • 2 Zhenbei Platform (镇北台; Zhènběitái; lit. Suppress The North Platform), Xibao Highway, Yuyang District (榆阳区西包公路) (7km north of town; take either bus no. 3 or bus no. 5), +86 912 3821359. 07:30-19:30. One of the largest guard towers on the Ming Great Wall. ¥30.
  • 3 North Shaanxi History and Culture Museum (陕北历史文化博物馆, 陕北历史文化博物馆), Ground floor, Run Run Shaw Science & Technology Building, Yulin University, 4 Chongwen Road, Yuyang District (榆阳区崇文路4号 榆林学院校内逸夫科技楼一楼) (bus nos. 2 and 13), +86 912 3891138, +86 912 3891611, +86 912 3891361. 08:30-11:30, 14:30-17:30, closed on weekends. Free.
  • Yulin Old Town (榆林古城), Yuyang District (榆阳区). Well preserved with all the old hutongs and courtyards still preserved. Fragrant Cloud Temple (Xiangyun Si) and Bring Gladness Temple (Daixing Si) are hidden in among the hutongs, like jewels among the flowers.
    • Xiang ShaWan
      4 Daixing Temple (戴兴寺), 19 Jiefang Shang Lane (解放上巷19号) (take bus no. 4 and get off at the Hemorrhoids and Fistula Hospital (痔瘘医院); the temple is near the Yulin No. 10 High School).
    • 5 Kaige Tower (凯歌楼), 3 Wayagao Lane (瓦窑沟巷3号) (200 meters south of the Yulin Drum Tower; on Beida Street (北大街)), +86 912 3285588.
    • 6 Lingxiao Pagoda (凌霄塔), Shangjun North Road (上郡北路) (opposite Yulin Yangguang Hospital, south of Zhenyuan Gate).
    • 7 Wenchang Pavilion (文昌阁), 216 Nanda Street (南大街216号) (take bus no. 4, 9 or 19 and get off at Yuyang East Road; the Pavilion is just north of Zhenyuan Gate).
    • 8 Wuliang Temple (无量寺), Intersection of Taoyuan Road and Tuofeng North Road (桃源路与驼峰北路交叉口) (bus no. 6 stops just outside the temple).
    • 9 Xiangyun Temple (香云寺) (take bus no. 4 and get off at the city transport administration office (市运管处) on Tuofeng South Road - the temple is about 260 meters northwest of the bus stop).
    • 10 Xinming Tower (新明楼, Xingming Tower 星明楼), Nanda Street (南大街), +86 912 3252210.
    • 11 Yulin Drum Tower (榆林鼓楼), 35 Renmin Road East (人民东路35号) (take bus no. 1, 2, 4, 10, 15 or 16 and get off near the intersection of Renmin East Road and Xinjian North Road), +86 912 3260495. 07:00-23:00.
  • 12 Lake Hongjiannao (红碱淖) (It is China's largest "desert freshwater lake".The lake is relatively recent, formed around 1929 due to increased rainfall in the early 20th century; before, the basin was a wetland.). 24h.


  • 1 Take a walk in the old street (走一条榆林老街). Everyone says that Yulin has long lost its ancient flavor, but only those who have been here knowing that all of Yulin’s fireworks and cityscape are displayed here. It's like going to Beijing without going to the Forbidden City. The status of the old street in the hearts of the Yulin people has long been established.In fact, Yulin Old Street represents the epitome of life in Old Yulin. There is no shortage of places to experience the local customs and customs of Yulin.

2 Take a walk around BinHe Park (逛滨河公园). . . .

3 Encounter the ancient village (邂逅古城). 4 Fugu County Ancient City of Ming and Qing Dynasties (府谷县明清古城). The buildings in the ancient cities of the Ming and Qing Dynasties usually follow the traditional architectural style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, including ancient city walls, ancient temples, official residences and residential buildings. These buildings show the magnificence of ancient civilizations with their unique designs and exquisite craftsmanship. In the ancient city of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, some traditional cultural activities were sometimes held, such as traditional temple fairs, folk performances, etc., to allow tourists to better integrate into the ancient cultural atmosphere. .

5 Zhen Taibei (镇台北). Zhenbeitai is a historical witness to the protection of Yulin in ancient times, and has made special contributions to ancient border trade and national harmony. Entering the new century, Zhenbeitai is of great value for Chinese and foreign people to explore historical origins, study Great Wall culture, and experience humanistic leisure. 6 Hong Shixia (红石峡). Red rock cliffs, a rare Danxia landform canyon landscape in northern China. Experience the geological relics caused by the Sinian crustal movement 1.4 billion years ago. The temperature in the Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area is about 5 degrees lower than at the foot of the mountain, and the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large. Please keep warm and prevent cold.

7 Yuxi river (榆溪河). Hongshixia has 185 large and small cliff stone inscriptions since the Ming Dynasty, including 126 on the east cliff. The largest inscriptions are 4 meters square and vary in length and width. The stone carvings include poems, records of achievements, travel records, metaphors of scenery, expressions of feelings, etc. The calligraphy is complete with real cursive and official seals, as well as Mongolian script. The writing techniques are different and the carvings are different. There are 84 huge inscriptions, including 54 on the East Cliff.

8 Yulin City Museum (榆林市博物馆). The museum's exhibition content usually includes the history, archaeological relics, folk customs, etc. of the Yulin area. You can see various ancient cultural relics, objects and pictures in the museum, and learn about the development and changes of Yulin in different historical periods. You may need to purchase tickets to visit the Yulin City Museum, and the ticket prices may vary based on status, age and other conditions.


  • Donkey Meat BBQ
    Yulin oil skin (榆林油皮). The production process is very unique. Generally speaking, wheat flour and water are first mixed and mixed to form a dough, and then rolled out and folded repeatedly until a multi-layered dough is formed. Then, heat the oil in the pan and fry the dough in the hot oil so that the dough expands and becomes thinner, eventually forming a crispy oily crust. The unique feature of Yulin Youpi is that its skin is thin and crispy. When you eat it, the oil skin makes a crackling sound and the aroma is overflowing.
  • Yulin Camellia oleifera (榆林油茶). Camellia oleifera is a traditional drink in the Yulin area. It is usually made from tea leaves, peanuts, sesame seeds, pepper, and other raw materials. It has a unique fragrance and taste.
  • Yulin Dali dates (榆林大枣). Dali dates are one of the famous and high-quality products of Shaanxi Province. Due to its suitable climate and soil conditions, the Yulin area produces high-quality Dali dates and is deeply loved by consumers.
  • Yulin Donkey Meat BBQ (驴肉火烧). Donkey Meat BBQ is a local specialty. Fire fillings often contain donkey meat. The unique cooking method gives it a unique flavor.Donkey meat roasted can be eaten as breakfast or snack, or it can be paired with some chili sauce or other dipping sauces to add flavor. Donkey meat roasting has a long history in Yulin area and is one of the traditional local delicacies. Donkey meat has become a local specialty ingredient because of its unique flavor and nutritional value.
  • Yulin walnuts (核桃). The walnuts produced in Yulin are full-fleshed and sweet, and are considered to be one of the high-quality walnuts.
  • Yulin bacon (老腊肉). Yulin bacon usually undergoes a smoking process to add a unique smoked flavor. The traditional method of smoking is to hang bacon in a smokehouse and burn it with charcoal or wood, allowing the smoke to fully coat the bacon. The uniqueness of Yulin bacon lies in its fresh texture and smooth taste. The process of curing and smoking gives the bacon a delicious texture and unique flavor.
  • Yulin Beef Jerky (牛肉干). The beef jerky produced in Yulin is fresh and tender in texture and rich in flavor. It is a local specialty meat product.Yulin beef jerky has a crispy, chewy texture, fresh and tender meat, and a certain aroma. Its unique production process and flavor make beef jerky a delicious snack.



1 Xu Funiu Hot Pot (许府牛火锅), Intersection of Yinsha Road and Wanghu East Road, Yuyang District, Yulin City, +86 19883854517. 8:00-20:00. Environment: ancient Chengdu hot pot restaurant, pot bottom bottom flavour is just right, cooked with eagle tea. ¥100.

Shaanbei Four Cave Dwellings (Mingzhu Road Store) (陕北四窑洞), 1-3F, Yixun Building, Mingzhu Avenue, Yuyang District High-tech Industrial Park, +86 912-8588888. ¥50. Hongshixia Legend Fish Village (红石峡传说鱼庄), 200 meters north of the intersection of Beitai Road, 204 Provincial Road Town, Yuyang District, +86 13319129123. Environment: Authentic Yulin Laojiao ¥150.

Gan Mianpi (擀面皮), About 120 meters southeast of Yulin Vocational and Technical College, Linxiao Road, Yuyang District, +86 15091880293. ¥20.

Hot pot chicken (火锅鸡), No. 223, Linzhou Street, Shenmu City, +86 912-8330477. ¥170.

Xiangtuju Food City (湘土居美食城), Room 3072, 3rd Floor, Wanda Plaza, Changxing Road, Yuyang District, +86 13359128010. ¥210.

Folk barbecue (民俗烤肉), 101, Wenhua South Road, Yuyang District, +86 18909128455. ¥180.




  • Puhui Hotel (Puhui Binguan), Xinjian North Road, +86 912 3260605.
  • Xiangrui Hotel (Xiangrui Zhaodaisuo), Caolarouzhong Lane.
  • Yingbin Hostel (Yingbin Lushe), 123 Diyi Road, +86 912 3282635.


  • Ruixiang Hotel (Ruixiang Binguan), Sifangtai Lane, +86 912 3254366.
  • Yuylu Hotel (Yuylu Binguan), Shanglang North Road.






  • China PSB - visa extensions (Taian Rd near Wenhua-Nan Rd). M-F 09:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00. Visa extensions available at Shimin-dasha, 2nd floor. Prepare a mugshot and your travel itinerary (hand-written or printed out) and get help filling the forms from room #544, 5th floor, then proceed to 2nd floor and apply. Waiting time is 3 working days. (Oct 2023). ¥160.

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