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Zalaszentgrót is a town in Zala County in the valley of Zala river.


Map of Zalaszentgrót

Zalaszentgrót was first mentioned in 1247. It was elevated to town status in 1984. The thermal bath was opened in 2001.

Get in[edit]

By train[edit]

The passenger train service of Zalaszentgrót was canceled in 2007. The closest railway station is Zalabér-Batyk, where you can transfer to regional buses towards Zalaszentgrót, but only on weekdays. Trains are available in every two hours between Budapest-Déli pályaudvar and Zalabér-Batyk via Székesfehérvár and Veszprém. The whole journey from Budapest to Zalaszentgrót takes 3.5–4 hours and costs 4265 Ft.

1 Zalabér-Batyk Train Station, Batyk, +36 1 349-4949, . There is no ticket office, tickets can be purchased on the train. Zalabér-Batyk railway station (Q22115694) on Wikidata

By bus[edit]

Direct buses from Budapest-Népliget are available twice a day. The journey takes 4 hours and costs 4015–4305 Ft. More frequent buses are available from Zalaegerszeg. The journey takes one hour and costs 650 Ft.

2 Zalaszentgrót Bus Station, Kinizsi tér 3, +36 83 360-080, . Ticket office: M–F 05:30–16:30.

Get around[edit]

There is no local public transport or taxi service. You can use the regional buses operated by Volánbusz.


Batthyány Mansion
Local History Museum

In Zalaszentgrót:

  • 1 Batthyány Mansion (Batthyány-kastély), Zala utca 1. Built in 1787 by Ádám Batthyány in late Baroque style. Batthyány Mansion in Zalaszentgrót (Q791377) on Wikidata
  • 2 Church Ruins (Templomrom), Szabadság utca. The church was built in the second half of the 13th century. In the 15th century, its sanctuary was enlarged with a tower and a monastery building.
  • 3 Historical Monument (Történelmi emlékmű), Templom tér. (Q1327930) on Wikidata
  • 4 Saint Emeric Roman Catholic Church, Templom tér. Built in 1758 in Baroque style. Saint Emeric Church, Zalaszentgrót (Q1296389) on Wikidata
  • 5 Local History Museum of Zalaszentgrót (Kiskastély, Zalaszentgróti Helytörténeti Kiállítás), Zala utca 3, +36 83 562-964, . It was built in the 18th century. There is an exhibition about local history. (Q1110981) on Wikidata
  • 6 Stone Bridge (Kőhíd). Stone bridge built in 1846 with four openings. Stone Bridge (Q1466627) on Wikidata

In Kallósd:

  • 7 Saint Anne Round Church (Szent Anna kerektemplom), Kallósd. One of the few round churches from the Árpád Age. It was built around 1260. The Romanesque church has brick walls on its stone base and a conical roof structure. An apse is set into the east end of the building. There are semicircular windows on the sides of the entrance on the south-western side. The ancient round base, the entablature, the apse and the cupola all refer to Romanesque architecture in the middle of the 13th century. Saint Anne Round Church in Kallósd (Q615396) on Wikidata Saint Anne Round Church in Kallósd on Wikipedia

In Kehidakustány:

  • 8 Ferenc Deák Memorial House (Deák Ferenc Emlékház), Kúria utca 8, Kehidakustány, +36 83 334-007. Apr–Oct Tu–Sa 10:00–19:00, Su 10:00–14:00; Nov–Mar Tu–Sa 10:00–17:00, Su 10:00–14:00. Built around 1740. It was the home of Ferenc Deák between 1808 and 1854. He was known as "The Wise Man of the Nation". It's a museum about his life. Deák Mansion, Kehida (Q904769) on Wikidata
  • 9 Church Ruins (Templomrom), Kehidakustány. Gothic style church ruins from the 14th century.
  • 10 Deák Well (Deák-kút), Kehidakustány. Ferenc Deák went to this well frequently to drink its water.
  • 11 Kehidakustány Heritage House (Kehidakustányi tájház), Hunyadi János utca 19, Kehidakustány, +36 30 236-4605. Apr–Sep Tu–Sa 10:00–18:00, Su 10:00–14:00; Oct–Mar Tu–Sa 10:00–16:00.
  • 12 Observation Tower on Old Hill (Öreg-hegyi kilátó), Kehidakustány.
  • 13 Roman Catholic Church of the Annunciation (Gyümölcsoltó Boldogasszony római katolikus templom), Deák Ferenc utca 7, Kehidakustány. Built in 1747 in Baroque style. Church of the Annunciation, Kehida, Kehidakustány (Q1030565) on Wikidata
  • 14 Roman Catholic Wooden Belfry (Római katolikus fa harangláb), Hunyadi út, Kehidakustány. Built the 19th century.
  • 15 Saint Nicholas Roman Catholic Cemetery Chapel (Szent Miklós római katolikus temetőkápolna), Cemetery, Kehidakustány. Built the 13th century. (Q1296668) on Wikidata

In Kisgörbő:

  • 16 Bezerédi Mansion (Bezerédi-kúria), Arany János utca 2, Kisgörbő. It was built in the second half of the 18th century.
  • 17 Saint Charles Borromeo Roman Catholic Church (Borromei Szent Károly római katolikus templom). Built in 1754 in Baroque style.

In Sénye:

  • 18 Simultaneum Chapel (Ökumenikus kápolna), Sénye. Built in 2002. There is a nice view to the surroundings.

In Türje:

  • 19 Norbertine Monastery (Premontrei rendház), Szabadság tér 20, Türje. Built in 1779. (Q1240166) on Wikidata
  • 20 Roman Catholic Church of the Annunciation (Gyümölcsoltó Boldogasszony római katolikus templom), Szabadság tér, Türje. Built around 1230 in Romanesque style. Baroque interior, Saint Ladislaus legend mural. Church of the Annunciation in Türje (Q1328987) on Wikidata

In Zalaköveskút:

  • 21 Mother Teresa Observation Tower (Teréz anya-kilátó), Zalaköveskút. Built in 2012. Free entrance.


Saint Anne Round Church in Kallósd
Simultaneum Chapel in Sénye






  • 1 Coop ABC, Batthyány Lajos utca 22, +36 83 360-053.
  • 2 Market Zalaszentgrót, Templom tér. Th 05:00–13:00.
  • 3 Penny Market, Batthyány Lajos utca 2/a. M–Sa 07:00–20:00, Su 07:00–18:00.
  • 4 Coop ABC, Kossuth Lajos utca 1, Kehidakustány, +36 83 334-012.


  • 1 Aranypatak Restaurant, Kossuth utca 117/c, Zalaszentlászló, +36 30 979-4907, . 11:00–22:00.
  • 2 Csicseri Csárda, Aranyodi utca 107, +36 30 565-2644, . 10:00–22:00. Traditional restaurant and pizzeria with local cuisine and specialties like Jóska Savanyú robber's titbit roast and homemade dödölle with sour cream. 2080 Ft, pizza: 1300 Ft, hamburger: 800 Ft.
  • 3 Favágó Restaurant and Pizzeria, Liliom utca 28, Kehidakustány, +36 30 548-3248. 11:30–22:00. Traditional restaurant and pizzeria with local cuisine. 2040 Ft, pizza: 1390 Ft, hamburger: 1090 Ft, lunch menu: 990 Ft.
  • 4 Malomkő Restaurant, Petőfi Sándor út 1, Kehidakustány, +36 83 334-074. M–Th Su 07:00–21:00, F 07:00–23:00, Sa 07:00–09:00, Sa 18:00–22:00.
  • 5 Mediterrán Restaurant, Kossuth Lajos utca 53, Kehidakustány, +36 30 504-7981, . W–F 16:00–22:00, Sa–Su 12:00–22:00. Traditional restaurant with local and Mediterranean cuisine and with specialties like polenta and tapas. 1990 Ft.
  • 6 Szent Antal Inn (Szent Antal Fogadó), Hunyadi utca 6, Zalabér, +36 30 907 2177. 11:00–22:00. Traditional restaurant with local cuisine and with specialties like Göcsej bean cabbage with trotters and dödölle. 1990 Ft, lunch menu: 790 Ft, single room: 4500 Ft, double room: 7000 Ft. Discounts on longer stay.
  • 7 Trink Pizzeria, Dózsa György utca 1, Türje, +36 30 621-4089. 15:00–20:00.
  • 8 Vadvirág Restaurant and Guesthouse, Zalaszentlászló, +36 70 271-9255, . M W–Th Su 15:00–21:00, F–Sa 15:00–21:30. Traditional restaurant and pizzeria with local cuisine. 1800 Ft, pizza: 1090 Ft, hamburger: 550 Ft, single room: 3000 Ft, double room: 6000 Ft.





This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget Under 9000 Ft
Mid-range 9000–12000 Ft
Splurge Over 12000 Ft


Roman Catholic Church of the Annunciation in Türje
Kehida Thermal Spa and Adventure Bath in Kehidakustány




Zalaszentgrót's postal code is H-8790, and its telephone area code is 83.

  • 2 Zalaszentgrót Post Office, Dózsa György utca 2, . M 08:00–18:00, Tu–F 08:00–16:00, Sa 08:00–11:00.

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