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Brownsville is the 16th largest city in the state of Texas and the 131st largest in the U.S. Located at the southernmost tip of Texas, Brownsville is a popular location for Mexicans and American beach tourists. It is part of the Rio Grande Valley, a four county region known for its abundance in citrus fruit production and Winter Texas population. The city features a combination of different climate regimes: Gulf Coast plains and the Great Plains. There is a lot to do in this city: historical museums, art galleries, beaches, birding locations and natural wildlife refuges. The culture is predominantly Hispanic, which is due to the presence of being a border town.


Brownsville sits in the southernmost tip of Texas, is a border town and is also bordered by the Gulf Coast. These qualities make Brownsville a thriving city in the manufacturing industry. Since the early 1990's, the city has experienced a steel boom, leading to fast population growth. The area had around 98,000 residents over 20 years ago and has increased that number to more than double at almost 200,000 with the current census estimates.

Despite being from Texas, Brownsville doesn't live up to the common stereotypes of most Texas cities (western, rural). Instead, it acts just like any other city outside of Texas. One common thing to notice about Brownsville is that it is influenced by the behavior of South Padre Island residents (laid-back, casual). The presence of an island so near to Brownsville has rubbed off on the locals.

Culturally, Brownsville's residents are predominantly Hispanic. It's common to hear people mix Spanish and English in their speech given the presence of Mexico being so close to Brownsville. For this reason, the city holds many festivals and parades celebrating the traditions from Mexico that have been integrated into American culture.

As you make the drive from Kingsville, you will start to see an abundance in palm trees. The area is known to tourists as "The Green City" for having more lush, green vegetation and plants than other cities in the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas. Sabal palms are dotted all around the city. Recently, the city has taken a stronger focus towards greener resources. Wind turbines, bike trails and solar panels are becoming more common in the Brownsville area.


What many do not know about Brownsville is how rich in history the city actually is. Brownsville was part of many significant battles during the Mexican-American and Civil War. The Siege of Fort Texas and the Battle of Palo Alto were both fought between Brownsville and Matamoros. Major Jacob Brown (not to be confused with hero Jacob Brown in the War of 1812) has many sites and buildings dedicated to his name. For this reason, you will find many streets in the Mitte Cultural District named after important figures in American history.

Major Zachary Taylor (who later became the 12th president of the United States), played a crucial role in the Battle of Palo Alto. This marked the first major battle that started the Mexican-American War. Taylor's army successful defeated the Mexican forces on May 8th, 1846, with American troops receiving few casualties, compared to the Mexican side.

The city was also the site of the First Cortina Troubles, a war between Mexican rancher Juan Nepomuceno Cortina and American forces. Fighting emerged after a Brownsville marshal shot a former Ranch Hand of Cortina's. Cortina then took control of Brownsville for more than two months after many residents in Matamoros urged Cortina to evacuate the whole town. The fighting extended all the way to Starr County, in what is referred to as the Batttle of Rio Grande City.

Things were relatively quiet in the city until troops took control of Brownsville, this time by Confederates after they found out the city was smuggling their goods into Mexico. This led to the Battle of Brownsville, where the Confederates blew up more than 8,000 lbs of explosives. A month later, the Battle of Palmito Ranch was fought and won by Confederates.

Several decades later, the Brownsville Affair occurred. This was a racial conflict between black infantrymen stationed at Fort Brown and white townsfolk. After several white police officer and bartender were shot, president Theodore Roosevelt discharged the regiment for "conspiracy of silence." During the 1970's, an investigation led by the Nixon Administration found that the black infantrymen were not guilty of the crime and had any dishonorable discharge reversed.


 Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°F) 71 74 79 84 88 92 94 94 91 86 79 72
Nightly lows (°F) 52 55 60 66 72 76 76 76 73 67 60 53
Precipitation (in) 1.3 1.1 1.2 1.5 2.6 2.6 2.0 2.4 5.9 3.7 1.8 1.1

See Brownsville's 7 day forecast    Data from NOAA (1981-2010)

The weather in Brownsville can get very hot during the summer months. Temperatures in the low to mid 90's is not uncommon to see. While the city rarely exceeds temperatures over 100 °F (38 °C), the humidity makes heat indices go up to 105 °F (41 °C). Temperatures will rise above the 90's from May through September. Winters are usually not felt with the exception of a short cold snap or cold front that comes by. Usually, these events don't last too long.

As in most of South Texas, snow is a rare event. The number of days with temperatures below freezing varies from year to year. Some years will lack a freeze event while others will bring several days of ice to the area. Make sure you bring a thin sweater when visiting during January or February, when the temperatures tend to drop more frequently.

While hurricanes tend to be a threat to Brownsville, most come in weaker categories than those that hit other nearby states. This is due to the Yucatan Peninsula acting as a barrier for storms that travel from the south to north. The most recent 'major' hurricane to make landfall in the area was Hurricane Dolly in 2008, which left mostly moderate damage to weak structures and flooding.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

Brownsville/South Padre Island Airport (IATA: BRO), 700 Emilia Earhart Dr, +1 956 542-4373. It is serviced by the following airlines:

By bus[edit]

  • Greyhound- long-haul coach service with two locations in Brownsville. 755 International Blvd and 4955 Lakeway Drive. (956) 546-2264, (800) 231-2222.
  • Valley Transit Company - regional transit service providing rides to cities in the Rio Grande Valley.
  • El Expreso - 755 International Blvd. (956) 542-0469.

By car[edit]

  • Interstate 169 - connects US 77 to SH 550 and FM 511. Leads to SH 48, the main road towards South Padre Island.
  • US Highway 77/83 - a co-signed road that goes to Harlingen, where it splits into US 77 toward Houston and US 83 toward Laredo.
  • US Highway 100 - road off US 77 leading to Los Fresnos. One of two roads leading to South Padre Island.
  • US Highway 281 - to Hidalgo County and then San Antonio.
  • SH 550 - new toll-road in the outskirts of the city leading to SH 48.
  • Mexico's Federal Highway 180 is easily accessible across the Veterans International Bridge into Matamoros, Tamps., and leads to Tampico and eventually to Cancun.

International Bridges[edit]

  • Brownsville & Matamoros International Bridge - meets at Mexico Blvd and into Palm Blvd, bridge is intended for passengers traveling from the West of Brownsville.
  • Gateway International Bridge - connects to International Blvd, eventually leads to US Highway 77.
  • Veteran's International Bridge at Los Tomates - connects directly to US Highway 77. Easy way to cross into Mexico.

By boat[edit]

You can arrive by boat on South Padre Island. Though there are no ferries to take you to the island, if you own a boat, simply direct yourself to the southernmost Texas coast. When arriving, there should be buses that can take you to Brownsville. The distance between the island and Brownsville are not that far apart so you should arrive no later than 25 minutes to the city.

Get around[edit]

By car[edit]

The best way to get around Brownsville is by car. If you don't have a car, there are multiple rental car agencies dotted around the city.

By bus[edit]

Brownsville Metro (B-Metro) - Main bus service providing rides within thirteen different routes throughout the city's major arteries. The system operates from 6:00 AM through 8:00 PM each day except Sundays. The terminal center, called La Plaza at Brownsville, is located at 755 International Blvd. close to the Gateway International Bridge. The center was completed in 2013 and also provides several restaurants with both indoor and outdoor seating.

By taxi[edit]

There are several taxi services provided right outside of the Brownsville/South Padre Island International Airport. They are easily accessible once arriving here (by plane). Prices depend on type of cab service.

  • Longoria's Taxi355 W Elizabeth St +1 (956) 541-4626. 24 hours. Bilingual taxi drivers serving Brownsville, South Padre Island, the Mexican city of Matamoros and bus stations.
  • The RoadRunner +1 (830) 463-7499. Provides rides to tourist attractions, wineries and the airport. Department also has a limousine service.

By foot or bicycle[edit]

The city is known as the "Bicycling Capital of the Rio Grande Valley" so there will be several trails spanning long distances of the city. They connect to major arteries and other commercial areas. There are currently seven bike trails you can take to explore Brownsville (listed in the Do section of the article).

A new BikeShare Program by Zagster was unveiled giving tourists and locals the opportunity to explore various parts of the city by renting a bicycle. The program has six bike stations around Brownsville, including one in the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Other locations include La Plaza Terminal, CityPlaza, Linear Park, Washington Park, Dean Porter Park and the Belden Connect. Membership for the program costs $35 per year, $15 per month and $2 an hour.


  • 1 Sabal Palm Sanctuary8435 Sabal Palm Grove Rd +1 (956) 541-8034. Butterfly and Birdwatching center. One of the last locations in the Rio Grande Valley with an abundance in profuse grove of Sabal Palms. Adults: $5, Children under 12: $3, Year Membership: Family: $35, Individual $25, Half-year Membership: Couple: $25, Individual $15.
Entrance route of Glady's Porter Zoo.
  • 2 Galeria 409409 E 13th St (Get off ramp on Highway 77 past Boca Chica Blvd, turn right on E 13th St, stop after passing Elizabeth St.),  +1 (956) 455-3599. Art gallery showcasing work from artists in the Rio Grande Valley.
  • 3 Glady's Porter Zoo500 E Ringgold St +1 (956) 546-7187. Popular zoo among locals and tourists. Showcases a variety of species from around the world and features a reptile house and an aquatic center. It is the only zoo south of Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande Valley. Adults: $11, Children (2-13): $8, Children (under 2): Free, Seniors (over 65): $9.50.
  • 4 University of Texas Rio Grande Valley1 W University Blvd. +1 (888) 882-4026. 24 hours. Beautiful campus with a bridge overlooking a resaca and many palm trees. The bridge is a popular photography landmark for tourists and locals. Campus was founded in 2015 after University of Texas at Brownsville and University of Texas Pan-American merged. There are a number of trails going through the university.
  • 5 SpaceX South Texas Launch Site54298 Boca Chica Blvd (Get off ramp on Boca Chica Blvd, drive straight until reaching the end of the street, which meets several feet near the ocean.),  +1 (310) 363-6000. Aerospace facility lauching rockets from Boca Chica State Park. The project is expected to be completed by 2017, with rocket launches occurring monthly.


  • 6 Brownsville Historical Association1325 E Washington St +1 (956) 541-5560. Main office in charge of operating five historical buildings in Downtown Brownsville. Buildings include The Heritage Museum & Preservation Center, Stillman House, Market Square Research Center, Old City Cemetery Center and The Historic Alonso Building.
  • 8 Children's Museum of Brownsville501 E Ringgold St #5 (Take US Highway 77, get off ramp on Boca Chica Blvd, turn right at E 6th St. and turn right at E Pierce St.),  +1 (956) 548-9300fax: +1 (956) 504-1348. Museum involving hands-on activities, events and workshops for children. $8; Free for children 1 and under.
  • 9 Commemorative Air Force Museum955 S Minnesota Ave (Drive along Boca Chica Blvd and turn at Billy Mitchell then right towards Minnesota Ave.),  +1 (956) 541-8585. Air force museum displaying collections of aircraft from World War II. Hosts the annual AirFiesta in mid-February. Adults: $6, Seniors (55+): $5, Kids 12-18: $3, Kids under 11: Free.
The sandy dunes on Boca Chica State Park.
  • 10 Costumes of the Americas501 E Ringgold St #5 (Drive south on Highway 77 and take the 6th St exit.),  +1 (956) 547-6890. Museum housing one of the largest collections of traditional clothing worn by indigenous people in Latin American countries. $2 per person, Children under 10: free.
  • 11 Historic Brownsville Museum641 E Madison St +1 (956) 541-5560fax: +1 (956) 435-0020. Museum displaying the history of Brownsville up to the first half of the 20th century. It uses pictures, maps, along with other visuals to document different aspects of the city from street views to education. Adults: $5, Seniors: $4, Students: $2, Children under 6 and BHA members: Free.
  • 12 Palmito Ranch BattlefieldBoca Chica Blvd. (Located on the way to Boca Chica State Park.). The last battle of the American Civil War. It is located close to the US-Mexico border. There are many speculations that the site is haunted. Free.
  • 13 Resaca de la Palma National Battlefield1024 Paredes Line Rd +1 (956) 541-2785. The site of Battle of Resaca de la Palma. A beautiful candle-lighting ceremony takes place each year around mid-November to honor the fallen victims of the war. Each candle is place in the parameter of the site. Free.
  • 14 Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Park7200 Paredes Line Rd +1 (956) 541-2785fax: +1 (956) 541-6356. The site of Battle of Palo Alto. Indoor museum includes artillery and a gift shop. A tour is provided along a walkway to the actual battle site with replicas of the artillery used in the war scattered throughout the place. Free.
  • 15 Boca Chica State Park. Isolated beach across South Padre Island. It is known for its sandy dunes, quiet atmosphere and scenery. Known as Boca Chica Beach to locals.
  • 16 Brazos Island State Park. Beach north of Boca Chica State Park. Great for camping and fishing.



  • 1 Camille Lightner Playhouse1 Dean Porter Park (Take same route as Children's Museum of Brownsville),  +1 (956) 542-8900. Popular performing arts venue featuring plays and musicals. Features adaptations of both local and popular acts. Plays: Adults: $15, Students (with school ID): $10, Children under 12: $5; Musicals: Adults: $20, Students (with school ID): $12, Children under 12: $12; Season tickets: $85; Winter Texan tickets: $50.
  • 2 Jacob Brown Auditorium600 International Blvd. (Drive along Highway 77, exit off ramp on International Blvd, drive straight until approaching Texas Southmost College),  +1 (956) 882-7945. Open floor auditorium with a 1,500 person capacity. Popular for graduation and theater events. Depends on event.
  • 3 The Arts Center80 Fort Brown St (Take International Blvd, drive until approaching Texas Southmost College. Building located in back of Jacob Brown Auditorium),  +1 (956) 295-3704. Performing arts venue belonging to Texas Southmost College. Popular for performances in music and theatre.


  • 4 Charro Days Fiesta455 E Elizabeth St (event uses most of the street) +1 (956) 542-4245. Unique event celebrating the friendship between Brownsville and its next door neighbor Matamoros. Celebration starts in the end of February and features people dressed in Charro costumes, food, music and a parade. Free.
  • 5 CineSol Film Festival414 W. Harrison Avenue +1 (956) 793-8783. Film festival in Harlingen honoring film makers from the Rio Grande Valley.
  • 6 Sombrero Festival1908 6th Street (Located in Washington Park),  +1 (956) 550-9682. Created to enhance the spirit of Charro Days, this festival usually occurs the last week of February. Membership: Single: $35, Couple: $60, Family (6): $150.
  • Brownsville Latin Jazz Festival +1 (956) 831-9590. Popular festival created by Latin Jazz legend, Tito Puente, celebrating local artists of the genre. Free.
  • 7 Fourth of July Parade1000 Sports Park Blvd (Same route as Charro Days event),  +1 (956) 574-6650. Parade starting in Downtown Brownsville and ending with a firework celebration (the largest in South Texas) in the Brownsville Sports Park. Includes food, music and Glow Dash.
  • 8 Holiday Village1 Dean Porter Park. Cottages decorated with lights and live performances celebrating Christmas. Event starts from the first of November until the first of January. Free.
  • 9 Winter Break ParadeElizabeth St (event uses most of the street) +1 (956) 542-4245. Long held tradition that starts in mid-December celebrating the arrival of Christmas. Free.


In Brownsville[edit]

In Rancho Viejo (within Brownsville City Limits)[edit]

  • 13 Rancho Viejo Resort & Country Club1 Rancho Viejo Drive +1 (956) 350-4000, toll-free: +1 (800) 531-7400. Elegant golfing courses including El Angel and El Diablo Course along with a PGA Junior Golf League. Resort hosts wedding and meeting events as well as sports entertainment such as Tennis, Swimming and a Fitness center. Varies.


  • 14 Belden TrailW 3rd St +1 (956) 542-2064. Mile long trail connecting West Brownsville to other commercial areas. Pedestrian and family-friendly. Free.
  • 15 Historic Battlefield TrailsBrownsville Historic Battlefield Hike and Bike Trail +1 (956) 542-2064. 9-mile long trail running north-south in the middle of the city. Free.
  • 16 Brownsville Sports Park Hike & Bike Trail1000 Sports Park Blvd +1 (956) 574-6650. A trail in the Brownsville Sports Park with access to a lake, boardwalk and hiking pathways. Free.
  • 17 Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge Trails. Trails around the Wildlife Refuge leading to tall, grassy areas. It is advised to watch out for any wild animals such as Ocelots and Cougars. Free.
  • 18 Monte Bella Mountain Bike TrailW Alton Gloor Blvd +1 (956) 542-2064. A 6.2 mile long trail in the outskirts of the city. The trail also includes a 21-hole Disc Golf Course. Free.
  • 19 Paseo de la Resaca Trails +1 (956) 547-6860. A 7 mile long trail running through over 4 miles of resacas and 128 acres of parkland. Free.
  • 20 Resaca de la Palma State Park Trails1000 New Carmen Ave +1 (956) 350-2920. 7 mile trail offering binoculars and bicycles for rent. The trail has the largest native habitat part of the World Birding Center. Free.

Cycling Events[edit]

  • 21 CycloBia Nights1034 E. Levee Street +1 (956) 547-6531. Event where several streets in Downtown close to allow bicyclists to ride their bicycles around the area. Participants are also allowed to walk, skate, etc. Takes place three times a year: once in June, August and October. Free.

Event Centers[edit]

  • 22 Brownsville Event Center1 Event Center +1 (956) 547-6531. Popular center for city events, weddings and other festivities. Rooms are named after important city buildings.
  • 23 Ambassador Event Center2735 FM802 +1 (956) 541-2735. Modern building perfect for weddings.
  • 24 Amigoland Event Center1010 Mexico Blvd +1 (956) 504-7230. Large ballroom for weddings and other festivities. Amigoland Convention Center is right next door.


  • 25 Brownsville Sports Park1000 Sports Park Blvd +1 (956) 574-6650. Sports park with baseball and soccer stadiums. It also has a new fitness center and a volleyball court. Very family friendly. Free.
  • 26 Dean Porter ParkDean Porter Park Drive. Clean park with many museums and a playhouse in a walking distance. It also includes a pavilion and a playground. Park is located next to a resaca. Free.
  • 27 Lincoln Park2100 University Blvd +1 (956) 542-2064. Park right next to the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Great for picnics or family events. Free.
  • 28 Southern Pacific Linear ParkE 6th St. +1 (956) 542-2064. Family-friendly park next to Glady's Porter Zoo and the Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts. Free.
  • 29 Washington ParkE 7th St. (Intersection of E 7th and Madison St.),  +1 (956) 542-2064. Large park in the heart of Downtown. Perfect for strolls at night, bicycle rides and picnics. Features a fountain at the center. Free.


  • 30 Ringgold Civic Pavilion501 E Ringgold St Suite 5 +1 (956) 542-2064. Pavilion great for family events and meetings. Next to a clean park, museums and a playhouse. Large: $75/hr, Small: $25/hr, Barbecue Oven: $5/hr, Patio: N/A.


  • Historic Downtown has a lot of retail shops and great local restaurants. Though much of the commercial activity has shifted northward due to the devaluation of the Mexican Peso, there is still a thriving scene as the city has taken increasing efforts to revitalize many Downtown buildings and streets.
  • Pablo Kisel Blvd/Morrison Rd is the new commercial hot spot in Brownsville. Many national eateries and retailers have either moved from previous locations or have set up shop for the first time here. There are also many hotels in a short walking distance. Much of the success of both streets is owed to the proximity of the mall and the expressway.
  • Boca Chica Blvd is known regionally as "Four Corners" for its wide street lanes meeting with another major artery in the city. The intersection has shaped all four sides to look like corners. The street was a focal point in the city in the early-to-mid 2000s and saw its decline in the late-2000s and early-2010s due to shifting commercial activity. With the arrival of the new SpaceX facility is less than a year, the street will be the main route to see the monthly rockets being launched. For this reason, the street has once again seen more business coming back to the area, with the attraction of restaurants and other retailers not found elsewhere in the city.


  • 1 BookBee2168 E Jackson St +1 (956) 542-1902fax: +1 (956) 542-1867. Local bookstore located near the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Sells school accessories such as medical and laboratory equipment.
  • 2 Rouge Comics814 N Expressway, Ste 10 +1 (956) 574-0484.
  • 3 University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Bookstore83 Fort Brown St +1 (956) 882-8249. Located near the entrance from Texas Southmost College. Bookstore sells shirts, souvenirs with the university logo and has a coffee shop serving Starbucks drinks.


  • 4 Sunrise Mall2370 North Expressway (Take ramp off Highway 77 near Pablo Kisel Blvd.),  +1 (956) 541-5302. Popular mall featuring over 100 stores and four department stores (Dillard's, Sears, JCPenney and Bealls). Varies.


Brownsville's local restaurant scene has seen a surge in recent times. Most of the eateries mentioned are newly constructed or have operated for a couple of years. Mexican is the most popular, as is Tex-Mex and Seafood but different options have been introduced such as Italian and Thai cuisines. This is due to the expanding diversity of the city with non-natives wanting to give natives a taste of their culture. Please note coordinate points are approximate, not exact.


  • 2 C&C Wings6550 Ruben M Torres Blvd +1 (956) 831-3460. Very popular local restaurant known for its buffalo chips and unique wing flavors. Has multiple TV's set up for weekend sporting events. $3-$8.
  • 3 Chopstix7102 Padre Island Hwy +1 (956) 832-0700. Chinese restaurant specializing in noodles and wings. $2.50-$7.25.
  • 4 Mariscos De La Rosa7738 Padre Island Hwy (Take SH550 and drive until reaching Padre Island Hwy.),  +1 (956) 550-0024. Restaurant serving cocktails, seafood, wine and beer.
  • 5 The Oyster Bar153 Paredes Line Rd +1 (956) 542-9511. Long running seafood restaurant offering common seafood dishes.
  • 6 Sasi's Thai Restautant2100 Ruben Torres Sr Blvd (In Paseo Real Shopping Center),  +1 (956) 621-1726. One of the only Thai restaurants in the city. Serves curry and other Asian meals like rice and noodles.
  • 7 Taqueria Siberia2915 International Blvd +1 (956) 542-9357. Popular local eatery known for its unique tostadas. Also serves traditional Mexican meals. Has several locations around the city.
  • 8 Terra's Bar & Grill915 E Elizabeth St +1 (956) 621-0886. Recently opened restaurant perfect for a date night. Features live music and is decorated with many art paintings, paying homage to the Hispanic culture.


  • 9 Agave Blue Mexican Grill1805 E. Ruben M. Torres Blvd. Ste. A17 (Next to the Northside Transfer Station),  +1 (956) 542-4283. Modern restaurant serving breakfast and providing live music at night. Serves margaritas and other spirits.
  • 10 Cobbleheads3154 Central Blvd +1 (956) 592-9313. Popular local restaurant known for its live music. It also has an outdoor patio next to a resaca. Perfect for night dinners.
  • 11 Contrappunto1237 E Adams St +1 (956) 592-9313. Elegant local bistro equipped with a bar. Live jazz music on the weekends.
  • 13 El Hueso De Fraile837 E Elizabeth St #D +1 (956) 372-1415. One of the most popular local eateries in the city. Popular with locals and tourists. Serves Latin American meals and provides soothing, live music at night.
  • 14 Fabrizzio's3000 Pablo Kisel Blvd Ste. 200E (Located next to Sunrise Commons),  +1 (956) 561-4225. Brick oven baked pizzas with traditional Italian seating. Also does catering. $8-$19.
  • 15 Gazpacho's Restaurant2451 Pablo Kisel Blvd. +1 (956) 546-9200. Elegant restaurant serving a variety of sandwiches from different Latin American and European flavors. Has a cozy atmosphere with fine dining.
  • 16 Geko's Trattoria Italian2155 S Frontage Rd +1 (956) 554-7000. Local Italian eatery serving brick oven pizzas, wines, panini sandwiches and more traditional meals. Every item on the menu is written in Italian. $6.99-$19.25.
  • 17 Gio's Villa2325 Central Blvd. +1 (956) 542-5054. Long time eatery serving Italian meals in an ambience atmosphere. $11-$30.
  • 18 Kaero's Restaurant3090 Pablo Kisel Blvd Ste A (Drive on Highway 77, take ramp leading to Pablo Kisel Blvd and drive until reaching Springmart Blvd.),  +1 (956) 350-0592. Healthy eatery offering a selection of subs, sandwiches and smoothies at decent prices. It also serves crepes, soups, wraps and specializes in a "Create your Salad" option.
  • 23 Wing Barn3025 Boca Chica Blvd, Suite I-1 +1 (956) 541-2276. Barn-style eatery serving burgers, wings and beer. Popular among locals. There are several locations around the city.


  • 24 Campero's Bar & Grill2500 N. Expressway 77/83 +1 (956) 546-8172. Elegant Mexican restaurant providing live music, bar and fine dining. $10.99-$19.99.
  • 25 Fiŝo Seafood Cuisine3101 Pablo Kisel Blvd +1 (956) 551-3878. Expensive seafood restaurant serving steaks, cocktails and martinis. They are known for their ambiance and creative touch in every meal.
  • 26 La Pampa Argentine Steakhouse1655 East Ruben M Torres Sr Blvd, Suite 208 +1 (956) 504-5858fax: +1 (956) 504-5875. Steakhouse serving Argentine meals and winery. Also provides big meals at expensive prices. $7-$45.
  • 27 Madeira Restaurant805 Media Luna, Suite 800 +1 (956) 504-3100. Upscale, romantic restaurant next to a resaca. Serves Argentine meals as well as seafood.
  • 28 Mi Pueblito Restaurant3101 Pablo Kisel Blvd, +1 (956) 350-9696. Mexican restaurant serving margaritas, spirits and more. Has an elegant outdoor patio set up with TV's to watch sporting events.


Bars, Pubs and Billiard Parlors[edit]

  • 1 Adolios2370 N Expressway (inside Sunrise Mall),  +1 (956) 982-0491. Upscale local bar with an outdoor patio. Serves traditional Mexican cuisine and spirits. $7-$17.
  • 2 Billiard Room2104 Central Blvd (Take US Highway 77, then use ramp off Ruben Torres Blvd, turn left on Central Blvd and drive a little further from Rental World.),  +1 (956) 542-4542. Long-standing billiard bar perfect for a weekend hangout. Pool: $7.50/hr, $3.75/hr after 7PM.
  • 3 Dog House Pub & Grill568 Springmart Blvd Suite 700 +1 (956) 521-8663. Popular pub with spirit selection changing each season. Four locations, one in Brownsville, three in San Antonio. Provides live music and weekly specials. $2-$6.
  • 4 Highway 48 Bar & Grill7200 Padre Island Hwy +1 (956) 831-6360. Inexpensive bar with a Mexican-style atmosphere. Hosts a happy hour. $3-$9.
  • 5 Mynt Bar & Grill600 Springmart Blvd #8 +1 (956) 621-4552. Popular restaurant serving spirits and live music. Reservations are available. $6.99-$9.99.
  • 6 Public House Brownsville3254 Boca Chica Blvd (Get off ramp on Boca Chica Blvd, drive south along Boca Chica until reaching Tower Centre),  +1 (956) 579-2020. Bar specializing in drafts, meals and drinks. Range from $10-$20.
  • 7 Shenanigan's Irish Pub & Grill2451 Pablo Kisel Blvd +1 (956) 986-2337. Irish-style pub with a collection of beers. Popular for a weekend hangout.
  • 8 The Bar1900 N Expressway (Take Highway 77, get off ramp on Ruben Torres Blvd, look for Boot Jack Plaza),  +1 (956) 548-2277. Popular barn-style bar with two floors. Very popular for billiards and music events.
  • 9 Zocalo Bar & Grill2353 Old Port Isabel Rd +1 (956) 243-7574. Upscale bar featuring Mexican recipes. Hosts live music in an outdoor patio. Range from $10-$30.


  • 10 Bubbly Brew TeaHouse3340 Pablo Kisel Blvd (In Morrison Plaza),  +1 (956) 621-0211. The only teahouse in the city. Serves bubble tea and smoothies. Popular for young locals and students.
  • 11 Fina's Coffee Shop435 Old Port Isabel Rd. (Take Boca Chica Blvd, then turn right on Old Port Isabel Rd.),  +1 (956) 541-7550. Local restaurant serving Mexican dishes and coffee.


  • 12 Marroko Discotek1655 Ruben M Torres Sr Blvd +1 (956) 777-5566. Popular modern nightclub with live music.
  • 13 Wink's Saloon, Grill & Roping Arena10700 FM 1421 (Get off ramp before approaching Rice Tract Rd, turn left at Barreda Garden Rd and drive straight until reaching location),  +1 (956) 399-9465. Barn-style club with a bar, music venue and outdoor roping arena. Very popular on the weekends.

Gay & Lesbian[edit]




  • 1 Americas Best Value Inn7364 South Padre Island Hwy +1 956 832-0202. Affordable hotel providing an outdoor pool, business center and free Wi-Fi along with free continental breakfast. $55.
  • 2 Boca Chica Inn & Suites3280 Boca Chica Blvd +1 956 554-9090. Hotel in the heart of the city. Provides mini-fridges in each room along with an outdoor pool and free parking. $50.
  • 3 Magnuson Hotel715 North Expressway +1 956 541-2201. Modest hotel offering Wi-Fi, parking and meeting rooms. $59-$63.
  • 4 Motel 62255 North Expressway +1 956 546-4699fax: +1 956 546-8982. Cheap hotel with an outdoor pool, free parking and coffee. $45.
  • 6 Value Place995 Media Luna Road +1 956 542-1684. Studio rooms with kitchens and a 24 hour coin-operated laundry room. $60.


  • 7 Comfort Suites651 Sunrise Blvd +1 956 541-3332fax: +1 956 621-2993. 2-star hotel with an outdoor pool, gym and free breakfast. $89.
  • 8 Courtyard Brownsville3955 North Expressway 77/83 +1 956 350-4600fax: +1 956 350-4678. 3-star hotel providing contemporary rooms, an outdoor pool, a business center and a free local shuttle. $116.
  • 9 Hampton Inn & Suites3000 N. Expressway +1 956 548-0005. 2-star traditional hotel with an outdoor pool, free parking, Wi-Fi and breakfast. $84-$93.
  • 11 Homewood Suites by Hilton3759 N. Expressway +1 956 574-6900fax: +1 956 574-6910. 3-star hotel with extended-stay, a pool, a fitness center and free grocery shopping service. $98.


  • 14 Staybridge Suites2900 Pablo Kisel Blvd +1 956 504-9500. 4-star hotel provides outdoor pool and a gym. Free breakfast, parking and Wi-Fi. $89-$91.

Student Housing[edit]

  • 15 Casa Bella (Drive towards Highway 77, turn right on W University Blvd before approaching Veterans International Bridge, then turn right on Tyler St),  +1 (956) 882-7191fax: +1 (956) 665-5055. Apartment complex belonging to the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Brownsville campus. Provides many amenities. Single occupancy: $2,380/semester, Double occupancy: $1,900/semester.

Stay safe[edit]

Despite Brownsville's reputation as a border town, the city is relatively safe. According to an FBI report conducted in early 2015, the Brownsville-Harlingen metropolitan area ranked last in a list of most dangerous cities. This makes Brownsville the safest metro area in Texas.

As long as you stay in the more commercial side of town and take precautions you will be safe. It is advised not to travel to Downtown around midnight. Most of the area is quiet and lonely around this time, raising the chances of theft or robberies. You should also lock your car when shopping, especially at night. While the city rarely experiences any major crimes, petty crimes like attempted robbery or vandalism are quite common.

If you are a victim of a crime or see one, please report it by calling the Brownsville Police Department at (956) 548-7000 or simply at 911. Their main building is located at 600 E Jackson St.


Brownsville Convention & Visitors Bureau - Main office located at 650 Ruben M. Torres Sr. Blvd. Scale House located at 1700 E 6th St.



Public Libraries[edit]

Brownsville has two public libraries, including a main library and a branch library.

  • Main Branch - Located at 2600 Central Blvd. Large array of books to purchase and check-out. Also has a coffee shop, modern computer atmosphere and a study room.
  • Southmost Branch - Located at 4320 Southmost Blvd. Good for studying. Provides a computer room, movie theatre, planetarium and a small coffee shop.


  • 1 The Carriage House Day Spa319 E. Elizabeth Street +1 956 544-4111. Elegant spa center in the heart of Downtown. Provides an array of other services such as tanning, wraps and manicures/pedicures. $10-$60, Packages: $140-$260.
  • 2 Serenity Springs Day Spa23 Palm Village (Located in Palm Village Shopping Center),  +1 956 541-0393.
  • 3 Spa La Posada2370 North Expressway, Suite 1056 (Inside Merle Norman in Sunrise Mall.),  +1 956 687-7544. Spa with bridal, boutique, waxing, nails and other services. Packages: $55-$325.
  • 4 Massage Envy2100 Ruben M Torres Sr Blvd #2070 +1 956 541-3689. Though the business has several locations in other cities, it provides great message sessions. Intro 1/hr Spa Session: $49.99, Intro 1/hr Healthy Skin Facial: $59.99.

Go next[edit]

  • South Padre Island is a short 20 minute drive east of Brownsville and is home to Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark, beautiful coastlines for each end of the island, local restaurants, bars, condominiums/hotels, boat rides, bird watching, and concerts.
  • Matamoros, Mexico, Brownsville's border town, can be easily accessible by foot or car by crossing one of three bridges and offers a nightlife for many young tourists. Also has a popular market scene and historic buildings.
  • Monterrey, Mexico is a four hour drive west of Brownsville near the Cerro de la Silla mountains and home to many museums, art galleries, sport stadiums and lots of historical architecture.
  • Port Isabel is directly across South Padre Island. Offers a quiet scene, nice local restaurants, fishing, boating/sailing charters, piers, museums, dolphin watch and the Port Isabel Lighthouse.

Routes through Brownsville
Corpus Christi/LaredoHarlingen  N I-69E.svgUS 77.svgUS 83.svg S  Aiga immigration.svg → becomes Carretera federal 180.svgMatamoros
San AntonioMcAllen  W US 281.svg E  END
END  W Texas 100.svg E  → becomes Texas Park Road 100South Padre Island

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