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Regions in this category do not contain any sub-regions or destination articles.

These pages should be reviewed:

  • Could be incorrectly labeled as a region.
    • If an island with only enough points of interest for one usable page then should be tagged as a city article.
    • If a rural district whose settlements aren't big enough to support their own articles then should be tagged as a rural area article.
    • If an area surrounding one main settlement, should be renamed after that settlement and tagged as a city article.
    • If it's a nature destination that's basically uninhabited, could be tagged as a park article.
  • Region above does not need to be split into sub-regions.
    • If the region above has only a few other sub-regions with less than say ~20 city and park articles in total then sub-regions should be merged into the above region.
  • Region overlapping other regions.
    • Change to Extraregion
  • Cities aren't breadcrumbed correctly.
    • If the listed cities are breadcrumbed to the wrong region article, fix the IsPartOf template in each of them.