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Cherkasy (Ukrainian: Черкаси, also transliterated Cherkassy from Russian: Черкассы) is a city in Central Ukraine. It is the capital of the Cherkasy Oblast (province). The city is the cultural, educational and industrial center. The population is 287,583 (as of 2011).



It was founded around the 1280s. In the 1360s, the city becoming a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. At that time was a fortified town on the south edge (of Grand Duchy of Lithuania), along with Vinnytsia, Bratslav and Kaniv making defensive line from Crimean Tatars. During 15th-16th centuries, Cherkassians took part in military marches against Tatars and Turkish. After the Union of Lublin in 1569 Cherkasy became a part of Poland.

Cherkasy was the center of Cossacks, citizens took part in Khmelnychchyna and Koliyivschyna (cossacks' and peasants' rebellions) in the 18th century. After the Second Partition of Poland the city was incorporated into the Kievan Guberniya of the Imperial Russia. In the second half of the 19th century the city got railroad and its experienced a great economical growth. After the October Revolution in 1917 Cherkasy fell under Soviet rule. The Second World War damaged the city greatly. In the 1960s Cherkasy became the chemical giant of the Ukrainian SSR, after "Azot" (the biggest nitrogen fertilizer producing plant), "Himvolokno" (artificial fiber manufacturing plant), "Himreaktyv" (chemical reagents for military purposes) and many others were built in the city. In 1961 a Kremenchuk hydro power plant was built, forming Kremenchuk Water Reservoir with the longest dyke in Ukraine (15 km) with rail and road on it. The city is a big transport hub. The city is on the high right bank of the Dnipro River, in the middle of the Kremenchuk Reservoir, mostly on lowlands.



The climate is mild continental, with mild winters and warm (or hot) summers. Winters are usually cold and snowy (January is −5.9 °C), severe frosts (up to −25 °C) can be happen. Summers are dry and warm (the average temperature in July is +19.8 °C), with occasional highs reaching +35 °C (95 °F).

Get in


By plane

Caution Note: Due to the state of war, Ukraine's airspace has been closed to civil aviation.
(Information last updated 19 Sep 2023)

By train

  • 1 Railway Station (ru: Железнодорожный вокзал, Залізничний вокзал"Черкаси"), Vul. Krupskoi (вул. Крупської), 1 (SW 1 km from Center), +380 472 638565. Services: the issuance of written and complex inquiries; luggage storage; mother and baby room; restrooms; service centre; cafe bar.

By bus

  • 2 Bus station No.1 (Автовокзал), Krupskaya,(ул. Крупской) 3 (2 km SW), +380 472 638937. Long-distance transportation is carried out and also minitaxis. Such as the Auto Service 2005 (Сервис Авто 2005) for Kyiv, Belaia Tserkov, Kaniv, Chigirin; the Auto Express (Авто-Экспресс) for Dnipro, Kyiv, Poltava, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia, Kropyvnytskyi, Kremenchuk; the Elite-Express (Элит-Экспресс) for Kharkiv.
  • 3 Bus station No.2 (Новый автовокзал), Str. Smilianska,(ул.Смелянская) 166 (near the airport), +380 472 634630.
  • 4 Bus station No.3 (Автостанция №3), Str. Hoholia, (ул. Гоголя) 293 (Midtown), +380 472 452148.
  • 5 Bus station No.4 (Автостанция №4), Vul. Ilina,(вул. Ильина) 238 (Near to the Soborny Square), +380 472 453419.

By car


Two major automobile routes go through the city: H16 (Uman-Zolotonosha, national route), and P10 (Kaniv-Kremenchuk, regional route). Kyiv is 200 km north from here.

Get around

Trolleybus routes

By public transport


Cherkasy has a convenient public transport system:

  • 23 bus routes
  • 22 trolleybus routes

Single ride tickets in buses cost 13 грн, in trolleybuses — 10 грн.

Schedules are available on DozoR (in Ukrainian), EasyWay and Google Maps.

By taxi


Taxi is the easiest way of getting around the city. Some popular taxi companies include:

  • Uber (Убер).
  • Bolt (Болт).
  • Uklon (Уклон).
  • OnTaxi (ОнТаксі).
  • Opti (Опті).
  • Shark (Шарк).

By scooter


Kick scooter is a funny way to shorten your time while getting around the city.

  • JET.UA.
  • Bolt (Болт).


  • 1 Scherbina House, Wedding Palace (Дом Щербины, Будинок Щербини), Str. Lenina, 3 (next to Puppet Theatre). It was the most luxurious mansion of prerevolutionary Cherkasy. In Soviet times it was known as the "Palace of Happiness" because it was city's registry office. The house was built by entrepreneur A. Scherbina in 1892. From 1970 to the present day the building is used as the Wedding Palace (civil registry agency).
  • 2 Goluboi Palace: Former hotel Slavyanskiy (Голубой дворец, отель "Славянский"), Str. Dashkovich Ostafiia (Дашковича Остафія вул.) (Str. Khreschatyk cnr.). - Neo-Gothic style (1880s). Cornerhouse, pentagonal, high-crowned sharpened tent. The facade of the building is adorned with numerous decorative details, thin towers with needle-like domes and graceful columns. The house had three balconies, one of which was passed by more than 2.5 meters and was based on thin iron columns. After January 1919 the building was the headquarters of the 'red' rebels. After the revolution and until the mid-1970s, the building housed Hotel Dnipro, and later it was used by several government agencies. The first floor was occupied by a cafe of the Dnepr. Today the building belongs to Ukrsotsbank.
Hill of Glory
  • 3 Castle Hill, Hill of Glory (Меморіальний комплекс "Пагорб Слави" , Замкова гора, Пагорб Слави), Klubnyi ds (Слави вул.). The memorial complex with a monument "Motherland" is located at the top of the former Castle Hill. At this point, ancient Russian fort, remains of Cherkasy fortress and Holy Trinity Church were situated. In 1977 all architectural and archaeological sites were completely destroyed during construction of the monument. From the top of the hill you can see beautiful panorama of the Kremenchuk Reservoir. Made for a memory of the dead people of the city during the Second World War. At the top of the hill, where the buried nearly a thousand soldiers, are terraces laid with granite blocks. Bulk part of the hill ogranyaet memorial granite wall with names of residents who perished in the fighting. On the retaining wall is 5 bronze bas-reliefs that tell of the hard times of war. 1st shows the militia in 1941, the 2nd - the battle with the Nazis. In the center of the bas-relief - a figure of a young soldier who falls in wheat struck the ball. 3rd bas-relief shown bayonet charge of the Soviet soldiers, the 4th - as in strikes like the standard-bearer friend picks up the flag. In the 5th - perpetuated by the representatives of all branches of the Soviet Army.
  • 4 Puppet Theatre (Ляльковий театр), Str. Khreschatyk ( Хрещатик вул.), 224/4 (in the central city), +380 472 457049. Cherkasy Regional Academic Puppet Theater is in a building that is an architectural monument of the 19th century. The building is decorated with mosaics with the heroes of fairy tales.
  • 5 School of Music, Str. Baidy-Vishnevetskogo ( Байди-Вишневецького вул), 8. The building of Cherkasy Music School of S. Gulak-Artemovsky was built in 1903 as a men’s gymnasium. The author of the project was great Kyiv architect of Polish origin V. Gorodetsky. In the second half of the 20th century, after the construction of a modern extension, the building became the home of a music school.
  • Mayborody House (Дом Майбороды).
  • 6 The former gymnasium building, Taras Shevchenko Regional Research Library (Будівля колишньої чоловічої гімназії), Str. Baidy-Vishnevetskogo ( Байди-Вишневецького вул), 6 (centre). In 1891 the City Council decided to erect a school building on the estate merchant Sokolova, and behind an existing two-storey mansion, on a steep descent to the Dnieper. The project involved the construction of a two-story building, which was supposed to equip 13 classrooms, offices for teachers and inspectors, as well as a spacious hall for various meetings. The buiding materials were delivered from different locations in southern Russia. - His strong, clear, classical form, it seemed, themselves set up the learning process. Now, the gymnasium is a building for Taras Shevchenko Regional Research Library. In 1931 the school was reorganized in the middle. In 1933 was completed the third floor. The third floor housed another 7 classrooms, offices of chemistry and physics. The Nazis placed in the building of a military hospital.
  • 7 Hyperboloid water tower (Гіперболоїдна водонапірна башта), Street Hromova, ~1. Hyperboloid water tower
  • Lysak House (Дом Лысака).
  • 8 Complex Shkolnikova (Комплекс Школьникова). Complex Shkolnikova (Q12112069) on Wikidata
  • 9 Monument dumplings (Пам'ятник варенику), Str. Frunze, (near the hotel Rosava). The first monument in Ukraine dumplings installed in 2006. The sculpture represents a Cossack Mamaia, who eats dumplings. Behind him, placed a huge crescent-shaped dumpling. The statue of the classical Ukrainian dishes, with the height of the monument is 2.5 m, made of ceramics, this dumpling weighs about 70 kg.
  • 10 Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Monument (Памятник Богдану Хмельницькому), Str. Khmelnitskogo Bogdana (Хмельницького Богдана вул.) (at the corner of boulevard Shevchenko street). Made in 1995 to the 400th birthday of the Hetman. A bronze sculpture, mounted on a pedestal of stylized processed granite blocks. On both sides of the pedestal - the stele of granite blocks, which is mounted eight boards with inscriptions: the Battle of Zhollty Vody, the Battle of Korsun, Victory at Pilyavtsami, the triumphal entry into Kyiv, Victory at Zbarazh and Zborov, Battle of Berestechko, Taking the Krakow and Warsaw. On both sides of the pedestal made of granite blocks, set two bronze sculptures that symbolize the victory of the Cossacks, led by B. Khmelnitsky on land and at sea. They serve as a basis podium decorated with floral ornaments. Among the sea - Cossack gull with a sail. Another composition includes Cossack gun with kernels a barrel of gunpowder, arms & banners.


  • 11 Mother of God Orthodox Church (Rizdva Presviatoï Bohorodytsi, Православна церква Різдва Богородиці, Собор Різдва Пресвятої Богородиці), Str. Blahovisna, 372, +380 67 5947107.
  • 12 White Lotus Buddhist temple (Буддийский храм Белый лотос), Franko ds., 4 (Center), +380 472 479207. by appointment. The only Buddhist temple in Eastern Europe, which was built in the 1990s. It is the prototype of the famous Buddhist temple in Laos. At the entrance to the cell are two figures of ancient warriors, brought to Cherkasy from Tibet. In the temple, give tours, but you must negotiate directly on the site.
  • 13 St. Michael's Cathedral (Свято-Михайловский собор), May 1st Park (Першотравневий парк). Built in Byzantine style
  • 14 First Baptist Church (Persha Baptysts'ka Tserkva), Lisova Prosika str., 32 (N), +380 472 454396.
  • 15 Temple of St. Andrew (Hram Andreia Pervozvannoho, Храм Андрея Первозванного), Str. Heroes of Dnepr (Героїв Дніпра вул.) (Riverbank).


Cherkasy Oblast Local History Museum
  • 17 Local History Museum (Краеведческий музей, Черкаський обласний краєзнавчий музей), Str. Slavy, 1 (in the historic center of the city near the Hill of Glory (Castle Hill)), +380 472 372091. The museum exposition is available in 30 halls. There is collection of artifacts from the history, nature, culture, and ethnography of Cherkasy Oblast. Cherkasy Oblast museum is housed in a modern building, built in 1985 Thirty halls of the museum offer sections about nature of the region, archeology, ethnography, history of the region in the 14th – early 20th century, modern history from 1917 to the present. In total there are about 12 thousand exhibits.
  • 18 "Kobzar" Museum of Taras Shevchenko – Tsybulsky House (Музей «Кобзаря» Тараса Шевченка, Дом Цыбульских), Baidy-Vishnevetskogo str. ( Байди-Вишневецького вул.), 37. (in the city center), +380 472 354105. the only museum in the world about one book. Located in Tsybulsky House, was built in 1852 and rebuilt in the early 20th century, was known as the home of Tsybulsky. At that time it contained an office and loan banks. The mansion belonged Tsybulsky brothers - this family was the first guild merchants in the city.
  • 19 Cherkasy Art Museum (Художественный музей, художній музей), Kreshchatik str. (Хрещатик вул.), 259, +380 472 452427. – big museum where different exhibitions are held throughout the year. There are two divisions: arts crafts and fine arts. In addition four halls of the third floor rooms are constantly used for periodic exhibitions. In the museum you can see the folk art medium Podniprovya, iconography 18-19th centuries, and portrait painting of 18-19th centuries. A significant part is contemporary works, drawings, sculptures.
  • 20 Literary Memorial Museum of Vasyl Symonenka (літературно-меморіальний музей Василя Симоненка), Khreschatyk str., 251, +380 472 370470. Dedicated to the life and work of the Ukrainian poet Vasily Symonenko in the editorial office of the newspaper "Cherkasy region", where he worked in Cherkasy. In the editorial office of the former newspaper "Cherkasy Truth" (now the "Cherkasy region"), worked Vasyl Symonenko. Exposure positioned exactly in this office and tells about the life and work of poet and journalist. Contains photographs, documents, letters he received and wrote contributors, working in the department of letters. The display also the poet's personal belongings, manuscripts of his works, notepad with working notes, application for membership of the Union of Writers of Ukraine. Here collected memories of the poet, his friends and associates.
  • Cherkasy Museum of Vyshyvanka.
  • Museum of Ukrainian towel (Музей українського рушника). - established in the early 1990s in Cherkasy National University, now contains over 500 embroidered towels late 19-early 20th centuries, primarily from the Dnieper region.

Further afield

Dnieper River and Kaniv Reservoir
  • 21 Chyhyryn (SW 65km). There are some interesting ruins like the Trinity Monastery, built near Chyhyryn in 1627, was later destroyed. The town hall and - Khmelnytsky's palace (rebuilt 2000s), did not survive either and today there are only remnants of the fortifications, archaeological museum, SS. Peter-Paul Church (rebuilt 2000s).
  • 22 Shevchenko national reserve, Taras hill, Kaniv (Шевченківський національний заповідник, Тарасова гора) (NW 75km). Taras hill Probably on the mountain in the XI century was based Kanevsky cave monastery. Kanev Nature Reserve (Канівський природний заповідник) 2027 ha. Founded in 1968, established and formed with its beautiful and varied landscapes on the right side of the gracious Dnieper River. Also here is the Kaniv's hydro-electric power plant located on the Kaniv Reservoir. Museum of folk and decorative art. St.George (Assumption of the Virgin) cathedral. 1147. 1805.Historical Museum. - Natural History Museum.
  • 23 Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi (W 70km). Main sights: A Landscape Park complex belonging to the former palace of the noble Lopukhinykh-Demydovykh family, considered one of the best natural park complexes in the style of Romanticism in Ukraine. The park was constructed in 1782 by the request of the noble Stanisław Poniatowski, the King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, a writer and artist. In the middle of the 19th century, the park was decorated with many sculptures. In addition, small pedestrian bridges were added. Total area of the park is 97 hectares. The palace of the noble Lopukhinykh-Demydovykh family. The Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi historical-cultural preserve. Museum dedicated to the history of the Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi Battle. -Transfiguration Church
  • 24 River Girskyi Tikych canyon (Каньйон річки Гірський Тікич) (SW 160km). Explore the canyon near to Buky town
  • 25 Zolotonosha (NE 35km). Krasnogorskyi Pokrovskyi Monastery, Preobrazhenska Church. Designed by Ivan Hryhorovych-Barskyi in the Ukrainian Baroque style, built in 1767-1771. Sviato-Uspenskyi Cathedral, 1909.


  • 1 Tsentralnyi Stadion (Центральний міський стадіон у Черкасах), Str. Ostafiya Dashkevicha (Смілянська вул., 78,?), 70 (centre). A multi-purpose stadium. It is used mostly for football matches, and is the home of FC Cherkaskyi Dnipro in the Ukrainian Second League. The stadium holds 10,321 people.


  • 2 Dnipro Plaza Multipleks (Кинотеатр Мультиплекс — ТРЦ "Днипро Плаза"), Str. Heroev Stalingrada (вул. Героїв Сталінграда), 34, +380 44 963738.
  • 3 Salut (Кинотеатр Салют), Str. Khreschatyk (вул. Хрещатик), 170-176.
  • 4 Ukraine (Кинотеатр Україна), Str. Smelyanskaya (вул. Смілянська), 21. A very old building, was the first cinema in Cherkasy


  • 5 Bogdan Khmelnitsky Public garden (Сквер имени Богдана Хмельницкого), Zamkovyy uzviz (Замковий узвіз).
  • 6 Park Peremohy (Victory Park) (Парк "Победы"), Vul. 30-richchya Peremohy( 30-річчя Перемоги вул.). with a zoo
  • 7 Sobornyi Park (Cathedral Park), Sobornyi (Соборний) Square.
  • 8 Juvileyniy Park (Jubilee Park) (Парк Ювілейний), Vul. Dakhnivska (Дахнівська вул.), 1-5 (Trolley 1, 3, 7 to stop 'Park "Yuvileyny"').
  • 9 Park Himikiv (Park of Chemists) (Сквер Хіміків), Vul. Viacheslav Chornovola (вул. Вячеслав Чорновола).
  • 10 Dolyna Troiand (Rose Valley) (Парк "Долина троянд"), Vulitsa Gagarina (Гагаріна вул.), 50-56 (Riverbank).
  • 11 Cherkasy Forest (On the northern end of the city.). Here, the sanatorium Ukraine is situated, along with three-star hotel Ukraine and Kosmos-Bowling club.
  • 12 Sergeant Smirnova Public garden (Сквер имени Сержанта Смирнова), Vulitsa Gagarina (Гагаріна вул.), ~4.
  • Vasyl Symonenko Public garden (Сквер Василия Симоненка).
  • 13 Cherkasy promenade (Черкаська набережна), Kozatska St (NE - Bus 21 to stop 'Kozatskaya St').


  • 14 Bath (Басейн), Vul. Ilina (Ільїна вул.), 228 (Center).
  • 15 [dead link] BanBas Water recreation complex (Водно-оздоровчий комплекс "БанБас"), Vul. Chekhova (Чехова вул.), 33, +380 472 734594, .
  • Dnipro River beaches. The coastline of the city is as long as 15 kilometres and is usually represented with sand beaches.
  • 16 Sosnowski Beach (Plyazh Sosnovskiy, Пляж Сосновский), Vul Haharina (вул. Гагаріна) (City's shore, North).
  • 17 Puskin Beach (Plyazh Pushkinskyy, Пляж Пушкінський), Vul Haharina (вул. Гагаріна), ~24-34 (City's shore, Mid part).
  • 18 Smelyansky Beach (Plyazh Smelyanskyy, Пляж Смелянський), Vul. Heroyiv Dnipra, (вул. Героїв Дніпра), 89 (City's shore, South).

Sport-entertainment centers



  • 20 Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian Academic Drama Theatre former Musical-Drama Theatre (Драматический театр имени Т.Г.Шевченка, Музично-драматичний театр), Shevchenka blvd.,(Шевченка бульв.), 234. Established in 1933 and from that time its creative life closely connected with land of Shevchenko. In 1954, the theatre was reorganized in Regional Drama Theatre named for Taras Shevchenko.
  • 21 Druzhba Narodiv (Friendship of Nations) Culture Palace (Палац культури Дружба народів), Shevchenka blvd.,(Шевченка бульв.), 249. A big cultural center & concert hall where all major concerts are held.
  • 22 Cherkasy Academic Puppet Theater (Детский кукольный театр, Ляльковий театр), Vul. Khreshchatyk (вул., Хрещатик), 224/4.
  • 23 Philharmonia (Черкаська обласна філармонія), Kreschatyk (Хрещатик вул.), 196, +380 472 450161. Created in 1955.
  • 24 Planetarium (Черкаський планетарій), Vishnevetzkogo Baida (вул. Байди Вишневецького), 14 (Center).


  • Kryzhtal – A sculpture festival (held in winter, sculptures are made of ice).
  • Drevlyandia – A sculpture festival (held in summer, sculptures are made of wood, then placed in parks around the city).
  • Zhyvyi Kamin – A sculpture festival (held in autumn, sculptures are made of stone) with the "Cherkasy's Singing Nights" are held in the open-air theater in park.
  • Tarasova Gora – Am international bike festival, since 2003. Which gathers bikers from Ukraine, Russia, and other European countries. This is the biggest festival of this kind held in Ukraine.




  • 1 Erste Bank (Ерсте Банк), Baidy-Vyshnevetskoho (Байди-Вишневецького вул. ), 34, +380 472 33 9570.
  • 2 Raiffeisen Bank Aval, basic office (Райффайзен Банк Аваль), Hoholia, 224 (Center), +380 472 544053.
  • 3 OTP Bank (ОТР Банк), Khreschatyk (вул. Хрещатик), 200 (Center), +380 472 339976.
  • 4 Raiffeisen Bank Aval (Райффайзен Банк Аваль), Shevchenka blvd. (Шевченка бульв.), 246 (South), +380 472 44199.


  • Epicentr Hypermarket (Гіпермаркет будівельний "Епіцентр"), Str. 30-richchia Peremohy, 29 (1.5 km W), +380 472 33-9288. National network of construction-business hypermarkets


  • 5 Dnipro Plaza Shopping Center (Торгово-розважальний центр"Дніпро-Плаза"), ul. Heroiv Stalinhrada (ул.Героев Сталинграда), 34.
  • 6 Equator Shopping Center (ТРЦ Экватор), Propekt Himikov, (проспект Химиков), 74 (south-east).
  • 7 Evropeiskyi Shopping Centre (Торгівельний центр Європейський), Smilianska, 21.
  • 8 Grand Market Shopping centre (ТЦ Гранд Маркет), Khmelnytskoho Bohdana former Haharina str., 55/1, +380 472 313431. 08:00-22:00. A 1-ha shopping center. All groups of goods, a necessary in everyday life of man: produkty nutrition, tekstylnыe yzdelyya, apparel, sports goods on, footwear and accessories, Children's supermarket, utensils, household appliances, cosmetics and Perfume, Jewelry, media-Production, Press, showroom, furniture, souvenirs, flowers for home, all for a bathroom etc. Offices of the bank, an exchange of currencies and ATMs, pharmacy, cafe. Supermarket on the first floor of the shopping center, 1,200 m² and 13 terminals.
  • 9 Trade House Shopping center (Budynok Torhivli, Торгівельний центр Будинок Торгівлі), Blvd. Shevchenka, 207.
  • 10 Liubava Shopping Center (ТРЦ Любава), Bulv. Shevchenko (бул.Шевченко), 208, +380 472 376060, .
  • 11 Khreschatyk City Shopping Center (ТРЦ Крещатик Сити), O.Dashkevicha (ул.О.Дашкевича), 19 (Khreschatyk corner).
  • 12 Plazma Shopping centre (Торговельно-розважальний центр "Плазма"), Shevchenka blvd. (бул.Шевченко), 145, +380 472 330854.


  • 13 Central market (Ринок центральний), Str. Smilianska & Hoholia cnr (Bus 2, 7, 8, 9, 12, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30; trolley 3, 4, 4A, 8R, 50 to 'Central market'). Fresh fruit and meat
  • 14 Fermerskyi market (Ринок Фермерський), Str. Smilianska, 138 (Next to Hotel Niva).
  • 15 Market on Kazbet (Ринок на Казбеті), Bulv. Shevchenko, 130? (North - Center). Delikat, Sarm, Donini shops
  • 16 Merchandise market (Рынок речовий), Str. Blahovisna 302 (Bus 21, 33 to stop 'Rechoviy market').


  • 17 Mriia Shop (Магазин Мрія), Shevchenka blvd.(бул.Шевченко), 224 (O.Dashkevicha corner), +380 472 320298. a grocery


  • 1 McDonald's (Ресторан "Макдональдз"), Str. Smilianska, 33, +380 472 545335.
  • 2 Potato House, Bulv.Shevchenko, 103. Fast food chain
  • 3 La Cosa Nostra Restaurant, Bulv. Shevchenko, 108.


  • 1 Kalyan-bar "1000 i 1 nich" (Кальян-бар "1000 і 1 ніч"), Pushkina (Пушкіна вул), 67 (North of Center). Cafe and bar, Wi-Fi.
  • 2 Internet Cafe 'Traffic' (Інтернет-кафе Трафік), Bulv. Shevchenka (Шевченка бульв.), 218, +380 472 321044. Wi-Fi.


  • Optima Cherkasy (Optima Черкаси), 6 Lazarjeva Street, +380 472590114, +380 672193834, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. From 1,356 грн.
  • 1 Dnipro Hotel (Готель Дніпро), Str. Verkhnya Gorova (вул. Верхня Горова), 13 (Center), +380 472 360199. From 1,800 грн. (Q12101346) on Wikidata
  • 2 Lada-Service Hotel (Готельний комплекс Лада-Сервіс), Str. Petrovs'koho, 172 (East - Bus 27 from Railway station to stop 'Chehov St'), +380 472 434275, +380 472 417926. Also there is a restaurant.
  • 3 Orange (former Apelsyn) Hotel (Готель Апельсин), Str. Verkhnya Gorova (вул. Верхня Горова), 145, +380 472 379224, +380 472 377461, fax: +380 472 372969. Also there is a restaurant, Wi-Fi, a sauna. From 1,800 грн. Apelsyn (Q12078824) on Wikidata
  • 4 Partyzan Hotel (Готель Партизан), Khimikiv ave., 10 (Bus 5, 8, 13, 24, 29, 30, 115 to 'Gromov St'), +380 472 662609.
  • 5 Selena Sport Hotel & Hostel (Спорт-готель Селена), Str. Dakhnivska (вул. Дахнівська), 21 (Svidivok village outside the city - N-NW 5 km - Bus 11, 14, 31 or Trolley 1, 7A, 13 to stop 'Sosnivka'), +380 472 362028. From 1,040 грн.
  • 6 Ukraine hotel (Готель Україна), Str. Lesnaya (вул. Лісова), 1 (N 4km - Bus 4, 6, 11, 14, 18, 23, 26, 31 or Trolley 1, 7A, 13 to Park "Yuvileyny"), +380 472 321051. From 2,440 грн.
  • 7 Beloe Ozero (White Lake) Hotel (Готель Біле озеро), Smilyans'ke highway (Смілянське шосе, 14-й км) - south 10 km - Stepanky station 2 km east. Maybe closed? From 680 грн.
  • 8 Hotel Niva (Готель Нива), Smilyanska (ул. Смилянская), 144, +380 65 2544-999, +380 65 2709-111, +380 66 9491611 (MTC), +380 93 042-2173 (Life), +380 96 582-6174 (KiyevStar), +7 863 3220254, fax: +380 652 541110, . Sgl/Dbl/Tpl (basic) 171/300/378 грн, Sgl/Dbl. (renovated) 234-250/372-396 грн, family renovated 360 грн.
  • 9 Centralny Hotel (Готель Центральний), Str. Heroiv Nebesnoi Sotni, 30, +380 472 472181. From 120 грн.
  • 10 Hotel and restaurant complex Aragvi, Str. Yaroslava Galana (вул. Ярослава Галана), 7 (N-NW 4 km - Bus 2, 5, 7, 13 or Trolley 4, 4A to 'Galana St'), +380 472 550805, +380 472 551811, +380 93 2142571, . Check-in: 12:00, check-out: 12:00. All room with minibar, Wi-Fi, air con and sat TV Sgl/Dbl 350/400 грн, superior rooms Sgl/Dbl 600/650 грн, suite 800/850 грн.


  • Technological University (Черкаський державний технологічний університет), Sevchenka (бул. Шевченка), 460, +380 472 710092, fax: +380 472 710094, .
  • Bogdan Khmelnitsky National University (Черкаський національний університет імені Богдана Хмельницького), Sevchenka (б-р Шевченка), 79 (from train station: bus number 26 to the stop "University".-From the central bus station: bus 6, 26 to the stop "University". - From the center of the city: trolleybus № 1, 7, bus 4, 11, 14, 18, 23, 31 to the stop "University"), +380 472 565604. M-F 13:00—17:00.
  • Fire Academy (Академія пожежної безпеки імені Героїв Чорнобиля), (вул. Онопрієнка), 8, +380 472 550939, .



Dialing code of Cherkasy: 380 (472). Major mobile operators include Kyivstar, MTC, Life.


  • 1 No. 1 post-office ('1' поштове відділення), Vul. Baidy-Vyshnevets'koho (Байди-Вишневецького вул., ).,34 (Center), +380 472 451168.
  • 2 No.2 post-office ('2' поштове відділення), Vul. Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni (former Vul. Lenina, вул. Героїв Небесної Сотні (Леніна),)., 5 (Center), +380 472 457198.
  • 3 No.5 post-office ('5' поштове відділення), Shevchenka blvd.(Шевченка бульв.) , 325, +380 472 372522.
  • 4 No.8 post-office ('8' поштове відділення), Vul. Vernyhory ( Вернигори вул.,), 12 (at the Rail Station), +380 472 638460.
  • 5 No.23 post-office ('23' поштове відділення), Vul. Ilina ( Ільїна вул.,), 235 (Center), +380 472 36-1673.
  • 6 No.31 post-office ('31' поштове відділення), Vul. Blahovisna (Благовісна вул.), 72 (North), +380 472 659011.
  • 7 No.33 post-office ('30' поштове відділення), Vul. Hromova ( Громова вул.), 8 (At bus station).


  • 8 The regional center of youth tourism (Обласний центр туризму, краєзнавства та екскурсій учнівської молоді), Prov. Budivelnyy (Будівельний пров.), 34 (West of Center), +380 472 641733. Circle Tours, Study tours, Rental of sports equipment

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  • Kyiv
  • Kropyvnytskyi
  • Uman- 3-4 hours away. A small city, one of the major tourist centers of Ukraine, as well as Jewish religious movements.
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