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Chernivtsi (Ukrainian: Чернівці; Romanian: Cernăuți) is a city in Western Ukraine. It was also previous known as Chernowitz after its German name (Czernowitz) or Chernovtsy after its Russian name (Черновцы́).


Chernivtsi like every city in the region has long and complicated history. A fortress existed here before 13th century and was destroyed by Mongol invasion, later the settlement was part of Poland, Moldavia and Austria-Hungary (Chernivtsi was the capital of one of the regions - Bukovina, this was the time of greatest development). In the 20th century Chernivtsi belonged to Romania, the USSR and, since 1991, independent Ukraine.

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The city was always very multinational. Jews, Ukrainians, Romanians, Germans, Poles, Roma, etc. mixed here. In 1930 Jews were 27% of the population, today it's 1.2%. During World War II, Chernivtsi was captured by both sides. During the rule of Romanian military dictator Ion Antonescu (Romania was part of Axis forces at that time) around 50,000 Bukovinian Jews were confined to the ghetto built in the city and later moved to concentration camps. Romanian city mayor Traian Popovici and army officers were able to save 20,000 Chernivtsi Jews.


Ukrainian is the only official language in all of Ukraine, and it is also spoken by most of its population (about 70 percent speak it as their first language). Western Ukraine is also the part of Ukraine where the Ukrainian language is most strongly rooted. Ukrainian is very similar to Belarusian, so Belarusian speakers should be able to understand Ukrainian for the most part.

However, most people you will come across inside Chernivtsi will also speak Russian. If you leave to the surrounding villages, this situation may change. Everyone understands Russian, but some may respond in Ukrainian, a language they feel more comfortable with. Ukrainian is only partially mutually intelligible with Russian.

If you speak Polish or Slovak you may try it as well since these languages are relatively similar to Ukrainian. There is also a Polish minority in Chernivtsi.

As the entire Bukovina used to belong to Romania prior to World War II, a large Romanian population in Northern Bukovina (about 20 percent) still speaks Romanian. This is true mostly for the areas near the Romanian border, rather than the regional capital. As with other Romanian speakers they can also understand Italian and some other Romance languages to a certain extent.

English and German are the two most common foreign languages in Ukraine after Russian, however, you should not expect to find many speakers of these languages around. Some Jews in Chernivtsi may speak Yiddish, which is intelligible with German, and there are some elderly native German speakers.

Get in[edit]

Map of Chernivtsi

By plane[edit]

Caution Note: Due to the state of war, Ukraine's airspace has been closed to civil aviation.
(Information last updated 19 Sep 2023)

The closest operating airport is in Suceava:

  • 1 Stefan cel Mare International Airport (SCV IATA) (is 11 km east of the city). There are flights from Bucharest with Tarom, twice daily except Saturdays, and flights from London (Luton), up to 11 times weekly (in peak season), Milan (Bergamo), up to 5 times weekly, Rome Ciampino, Munich Memmingen and Bologna 3 times weekly with Wizzair (as of Aug 2019). The airport is very small with few services. Suceava Airport (Q1303153) on Wikidata Suceava Ștefan cel Mare International Airport on Wikipedia

By train[edit]

  • 1 Chernivtsi-Central Train Station (Залізнична станція "Чернівці-Центральна"), Vulitsa Gagarina, 38 (1.5 km N from the centre), +380 372 592190. Kyiv (85 грн, 12½ to 15 hr, 2/day), Lviv (50 грн, 5½ to 11 hr, 3 daily) go via Ivano-Frankivsk. Local trains arrive from Kolomyia (5 грн, 2 to 2½ hr, at least 4/day. You can get to Chernivtsi by train either from Romania or from within Ukraine. The train from Kyiv or Lviv is probably the best option as they are comfortable and cheap. Chernivtsi Railway Terminal (Q16723283) on Wikidata
  • 2 Chernivtsi-Pivnichna Railway station (Залізнична станція Чернівці-Північна), Zavods'ka str., 13 (NW 3 km), +380 372 592423. Northern suburb station.
  • 3 Chernivtsi-Pivdenna Railway stations (Залізнична станція Чернівці-Південна), Malovokzalna str., 21 (S 5 km), +380 372 592300. Southern suburb station.
  • 4 Advance train ticket office, Vulitsa Golovna (Головна вул), 12, +380 429 24055. 09:00-19:00.

By bus[edit]

  • 5 Central Bus station (Автовокзал №1), Vulitsa Golovna (Головна вул), 219 (4 km SE), +380 372 245620, +380 372 241628, +380 372 241635. There are frequent minibuses from Lviv to Chernivtsi (costing 106 грн as of end-2011). Buses to Khotyn (10 грн, 2 hr, half-hourly to hourly), Kamianets-Podilskyi (15 грн, 2½ hr, half-hourly), Ivano-Frankivsk (24 грн, 4 hr, at least 3 daily) and Lviv (42 грн, 7½ hr, at least 2 daily) . Services to Kyiv (90 грн to 100 грн, 9 hr, 2 daily) and Odesa (100 грн, 13 hr, 2 daily) to Simferopol in summer. To and from Kolomyia (12 грн, 1½ hr) do pass through Chernivtsi station, but many instead terminate at Kalynivsky Market, where you must change to local marshrutky. North, you can catch services from the market to Kolomyia, but the chaos makes choosing the right bus difficult. - One daily bus serves Chernivtsi from Suceava. The bus from Chernivtsi to Suceava (68 грн as of end-2011) leaves at 07:00 every day arriving in Suceava in Romania around 10:30-11:00 depending on the number of people on the bus and therefore the time spent crossing the border. The central bus station is not close to the train station, but cabs are very cheap in Chernivtsi..
  • 6 Bus station №2 (Автостанція №2), Fastivska str., 33A (E 3 km), +380 3722 54-61-69.
  • 7 Bus station №3 (Автостанція №3), Halytskyi Shliakh str., 4A (Near to Chernivtsi-Pivnichna Railway station).
  • 8 Bus station #5 (Автостанція №5), Ruska str., 250 (5 km SE, at Niva market), +380 372 571304.

Get around[edit]

By foot[edit]

The city centre is small and you can manage it all by foot.

By public transport[edit]

Chernivtsi has a convenient public transport system:

  • 43 bus routes
  • 10 trolleybus routes

Single ride tickets in buses cost 14 грн, in trolleybuses — 10 грн.

Schedules are available on the official website (in Ukrainian), on the map (in Ukrainian) and on the second map (in Ukrainian).

You can also check information about public transport on EasyWay and Google Maps.

By taxi[edit]

Taxi is the easiest way of getting around the city. Some popular taxi companies include:

  • Uber (Убер).
  • Bolt (Болт).
  • Uklon (Уклон).
  • OnTaxi (ОнТаксі).
  • Opti (Опті).
  • Shark (Шарк).

By scooter[edit]

Kick scooter is a funny way to shorten your time while getting around the city.

  • Bolt (Болт).


Town hall
Former synagogue, now a cinema

The old town is mainly of Baroque style. Most of Chernivtsi's attractions are located within the historical centre. Some of the centre is a pedestrian zone.

  • 1 Chernivtsi National University (Чернівецький Національний Університет імені Юрія Федьковича), Kotsiubynskoho (вул. Коцюбинського), 2 (900 m W). Afternoon. The complex was built in 19th century in historicist style used to be the palace of the Governor of Bukovina (in 2011 the residence was inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage List). You can also visit its gardens and two churches.
  • 2 [dead link] German House, 53 Olha Kobylyanska Street,. Concentrated cultural activities of the German-speaking inhabitants of the city. Now although their number decreased significantly it is still active. Built in 1908-1910. Architect: G.Frich in partnership with eng. E.Müller. The house was built for the fund collected by Verein der christlichen Deutschen in der Bukowina (Union of Christian Germans in Bukovyna) representing the German community in Bukovyna. German House (Q12134714) on Wikidata
  • 3 Main (Central) Square Complex (Комплекс Центральної площі) (At the corner ulitsa Universitetskaya & ulitsa Glavnaya). The town hall, the Museum of Arts, Taras Shevchenko monument, the old post office. Downtown represents Central Square, Market Square, which was the heart of the city for almost two centuries. The idea of ​​creating the area was born from the Austrian Emperor Joseph II. The architectural ensemble of the Market Square, which began to emerge at the turn of 18th-19th centuries, began to impersonate a new image of the city. Centralna square (Q16722549) on Wikidata
  • 4 Turetska Krynytsia Square Turkish Ensembles (Комплекс площі Турецька Криниця), Square Turetskoi (Турецької Криниці пл.). In this part of town, just outside the city walls, the Turkish community living in the 17th century. Near the old wooden well Turks built stone fountain. Since ancient times, there was a city room, which operated till Soviet times. Also part of the square is a Turkish bridge (Турецький міст) built in 19th century. Recovered a wooden pavilion (джерелом павільйон) built in an Oriental style arcade over the fountain.
  • 5 Theatre Square (Комплекс Театральній площі), Theatre Square. Teatralna Square, Chernivtsi (Q12160278) on Wikidata

Sacred places[edit]

  • 6 Armenian Church (Вірменська церква), Vulitsa Ukrainska (Українська вул), 30. Built in 1869-75. Designed by Czech architect Glavka. Remarkable acoustic hall used since 1992 for concerts. Armenian church (Q12093439) on Wikidata
  • 7 St. Paraskeva Church (Церква Св. Параскеви), Zankovetskoi str (Заньковецької вул), 24 (Bus 39, 44, 8, 10A, 1A, 38, 43, 23, 24, 10, 2, 13, 21, 1, 16, 15, 37, 17, 18, 36, 7 or Trolleybus 3, 3A, 5 to Stop «Кукольний театр»). The first Orthodox stone church in the city - in 1864
  • 8 Former monastery (монастир), vulytsya Chernyakhovs'koho ( вул. Черняхівського), 7? (Bus 10A, 10, 9, 9A, 11, 12, 5, 29, 6, 24, 23, 2 or Trolleybus 6, 6A, 1 to Stop «Универмаг "Рязань"»). Built in the 1930s.
  • 9 Jesus Heart Church (костел Серце Ісуса), Vulitsa Tarasa Shevchenka (вул. Шевченка), 2 (Bus 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 36, 37, 8, 10A, 10, 7, 1, 43, 44, 1A, 38 or Trolley 3, 3A, 5 to Stop «ул. Шевченка»). Built in 1892-4, in Neogothic style.
  • 10 Lutheran Church (лютеранська кірха), Vulitsa Lozyvska, 20 (4 km west: Bus 6 to Stop Stop «ул. Лозовская»). Built in 1873.
  • 11 New Synagogue (Синагога Мордко і Таубі Крон), Vulitsa Sadovskoho (Садовського вул.), 10. Active. Mordko and Taubi Kron Synagogue, built in the late 19th century, in neo-Romanesque style. Korn Synagogue (Q44583562) on Wikidata
  • 12 Great Synagogue (Велика синагога), Vulitsa Barbiusa Anri ( Барбюса Анрі вул.), 31. - Completed in 1853. Great Synagogue in Chernivtsi (Q44449220) on Wikidata
  • 13 Synagogue Beit Biniamin Tfila (Синагога Бейт Тфіла Біньямін), Vulitsa Kobylytsi Lukyana (Кобилиці Лук'яна вул), 53. Built in 1923. Well preserved. Of particular value are its internal painting by a local artist. From 1959 to 1994, it was the only functioning synagogue in the city. Beit Tfila Biniamin Synagogue (Q44583894) on Wikidata
  • 14 Former Synagogue 'Templ' (Синагога "Темпль"), Vulitsa Universytetska, 10 (Center). Since 1959 a cinema. Renaissance and Gothic-style with exotic Moorish motifs. Czernowitz Synagogue (Q2095885) on Wikidata Czernowitz Synagogue on Wikipedia
  • 15 Choral Synagogue Beit Ares (Хоральна синагога Бейт Арес), Vulitsa Mitskevycha (Міцкевича вул.), 8. Built in the early 20th century, in the Moorish style. In 1952 was adapted for the gym. Now the building was restored, the facade has retained its old form. Choral Synagogue Beit-Ares (Q44584436) on Wikidata
  • 16 Holy Spirit Cathedral (Кафедральний собор Святого Духа), Vulitsa Holovna (Головна вул), 85. Built on the initiative of Metropolitan Gakman E. in 1860, in the neo-Renaissance style. There is a monumental dome, height of 46 m.
  • 17 Jesuit church (Єзуїтський костел), Vulitsa Bakhrushyna (Бахрушина вул.), 2 (Center - Buses 6, 24, 23, 2, 5, 9 to stop «Юность Буковины»). - Built in the late 19th century, through application of the missionaries of the Society of Jesus.
  • 18 Uniate Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Church or Russian Orthodox Church (Уніатська церква Успіння Пресвятої Богородиці), Vulitsa Russian (Руська вул.), 28. The 1st stone Greek Catholic church in Austrian times was called the Russian Church (i.e., the Ruthenian - Ukrainian). Uniate Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Church (Chernivtsi) (Q56199737) on Wikidata
  • 19 Saint Cross Cathedral (костел Воздвиження Святого Хреста), Vulitsa Golovna (Головна вул), 20. Built in 1787-1814. Rebuilt in 1814 on the personal order of the Austrian Emperor Joseph II. after visited the city. Reconstructed in 1910. One of the few Catholic churches which survived the Soviet era. Almost fully preserved interiors.
  • 20 St. Anne Church (костел Св.Анни), Ivana Pidkovi st.(вул. Підкови І.), 10 (7 km north: Buses 41, 28, 15, 16, 37, 17, 18, 36 to stop «ул. Победы»). Built in the 1810s.
  • 21 St. Anthony Church (костел св.Антонія, Жіночий католицький монастир Св. Уршулії Ледуховської), Vulitsa Beethoven (Бетховена вул.), 4/5 (Center - next to Saint Cross Cathedral). Part of the former Catholic monastery of the St. Urshuliia Leduhovska
  • 22 St. Nicholas Cathedral (Миколаївський кафедральний собор), Vulitsa Ruska (Руська вул.), 35. content=Built in 1926-39. For the original "twisted" dome nicknamed "drunken church.". St. Nicholas Cathedral (Q16717056) on Wikidata
  • 23 St. Nicholas Church (Миколаївська церква), Vulitsa Sagaydachnovo ( Сагайдачного 1-й пров.), 87-а (Bus 34, 39 to stop «ул. Сагайдачного»). Bukovinian style. Built in 1607. It is one of the earliest sites of wooden architecture in Bukovina. 1996 was restored. St. Nicholas Church (Q16707030) on Wikidata
  • 24 St. Nicholas Church (Миколаївська церква), Veresneva vulitsa (Вереснева вул), 4 (6 km north: from Train Station Bus 15, 16, 37 (14 stops, 14 min) to stop 'ул. Победы'). Built in the 1900s.
  • 25 St. Nicholas Church (Миколаївська церква), Vulitsa Petra Tkachuka (Ткачука вул), 1 (3 km northeast: from Puppet Theatre take Bus 21 (13 stops, 15 min) to stop «по требованию»). Built in the 1900s.
  • St. Nicholas Church (Михайлівська церква), Vulitsa Oresta Masikevycha?, 12 (4.3km NW). Built in 1884.
  • 26 Former Seminar church, now Yuriy F. University (Семінарська церква), Vulitsa Kotsiubynskoho ( Коцюбинського вул.), 2. 1878.
  • 27 Assumption Church (Успенська церква), Vulitsa Novoushytska (Новоушицька вул) (NE 2km). 1783.
  • 28 Gorecha, men's monastery of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin (Гореча, чоловічий монастир Різдва Пресвятої Богородиці), Vulitsa Troianivska (Троянівська вул.), 1 (7 km E: from center (stop 'пр. Независимости') take bus 32 (9 stops, 8 min) to stop 'Каличанка' further trolley 4 (3 stops, 4 min) to stop 'Музей народной архитектуры'), +380 372 540304.
  • 29 Former Saint presentation of Mary female monastery (Свят Введенський жіночий монастир), Vulitsa Bukovinska (Буковинська вул.), 10 (S 1 km: Bus 32 to 'Monastyr').
  • 30 Former monastery (монастир), Ruska vulitsa (Руська вул.), 6 (4.3km NW). Built in the 1890s.


  • Chernivtsi Municipal Museum (Чернівецький музей). Dedicated to local history and natural history.
  • 31 Chernivsti Museum of Arts (Khudozhestvennyy muzey, Чернівецький художній музей), Square Tsentralna (Центральна площа), 10 (near the town hall - Center), +380 372 526071, +380 372 22607, +380 372 24222. Exhibits local art from the 19th and 20th centuries as well as regional applied arts.
  • 32 Chernivtsi Museum of Bukovynian Jewish History and Culture (Музей історії і культури євреїв Буковини), Square Teatralna (Театральна площа), 5/1, +380 372 550666, +380 50 271-4224. The Museum of Bukovynian Jewish History and Culture invites you to make a trip through time and feel the atmosphere of Jewish life in Bukovina in 1774-1941. The exhibition reflects the foundation, expansion and latterly decline of the Jewish community in the area. You’ll get the opportunity to see the unique documents and materials, authentic objects of the everyday life, exhibits of sacred objects and also you’ll get to know about the rich Jewish architectural heritage of the region.
  • 33 Museum of Ukrainian Diaspora (Музей Буковинської діаспори), Vulitsa Hlavky Yosypa (Главки Йосипа вул), 1A (NW), +380 372 523671. 09:00-17:00. This museum focuses on the Ukrainian emigration from Bukovina, but also shows some cultural exponents from the German diaspora in Chernivtsi.
  • 34 [dead link] Regional Museum Of Folk Architecture And Life (Чернівецький музей народної архітектури та побуту), Vulitsa Svitlovodska (Svetlovodskaya, Светловодская ул ) 2 (~5 km E: near 'Bus Station #2' - take trolley 4 to 'Muzei narodnoi arkhitektury ta pobutu'), +380 372 262970, +380 372 907073, . Tu-Su 10.00-17.00. Outdoor architectural complex of traditional wooden buildings from Bukovina region, from 17th-20th centuries. Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, Chernivtsi (Q12170032) on Wikidata
  • 35 Regional Art Museum (Музей Художній обласний), Tsentralna sq.( Центральна площа), 8 (Center). Built in 1901 by architect Aizenberg for Bukovyna savings bank. Viennese Art Nouveau style.
  • 36 Zoological museum (Музей Зоологічний), Vulitsa Shillera, 5 (Center).
  • 37 Fedkovicha Literary Museum (Літературно-меморіальний музей Ю. Федьковича), Soborna sq. (пл. Соборна), 10, +380 372 525678.
  • 38 Chernivtsi Regional Museum (Чернівецький краєзнавчий музей), Vulitsa Kobylianskoi (вул. О.Кобилянської), 28 (South), +380 372 524489, +380 372 525062. Chernivtsi Local Museum (Q12170026) on Wikidata
  • 39 Regional study of local lore museum (Музей Краєзнавчий обласний), Vulitsa Kobylianskoi (вул. О.Кобилянської), 26. (south 1 km).
  • 40 Literature-memorial museum of Mikhai Eminesku (Музей Літературно-меморіальний Міхая Емінеску), Vulitsa Hakmana Mytropolyta (вул. Гакмана Митрополита), 17 (South ~1km).
  • 41 Shymonovych pharmacy museum (Аптека-музей), Vulitsa Kobylianskoi (вул. О.Кобилянської), 43 (south ~1 km). Built in the early 20th century in the neoclassical style.
  • 42 Museum of military history (Музей військової історі), Vulitsa Frunze (вул. Фрунзе), 2 (south ~1.5 km).
  • 43 Memorial Museum of Vladimir Ivasyuka (Чернівецький обласний меморіальний музей Володимира Івасюка), Vul. Maiakovskoho (вул. Маяковського), 40, +380 372 550889, . M-F 09:00-18:00, Su 10:00-16:00. Volodymyr Ivasyuk Museum (Q12122574) on Wikidata
  • 44 Literary - memorial museum of the writer O.Yu.Kobylyanskoyi (Літературно - меморіальний музей письменниці О.Ю.Кобилянської), Vulytsya Yosypa Hlavky, (вул. Йозефа Главки), 1 (Next to Museum of Ukrainian Diaspora), +380 372 523671. Other unit? Vul. Dimitrova ( Димитрова вул.), 5. Olha Kobylianska Museum in Chernivtsi (Q108886493) on Wikidata
  • 45 (Музей авіації та космонавтики) Vulitsa Golovna (Головна вул), 220 (1 km south from Central Bus Station), +380 3722 44832.


Chernivtsi National University
  • First Electrical Station (Eлектростанція), Vulitsa Mikhaya Emynenski, 1. Built in 1813.
  • Jewish Theater (Еврейський театр), Vulitsa Friedrich Shillera, 11. Built in 1890s.
  • Monument of the Red Army in WWII (near the Regional Museum and Chernivtsi's biggest Orthodox Church).
  • 46 Old Bristol Hotel. Now a medical student dormitory. Hotel Bristol, Chernivtsi (Q16693331) on Wikidata
  • Old Bukovina Regional Seym (Government) (Буковинський крайовий сейм), Vulitsa Metropolita Andreya Sheptytskovo, 10. Built in 1875. Designed by the architect von Glaubits, with the participation of the Czech architect Y. Glávka in 1871-1873 years.
  • 47 Old Court of Justice (палац юстиції), Vulitsa Hrushevskoho, 1. Constructed in 1904-1906 years. Now a seat of state administration. Palace of Justice in Chernivtsi (Q56199461) on Wikidata
  • Old High School (гімназія), Vulitsa Ivana Franka, 2.
  • Old Office Building (Адміністративний будинок), Tsentralnaya Square, 10. Built in 1901.
  • Old Province Office (Будинок крайового уряду Буковини), Vulitsa O. Popovina, 2. Built between 1871 and 73.
  • Railway Station (Вокзал), Vulitsa Yuriya Gagarina, 32. Built in 1907.
  • University Library (Бібліотека університету), Vulitsa Lesy Ukrainki, 23; Vulitsa Kyevska, 2. Built in 1956.
  • Winery (Виноробний завод), Vulitsa Leytenanta Pavla Nikitin, 3. Founded in 1905.
  • Dwelling 'Ship' house (Shyfa) (Житловий будинок Корабель (Шифа)), Vulitsa Holovna, 25. The building form resembling a ship (for Bukovynian dialect "Shyfa").
  • 48 House of the Governor-General Baron von Bukovyna Entsenberg (Дом генерал-губернатора Буковины барона Карла фон Энценберга), Vulitsa Shkilna, 1. This was the first stone apartment building in Chernivtsi. (Q12094685) on Wikidata
  • Former Jewish House (Єврейський будинок), Teatral'na sq., 5/4. Today it is a palace of culture.
  • Ukrainian National Home building (Будівля Українського народного дому), Vulitsa Ukrainska,31.. Built in 1899.
  • 49 Town hall and clock tower (Ратуша), Tsentralna sq., 1. The facade is decorated with coat of arms. Daily, the 50-foot clock tower rises trumpeter in folk Bukovynian costume and exactly at midday melody plays from the balcony of the song "Marichka" - a musical business card Bukovyna. Town hall of Chernivtsi (Q12170025) on Wikidata


Day tours[edit]

  • Balamutivka: Balamutivska cave, (Печера "Баламутівська").
  • Khotyn Fortress (фортеця Хотин) State historical-architectural preserve
  • Pogorilivka: Three levels cave, (Триярусна печера).
  • Shepit: Waterfall Shepit Guk, (Водоспад "Сучавський гук").
  • Toporivtsi St.Elias church, (Іллінської церкви) 1560.
  • Vyzhnytsya: Vyzhnytskyi National Park, (Національний парк "Вижницький").


  • 1 Forest park 'Hariachyi Urban' (Лісопарк Гарячий Урбан), ~Smotritskiy pereulok (E 5 km: near 'Bus Station #2' - take trolley 4 to 'Muzei narodnoi arkhitektury ta pobutu' walk toward North 500m).
  • 2 Central city park of the name of Shevchenko T.H. (Tsentral'nyi park kul'tury i vidpochynku imeni Tarasa Shevchenka, Центральний міський парк ім. Шевченка Т.Г.), Holovna str.~100, +380 372 234191. Here is the 3 Chernivtsi University Botanical Garden (Bus 5 to 'Fedkovycha St').
  • 4 Zhovtnevyi park (Park October) (South 4km - Bus 11, 26, 26A, 31, 44 or trolley 6, 6A to stop 'park Zhovtnevyi'), +380 372 275674.
  • Cemetery (Християнське кладовище), Vulitsa Zelena. First in 1866 buried here. There are a Romanian square stele, a Polish chapel and family vaults of the late 19th century.




  • Bukovynskyi (Ринок Буковинський), Vulitsa Stasiuka, 23.
  • Centralnyi (Ринок Центральний), Vulitsa Zahula D., 8.
  • Formarket (Ринок Формаркет), Vulitsa Dubynska, 1.
  • Golovnyi (Ринок Головний), Entuziastiv St., 2.
  • Gospodar (Ринок Господар), Vulitsa Vilde I., 16.
  • Lileya (Ринок Лілея), Nezalezhnosti Ave., 129.
  • Nyzhnyi (Ринок Нижній), Vulitsa Udonova, 4.
  • Prut (Ринок Прут), Vulitsa Gagarina, 66.
  • Selyanskyi (Ринок Селянський), Zankovetskoi St., 2.
  • Suchasnyk (Ринок Сучасник), Vulitsa Biloruska, 23.
  • Verhnyi (Ринок Верхній), Vulitsa Zelena, 6.


  • Foxtrot Electronic (Супермаркет електроніки Фокстрот), Vulitsa Universytetska, 2.
  • Kolos Shopping Centre (Торговий комплекс Колос), Teatral'na Sq., 5/4.
  • Maydan Shopping Centre (Торговий центр Майдан), Vulitsa Chervonoarmiiska, 71.
  • Millenium Shopping Centre (Торговий комплекс Міленіум), Vulitsa Universytetska, 14.
  • Roxolana (Торговий комплекс Роксолана), Vulitsa Moskovs'koi Olimpiady, 6A.
  • Ruta Shopping Centre (Торговий центр Рута), Vulitsa Stasiuka, 20.


  • Café Français, Vulitsa Українська 1, зі сторони Шептицького (near the city center), +380 372 51 84 33. 12:00-23:00. You can eat some French food in a very good restaurant. The "filet mignon with gratin dauphinois" is very delicious. The interior decoration is also French.
  • Wine cellar Count Vorontsov (Винный погреб граф Воронцов), Sh. Aleyhema 11, +380 372 51-53-12. Situated in the very centre, this is a very good place to settle down for a hearty meal in a 19th-century decor. 200-400 грн per person.

There is a good Sushi bar near the theatre.


  • Chocolat, Vulitsa Kobylyanskoi (walk down the street, and you'll see a big sign with Chocolat (in Cyrillic)). They have extremely thick chocolate here (served with a bit of water to thin it a little).
  • Videnska Kava (Віденська кава), Vulitsa Kobylyanskoi. A coffee house with impressive dessert selection and wide variety of coffees and teas served.



  • 1 [dead link] TIU Chernivtsi Backpackers, Apt 3, Vulitsa Sheptytskogo no 2 (Short bus ride from the train station, centrally located opposite the famous blue Town Hall.), +380 508 857049. 24/7. The common room has computers, plasma tv with surround sound with English-speaking channels and the kitchen is fully equipped. Dorm (12 bed) 70 грн, dbl 100 грн.
  • International Hostel Chernivtsi Backpackers, Vulitsa Zankovetska, 4. From 610 грн.
  • 2 Vokzal Rest Room (Готель Вокзал), Vulitsa Haharina, 38.
  • 3 Like Hostel (Лайк Хостел), Eduarda Raysa Street (вулиця Едуарда Райса) 12/1 (Train Station is 1.5 km). Double from 200 грн, Dorm bed (14 bed) 80 грн, Dorm bed (6 bed), Dorm (12 bed) 100 грн
  • 4 Yard Hostel & Coffee Shop, Olgy Kobylyanskoi Street, 10. Double 200 грн, 80 грн.


  • 5 Andina Hotel (Готель Андінна), Vulitsa Libavskaya, 22А. From 2,000 грн.
  • Bukovinskay Zvezda Hotel (Гостиничный Комплекс Буковинская Звезда), Boiany settlement (9 km from the City). From 1,280 грн.
  • Cheremosh Hotel (Гостиница Черемош), ул. Комарова, 13-а (4 km S). From 1,000 грн.
  • Delta (Готель "Дельта), Vulitsa Haidara, 3 (4 km SE), +380 372 2 4-43-10.
  • Bukovyna Hotel (Готель «Буковина»), 141 Holovna Street, +380 992585625, +380 372585625, +380 372583600, . From 1,900 грн.
  • Hotel Kakadu (Готель Какаду), Vulitsa Bilousova, 9.
  • Hotel Pod Lipami (Гостиница Под липами), Sypyntsy village, Vulitsa Holonaya, 25. From 1,320 грн.
  • Hotel Premium (Гостиница Премиум), Vulitsa Golvnaya, 124 B (ул. Главная 124 б), +380 372 528899, +380 99 0303652, . Some English, German speaking Dbl standard 290 грн, Superior 340 грн, Triple 430 грн, Suite with kitchen 520 грн, Honeymoon 620 грн (2014).
  • Tourist Hotel (Готель «Турист»), 184 Heroiv Maidanu Street, +380 372558820, +380 991495113, +380 372509024, . From 560 грн.
  • Hotel Verhovina (Готель Верховина), Tsentralna sq., 7.
  • Kayser Hotel (Гостиница Кайзер), Vulitsa Haharina (Gagarin), 51 (1.5 km NW), +380 372 585 275. From 1,600 грн.
  • Kyiv Hotel (Гостиница Киев), Vulitsa Golovna, 46. From 1,200 грн.
  • Koral Hotel (Гостиница Корал). dbl. shared bath 280 грн, standard 400 грн.
  • Leoton (Готель Леотон), Vulitsa Chkalova, 30.
  • 6 Magnat (Гостиница Магнат, Готель Magnat), Tolstovo ul.(вулиця Льва Толстого), 16а (Center), +380 372 526 420. dbl shared bath 290 грн, standard 400 грн.
  • Motel (Мотель), Hlybots'kyi district, (5.4 km SW).
  • 7 Magnat-Lux (Гостиница Магнат-люкс), Vulitsa Sheptitskovo (вулиця Шептицького), 6 (Center). dbl. economy 290 грн, standard 400 грн.
  • Mriya (Готель Мрія), Vulitsa Holovna, 285 (4.3 km SE).
  • Panorama Hotel (Готель Панорама), Vulitsa Prypyatska, 6 (5km W).
  • Premier Klub Hotel (Гостиница Премьер Клуб), Vulitsa Zhasminnaya, 4-Д. dbl economy 220 грн, standard 300 грн, family 420 грн (2013).
  • Privat Apartman (Гостиница Приват апартаменты), Vulitsa 28 jun., 28. 3rd fl.. - ул. 28 июня. дом 18 3-й этаж From 1,280 грн.
  • Prut (Гостиница Прут), Teatralnaya square, 3 (Centre).


  • 8 Knaus Hotel (Готель Апартаменти Кнаус), Vulitsa Khudiakova, 4 (Center). junior 700 грн, tpl 900 грн.


Post offices[edit]

  • 9 No. 1 Post-office (No.1 поштове відділення), Vulitsa Chervonoarmiiska, (вул. Червоноармійська) 52, +380-37-255-38-62. M-F 09:00-19:00, Sa 10:00-17:00.
  • 10 No.2 Ukrposhta, Main Post Office (Укрпошта, поштове відділення), Khudiakova St.,(вул. Худякова) 6 (Centre), +380-37-252-62-97. M-F 07:30-20:00, Sa 08:30-17:00, Su 09:00-14:00.
  • 11 No.4 Post-office (No.4 поштове відділення), Vulitsa Gorikhivska, (вул. Горіхівська) 8 (SW 2.5km from Centre), +380 37-252-28-11. M-F 09:00-19:00, Sa 10:00-17:00.
  • 12 No. 7 Post-office (No.7 поштове відділення), Khotynska St., (вул. Хотинська) 7 (N 2.5 km), +380 37 252-21-73. M-F 10:00-19:00, Sa 10:00-17:00.
  • 13 No.8 Post-office (No.8 поштове відділення), Vulitsa Gagarina,(вул. Гагаріна) 36A (at Main Railway StaTion), +380-37-252-49-60. M-F 07:30-20:00, Sa 08:30-17:00, Su 09:00-14:00.
  • 14 No.10 Post-office (No.10 поштове відділення), Vulitsa Grushevskovo, (вул. Грушевського,) 1 (Centre), +380-37-252-51-74. M-F 09:00-18:00.


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