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Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukrainian: Івано-Франківськ, also transliterated Ivano-Frankovsk from Russian: Ивано-Франковск) (formerly in Polish: Stanisławów, German: Stanislau) is a city in the Ukrainian part of East Galicia.



It was built in the mid-17th century as a private fortress of the Potocki family. With the partition of Poland in 1772, Ivano-Frankivsk was passed to the Habsburg Empire, after which it became the property of the State authorities of the Austrian Empire. It was during that time that the fortress was transformed into one of the most prominent cities at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. After World War I, for a short stint it served as temporary capital of the West Ukrainian People's Republic, after the fall of which Stanisławów became part of the Second Polish Republic. At the dawn of World War II, the city was annexed by the Soviet Union, only to be occupied by Nazi Germany two years later. With the liberation of Ukraine in 1944, a Soviet regime was established in the city for the next 45 years. A city visitor may find elements of various cultures intertwined within Ivano-Frankivsk, the Polish Rathaus, the Austrian city's business center, the Soviet panel multi-storied residential apartment buildings at the city's urban-rural fringe, and others.

The city is in the Carpathian region northeast of the mountain range, sitting approximately 120 m above mean sea level.



The climate is moderate continental with warm summers (in Jul the record high 37.1°C), and fairly cold winters (in dec the record low−35.7°C). There are 60 snowy days per year.

Get in


By plane

Caution Note: Due to the state of war, Ukraine's airspace has been closed to civil aviation.
(Information last updated 19 Sep 2023)

By train

  • 1 Railway station (Залізничний вокзал), Pryvokzal'na sq. (Привокзальна пл). 3 (NE), +380 342 592223, +380 342 224774. From Ivano-Frankivsk you can get to the Kyiv, Bucharest, Varna and Sofia by direct trains. Trains from Lviv (where you can connect to Poland) or Chernivtsi (where you can connect to Romania).

By bus

  • 2 Bus station No.1 (Central Station, Автостанція 1, Автовокзал), Street Zaliznychna (Вулиця Залізнична), 30 (At the Railway station), +380 342 750830. Daily 07:30-12:00, 13:00-19:30. Timetable [dead link], buses to Chernivtsi (24 грн, 4 hr, at least 3 daily). Tickets
  • 3 Bus station No.2 (Автостанція 2), Street Horbachevskoho (Вулиця Горбачевського), 2 (north), +380 342 583704. Daily 04:40-23:40.
  • 4 Bus station No.3 (Автостанція 3), Street Mazepy Het'mana, 166 (SW), +380 342 753547.
  • 5 Bus station No.4 (Автостанція 4), Street Junosty, 1 (SE), +380 342 554399.

Get around

Map of Ivano-Frankivsk

The city centre is manageable by foot but there is an extensive network of public transport including buses, trolleybuses, and taxis.

All street names reflecting the city's Soviet or Russian past have been returned to their former names, or given new names of national historic importance, or other non-controversial names. For example, Gagarin Street (connecting the city with its suburbs) became Vovchynets Street, Suvorov Street is now Harbar Street, and Soviet Street is Nezalezhnist (Independence) Street. Around 100 other streets were renamed. The seven main city squares Viche Maidan, Market Square, Sheptytsky Square Pryvokzalna Square, Mickiewicz Square (Mickiewicz Park), Liberation Square, European Square.

By public transport


Ivano-Frankivsk has a convenient public transport system:

  • 17 marshrutka routes
  • 20 bus routes
  • 8 trolleybus routes

Single ride tickets in marshrutkas, buses and trolleybuses cost 10 грн.

Schedules are available on (in Ukrainian).

You can also check information about public transport on DozoR (in Ukrainian), EasyWay and Google Maps.

By taxi


Taxi is the easiest way of getting around the city. Some popular taxi companies include:

  • Uber (Убер).
  • Bolt (Болт).
  • Uklon (Уклон).
  • OnTaxi (ОнТаксі).
  • Opti (Опті).
  • Shark (Шарк).

By scooter


Kick scooter is a funny way to shorten your time while getting around the city.

  • Bolt (Болт).
  • ECOS (ЕКОС).
  • E-wings.

By car


Those wishing to venture outside of the city by car may want to use a more robust vehicle such as a 4 by 4 as roads in the local area are extremely degraded and incomparable to western roads.


The Market Square
Ivano-Frankivsk Court (Будинок правосуддя), 11 Hriunvaldska Street
  • 1 Townhall (Ratusa), Hrushevskovo (вул. Грушевського), 21 (Center), +380 342 556515. Built in Art Deco style.
  • City Brewery.
  • 2 Jesuit College building (Будівля колегії єзуїтів), Sheptytskoho sq., 21 (Center West).
  • 3 Stanislav fortress compound (Фортечна стіна), Fortechnyi lane (Center West). Made in the form of regular hexagon (with a width of 400 m side) with additional bastions , redoubts and fort.
  • White Building (Bily Budynok) (in the middle of the city and next to the Market place). It is the main administration building of Ivano-Frankivsk and the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast. In front of the building there are two full-size sculptural monuments of Franko and Shevchenko.
  • Battle of Grunwald monument. – commemorating the defeat of the Teutonic Order in 1410
  • 4 Monument to Adam Mickiewicz (пам'ятник Адамові Міцкевичу), Square Mickiewicz. Built in 1930, it was reconstructed in 1989. It is on Adam Mickewicz Square next to a regional concert hall. It is the oldest surviving monument in the city and was built on 20 November 1898.
  • 5 Monument to Stepan Bandera (Пам'ятник С. Бандері), European Square (Європейська пл.) (south ~1 km). Mase in 2009
  • 6 Palace complex of Pototskyis (Палацовий комплекс Потоцьких), Shpytalna str.(Шпитальна вул.,),5 (Center). Built 1672 – 1682.

Holy Places

  • 7 Church of the Holy Resurrection (Катедральний собор св. Воскресіння (Катедра)), Maidan Sheptitskovo, (майд. Шептицького,) 6 or 22? (Centre), +380 342 552931. Greek Catholic Cathedral. Former Jesuit church. Primitively his foundation was stopped up in 1720 year, and building of church is complete in 1729 year. During 1753 - 1763 under the direction of engineer-fortification S. Pototskyi a new temple is erected in style of baroque. The temple restored: in 1885 and in 1955 years.
  • 8 Armenian Church (Вірме́нська церква або Вірменський костел Непорочного Зачаття Найсвятішої Діви Марії), Vul. Vyrmenska (вул. Вірменська), 7 (One block East from Town Hall), +380 342 230447. Used by one of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Baroque. Built in 1743-63.
  • 9 St. Demetrius church (Церква Св. Дмитрія), Nechuia -Levytskoho str., (вул. Нечуя-Левицького) 6 (NW 2 km). A wooden church from 1902. Church carpathians type. It belongs to greco-catholic society.
  • 10 Polish Church (Ukrainian: Костел Христа Царя, Polish: Kościół Rzymsko-Katolicki), Vulytsya Vovchynetska (Вовчинецька вул), 92 (NE cca. 700 m from Ivano-Frankivsk Railway Station). Roman Catholic Church of Christ the Lord. Built in 1927-1938.
  • 11 Protection of the Virgin church (Церква Покрови Матері Божої), Kniahynyn str., (вул Княгинин) 29, (N 1km). Consecrated in 1905. One of the best Ukrainian churches iconostases.
  • 12 St. Joseph the Betrothed church (Церква Св. Йосифа Обручника), Vovchynetska Str.,(вул. Вовчинецька,) 52-4 (NE 0.6km). 1912.
  • 13 Christ the King Church (Костел Христа Царя, Polish: Cerkiew Chrystusa Króla), Vul. Nezalezhnosty (вул. Незалежності, 181) (NE 1 km).
  • 14 Women's Seminary (Жіноча вчительська семінарія сестер-василіянок), Vasyliianok str.,(вул. Василіянок) 17 (Centre).
  • 15 Jesuits church (Костел єзуїтів), Hriunvaldska str., 3 (Center). Built in 1729.
  • 16 St. Joseph church (Костел Йосифа), Mochulskoho Str., 1 (E 1 km). Neo-Gothic style.
  • 17 Synagogue (Синагога, Темпль), Strachenykh str., 7. Opened in 1899.


  • 18 Regional Art Museum (Івано-Франківський обласний художній музей), Sheptyts'koho sq. (майдан Шептицького), 8, . Tu-Su 10:00-17:00. Former Blessed Virgin church or Collegiate Church of Virgin Mary.
  • 19 Museum of Life and Ethnography of the Western Region (Музей побуту та етнографії Західного регіону), Troleibusna str., 7 (N 2km), +380 342 583861. M-F 09:00-16:00. Lunch 12:00-13:00. There are ethnography, culture and education exhibitions.
  • 20 The Museum of Liberation Movement in Prykarpattia (Музей визвольних змагань Прикарпатського краю), Henerala Tarnavskoho str., 22 (Center), +380 342 48014. M-F 09:00-16:00 Lunch: 12:00-13:00.
  • 21 Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Museum (Івано-Франківський краєзнавчий музей), Haytska (вул. Галицька,) 4а (Center), +380 342 750026, . Tu-Su 10.00-17.30. Found in 1940. Former Town hall (Ratusha) - Art Deco building from 1930s standing in the middle of Market Square (Ploshcha Rynok).
  • 22 Museum of the Insurgent Army, European Square. (south 1 km).
  • 23 Ivano-Frankivsk Historical and Memorial Museum Oleksy Dovbusha (Івано-Франківський історико-меморіальний музей Олекси Довбуша), Hetman Mazepa, 1 (вул. Гетьмана Мазепи) (Center).
  • 24 Literary Museum (Літературний музей Прикарпаття), Lepkoho Bohdana str., 27 (вул. Б. Лепкого) (Center), +380 432 25047. Tu-Sa 10:00-17:30, Lunch: 13 to 14 hours. It was opened on May, 16, 1986. The display of museum tells about development of literary process of our land from the oldest times to the present. Prykarpattia Literary Museum has by 40,000 exhibits.
  • 25 Museum of Prykarpattyaoblenergo (Музей ВАТ «Прикарпаттяобленерго»), Industrial, 34 (вул. Індустріальна) (SE 1.5km). Electricity museum.
  • 26 Geological Museum (Геологічний музей ІФНТУНГ), Carpathska, 15 (Карпатська) (inside the National Technical University building).
  • 27 Ivano-Frankivsk historical and memorial museum of Oleksa Dovbush (Івано-Франківський історико-меморіальний музей Олекси Довбуша), Mazepy Het'mana str., 5, +380 342 25729.

Further afield

  • 28 Bogorodchany town (Богородчани), Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast. Dominicans monastery (Домініканський монастир), 1742-62. Good for a day (or a half day) tour.
  • 29 Chernelytsya Castle and Dominicans church (Чернелицький замок и Домініканський костел), Chernelytsya, Ivano-Frankivsk Region (east 71 km). A pretty village with the Castle remains, 1670s; Dominicans church ruins, 1661. Pics
  • 30 St.Michael (Ascension) church in Chesnyky village (c.Чесники), Rogatyn raion, Ivano-Frankivsk Region (70 km north from Ivano-Frankivsk). An architectural monument of national importance. More than 600 years old, rebuilt in 1800s.
  • 31 Halych Castle, 1590s (Ukrainian: Галич Замок, Halych; Russian: Галич, Galich, German: Halytsch, Polish: Halicz), Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (26 km North from Ivano-Frankivsk). Also here the Nativity of Christ church (церква Різдва Христова), 1400s, 1906
  • 32 Horodenka town (Gorodenka) (SE 71 km). See here the Immaculate Conception of Virgin Mary church + cells (костел Непорочного Зачаття Діви Марії), 1743-60; and the Armenian church (вірменський костел), 1706.
  • 33 Kalush (Ukrainian: Калуш, Polish: Kałusz) (Located on the river Sivka 36 km north-west of Ivano-Frankivsk). Presentation of the Christ at the Temple Church (1899), Museum of Ivan Franko family, St. Nicolas church (1888), St. Apostle Andrew church (1792), St. Valentine church, Museum of Kalush district, St. Archistratigus Michael church (1913), Town hall.
  • 34 Kolomyia (Коломия) (toward Chernivtsi). A historical city in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast
  • 35 Kosiv (Ukrainian: Косів, German: Kossow, Polish: Kosów, Romanian: Cosău.) (93 km South from Ivano-Frankivsk). a small Hutsul settlement with a remnants of a small castle
  • 36 Krylos (Old Halych) (5 km SW from Halych). It was the Old Halych, there is an etno park with a beautiful wooden church.
  • 37 [dead link] Manyava Skete (Манявський монастир), 16, Vul. Skytova, (вул. Скитова), Maniava village. A monastery. It was founded in 1611 by Iov Knyagynytsky. Today it’s a living man’s Orthodox Monastery of the Kyiv Patriarchate. In 1621 Maniava Cell was surrounded by a stone wall with three defensive towers, where the inhabitants of surrounding villages could take a refuge during the attacks of the Turks and Crimean Tatars. It was one of the biggest Christian centers in Galicia. It had a large library and was famous for the main iconostasis. - Maniava Cell is also known because of the Blessed Stone. According to believers, it’s a place of prayer and purification. This is a first shelter, a cell for the Carpathian apostles. The Blessed Stone is almost kilometer distance from the bridge at the Mount Manyavka near the monastery lake. The Stone is located in a huge cave or niche. This is a typical ancient monk’s dwelling. - For day tour
  • 38 Pniv town (Пнівський замок) (SW 44 km). Famous for Kuropatvys castle (Замок Куропатвів), 1580.
  • 39 Rohatyn town (Rogatyn, Ukrainian: Рогатин, Polish: Rohatyn) (62 km North). And its sights: the St.Nicolas church (Миколаївський костел), 1538-1555, 1650s; the Holy Spirit church (Святодухівська церква), 1598.
  • 40 Shevchenkove village (Шевченкове), Shevchenkove Шевченкове, Галицький район (28 km North). Visit the more than 800 years old, St.Pantaleon church (церква св.Пантелеймона), 1194, 1598-1611. If you take public transport (i.e. bus or marshrutka) look for the right place, because two other Shevchenkove are in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast.
  • 41 Yaremche village and Waterfall "Probiy" (Ukrainian: Яремчe і водоспад "Пробій", Polish: Jaremcze or Jaremcza), Yaremche, Ivano-Frankivsk Region (65 km south). Many outdoor option. Good base for a hike to Peak Hoverla the highest place in Ukraine. Also there is the Vorokhta ski resort.




  • 1 Academic Regional Music-Drama Theater of IIvana Franka (Івано-Франківський академічний обласний музично-драматичний театр імені Івана Франка), Vul. Nezhalezhnosty (вул. Незалежності, 27-а) (Center).
  • 2 Regional Concert Philharmony (Обласна Філармонія), Kurbasa Lesia str., 3 (Center), +380 342 223146, +380 342 750300.
  • 3 Academic Regional Puppet Theater of Pidhiryanka (Академічний обласний театр ляльок ім.М.Підгіранки), Nezalezhnosti str., 10А (Center), +380 342 231553.
  • 4 Central folk house (Центральний народний дім), Shevchenka str., 1, +380 342 224709. Concerts held here.


Lumiere cinema
  • 5 Lumier Cinema (Former Franko Cinema), Ulitsa Mikhaila Grushevskogo (ул. Михаила Грушевского), 3, +380 342 505500.
  • Cosmos Cinema.


  • 6 City lake (Next to Nauka Stadium). It was the former zoo area of Pototskyi. Now, urban lake - one of the main recreational areas of the City. Here is the romantic Island of Love.
  • 7 Pioneer park (Піонерський парк, Park of Warriors-Internationalists, Park Voinov-Osvoboditeley), Street Vasiliyanok (вулиця Василіянок) (N).
  • 8 [dead link] Shevchenko Park (Парк им. Тapacy Шевченка), Vul. Shevchenko,. A big park that consists of an amusement park, a big lake with swans, couple of full-size football fields, and many others interesting places worth of seeing. Founded in 1895.
  • 9 Pryvokzalny park (Привокзальний сквер), Pryvokzal'na sq. (Привокзальна пл), (E).
  • 10 Memorial Park (Меморіальний сквер), Street Andriya Melnyka (вул. Андрія Мельника) (near the regional Ivan Franko Academic Music-Drama Theater).
  • 11 Rukh Stadium (Центральний міський стадіон "Рух"), Chornovola str., 128 (next to Yunist Stadium (Youth)), +380 3422 750447. This is a sport complex consisting of the major arena and two auxiliary fields.
  • 12 Yunist Stadium (Youth Stadium, Стадіон Юність), Street Shukhevychiyv (Шухевичів вул.).
  • 13 Hirka Stadium (Стадіон Гірка), Street Duchymynskoe Olgy ( Дучимінської Ольги вул.), +380 3422 506794. property of the Ivano-Frankivsk Locomotive Maintenance Plant.
  • 14 Nauka Stadium (Science Stadium, Стадіон "Наука"), Mazepy Het'mana str., 144 (SE shore of CCity Lake), +380 3422 535669. Belongs to Prykarpattia National University of Stefanyk.
  • 15 Stadium of Oil and Gaz University (Стадіон технічного університету нафти і газу), Karpats'ka str., 15, +380 342 248094.
  • 16 Sport-Recreational Center Tsunami (Спортивно-розважальний комплекс Цунамі), Dovzhenka O. str., 29 (SW), +380 342 714060, +380 342 714070, . , contains an ice arena for the city hockey events, an aquapark, hotel (phone +380 342 714069) and restaurant (phone +380 342 714069).


A part of Independence Street called stometrivka
  • 1 100m stretch (stometrivka) (Пішохідна частина вулиці Незалежності ("Стометрівка")), Nezalezhnosti str. (Center). – unofficial local name for part of Independence (Nezalezhnosti) Street that consists of series of shops and restaurants and is restricted to pedestrian traffic only.
  • Bazaar – a huge area close to the Main Square that covers the old market and the new market with couple of supermarket stores locally known as the universal stores where you can buy everything.
  • [formerly dead link] Bastion, Fortechna 1. Several art galleries and shops in a renovated part of old fortress walls.
  • 2 Central Market (Центральний ринок), Dnistrovs'ka str., 5, +380 342 227907.

Malls, shopping centres

Icon seller in Ivano-Frankivsk
  • 3 Arsen Shopping Centre (ТЦ «Арсен»), street Mykolaichuk (вул. Миколайчука), 2 (east), +380 342 722465. - There is an electronics supermarket (Eldorado).
  • 4 Bison Shopping Center (ТЦ «Бізон»), Street Maksimovic (вул. Максимовича), 15 (NE), +380 342 720753, +380 342 500576, +380 342 712165. Supermarket «FoxMart»
  • 5 Veles Shopping Centre '555' (ТЦ «Велес»), Vul Vovchynetska (вул. Вовчинецька) 225 (NE), +380 342 779255. There is a supermarket.
  • 6 [dead link] Velmart Shopping Centre ('Velike Kishenya' shopping center, ТЦ «ВелМарт», ТЦ "Велика Кишеня"), Street Yevhena Konovaltsya (вул. Коновальця), 221 (S 1.5 km). Include: supermarket "" (супермаркет електроніки "")
  • Panorama Plaza shopping center (ТРЦ "Panorama Plaza"), Boulevard Pivnichnyy (Північний бульвар), 2-а, +380 342 711204. Here is the food supermarket "Vopak" (супермаркет "Вопак"), tel.:+380 342 710389
  • 7 Silpo Supermarket (Сільпо), Vul. Hetmana Mazepy (вул. Г. Мазепи), 168 (SW - next to Bus station No.3). Electronic goods here at Supermarket "ABC Technika" (супермаркет електроніки "АБВ Техніка"). More units:: Blvd. Northern University. Pushkin 2a str. Dniester, 3 (бул. Північний ім. Пушкіна, 2а, вул. Дністровська, 3)
  • 8 Comfy Shopping Center (ТЦ «Comfy»), Vul. Getman Mazepi (вул. Гетьмана Мазепи), 168-V (next the Bus station No.3).





Food in Ivano-Frankivsk, like the rest of the Ukraine is fairly good and will sit well in the stomach of most western travelers.

If visiting a supermarket, price on items will vary greatly. Western labeled products will be labeled with prices comparable to western prices. Similar goods with non-western labels will sell much cheaper.

Two glasses of beer and a bag of potato chips will cost about 200 грн at local bars.


  • 1 Pizza Chelentano (Піцерія Челентано), Halytska (вулиця Галицька), 3,, +380 342 750544.
  • 2 Tsymes Pizzeria (Кафе-Піцерія Цимес), Pryvokzalna sq., 9, +380 97 2175424, +380 34 2714542.
  • 3 Maki&Tavi (Піцерія Макі&Таві), Str. Mazepy Hetmana, 168 (Near to Bus station No.3), +380 342 710016.


  • 4 Cafe Edelveis (Кафе Едельвейс), Horbachevskoho str., 6 (near Bus station No.2), +380 342 584425.
  • 5 Cafe Rondo (Кафе Рондо), Square Pryvokzalna, 3 (at the railway station), +380 342 556590.
  • 6 Cafe Mirazh (Кафе Міраж), Str. Yunosti, 3 (east - near Bus station No.4), +380 342 554461.
  • 7 Cafe Stara brama (Cafe Old Tower, Кафе Стара брама), Halyts'ka str., 33 (next to Hotel Atrium), +380 342 225328.
  • 8 Yablunevyi sad (Кафе Яблуневий сад), Str. Halytska, 2 (center - at the Medical University), +380 342 584550.
  • 9 Lviv Handmade Chocolate Cafe-shop (Кав'ярня-магазин Львівська Майстерня Шоколаду), Str. Mazepy Hetmana, 6 (center), +380 98 608-5709. 09:00-18:00??.
  • 10 Cafe Tost (Кафе Тост), Str. Mazepy Hetmana, 169 (opp. the Bus station No.3), +380 342 538267.


  • 11 Tsukernia Cafe-Confectionery (Кав'ярня-кондитерська Цукерня), Nezalezhnosti str., 12 (Center).

Fast food






As with other Ukrainian cities of its size a beer should cost under 40 грн and a large bag of crisps (potato chips) in a normal bar/pub should cost a maximum of 40 грн. If you are paying more than that you know you are being ripped off.


Nadia hotel


  • 1 Fenomen, 38 Str. Pivdenny Bulvar (west 1 km), +380 68 1445566. Clean and cozy hostel. From 400 грн.
  • 2 Dnister Hotel (Готель «Дністер»), Str. Sichovykh Striltsiv(вул. Січових Стрільців), 12 (center). Sovietish. Quite big and dark rooms but nice staff with no English, a lift. Several rooms with bathroom en-suite, others with shared. Water supply unreliable. 31 rooms
  • 3 Auscoprut Hotel (Готель «Аускопрут»), Str. Grunvaldska (вулиця Грюнвальдська) 7/9 (NE 0.5 km). Three-star hotel. 24 rooms
  • 4 Nadiya Hotel (Готель «Надія»), Str. Independence/Nezhalozhnosty (вулиця Незалежності,), 40. Three-star hotel. 380 beds, 244 rooms. From 1,198 грн.
  • 5 Pid Templem hotel (Під «Темпелем»), Str Strachenykh Nationalistiv (вулиця Страчених Націоналістів), 7а (Center). Eleven rooms
  • Optima Collection Park Hotel Ivano-Frankivsk (Optima Collection Парк Готель Івано-Франківськ), 146 Hetmana Mazepy Street, +380 342595595, +380 673431582, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. From 1,215 грн.
  • 6 [dead link] Atrium («Атріум»), St. Galicka (вулиця Галицька), 31 (Center).
  • 7 Druzhba (Friendship, «Дружба»), Vul. Gorbachevskogo (вул. Горбачевського)),3 (near Bus station No.2). 164 beds, 72 rooms
  • Zyrkha (The Star, «Зірка»), St. Sichovykh Striltsiv, (вул. Січових Стрільців), 4. 123 beds, 39 rooms.
  • Naftovyk (Oilman, «Нафтовик»), Street Mlynarska (вул. Млинарська), 38а. 65 beds, 27 rooms.
  • Legenda Hotel (Готель «Легенда»), Street V.Ivasyuka (вул. В.Івасюка), 25, +380 50 4359018, fax: +380 342 713333. 42 beds, 21 rooms. From 710 грн.
  • 8 Niva Hotel (Готель «Нива»), Vul. Urozhainaya (вул. Урожайна),5 (North from Railway station). 88 beds, 36 rooms. From 500 грн.
  • Stanislavsky Yard («Станіславський Двір»), street Depovska (вул. Деповська),97. 17 rooms.
  • Stanislavyv («Станіславів»), Str. Chornovola (вул. Чорновола), 7. 17 rooms.
  • Tourist complex "Carpathian" (Туристичний комплекс «Прикарпаття»), Street Mazepy (вул. Мазепи), 140а. 86 beds.
  • Complex "Black Castle" (Рекреаційно-ресторанний комплекс «Чорний замок»), Kaluchke shosse (Калуське шосе), 7. 34 rooms.
  • Galitskha sadyba (Galician manor, «Галицька садиба»), (вул. Галицька), 1б. 8 rooms.
  • Hotel Bukhara (Готельний комплекс «Бухара»), Street Ukrainskyh Decabristyv (вул. Українських декабристів), 45 b.
  • Motel Formula 1 («Формула 1»), Str. Konovaltsya (вул. Коновальця), 433а. 28 rooms.
  • Motel Cheremosh («Черемош»), Str. Konovaltsya (вул. Коновальця), 260-а. 12 rooms.
  • Guesthouse Qeens (Kvyns) (Гостинний двір «Квінс»), St. Zarichna (вул. Зарічна), 38.
  • Motel Training Houses (Гуртожиток готельного типу курсів підвищення кваліфікації), Str. L. Ukrainky (вул. Л. Українки), 4.
  • Mriya («Мрія»), Str. Avtolyvmashivska (вул. Автоливмашівська), 6а. 9 rooms.
  • Motel Venice/Venytsyya («Венеція»), Street Promenade/Naberezhna (вул. Набережна), 25. 9 rooms.
  • Rest rooms at railway station of "Ivano-Frankivsk" (Кімнати відпочинку вокзалу станції «Івано-Франківськ»), Str. Pryvokzalna (вул. Привокзальна), 1.
  • Hotel Ukraina.

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  • Uzhhorod - center of Zakarpatska Oblast. Famous for a millenium-old Uzhhorod Castle inside a big regional history museum.

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