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Uzhhorod (Ukrainian: Ужгород, also transliterated Uzhgorod from Russian: Ужгород; Hungarian: Ungvár, German: Uschhorod) is a city in Western Ukraine, the administrative center of Zakarpatska Oblast (Transcarpthian Region). The population of Uzhhorod is multiethnic. The majority of the natives are Ukrainian, but there are a lot of Russians (who immigrated here after World War II), Hungarians, Slovaks, Germans, Jews and Gypsies. Uzhhorod is a very interesting place to visit because the cultures cross here.


The Regional Administration Building
Korso - the main street

Uzhhorod, or Uzhgorod as transliterated till the end of the 20th century, is the administrative center of Transcarpathia, which was annexed to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1945. Until then it was part of Czechoslovakia and before 1919 it was Austro-Hungarian.

Its population in 2020 was 116,000 people. A foreigner has to be very patient with the natives, because some of them will be glad to help you, but some might like to make your life tougher.

Uzhhorod's downtown is very nice with shops, restaurants, and even a small hotel.

  • Tourist Information Center, Street Dukhnovicha 16/1. M-Sa 07:00-16:00.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

Caution Note: Due to the state of war, Ukraine's airspace has been closed to civil aviation.
(Information last updated 19 Sep 2023)

The closest operating airport is in Košice:

By train[edit]

  • 2 Uzhhorod Train Station (Залізничний вокзал), Zaliznychna (Stantsiina) str., 7 (you will have to get on a taxi or marshrutka to get to downtown.), +380 312 692962. Uzhhorod has one bidirectional line, which heads north towards Lviv, and south towards Chop [1]. There are no direct lines to Slovakia. The hub of railway transportation in Transcarpathia (and thus Uzhhorod) is Chop; it has dual-gauge rails for trains coming from Slovakia and Hungary, a line going towards southern Transcarpathia, and the main line going towards Stryi/Lviv that connects one with the rest of Ukraine and Moldova. From Slovakia: there is a single border crossing train running two to three times a day between Čierna nad Tisou to Chop. Additionally, It is possible to get a train directly between Chop and Bratislava and Vienna for around 800 грн. From Hungary: there are trains running between Záhony (Hungarian Border Crossing) and further westward to Nyiregyháza and Budapest. Note that connections to Budapest tend to be higher priced; if one wishes to get to Vienna or Prague, it's definitely cheaper to go through Slovakia. From Moldova: a direct route does not exist in Transcarpathia; one must take a train directly to Chernivtsi, and from Chernitvsti there is a daily train going to Moldova. From Romania: there are railway border crossings from Solotivno and one other place. There are direct routes to Odesa, Kyiv and Kharkiv directly from Uzhhorod. For larger connections to Central Europe and elsewhere in Ukraine, refer to Chop. In general: it's best to consult Ukraine's railway web page, which allows you to examine the schedule of routes and stations.

By bus[edit]

By car[edit]

Make sure you have all necessary documents relating to car registration, insurance, etc., when crossing the border into Ukraine.

Uzhhorod has a 24-hour entry point from Slovakia, where an extensive border complex has been constructed with financial support from the European Union. This is on the E50 European highway route which should eventually extend from Vienna to Kyiv, via Bratislava and Košice. Eastward travel by road experiences little delay, but there are often extensive queues in the other direction. In theory pedestrians are allowed to cross this border, but in practice Slovak guards prevent them. One option for those without their own transport is to walk back down the road and hitch a lift through from a Ukrainian vehicle, which they will generally do free or for 200-400 грн.

The M06 highway connects Kyiv with Budapest and runs through Uzhhorod. Driving from the direction of Budapest (Chop) you need to go straight after Rizivka through Mynay. If you drive from the direction of Kyiv (Mukachevo), you must turn right after Rozivka. The road from Rizivka-Mynay will take you as far as Zakarpattia Hotel (the city's largest hotel) and then Petofi Square in downtown.

If travelling by rental car from Hungary or Slovakia, make sure to check the rental agreement to see if you will be allowed to enter Ukraine. Many car rental agencies will not allow their cars to be taken there. If this is the case then you will likely be turned away at the border.

Uzhhorod Central Rail Terminal

Get around[edit]

By public transport[edit]

Uzhhorod has a convenient public transport system:

  • 6 bus routes
  • 12 marshrutka routes

Single ride tickets in buses and marshrutkas cost 12 грн.

Schedules are available on (in Ukrainian).

You can also check information about public transport on DozoR (for city and intercity buses, in Ukrainian), EasyWay and Google Maps.

By taxi[edit]

Taxi is the easiest way of getting around the city. Some popular taxi companies include:

  • Uber (Убер).
  • Bolt (Болт).
  • Uklon (Уклон).
  • OnTaxi (ОнТаксі).
  • Opti (Опті).
  • Shark (Шарк).


The Castle
  • 1 Uzhhorod Castle (Ужгородський замок, Замок-фортеця), Street Kapitulna, 33 (Center). built in 9th century. Inside is the 2 Transcarpathian Regional History Museum (Закарпатський бласний краєзнавчий музей), Street Kapitulna, 33. A local history museum. 30 halls, 110,000 exhibits. The bronze collection of museum is one of the biggest in Europe.
The Greek-Catholic Cathedral

Holy places[edit]

  • 3 [formerly dead link] Krestovozdvizhenskiy cathedral (Cross cathedral, Greek-Catholic Cathedral, Греко-католицький Хрестовоздвиженський кафедральний храм), Street Kapitulna, 11 (Center). A Greco-catholic temple. Built circa 1646
Roman-Catholic Cathedral
  • 4 St George Hungarian Church (Hungarian Church of St. Dordya, Угорський костел святого Дьордя), Street Voloshyna, 7/9 (Center), +380 312 237652.
  • 5 Evangelical church (Церква Адвентистів сьомого дня), Street Pidhirna, 48 (Center).
  • 6 Svyato-Preobrazhenskaya Orthodox Church (Свято-Преображенська церква), Vul. Petrova, 2 (Center).
  • 7 Transkarpathian Reformat Church (Закарпатська реформаторська церква), Square Zhupanatska, 5 (Center), +380 312 237356.
  • 8 Former Monastery of the Order of the Great St. Vasiliy (Греко-католический мужской монастырь ордена Св.Василия Великого), Street Voloshyna, 54. A Greek Catholic Monastery. It was built in 1912 as a four-story building, and was the highest in the city. Now it has five stories, and houses the physical and biological faculty of Uzhgord University and a unique 'zoological museum'.

Out of the Center[edit]

  • 9 Pokrova Orthodox church (Православна церква Покрови), Street Kotsiubynskoho, 1 (South side of the Uzh Riverbank).
  • 10 Church Petra and Paula (Церква Св. Петра і Павла), Street Franka Ivana, 18 (W 1 km), +380 67 7724025, +380 50 7005916.
  • 11 Cathedral of Saints Cyril and Method (Православный собор Кирилла и Мефодия), Shvabska, 64 (South 1 km). An Orthodox church. The base size 60 m x 45 m, and the height is 60 m. The capacity is 5000 people. Since 2000 hold here services.
  • 12 Evangelical Baptist Church (церква євангельських християн-баптистів), Street Hrushevskoho Mykoly, 37A (SW 1.7 km).


  • 13 Transcarpathian Architecture and Lifestyle Open Air Museum (Закарпатський музей архітектури та побуту), Street Kapitulna, 33A (in front of the castle).
  • 14 Transcarpathian Bokshai Museum of Art (in the old City Hall phone=).


Nevytske castle

Further afield[edit]

  • 15 Chynadiyovo (Ukrainian: Чинадієве, Чинадієво; Rusyn: Чинадійово; Hungarian: Szentmiklós, Russian: Чинадиево, Slovakian: Činadno) (east 10 km). Palace "Beregvar" of Shenborn counts or Schönborn Palace (палац графів Шенборнів "Берегвар"), 1890-1895; Castle Saint Nicholas, (замок "Сент-Міклош", Szent Miklós, Sent Miklos), 14th century, 17th century.
  • 16 Nevytske castle (замок Невицьке) (8 km from the city). Built in around 1400.
  • 17 Perechyn (Perecseny), NE 22 km. Favorite for locals to escape from the city


Transcarpathian Philharmony
  • 1 Transcarpathian Philharmony. Former Uschhorod synagoge
  • Strolling in the Old Downtown.
  • 2 Cycle hire in Uzhhorod, Vulitsa Dukhnovicha (вул. Духновича), 14 (Center), +380 50 6222371, . 09:00-18:00. "Vertykalnyi myr" rental shop rents winter sports gear, cars, equipment to extreme sport. Ask for it at Tourism Information Centre 1/2/3/8 hours 35/60/80/100 грн.
  • Taste bogrács, the region's staple dish
  • Soak in chany, the Transcarpathian mineral water baths
  • Explore the city's wine cellars



  • Hospodar cafe, Voloshina street, 38. A family cafe with home made food. Vegetarian friendly. Bograch, vareniki, vegetable salad and many many more, not only Ukrainian food.


  • Irish Pub, Street Voloshina, 36 (next to Hospodar). Nice pizzas.


  • 1 [dead link] Five Flags Hostel, 19, Vul. Voloshyna, #3, +380 312 613928, . Check-in: 11:00, check-out: 11:00. Friendly hostel in the centre. It offers an 8-bed dorm and a private room with a double bed. The hostel has clean bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and a common room with cozy sofas and an Internet-connected computer.
  • 2 Innovatsiia (Готель Інновація), Vul. Verkhovynska, 36 (NW next to 'Praga'), +380 95 644428, +380 95 644428.
  • Praha Hotel (Готель «Прага»), 38 Verkhovinska Street, +380 312640764, +380 660057775, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. From 1,450 грн.
  • 3 Evropa (Гостиница Европа), Street Verkhovynska, 3 (NW 2 km), +380 95 8724828. From 1,400 грн.
  • 4 Vizyt (Готель-ресторан Візит), Vul. Sobranetska, 150 (NW 1.8 km), +380 312 643117, +380 312 643945.
  • 5 Rodos (Готельний комплекс Родос), Vul. Dokuchaieva, 6 (NW 1.5 km), +380 312 642125, +380 312 642125.
  • 6 Izymrud (Готельний комплекс Ізумруд), Vul. Malokamyana (вулицa Малокаменной), 10 (N 1 km), +380 312 613858. Three star 614753 Standart room from 240 грн, pollyuks room from 280 грн, lyuks from 280 грн plus 5 грн p.p..
  • 7 Druzhba (Готель Дружба), Vul. Vysoka, 14 (N 0.5 km), +380 312 612600.
  • 8 Duet Plus (Ресторанно-готельний комплекс Дует плюс), Vul. Koshytska, 6 (Center), +380 312 640909. From 1,400 грн.
  • 9 Motel U Anity (Мотель У Аніти), Vul. Bercheni, 24 (Center), +380 312 234406, +380 312 644301, +380 312 614019.
  • 10 Atlant (Готель Атлант), Koriatovycha sq., 27 (Center), +380 312 614095, +380 312 613799. Two star. From 720 грн.
  • Ungvarskiy Hotel (Готель «УнгварЪскій»), 2 Elektrozavodska Street, +380 663460055, . Check-in: 13:00, check-out: 12:00. From 1,750 грн.
  • [formerly dead link] Olymp (Готельний комплекс Олімп), Vul. Hlentsa F., 4 (Center), +380 312 640879, +380 97 6763702. Four star. From 1,520 грн.
  • 11 Eduard (Частная гостиница Эдуард), Vul. Bachinskovo (вулицa Бачинского), 22 (Center-North). Four star?
  • 12 Old Kontinent (гостиница Олд Континент), Square Sandora Petefi (площадь Шандора Петефи), 4 (Center), +380 312 669366, +380 312 669355. Four star.
  • Kamelot Hotel (Готель «Камелот»), 28 Uzhanska Street, Kamyanitsa village, Uzhhorod district, +380 312731988, +380 507077767, . From 1,720 грн.
  • 13 Inturist-Zakarpattya (Гостинично-туристический комплекс Интурист–Закарпатье), Square Kirilla (пл. Кирилла и Мефодия), 5 (South 1 km). A postsoviet monstrum. Rooms are vary. From 640 грн.
  • Izabelly (Гроно Изабеллы), Vul. Schedrina, 118, +380 50 4321463, +380 312 644552.
  • 14 Barsiy maetok (Готельно-ресторанний комплекс Барський маєток), E50hwy (4 km E), +380 99 5317228.
  • 15 Romany Yag (Готельно-ресторанний комплекс Романі Яг), Vul. Telmana, 1 (3.7km E), +380 312 668156, +380 312 668026.
  • Mirazh (Готель-бар Міраж), Vul. Mukachivska, 16,, +380 312 23944.

Stay safe[edit]


Lake Synevyr, Zakarpatska National park

Go next[edit]

  • Khust (SE 120 km) - St. Elizabeth church, (костел св.Єлизавети) 1450.
  • Lake Synevyr (озеро Синевир, Felsőszinevéri Tó), Synevirska Polyana (E 155 km).
  • Lviv - The non official capital of Western Ukraine. A 'piece' of Vienna.
  • Mukachevo (SE 40 km)) - Mediaeval Castle "Palanok", the largest one in the region and gothic St. Martin chapel.
  • Svalyava (E 60 km). St.Nicolas church, (Миколаївська церква) 1588, 1759. One of the oldest in the Oblast and in good condition
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