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Liwan (荔湾 Lìwān in Mandarin, Laih wāan in Cantonese) is a district in Guangzhou. It has two parts, separated by the Pearl River:

  • Xiguan (西关 Xīguān in Mandarin, Sāi gwāan in Cantonese) (north of the river) - literally meaning "Westgate", the parts of old Guangzhou located west of the old walled city
  • Fangcun (芳村 Fāngcūn in Mandarin, Fōng chyūn in Cantonese) (south of the river) - a larger area, once known for its flower cultivation, now the site of modern development

Get in[edit]

Liwan district is served by Line 1, Line 5, Line 6, Line 8 and Guangfo Line of the Guangzhou Metro.

1 Cultural Park Bus Terminal serves as the terminus for some bus routes. These buses often labelled Huangsha (黄沙) as the destination.


Map of Guangzhou/Liwan

Chen Clan Ancestral Hall
Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral, on Shamian Island
  • 1 Chen Clan Ancestral Hall (陈家祠 Chén jiā cí), Zhongshan 7th Road (中山七路) (Metro Line 1, Line 8 Chen Clan Academy). 8:30AM–5:30PM daily. This is very well preserved architecture from the 19th century, and one of the finest surviving examples of traditional Cantonese architecture. It used to belong to a wealthy family with the surname Chen and now is a museum that houses many articles including ivory sculptures and artistic statues. Watch for the beautiful rocks in the backyard and the incredibly intricate roof carvings. ¥10 for adults; ¥5 for seniors 60-65 and students; free for children under 18 and seniors over 65. Foreigners need to present their passport to buy tickets. Chen Clan Academy (Q5090739) on Wikidata Chen Clan Ancestral Hall on Wikipedia
  • Xiguan Residences (西关大屋 Xī-guān-dà-wū) (Metro Line 1 Changshou Lu). See the traditional Cantonese architecture from the Qing Dynasty. These houses can be found on Duobao Road (多宝路), Baohua Road (宝华路), Longjin West Road (龙津西路) and Shangxiajiu Road (上下九路). One of the most famous ones is located at 18 Baoyuan North Street (宝源北街18号). They were occupied by the upper class in the old days.
  • 2 Shamian Island (沙面岛) (Metro Line 1, Line 6 Huangsha). The buildings and streets of the former British and French concession have been beautifully renovated, and vehicles restricted, creating an oasis of tranquility in an otherwise frenetic metropolis. Inevitably it's touristy, but not crowded. One of the colonial structures is the 19th C Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel at 14 Shamian Street.
  • 3 Temple of 500 Genii (华林寺 Huá lín sì) (Metro Line 8 Hualinsi Buddhist Temple). Free.
  • 4 Renwei Taoist Temple (仁威祖庙 Rén wēi zǔ miào), Pantang Road (泮塘路) (Metro Line 5 Zhongshanba). Historic Taoist temple built in the traditional Cantonese architectural style, with many intricate carvings and mosaics on the roof of the temple buildings. Unlike the Chen Clan Academy, this is still an active temple. Free.
  • 5 Liwan Museum.
  • 6 Cantonese Opera Art Museum (粤剧艺术博物馆), 127 Enning Road (恩宁路127号).
  • 7 JinLun Guild Hall.
  • 8 Liwan Lake Park (荔湾湖公园).
  • 9 Guangzhou Railway Museum (广州铁路博物馆), Zone D, Yujing Road No. 1, 3~5 Yujiang Road (誉江路3~5号御景壹号D区) (Metro Line 6 Ruyifang), toll-free: +86 20 6135 3886. 09:00-17:00, no entry after 16:00, closed on Mondays. The museum occupies what used to be the Guangzhou South Railway Station, a station on the old Guangdong-Hankou Railway, which was originally known as Huangsha Railway Station. It is the largest railway museum in South China. Free.



Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street
  • 1 Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street (上下九商业步行街 Shàng-xià-jiǔ) (Metro 1 Changshou Lu Exits D1, D2). This shopping area is also a showcase of traditional Cantonese architecture Qilou (骑楼). It is particularly pretty at night when lights are lit up. Prices here are generally lower than Beijing Road's, but prepare to bargain.
  • 2 Liwan Plaza (荔湾广场 lì-wān-guǎng-chǎng), 9 Dexing Road (德星路9号), at the east end of the street. You will find a good selection of crystal here.
  • 3 Link Plaza Guangzhou (领展购物广场·广州), No. 8, Huangsha Avenue (Metro Line 1, Line 6 Huangsha), toll-free: +86 20 3101 8088. 10AM ~ 10PM. Free entry.
  • 4 Yong Qing Fang (永庆坊), No. 99, Enning Road. 9AM ~ 10PM. Free entry.



  • 1 Pan Xi Restaurant (泮溪酒家), 151 Longjin West Road (龙津西路151号), +86 20 8181-5718. Located in the heart of the Old Guangzhou, this Cantonese Restaurant serves dim sum next to trickling streams and stunning architecture. Try one of their famous dumplings shaped like a rabbit's head.
  • 2 Guangzhou Restaurant (广州酒家), 2 Wenchang South Road (文昌南路2号) (Metro 1 Changshou Lu), +86 20 8138-0388. This Cantonese family restaurant is famous for its signature dishes Wenchang Chicken and special baby pig. It has several branches in the city. Other locations include 20 Binjiang West Road (滨江西路20号) and 112 Tiyu East Road (体育东路112号).
  • Jianji Noodles (坚记面店), 299 Changshou E Rd, Liwan Qu. Famous traditional noodle place. Famous for fried noodles (炸酱伊面) and wonton noodles (云吞面).
  • 3 Taotao Ju Restaurant (陶陶居), 20 Dishifu Road (第十甫路20号) (Metro 1 Changshou Lu; Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street), +86 20 8138-9632. This is the oldest traditional dim sum restaurant in the city but nowadays, their food not up to standard as their chef left for high end restaurant in Hong Kong. Dim sum hours are still busy, so reservation is recommended. Specialty includes moon cakes and other traditional Cantonese pastries.
  • Wenji Restaurant (文记壹心鸡), 10 Boahua Road (荔湾区宝华路旋源桥10号) (Metro 1 Changshou Lu; Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street), +86 20 8172-8887. As the place was established by the former chefs from Qingping Restaurant, they have the original Qingping Chicken on the menu.


  • 4 Foo Yau Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant (佛有缘素食馆), 荔湾路幸福新村福儿路1号 1 Fu'er Road, Xinfu Xincun, Liwan Road (Metro 1 Chan Clan Academy Exit D), +86 20 8125-0428. 6:30AM–3PM, 5PM–10PM. This place serves creative vegetarian dishes with dim sum served in the morning. Most dishes are between ¥30 and ¥50 each.

Southeast Asian[edit]

  • 5 Lan Kwai Fong (兰桂坊), 5 Shamian South St (沙面南街5号) (Metro 1 & 6 Huangsha), +86 20 8121-6523. This tourist friendly restaurant offers good curries and polite service on the quite Shamian Island.


  • Lucy's Cafe & Restaurant, 3 Shamian South St (沙面南街3号) (Metro 2 Huangsha), +86 20 8121-5106. Located near the White Swan hotel, Lucy's Cafe & Restaurant is an established American restaurant on Shamian Island. They serve everything from burgers to pasta to Tex-mex, and portions are large. This is a favorite for adoption families who stays on the island.




  • 1 Guangdong Youth Hostel (广东鹅潭宾馆), 2 Shamian 4th Street (沙面四街2号) (Across from White Swan Hotel, Metro 1 & 6 Huangsha Exit D), +86 20 8121-8298. This place offers around 15 dorm beds. There is a lounge, which is a small spare room with free access to computers and internet, TV, microwave oven and refrigerator until midnight. Wi-Fi is available and basic English is spoken. Despite excellent location, the place is an ordinary Chinese hotel, rather than a hostel that provides a socializing environment. Only foreign passport holders are accepted in the dorm. Dorm room ¥60, singles ¥200.
  • Guangzhou Riverside Youth Hostel (广州江畔国际青年旅舍), 15 Changdi Street (长堤路15号) (Metro 1 Fangcun Exit B1), +86 20 2239-2500. A waterfront hostel located on the south side (less developed) of the Pearl River. It takes a 15-20 minute walk to the metro station; also accessible by river ferry (until 10PM). Spacious common areas but limited kitchen facilities. Some rooms are not equipped with lockers and theft reports are frequently heard. Doubles ¥178, dorm bed ¥65; ¥96 Canton Fair.


  • 2 Guangdong Victory Hotel (广东胜利宾馆), 53 Shamian North Street (沙面北街53号) (Metro 1 & 6 Huangsha Station Exit D, use pedestrian bridge to Shamian Island), +86 20 8121-6688. The hotel is located on Shamian Island. It consists of the East building and West building. It has very clean rooms and western-style buffet breakfast. ¥420.
  • 3 Nan Fang Da Sha Hotel (南方大厦酒店), 34 Xidi 2nd Road (西堤二马路34号) (Across from Cultural Park. Get off at Guangzhou Metro Line 6's Cultural Park station exit A and walk 20m.), +86 20 8101 2133. While the building was constructed way back in 1918, this hotel frequently renovates to cater to current customers' demands. Its location is well connected to metro and bus. ¥260.


  • 4 White Swan Hotel (白天鹅宾馆), 1 Shamian South St (沙面南街1号) (Metro 1 & 6 Huangsha), +86 20 8188-6968. On the banks of the Pearl River on the quiet Shamian Island, complemented by a charming park nearby where locals can be found doing tai chi. This is the first group of hotels in China that received 5-star classification. Surrounding the hotel are blocks of little shops run by locals willing to bargain.


Go next[edit]

  • Yuexiu, the center of Guangzhou, is full of both historic sites and modern landmarks and is a comfortable walk or a short metro ride from Liwan
  • Haizhu
  • Foshan – the neighboring city is directly connected to Liwan by the Guangfo Line of the metro system
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