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Karimunjawa is a chain of 27 islands north of Semarang, off the coast of Central Java, Indonesia.

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Designated as a national marine park. Karimunjawa consists of 27 small islands, the main ones being Karimunjawa, Kemujan, Menjangan Besar and Menjangan Kecil.

Since June 2016, there is 24-hour electricity in most places in Karimunjawa Island, though some other islands may receive as few as six hours per day.


Most facilities for travelers are found on the largest island, also called Karimunjawa. The main settlement is at the southern end of that island, as it is where ferries dock and most services are to be found. Accommodation is scattered across the island.

Travel out to the furthest islands in the archipelago will take two or more hours depending on the type of boat used.


Tropical. It is very hot here in the dry season (approximately April to October) and wet and humid in the rainy season (December till March).


Following a local legend, Karimun means not obvious, because in clear weather Karimunjawa can be seen from the coast of mainland Java, but still not clearly. Karimunjawa was originally settled by Sunan Nyamplungan, the son of Sunan Muria, one of the Muslim Saints (Sunan) who introduced Islam to Java.

Karimunjawa is more famous than Bali (who was only a base for pirates for long) since centuries... The island have been known by navigators woldwide as a haven on the trade roads trough java sea to Borneo or Spices Islands and can be found under different names (Tortuga, Chirimao, Carimon jawa...) on all Antique portulans and maps of the area.

Historical Sources relate the discovery of the Archipelago by Chinese Army sent by emperor Kubhilai Khan in 1293 (they named it CHI-LI-MEN) , followed by Ottoman Turkish navigators in 1403, Portuguese, Dutch, French (Bouguinville...), English etc... Recent Archeological researches found porcelains from the Ming dynasty.

Many Yachtmen stop now in Karimunjawa on their way from Australia to Thailand or China sea or back....


Mostly low-lying islands with sandy beaches. There is some fringing mangrove around Kemujan. The highest point as Bukit Gajah at 506m.

Flora and fauna[edit]

One can find various kinds of sea animals, like turtles, sharks, and fishes, in the watery territory of Karimunjawa. On land, especially in Karimunjawa and Kemujan islands, there are birds, deer, unique species of Monkeys and snakes. Entrance and trekking to Jungle is forbidden without a National Park Guide.


Javanese is the most common language of communication between local residents, with Indonesian widely used and understood as the national language. English is not widely understood, so knowledge of some Indonesian is recommended.

Get in[edit]

By boat[edit]

The Siginjai ferry, Jepara to Karimunjawa in a sprightly five hours

There are regular ferries from Jepara, Semarang and Kendal, except during the monsoon season from December to February when the waves may be too high for a day or two, except in severe cases like on December 31, 2014 when about 500 tourists could not go back to Java due to 3.5 meters high waves and the ATMs ran out of money after 3 days, because some of the coal cargos also landed to avoid high waves and its crew also use the ATMs. Cash for at least 5 days should be prepared, because vendors still have their merchandises.

From Jepara[edit]

From Semarang[edit]

From Kendal[edit]

  • Express Bahari, +62 822 4180-0700 (Kendal), +62 297 312333 (Karimunjawa). Departing Kendal for Karimunjawa at 08:30 on Tuesdays and Fridays. Departing Karimunjawa for Kendal at 12:00 on Wednesdays and Sundays. Kendal is the town immediately to the west of Semarang, reachable by bus and train. The crossing is scheduled to take two and a half hours; traveler feedback indicates three to four hours is more realistic. Be carefull the schedules ar enot reliable. The company decides sometimes to cancel at last minute if not enough bookings or delay to the next day ! VIP tickets Rp260,000.

By plane[edit]

There are flights with Airfast from Surabaya to 1 Dewandaru Airport on Kemujan. Travel from the airport to town takes about 45 minutes.

  • Airfast, +62 812 3777-9610 (Surabaya ), +62 812 3777-9614 (Karimunjawa). Departing Surabaya for Karimunjawa at 11:31 on Tuesdays and 11:40 on Thursdays, arriving 1h20 later; departing Karimunjawa for Surabaya at 08:00 on Wednesdays and 13:45 on Thursdays. Tickets may be ordered over the phone, but must be paid for and collected in person at the airport of departure. The system seems to be the one who pays first gets the ticket, so even if you order a ticket over the phone, it is not yours until you pay for it. Cost for a taxi from Karimunjawa Airport to the Main Village is around 350,000 Idr. Rp379,900 single for flights from Surabaya to Karimunjawa; Rp309,900 single for flights from Karimunjawa to Surabaya.

Get around[edit]

On Karimunjawa and Kemujan, you can rent cars or motorcycles. To get to the other islands, you can use a local boat or motorboat. It might be a good idea to book a rental car before you arrive in Karimunjawa because there are few cars there.


The island beaches and beautiful coral reefs.


Many resorts in Karimunjawa, such as Kura-kura resort, provide diving activities. There are many interesting local spots for diving, like Taka Panyawangan and Gosong Cemara. There are some shipwrecks that attract many fish and divers alike. You can also go hiking around the island to find many places where there is a beautiful panorama


The best known handicrafts in Karimunjawa are its wood carvings, and many shops sell them.

Many people also go to Karimunjawa to find the dewandaru plant. They believe it can make their life longer.


Surrounded by sea, Karimunjawa offers lots of seafood. Fresh fish and prawns are staples in the island diet. Restaurants are located within hotels. Other eateries, or warungs, provide decent cheap food like fried rice, fish, or an assortment of veggies. Be flexible and you'll do fine.


There are no clubs on the island. Only 1 Lounge Bar (Cumibar). It is difficult to find alcohol. It is served at the Boutique resort Breve Azurine (Cumibar & Lumba Beach Snack Bar), restaurant Eat & Meat and hostel The Happinezz. A beer costs Rp45.000.

Bottled water is a must and can be bought readily. At meals, seasonal fresh fruit juice is a treat (mango, orange, avocado).


There are various kinds of accommodation there, from the four star hotels to homestays. There are also camping sites.


  • 1 The Happinezz. The Happinezz is one of the nicest hostels in the centre of Karimunjawa. They offer five clean and comfortable rooms with private bathroom, fan, WiFi, 24 hours electricity and breakfast. In the common area they have a large shared kitchen. The indoor/outdoor lounge area is a relaxing and cosy place to meet other travellers, share experiences, make music and watch movies.


  • 2 Jojo Homestay. a three bedroom homestay in Karimunjawa.


  • 3 Roemah Emak Villa. a relaxing home for family, next to the beach


  • Melati hotel
  • Blue Lagoon hotel
  • Dewandaru hotel
  • Wisma Apung floating hotel


  • 5 Kura-kura Resort. on Menyawakan Island. Shaded by coconut trees and surrounded by white sand beaches and pristine coral reefs. It's a high class hotel with scuba facilities.
  • 6 Hotel Nirwana Laut (CLOSED). a luxury resort with many facilities.
  • 7 Breve azurine Lagoon Resort (JIwaquest), +622973191059, e-mail: . Known as the most beautiful Hotel with beach In Karimunjawa, on its unique location front to Lagoon Lele and 5 mns to the Village, 12 Rooms only, 2 Restaurants & Bars, recommended in 2016 by Lonely Planet Guide as one of the best New Hotels in Indonesia

Stay safe[edit]

Go next[edit]

In practice, the only option is to go back to the mainland of Java: either by ferry to Jepara, Kendal or Semarang, or by plane to Surabaya.

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