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Esplanade Row East
Lal Dighi, B. B. D. Bagh
Metropolitan Building
The dome of General Post Office

Esplanade is the heart of Kolkata. It consists of the region just north of the Maidan and includes B. B. D. Bagh with all its colonial British buildings. The district takes a visitor back to the Raj-era with nostalgic overtones. Many of the city's important buildings are here, the central business district of the city.


Kolkata was once nicknamed the City of Palaces. This comes from the numerous palatial mansions built all over the city. During the British colonial era from 1700–1912, when Calcutta was the capital of British India, Calcutta witnessed a spate of frenzied construction activity of buildings largely influenced by the conscious intermingling of Gothic, Baroque, Roman, Oriental and Islamic schools of design. Unlike many north Indian cities, whose construction stresses minimalism, the layout of much of the architectural variety in Kolkata owes its origins to European styles and tastes imported by the British and, to a much lesser extent, the Portuguese and French. The buildings were designed, and inspired by the tastes of the English gentleman around and the aspiring Bengali Babu (literally a nouveau riche Bengali who aspired to cultivation of English etiquette, manners and custom as such practices were favorable to monetary gains from the British).

Today many of these structures are in various stages of decay. Some of the major buildings of this period are well maintained and several buildings have been declared as heritage structures. Conservation efforts are often affected by problems of litigation, tenant troubles, ownership disputes, old tenancy laws and a lack of funds.


Esplanade is an area between Bepin Bihari Ganguly Street and Park Street. It consists of B. B. D. Bagh, Bowbazar, Chandni Chowk, Chowringhee, Dharmatala, Mirza Ghalib Street (Free School Street), Park Street and Sudder Street.

B. B. D. Bagh (full name: Benoy-Badal-Dinesh Bagh), formerly Dalhousie Square, is the historic core of Kolkata. When the British arrived in Bengal, they decided to settle there, because it was less crowded than other areas in the neighbourhood. They built the old Fort William here (at the place where the General Post Office now stands). After their victory in the Battle of Plassey in 1757, they built the new fort in Gobindapur, Dalhousie Square remained at the heart of what was then the 'White Town' of Calcutta. No Indian, rich or poor, dared to live in the area. They came for work during day time and went back to the 'Black Town' (North Kolkata) before sunset. With the Writers' Building occupying the north side and numerous commercial offices all around, it became the administrative and business centre of Calcutta. Even now it stands out as a 'period piece'. After independence of India, the square was named after three youngsters who dared to challenge British rule and died there in 1930.

Park Street, officially Mother Teresa Sarani, is a famous throughfare in Kolkata. The Park Street area is famous for its restaurants but also showcases fashionable clothes, books from all over the world and so on. Park Street has retained the British spirit, and is so well decorated during Christmas, as if it is still part of the British Empire. The overwhelmingly non-Christian crowd gather there to enjoy Christmas.

Get in[edit]

Map of Kolkata/Esplanade

By bus[edit]

  • 1 Esplanade Bus Terminus (Dharmatala Bus Terminus). It has bus terminals for buses from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sikkim, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar and other parts of the country.
  • 2 Shyamoli Yatri Paribahan, 10, Marquis St, +91 33 2252 0802. 6AM and 7AM departures, 12-hour journey to Dhaka. Provides buses to Bangladesh and select few destinations in West Bengal. Some buses to Bangladesh has a break journey at the Haridaspur-Benapole border, which is called kata service. From the border, buses are available for Dhaka and various other destinations in Bangladesh. Shyamoli Yatri Paribahan handles the border transfer from one bus to another so well, that it seems a better option to many than the direct service. ₹650 for earlier and later departures respectively.

By train[edit]

  • 3 B.B.D Bag railway station, Strand Road. B.B.D Bag railway station (Q25549498) on Wikidata B.B.D. Bag railway station on Wikipedia

By metro[edit]

  • 4 Chandni Chowk metro station, 12, Chittaranjan Ave. Chandni Chowk metro station (Q5071229) on Wikidata Chandni Chowk metro station (Kolkata) on Wikipedia
  • 5 Esplanade metro station, Chowringhee Rd (E of Esplanade Bus Terminus). Esplanade Metro Station (Q5399030) on Wikidata Esplanade metro station on Wikipedia
  • 6 Maidan metro station, Chowringhee Rd. Maidan metro station (Q6735340) on Wikidata Maidan metro station on Wikipedia
  • 7 Park St metro station (Metro Mother Teresa Sarani), Chowringhee Rd. Park Street metro station (Q7138060) on Wikidata Park Street metro station (Kolkata) on Wikipedia

By boat[edit]

  • 8 Fairlie Ghat, Strand Rd. Take a boat to Howrah Shipping Ghat


Calcutta High Court
The Indian Museum
The illuminated Howrah Bridge at night
Writers' Building
  • 1 Assembly House (Bidhan Sabha Bhaban), Esplanade Row West. West Bengal Legislative Assembly (Q3350930) on Wikidata West Bengal Legislative Assembly on Wikipedia
  • 2 Calcutta High Court, Esplanade Row W (near Babughat), +91 33 2254-8000, fax: +91 33 2248-7835, . It is the oldest high court in India. It was established as the High Court of Judicature at Fort William in 1862. It has jurisdiction over the state of West Bengal and the union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The High Court building is an exact replica of the Cloth Hall, Ypres, in Belgium. Calcutta High Court (Q1026391) on Wikidata Calcutta High Court on Wikipedia
  • 3 Esplanade Tram Museum, Esplanade Row East.
  • 4 General Post Office (GPO), Netaji Subhas Rd. Notable for its imposing high domed roof (rising over 220 ft (67 m)) and tall Ionic-Corinthian pillars. It was built in 1868, at the site of the old Fort William, and has remained an important landmark of the city ever since.
  • 5 Howrah Bridge (Rabindra Setu), Brabourne Flyover. The area around Howrah station and Howrah Bridge has grown as a world of its own, catering to the needs of a huge floating population. The 705-metre (2,313 ft) long Howrah Bridge is a cantilever bridge with a suspended span over the Hooghly River, commissioned in 1943, replacing the older pontoon bridge. This bridge frames the skyline of the riverfront. The ambience is as amicable and profound as the river that flows alongside it.
  • 6 Indian Museum, 27, Chowringhee Rd, +91 33 2249 5699, fax: +91 33 249 5696. closed on Mondays. Established in 1814, this was the first such museum in Asia. Among its famous collection is the urn that held the ashes of the Buddha (though this is generally not on display), an Ashoka pillar (the three-lion symbol from which became the official emblem of the Republic of India) and numerous rare antiques. A varied collection of exhibits that include unique fossils, Buddhist Gandhara art and an Egyptian mummy. Admission: ₹10 (for Indian citizens) ₹150 (for foreign citizens). Indian Museum (Q1364900) on Wikidata Indian Museum, Kolkata on Wikipedia
  • 7 Magen David Synagogue. Magen David Synagogue (Q6730097) on Wikidata Magen David Synagogue (Kolkata) on Wikipedia
  • 8 Metcalfe Hall. Metcalfe Hall (Q6823351) on Wikidata Metcalfe Hall on Wikipedia
  • 9 Metropolitan Building (Whiteways and Laidlaw Building), 140, Chowringhee Rd. It was a famous department store in Kolkata during the British period. This neo-baroque emporium—with domes, a clock tower and arched recessed windows—exemplifies fashionable shopping during the British Raj. Metropolitan Building (Q6825020) on Wikidata Metropolitan Building (Kolkata) on Wikipedia
  • 10 Press Government of India, Chandni Chowk, Bow Bazar (Esplanade Metro Station 300m).
  • 11 Raj Bhavan (former name: Government House). The Governor's Residence. Built in 1803, modelled on Lord Curzon’s home, Keddleston Hall, Derbyshire, England, this is now the official residence of the Governor of West Bengal. There are many rare works of art and other interesting items. Entry is restricted.
  • 12 Reserve Bank of India (regional office of India's central bank), 15 Netaji Subhas Rd, 8 Council Rd.
  • 13 Town Hall, Esplanade Row W (West of Raj Bhavan). built in 1813, in the Doric style of architecture. It is now the City Magistrate’s Office. Don’t let the riverfront mesmerize you yet! Between the Town Hall and the Strand is the Calcutta High Court, scene of legendary legal battles. Completed in 1872, the Gothic architectural style was copied from the Staadhans at Ypres, Belgium. The tower measures 55 m.
  • 14 Writers' Building, 16, B. B. D. Bagh North. Office of the Chief Minister of West Bengal. The building is set for a three-year major repair from the end of 2013. Writers' Building (Q985758) on Wikidata Writers' Building on Wikipedia

Religious attractions[edit]

Tipu Sultan Mosque
  • 15 Bauddha Dharmankur Sabha, 1 Buddhist Temple St, +91 33 2211 7138. A Buddhist monastery established in 1892 and run by the Bengal Buddhist Association. The distinct red building mostly consists of a school and a guest house. There is a very small Buddhist shrine tucked away on the 1st floor. Bengal Buddhist Association (Q65080479) on Wikidata Bengal Buddhist Association on Wikipedia
  • 16 Carey Baptist Church, Bepin Behari Ganguly St, Bow Bazar (Metro Central), +91 33 2236 7254. Carey Baptist Church (Q66313056) on Wikidata
  • 17 Mother Teresa’s tomb (Mother House), 54A, Lower Circular Rd, Taltala, +91 33 2217 5267. The Missionaries of Charity is a new order formed in 1950 by Mother Teresa. Their vow ‘to give wholehearted and free service to the poorest of the poor was put into action with the setting up of several homes. Visit Mother Teresa’s tomb at the Mother House, Nirmal Hriday (home for the dying), Shanti Nagar (for lepers) and Nirmala Shishu Bhavan (the children’s home). For voluntary work with the Mission, in India, you may contact the London branch of the Missionaries of Charity, 41 Villiers Road, Southall, Middlesex, UK, or write into the "Mother House", 54A, Lower Circular Road, Calcutta 700 014.
  • 18 St Andrews Church (Church of North India), Brabourne Rd, Murgighata, Barabazar Market (North of Dalhousie Square Bus Terminus).
  • 19 St John Church and Compound, 2/1 Council House St, +91 33 22436098, . Built in 1787, St John's Church is the third-oldest church in Kolkata and the oldest Anglican Church in the city. Its compound contains several graves including that of Job Charnock. St. John's Church (Q3051967) on Wikidata St. John's Church, Kolkata on Wikipedia
  • 20 South Park Street cemetery. The final resting place for early British traders and settlers. South Park Street Cemetery (Q2972549) on Wikidata South Park St Cemetery on Wikipedia
  • 21 Tipu Sultan Mosque, 185, Lenin Sarani. Built in 1832 by Prince Ghulam Mohammed, the youngest son of Tipu Sultan. People from all sections of society and religions are allowed to visit and take pictures of this historical premise. Tipu Sultan Mosque (Q3349172) on Wikidata Tipu Sultan Mosque on Wikipedia


  • Take an auto-rickshaw ride from Chandni Chowk to Lohapool, the driver will take you through some back alleys and narrow roads of Kolkata, sit tight and keep faith on the driver.
  • 1 Curzon Park, Rashmoni Ave (100 m (330 ft) from Esplanade metro station).
  • 2 Millennium Park, Strand Rd (near B. B. D. Bagh railway station).
  • 3 Nalanda Park, Weston St, Lalbazar (200 m (660 ft) from Chandni Chowk metro station).


Meat Shops, New Market
Illuminated Park Street during Christmas
  • 1 Chowringhee, Chowringhee Square, Chandni Chowk, Bowbazar (NE of Esplanade metro station). It is the central marketplace for the people of Kolkata. There are shops ranging from computer peripherals to paint brushes and accessories, from cloth merchants to phoren goods. There are cinemas and restaurants.
  • 2 Eagle, 12/2 Lindsay St (in front on New Market), +91 33 98 023 6663. A good place to pick up Indian art films.
  • 3 Earthcare Books, 10 Middleton St (Maidan metro station), +91 33 2229-6551. A wonderful independent bookstore tucked away in an alley leading from Middleton St. As the name suggests, the bookstore specializes in environmental titles but also has a wide range of local subjects and poetry.
  • 4 Handicrafts (Between Sudder St and Surendranath Banerjee Road). It has several shops selling handicrafts. The largest is at the corner of Surendranath Banerjee Road. Those who are particular about handicrafts can also try 'Dakhinapan Shopping Complex' (see South Kolkata)
  • 5 Mirza Ghalib Street (Free School Street). It is famous for its second hand bookshops and second hand record stalls. Rummaging through the LPs for sale on the street, one may find real gems from the jazz age.
  • 6 Mullick Ghat (wholesale flower market), Strand Rd. At the base of the Howrah Bridge is the city’s bustling wholesale flower market. Flowers are an essential part of life in the city, they are bought not just for temple prayers but also for wedding decorations, events and festivals.
  • 7 New Market (Sir Stuart Hogg Market), Bertram St, Lenin Sarani (East of Lindsay St Bus Stop). Open 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM Monday to Friday, and Saturdays until 2:30 PM. Sunday holiday.. One of the oldest surviving markets in the city. It is a good place to sample Indian sweet delicacies and generally soak up the atmosphere of Kolkata. There are also a few handicraft stalls inside. The market is in a large red brick building on Lindsay St (the road parallel with Sudder St to the north). It has got over 2,000 stalls and is a bargain hunter's delight. The shops are arranged merchandise-wise. It is supposed to be the ultimate marketing experience in Kolkata.
  • 8 Oxford Book Store, 15 Park St, +91 33 2229 5455. A large and well organized bookstore. Good selection of books on India and by Indian writers. Discount books and cafe (Cha Bar, see Drink section) on the second floor.
  • 9 Shree Ram Arcade, 15A, Chowringhee Rd, New Market Area, Dharmatala, Taltala (Near Light House cinema. Close to New Market.). Open from 10:00-20:00 from Tuesday to Saturday and from 13:00 - 20:00. on Mondays. Sunday holiday.. Full of garment shops.
  • 10 Treasure Island (Close (south) to New Market). Open from 10:00-20:00. from Tuesday to Saturday and from 13:00 - 20:00 on Mondays. Sunday holiday.
  • 11 Vardaan Market, 25-A, Camac St (Abanindranath Tagore Sarani) (500 m east of Maidan metro station), +91 33 22812724, +91 33 22874082. Forerunner of today's large shoppng malls, it was the earliest airconditioned market. Little shops and stalls line the walls of this mall selling shoes, handbags, toys, saris, salwar suits and western wear for ladies, shirts, tee shirts and trousers for men and children's clothes for all ages, chocolates and snacks.


  • 1 Bhim Chandra Nag, 5, Nirmal Chandra St, +91 33 2212 0465, +91 33 2269 7908. Famous for shondesh. Also makes a variety of sweets.
  • 2 Chung-Wah, 13A, Chittaranjan Ave (Near Chandni Chowk metro station), +91 33 22377003. One of the oldest and best places to sample Chinese food. Drinks served.
  • Khalsa, Madge Ln (on left side when entering Madge Ln, from Sudder St). offers excellent and cheap Punjabi food.
  • 3 Mission Cafe, 20 Ganesh Chandra Ave, Bowbazar (Near to Chandni Chowk metro station). Vegetarian fast food spot. Dosa, chaats and curry served at high tables. The cafe is known for its chola-bhatura, a chickpea dish served in a phuchka shell. Turnover fast here, not even stools to sit on, but it is nonetheless tasty.
  • 4 Nizam's, Junction of Hogg St and Corporation Pl. A Calcutta institution for over a 100 yr. An unpretentious place that is famous for 'Muslim' food and lays claim to be the place where Kathi Rolls were invented, it is still considered to make the best ones.
  • Gangaur, 2 Russel St, +91 33 22658437. Serves a variety of vegetarian food but is famous for its Rajasthani or Marwari food.
  • Kathleen's, Mirza Ghalib St. Pastry shop and an eclectic mix of cuisines dominated by Indian and Chinese styles.
  • 5 Mocambo, 25B Mirza Ghalib St, +91 33 2265 4300. Same owners as Peter Cat, but here the cuisine is a bit more rounded. Continental, Indian and even some Chinese dishes served in upscale surrounds. mains ₹100-₹300.

Chowringhee Rd[edit]

  • Aheli, Peerless Inn Hotel, 12, Chowringhee Rd, +91 33 2228-0301. Authentic Bengali food, served in brass utensils in a Bengali marriage environment. Drinks not served. +phone=+91 33 4400-3900
  • Ban Thai, Oberoi Grand, 15 Chowringhee Rd, +91 33 2249-2323. Week days - Open only for Dinner from 7PM to 11:30PM Weekends - Open for Lunch from 12:30PM to 3PM and for Dinner from 7PM to 11:30PM. For an authentic taste of Thailand, visit Baan Thai. Widely recognised as the premier Thai restaurant in the country. Drinks served. Around ₹4,000 for two people. Drinks extra.
  • 6 Rallis, Esplanade, 10D, Chowringhee Rd. Vegetarian restaurant known for various kind of snacks. Chats and South Indian foods are common. Famous for non alcoholic drinks including various kinds of milk shakes.

Park St[edit]

  • 7 Drive Inn, 10 Middleton St (same as Earthcare Books), +91 33 2217-2247. An outdoor restaurant offering a wide range of good vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare (Indian/Chinese). AC area available, staff speaks good English and is friendly. Meals from around ₹70.
  • 8 Kwality, 17, Park St (next to Oxford Book Shop). Been around for years with sharply dressed waiters serving tasty tandoori and north Indian food to well-off locals. Try their Chhola-bhatura. Mains from ₹100.
  • Moulin Rouge (not to be confused with Paris night club), 31, Park St, +91 33 2229 9397.
  • Oasis, 33, Park St, +91 33 2229 9033. Cosy restaurant with variety of foods. Has a small bar service counter with three stolls.
  • 9 Peter Cat, 18, Park St (Park St Metro Station), +91 33 2229 8841. Very popular for its chello kababs. However, their service has not received the best reviews. Serves Indian, tandoori and Continental fare.
  • 10 Waldorf, 13 D, Russel St (Near crossing with Park St), +91 33 65354952. Serves delicious Chinese food

Sudder St[edit]

  • 11 Blue Sky Cafe, 3, Sudder St (on the corner of Chowringhee Ln). The food is cheap, the place is clean and service is truly fantastic. Great if you are on an extended stay as they offer both Indian and some Western food. You will not find nicer waiters anywhere. Try the fresh squeezed juices.
  • Curd Corner (near junction with Chowringhee Ln). This small hole in the wall eatery is quite an institution in the area, and a generation of travellers have gorged themselves on the fresh and thick yoghurt. Check out the filter coffee and 'mock' cappuccino. Service staff don't speak English, which makes it hard when their menu is itself in English.
  • 12 Flury's, 18 Park St (Park St Metro Station), +91 33 22297664. Tu-Su 7AM-8PM, M 10AM-6PM. A popular and stylish cafe serving a good variety of baked goods and various coffees, sandwiches and entrees. A great place for breakfast or lunch. Baked goods ₹80-₹100, drinks ₹80, meals ₹600-₹1000.
  • 13 Raj's Spanish Cafe, 7, Sudder St (hard to find alleyway entrance close to intersection Mirza Ghalib St), +91 33 4001 4373. 8AM-10PM. Serves breakfast and espresso based coffees. Mexican, pizza, and other Western staples. mains ₹100.



There are a number of cafe chains (Barista, Cafe Coffee Day etc) on Park Street, near the junction with Mirza Ghalib Street.

  • 1 Cha Bar, 2nd floor, Oxford Book Store, Park St. A modern and chic cafe with a great selection of teas, including herbal, smoothies. Cha Bar also sells coffee, but this is of mediocre quality. A large window offers views of St life below, while the books provide a literary dimension. Cha Bar is an excellent place for a budding writer or a day dreamer.
  • The Street, GF, Park Hotel, Park St. The universal colors of chic decor, black and red, are used extensively to give this cafe a warm but modern feel. Good selection of coffees and healthy snacks opposed to what the name might make you think. This cafe is about as far from representing Kolkata St life as you could possibly get, but it makes a good alternative to the ubiquitous Baristas and Coffee Days.


  • 2 Broadway Hotel, 27A, Ganesh Chandra Ave. Recommended for a glimpse of a bygone era. Also one of the few places which serves beer with a plate of sliced cucumber.
  • 3 Fairlawn Beer Garden, 13/A Sudder St (inside Hotel Fairlawn), +91 33 2252 1510. Only serves beer. Eccentric atmosphere with greenery everywhere. Famous among travellers and volunteers. Great place for meeting people and early evening drinking. Snacks and dinner available.
  • 4 Olypub, 23 Park St, +91 33 64520472. 11AM to 11PM. A fine afforable bar
  • Super Pub, Sudder St (opposite of Fire Station). Air-Conditioned and clean place. Serves beer and hard liquor and seasonal fruit juice. Snacks and eateries are reasonably priced.


This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget Under ₹1000
Mid-range ₹1000 to ₹3000
Splurge Over ₹3000

Sudder Street is at the centre of Kolkata's backpacker area, and many of the budget hotels geared towards travellers are on and around this street.


  • 1 Broadway Hotel, 27A Ganesh Chandra Ave, Chandni Chowk (Chandni Chowk metro station 200 m), +91 33 22363930, +91 33 2236 3931, . Check-out: 24 hours from when you check in. Despite lacking AC the very large rooms with high ceilings make for a great space and the price is definitely right. Don't miss the authentic ambiance of the restaurant and bar of this 1937 built hotel. Supposedly due to the hotel's popularity rooms are often difficult to get unless you book ahead, however try hanging around and see if one magically opens up while you're there (especially if you're first offered a more expensive room). Upper triple rooms have balconies. ₹775 double with private bathroom.
  • Hotel Galaxy, 3, Stuart Lane (off Sudder St), +33 2252 4565. Clean, simple, and convenient location.
  • 2 Hotel Maria, 5/1 Sudder St (Park St metro station), +91 33 2252 0860. dorm ₹80, Very basic, creatively graffiti-ed rooms with and without attached bathroom from ₹300 as of Feb 2015. Grumpy service, cheap laundry, dank bathroom/toilet and no wifi. Very central location, takes no bookings, so arrive early (8:30AM onwards).
  • 3 Hotel Modern Lodge, 1 Stuart Ln (off Sudder St, next to Pargon Hotel), +91 33 2252 4960. Not very modern, but cheap and fairly clean. ₹150 for single with shared cold-water bathroom. ₹100-₹250.
  • Hotel Royal Palace, +91 33 2252 5280, +91 33 2252 4178. Clean and large A/C & non-A/C rooms with private bath, color TV, STD/ISD. ₹350-₹750.
  • 4 Padma Hotel, 131 Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Rd (near Sealdah fly-over), +91 33 2227-0552.
  • 5 Seacom Inn YMCA, 25 Jawaharlal Neru Rd (near corner with Kyd St, Park St metro station), +91 33 2249-2192, . An extremely drab and dark hotel that appears not to have received a lick of paint since its founding in the mid 19th century. However, in someways, that is the hotel's distinctive charm, and so it may appeal to strict traditionalists. There is a simple restaurant on the second floor. The food is nothing special, but the balcony offers a great view of the buzzing city below. Non A/C single ₹600, with A/C ₹850.


  • 6 Ashoka Hotel, 133, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Rd (opposite Sealdah Court, across the fly-over), +91 33 66039939.
  • 7 Astoria Hotel, Sudder St (between Park St metro station and Esplanade metro station), +91 33 2252 9679, . Clean, large, albeit drab, rooms with private bathrooms. ₹2450-4150 +10% tax (2015).
  • 8 DK international Hotel, 11/1A Marquis St (Near to Colin St corner), +91 33 2252 2540, +91 33 2252 2666, . All rooms A/C and breakfast included. Close to the Bangladesh bus stations. There are better deals out there but not quite as new as this place. Double from ₹1,800+tax.
  • Esplanade Chambers, 2 Chandni Chowk St (40 m off GC Ave), +91 33 2212 7101, +91 99 0313 2621, . Very clean and reasonably quiet rooms, albeit not massive. Single from ₹1400, double deluxe ₹2200, breakfast incl.
  • 9 Hotel Jaapon (Japoon Guest House), 30F Mirza Galib St (also called Free School St (at the end of Sudder St)), +91 33 2252 0657, +91 33 2252 0658. Reasonably clean AC and non-AC rooms available with a very small private bathroom and cable TV. Beds are surprisingly comfortable given the thin and well worn mattresses,but some rooms are chokingly musty - check before checking in. Location is central and just metres from Sudder St. Singles ₹650, AC doubles ₹1100.
  • 10 Sunflower Guest House, 7 Royd St (200 m away intersection Park St and Free school St), +91 33 2229 9401, +91 33 2229 8388, . Clean and great location. Those who tote lots of luggage be warned there are stairs to climb to top floor reception. ₹1,350 double.


  • 11 Bawa Watson Spa'o'tel, 5A Sudder St, +91 33 2252 1512, . An upscale new venue that's breaking the trend from the Sudder St backpacker tide. 29 rooms ₹4100 per double (all tax included, 2015).
  • 12 Fairlawn Hotel, 13/A Sudder St (Metro: Esplanade and Park Street), +91 33 2252 1510, +91 33 2252 8767, . a relic of the British Raj and oozing with charm and character. Single:₹3500, double/twin:₹4400 (Service Charge 5%) (2015).
  • 13 Great Eastern Hotel, +91 33 4444-7777. Built in 1841, the Great Eastern Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Kolkata. Great Eastern Hotel (Q15217311) on Wikidata Great Eastern Hotel, Kolkata on Wikipedia
  • 14 Housez 43, 43 Mirza Ghalib St (20 km from Kolkata Airport, 7 km from Howrah railway station, and 0.5 km from the main shopping area of New Market; near Fire Station), +91 33 2227 6020, +91 7595067173, . All rooms equipped with air-conditioning, TV, and private bath. Rates start at ₹4,950.
  • 15 Hotel Lindsay, 8A/8B Lindsay St (near Globe Cinema Hall, nearby Transit: Esplanade Metro Station), +91 33 3021 8666, . The hotel is well lit and clean. Its facilities, including a room minibar, hot water, tea and coffee, make it a good value four-star property. New market is right on the door step, and provides plenty of local interaction right on the doorstep. ₹4,600 double.
  • Oberoi Grand Hotel, 15 Chowringhee Rd lat=22.5612 (Near to Esplanade metro station), +91 33 2249 2323. One of the great hotels of the Raj, the Grand has been the last word in luxury for all of its 125+ years. A surprisingly quiet oasis in one of the busiest streets in the world. US$375-1,375.
  • 16 The Park Hotel, 17 Park Str (Park Street metro station), +91 33 2249 3121, fax: +91 33 2249 4000, . The unassuming exterior hides an elegant and homely interior with stylish Indian features. From ₹6300 (2015).
  • 17 Peerless Inn, 12 Chowringhee Rd (Close to Esplanade metro station), +91 33 4400 3900. From ₹10,000.

Stay safe[edit]

Police stations[edit]


  • 3 Gopal's Planet, 7 Tottie Lane (Coming from Sudder St, walk 50m (150ft) into Tottie Ln. On your left-hand side, same building as Raj's Guesthouse, ground floor), +91 9674273616, . 8AM-11PM. Friendly, quiet internet cafe off Sudder St with relatively modern computers, AC and free chai (with Wi-Fi, Skype, printers, phone calls, etc.). They also rent bicycles and sell train tickets. Their coffee and snacks are good as well.
  • Hotline Services, 7 Sudder St, (near the Astoria Hotel, at the back of the parking lot between Roop Shringar clothing shop and Metro Beauty Parlour. Identified with a large illuminated sign in red) has a room jam packed with high speed computers, and charges ₹15/hr. They also sell CDs of various styles of Indian music for around ₹150/each, and have a selection of hand-woven material and cotton clothing from all over India. Hotline also provides a coffee and snack service.

There are other smaller internet cafes on Sudder St such as Net Freaks, but they are often very busy.



  • Mercy Hospital (Private), Park St.

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