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Machida (町田市 Machida-shi) is a city in Tokyo Prefecture, Japan. The city is west of Tokyo's 23 downtown wards, bordering on Kanagawa. Machida City has relatively more nature than any other city in Tokyo. The town has been the setting for many manga and video games.




It is the third most populous city in Tokyo. Machida is a city with a city and nature. The area in front of Machida station is busy with department stores and shopping areas, but away from the station you will find quiet residential areas, greenery and parks. Minami-Machida has been redeveloped with commercial facilities and a park at Grandberry Park (グランベリーパーク). In front of Machida, you will find a variety of shops and brands, and almost everything you need is available. Once you've done the necessary shopping, you can relax in the park.

Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokémon, spent his childhood in this town, and Tajiri says that his experience of playing in the nature of Machida, where he was called "Dr. Insect", has been used in creating Pokémon. A Pokémon manhole has been set up in Serigaya Park near the house where Tajiri lived. It is also the town where the raccoon dog (Tanuki) moves to in the last scene of the Studio Ghibli movie Pom Poko.



Machida has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The oldest stone tool found in Machida City is about 23,000 years old. Around 16,500-2,800 years ago (Jomon period), people built settlements. A reproduction of a house from those days stands in the Honmachida Ruins Park (本町田遺跡公園).

The Kamakura-kaido road runs through the city. This road network connected Kamakura, the capital of the 12th century, with various places. As a stopping point for the road, a post town was established in Machida and prospered. It is said that there was a castle built in those days, but it has been replaced by a temple and a park. The Ruins of Idesawa Castle and the Ruins of Idesawa Battlefield are the Sugawara Shrine (菅原神社).

It also became prosperous as a transit point for the "Silk Road" that brought silk produced in Hachioji to Yokohama in the late 17th century. There are many old establishments with a long history. Established in 1884, Kakishimaya (柿島屋), which supported "Silk Road" from long ago as a horse broker. Established in 1895, Masaya Shoten (柾屋商店), Machida's oldest dry goods store. Established in 1919, Tomisawa Shoten (富澤商店), which mainly deals in confectionery materials. Established in 1787, Oka Naozaburo Store (岡直三郎商店), a soy sauce brewer and distributor.

During the war of the 20th century, Machida was spared from the fires of war, and the post-war reconstruction of the city prospered quickly. The Machida Nakamise shopping street (町田仲見世商店街), which evolved from the post-war black market, retains the atmosphere of the 20th century.


  • Average spring temperatures are highs of 15-25 °C and lows of 4-17 °C. There is a rainy season around June, when spring turns to summer.
  • Average summer temperatures are highs of 25-33 °C and lows of 20-23 °C, which is 1 to 2 degrees cooler than in the center of Tokyo. It's hot and humid, but the wind feels cooler than in the city center because of the many green areas. Be careful of sudden showers in summer.
  • Average autumn temperatures are highs of 17-22 °C and lows of 7-15 °C. There is a rainy season around September, when autumn turns to winter.
  • Average winter temperatures are highs of 10-15 °C and lows of minus 2-5 °C. It can snow enough to accumulate for a day or two.

Tourist information site


The local tourist association has a multilingual guide site.

Get in


By train


Machida is a major stop on the Odakyu Line from Shinjuku, and the JR Yokohama Line between Yokohama and Hachioji.

Nearly all Odakyu trains out of Shinjuku stop at Machida. The fastest ways to reach Machida from Shinjuku are by the Odakyu Rapid Express (快速急行, marked with orange text) and Express trains (急行, written in red text). These trains depart frequently, every 10 minutes or less, and reach Machida from Shinjuku in about 29 to 35 minutes (¥360). Slower Semi-Express (準急) or local trains can take about 45 to 55 minutes. Machida is also the first stop on all Limited Express services that run to Hakone. They take about the same time as a Rapid Express, but incur an additional ¥400 surcharge. However, for that price you get your own comfortable seat, similar to those on a bullet train, so reserving a seat on this train especially during rush hour can make your ride a lot more pleasant.

JR Yokohama Line trains make runs to Machida from Hachioji (20–30 minutes, ¥290) and Yokohama (30–40 minutes, ¥380). More frequent trains from Yokohama depart from nearby Higashi-Kanagawa (東神奈川) station.

The Yokohama Line offers the best connection from the Tokaido Shinkansen to Machida via Shin-Yokohama station (15–20 minutes, ¥290).

There is no charge for JR trains with the Japan Rail Pass.

By bus


Kanachu and Keio bus companies jointly offer daily services to Machida from Narita and Haneda airports. (There is only one service, depending on the time of the day, you may get Kanachu or Keio service.)

Get around


By train


Trains run on the Odakyu Line, the JR Yokohama Line and the Tokyu Denentoshi Line. The Odakyu Line, Tokyu Denentoshi Line and Keiō Sagamihara Line run from northeast to southwest along Kanagawa Prefecture, and the JR Yokohama Line runs from southeast to northwest along Kanagawa Prefecture. Trains run along the border of the prefecture, so buses are the main way to get around in Machida. Trains run along the border between prefectures, so buses are the main way to get around inside Machida.

  • Odakyuu Lune (小田急線)
    • 1 Machida Station (町田駅).
    • 2 Tamagawa Gakuen Station (玉川学園駅).
    • 3 Tsurukawa Station (鶴川駅).
  • JR Yokohama Line (JR横浜線)
    • 4 Naruse Station (成瀬駅).
    • 5 Machida Station (町田駅).
    • 6 Kobuchi Station (古淵駅).
    • 7 Fuchinobe Station (淵野辺駅).
    • 8 Yabe Station (矢部駅).
    • 9 Sagamihara Station (相模原駅).
    • 10 Hashimoto Station (橋本駅).
    • 11 Aihara Station (相原駅).
  • Tokyu Denentoshi Line (東急 田園都市線)
    • 12 Minami-Machida Granberry Park (南町田グランベリーパーク駅).
    • 13 Suzukake Dai Station (すずかけ台駅).
    • 14 Tsukushino Station (つくし野駅).
  • Keiō Sagamihara Line (京王 相模原線)
    • 15 Tamasakai Station (多摩境駅).

By bus


You can get to Machida by bus. There is a bus service from Machida station to various places in the city. Smart cards such as Suica can be used for easy payment.

  • 16 The bus stop for Yakushiike park. This is a bus to Yakushi-ike Park and the squirrel park.
    North Exit of Odakyu Machida Station (in front of the POP Building), No.21 bus stop.
    Buses to Tsurukawa via Honmachida(本町田経由鶴川) or Notsuda Shako via Honmachida(本町田経由野津田車庫)
    Get off at Yakushi-ike or Yakushigaoka bus stop.

On foot


Tourist attractions are concentrated in the Machida station area, Minami-Machida area, and Yakushiike area. You can get to each area by train or bus, and you can visit the tourist sites in the area on foot.


Machida Squirrel Garden
Yakushiike Park
Rembrandt Hotel and Machida Chuo Library


  • 1 Serigaya Park (芹ヶ谷公園), 5-16 Haramachida, +81 42-724-4399. 06:00-18:00. A park with sculptures scattered in the lush greenery and water.
    • Poke Lids -Pokemon Utility Hole Covers- (ポケふた -ポケモンマンホール-), 5-16 Haramachida. 06:00-18:00. Find Pokemon Manhole in the park in the city where Pokémon creator Satoshi Tajiri spent his childhood. The poke lid is a Pokémon Go pokestop.
  • Machida Yakushiike Park Shikisai no Mori. (町田薬師池公園 四季彩の杜). Machida Yakushiike Park is made up of several areas.
    • 2 Welcome gate (ウェルカムゲート), +81 42-851-8942. Information and Direct sales office 09:00-17:00; cafe and rRestaurant 10:00-20:00; library lounge (rest area) 09:00-17:00; lab and experience workshop 09:00-19:30. There is a local food market, a cafe and restaurant where you can enjoy cooking with Machida's local ingredients, a workshop where you can try your hand at making crafts, and a park where you can enjoy a BBQ and a picnic empty-handed.
    • 3 Yakushiike Park (薬師池公園), 3270 Nozuta Town, +81 42-724-4399. Daily 06:00-18:00. There is a pond called Yakushiike, where you can enjoy cherry blossoms and wisteria in the spring, irises and lotus in the summer, and autumn leaves in the fall. There is another small temple called Notuda Yakushido.There are also relocated and reconstructed late-17th-century private homes and a doctor's office and residence, giving visitors a sense of old Japan.
    • 4 Machida Peony Garden (町田ぼたん園), 2274-1 Nozuta Town, +81 42-724-4399. 08:30-16:00. The Botanic Garden is a 7-minute walk north of Yakushi Pond. The park is open for a fee according to the blooming period of peonies and peonies (usually mid-April to early May). Free of charge except when the flowers are in bloom.
    • 5 Machida Calanthe discolor Garden (町田えびね苑), 3129-6 Honmachida, +81 42-724-4399. 08:30-16:00. The Botanic Garden is a 10-minute walk north of Yakushi Pond. The garden is pay-per-open for a limited period of time from late April to early May when the orchid Calanthe discolor are in bloom. The park is opened free of charge during the hydrangea season (usually in early to mid-June).
    • 6 Machida Dahlia Garden (町田ダリア園), 1213-1 Yamazaki Town, +81 42-722-0538. 09:30-16:30. The garden is pay-per-open for a limited period of time from early July to early November every year when the Dahlia are in bloom. The rest stop and flower shop are open all year round. (Closed Jan 1-3.) ¥500; admission to the park is free for junior high school students and younger.
    • 7 Furusato Museum of Agricultural Tools (町田市ふるさと農具館), 2288 Nozuta-machi (7 minutes from Machida Station), +81 42-736-8380. Various farming equipment and agricultural tools on display. People of older generations are hopeful that their younger successors will carry on their farming traditions, hence this museum was built. The museum has a nice atmosphere.
  • 8 Machida Squirrel Garden (まちだリス園), 7-3-3 Kanaimachi, +81 42-734-1001. W-M: Mar 16-Oct 15 10:00-17:00; Oct 16-Mar 15 10:00-16:00; Dec 1-26 10:00-15:00; closed Dec 27-Jan 2; closed first Tu-F in Jun, Sep, and Dec. A park with about 100 squirrels. Guests can get close to the squirrels, play with them, and give them food. Squirrel feed can be purchased for ¥100. Adults ¥400, children age 3-12 ¥200.


Snoopy Museum Tokyo
  • 9 Snoopy Museum Tokyo (スヌーピーミュージアム), 3-1-1 Tsuruma, +81 42-812-2723. 10:00-18:00. This is the world's only official satellite of the Schulz Museum of Art, the Peanuts fan's mecca in Santa Rosa, California, USA. Original drawings from "Peanuts" and a giant Snoopy sculpture are on display. There are workshops and a cafe based on the world of "Peanuts".
  • 10 Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts (町田市立国際版画美術館), 4-28-1 Haramachida, +81 42-726-2771. The only museum in Japan that focuses on prints. Weekdays 10:00-17:00 (admission is until 16:30) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-17:30 (admission is until 17:00) Closed every Monday and 28 Dec-4 Jan. Fees vary depending on the exhibition. The mini-exhibition (permanent exhibition room) is free.
  • 11 Buaiso (武相荘), 7-3-2 Nougaya, +81 42-735-5732. 10:00-17:00. The former Shirasu residence. You can enjoy an old Japanese house and a beautiful garden. Inside the house is a museum. ¥1100.
  • 12 Kojima Shiryokan (小島資料館), 950 Onoji, +81 42-736-8777. 06:00-18:00. The head of the family, Shikanosuke Kojima, was a close friend of Isami Kondo of the Shinsengumi, so there is a display of materials related to the Shinsengumi. ¥600.
  • 13 Taigan Historical Museum (泰巖歴史美術館 Taigan Rekishi Bijutsu Kan), 1-4-10 Nakamachi, +81 42-726-1177. 10:00-17:00. Japanese sword and armor of samurai from the Sengoku period are on display. There is also a life-size replica of a part of the famous Oda Nobunaga's castle. ¥1,500,\500 (children).


  • 14 Machida Chuo Library (町田市立中央図書館), 3-2-9 Haramachida, +81 42-728-8220. It's a big library, so if you are looking for some books, you might find it here as it has a wide selection.
  • Machida Eisa Festival (on Haramachida Odori just outside JR Machida Station). Sep. This is an Okinawan folk dance festival held annually. Many Eisa teams come to Machida. There are 23 pairs. The festival is very lively and fun, and various food items can be purchased from small stalls around the area.


  • 1 Bee, Haradamachida 6-10-7 5F. M-F 17:00-05:00, Sa Su 15:00-05:00. A dining establishment with darts, card games, and board games. A nice place to have a party with friends.
  • 2 Neko-no-mise (ねこのみせ), 1-2-9-202 Haramachida, +81 42-722-0544. Daily 12:00-22:00. A cafe with a twist — there are cats running around that you can play with. Great if you want to play with cats but not raise one long-term.
  • 3 Round 1, 1-13-14 Morino, +81 42-710-0095. M-F 10:00-06:00, Sa 09:00-06:00, Su 08:00-06:00. This place has a wide assortment of games, including bowling, karaoke, billiards, and many arcade games.
  • 4 Sugawara Shrine (菅原神社), 802 Haramachida (Climb a long flight of stairs to get to the shrine.), +81 42-725-3991. People worship the god of learning, Sugawara, at this shrine. In Heian period, Sahara was a scholar.
  • 5 Sports Park Partners Machida (スポーツパークパートナーズまちだ), 2035 Nozutamachi (In Nozuta Park), +81 42-735-4511. Holds 6,200 people. Many soccer games and university contests are held here. Prices start at ¥520.

Live music

  • 6 Flava, 原町田2-7-3 トップヒルB1F. Live rock music, DJ live sets and dance performances throughout the week. Price depends on the event (normally includes 1 drink).
  • 7 The Play House, 中町1丁目18−15 クローヴビル1F. Live house in Machida. Schedule can be accessed on their website. It is also a music school during weekdays. Normally ¥1,100-2,000 (ADV, drink(s) included).
  • 8 West Vox, 森野 1-8-1 MOAビル B1. Live music and club, depending on the day. Depends on the event.



Spa and onsen

  • 12 Natural Hot Spring Roten Garden (天然温泉 ロテン・ガーデン), 358 Aihara, +81 42-774-2681. 10:00-24:00. This is the first genuine bicarbonate natural hot spring in Machida City, pumped up from 1,381 meters below ground. From ¥760.
  • 13 Manyou no Yu Machida (万葉の湯 町田), 7-3-1 Tsuruma, +81 42-788-4126. Open 24 hours. A hot spring facility where you can take a day trip and stay overnight. From ¥2,300.
  • 14 Tamasakai Natural Hot Springs Mori no Irodori (多摩境天然温泉 森乃彩), 1-11-5 Oyamagaoka, +81 80-9093-3560. 09:00-24:00. Surrounded by the rich natural environment of the Tama Hills and surrounded by greenery, you can enjoy an open-air bath with a flowing hot spring that has the effect of making your skin beautiful. From ¥780.
  • 15 Ōkurayu (大蔵湯), 522 Kisomachi, Machida City, Tokyo. 14:00-23:00 (regular holiday: Friday). The only traditional public bath in Machida City. The golden Mt.Fuji mosaic tile painting on the wall is a must-see. It should be noted that there are many yakuza (organized crime) among the users. They rarely cause problems, but bad manners can irritate them and cause trouble. \500.

Spectator sports

Machida City Athletic Stadium
  • 16 FC Machida Zelvia (FC町田ゼルビア), 550 O-kuramachi, +81 42-735-6050. A J-League football club team based in Machida City. Machida Gion Stadium (Machida City Athletic Stadium) is their home ground.
  • 17 Pescadola Machida (ペスカドーラ町田), 5-12 Naruse. An F-League futsal club team based in Machida City. Machida Sougo Taiikukan (Machida City General Gymnasium) is their home ground.
  • 18 Canon Eagles (キヤノンイーグルス), 5290 Onoji. A Top-League rugby club team based in Machida City. Canon Sports Park is their home ground.


Grandberry Park

Fashion stores include: Jorna, Lumine, OIOI, Modi, and Tokyu Twins. These are all near Machida station on both the Yokohama and Odakyu lines.

  • 1 Bookoff (ブックオフ), 4-4-8 Haramachida, +81 42-739-4580. Second-hand shop including comic books, CDs, games, and more. If you are studying Japanese, comic books are helpful.
  • 2 Don Quijote (ドン・キホーテ), 4-2-14 Haramachida, +81 42-709-5411. Open until 05:00. Popular chain of discount shops found all across Japan. Great selection and wide range of merchandise from groceries to electronics to designer handbags, at really low prices.
  • 3 Grandberry Park (グランベリーパーク), 3-4-1 Tsuruma (a 1-minute walk from Minami-Machida Grandberry Park Station), +81 42-788-0109. 10:00-20:00. This is a facility with a large outlet shopping mall and a large park. You can buy clothes, shoes and so on at cheap prices. There are foreign stores, but there are also Japanese brands of clothing. There are also many restaurants and an indoor food court. You can eat Japanese Chinese, Italian and so on. The all-you-can-eat Kentucky Fried Chicken is a popular choice. The mall also has a movie theater called 109 Cinemas. On weekends, the mall is always crowded with many people and you can even see some street performers. Grandberry Park is a good place not only for shopping but also for walking. On weekends, many people come to show their pets to other people and have fun talking about pets. Some of the neighboring areas are sometimes used as filming locations for Japanese TV dramas. The Snoopy Museum is located on the grounds.
  • 4 Lumine (ルミネ), 6-1-11 Haramachida (a 1-minute walk from JR Machida Station and 3 minutes from Odakyu Machida Station), +81 42-739-3111. 10:00-22:00. A big department store that includes clothes, dresses, sundries, small articles, accessories, shoes, a restaurant, a book store, a CD/DVD store, cosmetics, a hair salon and more.
  • 5 mina (ミーナ町田), 4-1-17 Haramachida, +81 42-710-3725. Daily 10:00-21:00. There is a very large Uniqlo store if you need to pick up any cheap clothing during your travels. Also, there are cafes and knick-knack stores.
  • 6 Jorna Machida (ジョルナ町田店), 6-6-14 Haramachida. 10:30-20:30. The store is popular amongst teenagers and stylish young women. It includes clothes, dresses, sundries, small articles, accessories, restaurants, cosmetics, a hair salon, beauty salon and more. Uniqlo's sibling brand Gu is there. Gu is a cheaper price point brand than Uniqlo.



Machida is an area with many ramen shops. There is also a restaurant specializing in rare soy sauce dishes and a horse meat restaurant. There are too many other restaurants in Machida to mention. Here are some of the distinctive shops.


  • 1 Hokkaido Ramen Oyaji (北海道ラーメン おやじ 町田店), 1-19-1 Nakamachi (near the Machida City Hall, a short walk from Machida Station), +81 42-723-2951. M-F 11:30-15:30, 17:30-23:30; Sa Su 11:30-23:00. This is a famous and very tasty Hokkaido-style miso ramen shop. The "Oyaji Set" is notable. Ramen and gyoza ¥1100.
  • 2 Ichiban Ichiban (一番いちばん), 1-28-24 Nakamachi, +81 42-724-5506. Good ramen. ¥800-1000.
  • 3 Shio Ramen Shinka (町田汁場 しおらーめん進化 本店), 3-18-17 Morino. Famous for its salt ramen.
  • 4 Papapapapine (パパパパパイン), 3-1-4 Haramachida. A rare ramen made with pineapple.
  • 5 Karamen Shinku (辛麺 真空), 4-1-5 Haramachida. Spicy ramen is the specialty of this shop.

Japanese food

  • 6 Tencyuu (醤油料理 天忠), 1-3-4 Nakamachi, +81 42-739-1303. Lunch 11:30-15:00, dinner 17:00-22:00. This is a restaurant specializing in soy sauce dishes, a rarity.
  • 7 Kakijimaya (柿島屋), 6-19-9 Haramachida, +81 42-722-3532. 16:00-22:00. Horsemeat dishes are available at affordable prices.
  • 8 Yakitori Dokoro Daibu(formerly Gecchu) (やきとり処 大舞 (旧名 月忠)), Haramachida 3-9-1, +81 50-5346-1221. W-M 17:00-23:00. A yakitori restaurant. All the clerks are friendly and nice. They serve good yakitori and sake.


  • 9 Sabou Nakanoya (茶房 中野屋), 4-11-6 Haramachida (10 min from Machida Station.), +81 42-725-4104. 11:00-18:00. A cafe where you can enjoy Japanese sweets in a relaxed atmosphere.

All you can eat

  • 10 Sweets Paradise (スイーツパラダイス), Machida Modi 9F,6-2-6, Haramachida, +81 42-728-8506. 11:00-23:00. A large variety of desserts. Adults ¥1480, children ¥840.
  • 11 KFC Restaurant (KFC レストラン), 3-4-1 Tsuruma (in Grandberry Park), +81 42-788-5205. 11:00-22:00. All-you-can-eat Kentucky Fried Chicken. Some of the menu items are only available here. ¥1,980-2,180.
  • 12 Syabu-Syabu Onyasai (しゃぶしゃぶ温野菜), Tokyo Machida Haramachida4-11-14 B1, +81 42-709-1829. 17:00-00:00. All you can eat shabu-shabu and sukiyaki. Ninety minutes of greatness. ¥2480-3280.


  • 13 Shouyou Sennchin Manjyu (小陽生煎饅頭屋) (in the Nakamise Shopping Arcade, a five-minute walk from Machida Station). Serves Chinese steamed dumplings (shoronpo). Four pieces for ¥340, five pieces for ¥510.
  • 14 T.G.I. Friday's, 2F 6-9-18, Haramachida, Machida, Tokyo, +81 42 710-1161. 11:00-00:00. The famous American restaurant chain, one of a few locations in the Tokyo area. This is a great place to have lunch, or some after-work happy hour drinks (half-price on weekdays between 16:00 and 19:00). Staff are friendly, and the place has a lively atmosphere. ¥1000 and up.


  • 1 HUB Machida branch (HUB町田店), VintageB1F 6-14-15 Haramachida (next to Matsumoto Kiyoshi, just outside Odakyu Machida Station's east exit), +81 42-724-5724. 17:00-23:00. A branch of the popular chain of English pubs found all around Tokyo and other urban centers across Japan. Lively atmosphere especially on weekends. Reasonably priced drinks along with a decent selection of British pub fare, as well as darts, and TVs showing sporting events.


  • 1 Rembrandt Hotel (Hotel the Ellcy) (レンブラントホテル東京町田), 3-2-9 Haramachida (7 minutes from Odakyu Machida Station), +81 42-724-3111, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 11:00. This is the high-end option for hotels in the Machida station area. Doubles ¥12,700, doubles w/ dinner ¥16,700, twins ¥16,700, twins w/ dinner ¥20,700, parking ¥1000.
  • 2 Hotel Shinjukuya (ホテル新宿屋), Haramachida 6 (near the east exit of Odakyu Machida station, right in front of MOS Burger), +81 42-722-3112. Very affordable, good condition, and surrounded by plenty of options for shopping, dining, and drinking. rooms from about ¥6500 per night.
  • 3 Sun Hotel (サンホテル), Haramachida 6 (Located near the Covent Garden Bar), +81 42-724-0708. The cheapest hotel in the Machida Station area, and rightfully so. This business hotel's rooms are very basic and not in the best condition, but they are a cheap. Singles ¥5900.
  • 4 Hotel Rapport Senjukaku (ホテルラポール千寿閣), Kamitsuruma Honcho 3-11-8, Sagamihara (behind JR Machida station, past Yodobashi Camera and the love hotel district), +81 42-749-1121. Very well-priced rooms in good condition, although a little old and basic in terms of amenities. Perhaps the best value for your money among hotels near Machida Station. Singles ¥5500.
  • 5 Hotel Resol Machida (ホテルリソル町田), 1-12-15 Morino (a short walk north from Odakyu Machida station main exit (towards Seiyu and Round 1 entertainment complex)), +81 42-720-3011. A good mid-range hotel. Free internet access. Singles ¥7000.
  • 6 Toyoko Inn Machida (東横INN町田駅小田急線東口), 1-3-3 Nakamachi (from the east exit of Odakyu Machida Station, you will see the police station on your left as you come up the stairs and exit; proceed forward and cross the railway on your left and carry on forward), +81-42-728-1045. Check-in: 16:00, check-out: 10:00. Breakfast served 07:00-09:30. Free internet. Singles ¥5990, doubles ¥6500.



Medical consultation

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Information Center / Medical Information Service, +81 3-5285-8181. 09:00-20:00. Inquiries about medical institutions that offer foreign language consultations and the Japanese healthcare system. (English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Spanish)
  • Holiday and nighttime treatment
    • Pediatric Emergency Telephone Consultation (小児救急電話相談), +81 3-5285-8898. Monday - Friday (excluding holidays and New Year's holidays). 18:00-08:00 the next morning. Saturday, Sunday, holidays and New Year's holidays 24 hours. Pediatric dialing. For young children, please contact them first. You can call a pediatrician or nurse when you are not sure how to deal with a sudden illness of your child on holidays or at night, or whether you should go to a hospital for treatment. (Not sure if there is English support.) It is better to call 03-5285-8181 above except at night.
    • Emergency Consultation Center (救急相談センター), +81 42-521-2323. 24 hours. For adult and pediatric emergency telephone consultations are out of hours. The medical team will provide advice on the urgency of the condition, advice on the need to seek medical attention, and guidance to medical facilities. (Not sure if there is English support.) It is better to call 03-5285-8181 above except at night.
    • Emergency Consultation Center (休日診療・救急当番). On holidays and at night. You can find a list on the website. However, only Japanese pages are available. The list is ordered from left to right: date, hours, department, name, and phone number. Here is a brief explanation of the meaning of the Japanese terms. Next morning is 翌朝. Internal department is 内科系 or (内). Surgical department is 外科系 or (外). Pediatrics is 小児科 or (小).
  • Call an ambulance, 119. 24 hours. In case of an emergency, call 119 for an ambulance.(Some phones, such as VoIP phones, are not available.



Free wifi

  • 1 Yodobashi Camera (ヨドバシカメラ), 1-1-11 Haramachida. Appliance store. Free wifi is available in the store.
  • 2 Bic Camera (ビックカメラ), 6-12-20 Haramachida. Appliance store. Free wifi is available in the store.

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Routes through Machida
ShizuokaAtsugi  SW  NE  KawasakiTokyo
OdawaraSagami-Ono  W  E  Shimo-KitazawaShinjuku
Katase-EnoshimaSagami-Ono  W  E  Shimo-KitazawaShinjuku
HachiojiAihara  W  E  NagatsutaShin-Yokohama
Minami-machida Grandberry Park ← S E ← Nagatsuta  W  E  AiharaHachioji

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