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Oldambt is a municipality in the east of the province of Groningen, in the Netherlands, bordering the East Frisia region of Germany. Oldambt used to be the granary of the Netherlands, and is now known for its landscape with yellow fields of rapeseed, its canals and lakes, and in the north the Dollard bay coast. The main town of the region is Winschoten, nicknamed windmill city because of its three traditional windmills. Villages in the region include Scheemda and spa town Bad Nieuweschans.


Large farmhouse in Midwolda, a result of the history of Oldambt as the granary of the province. The building is a national monument, and nowadays houses a public sauna.

The Oldambt is a region in the east of Groningen province, which was an administrative district from the Middle Ages to the 18th century. On the northern side of the region is the coast of the Dollard, a bay of the Wadden Sea. Large parts of the Oldambt were overflowed by the Dollard in the 15th and 16th centuries, drowning at least 20 villages. Starting from the 16th century, land has been reclaimed from the Dollard and the Oldambt region in its current form was created. The region, especially the reclaimed land, was very suitable for agricultural production, and the Oldambt became known as the granary of Groningen province, or even of the Netherlands. The farmers in Oldambt thrived, and this led to the construction of large farming estates, and the development of Winschoten (awarded city rights in 1825) as regional centre.

Nowadays, Oldambt is one of the weakest regions of the Netherlands economically, with a declining and ageing population. Part of the reason for this is the relatively remote location of the Oldambt in the Netherlands, in the northeastern corner of the country. Many of the younger generation therefore move to more central locations, such as the provincial capital Groningen city. The government has attempted to reverse this trend by the implementation of several projects, of which the Blauwestad project is the most notable example. Through this project, an 800-hectare lake has been created, aimed at improving opportunities for tourism, and increasing the draw of the region for wealthy citizens. Although the project has largely failed in attracting people to move to the region, it has benefitted tourism in the region, especially water sports.

In 2010, several municipalities in the region merged to become the municipality of Oldambt. The municipality has a population of about 38,000, and covers part of the historical region of Oldambt. In addition to this municipality, the historical region also covers the more western area, including the villages of Muntendam, Zuidbroek, and Noordbroek. This area is part of the new municipality Midden-Groningen (established in 2018). This article does not include these villages, and only focuses on the current municipality of Oldambt.

Tourist information[edit]

In Oldambt there is one tourist information centre (VVV), in the town centre of Winschoten. In addition, there are Tourist Information Points (TIPs) in several restaurants, hotels, campsites, and attractions throughout the region.

Get in[edit]

Bad Nieuweschans railway station

By car[edit]

The southern part of Oldambt is traversed by the east-west A7 motorway. From virtually all directions this motorway is the best option to enter the Oldambt region. From the western side, from the city of Groningen (and the nearest airport, Groningen Airport Eelde) it takes about 25 minutes to Oldambt, while from Amsterdam the drive takes 2 hours. On the eastern side, the A7 motorway crosses the border with Germany and then continues as the German A280 Autobahn, with a junction to the A31 Autobahn nearby (Oldenburg 1 hour, Bremen 1hr 20min, Münster 1hr 45min).

By train[edit]

The Oldambt is along the railway from Groningen city to Leer (Ostfriesland) in Germany. There are three railway stations along this line within the Oldambt: from west to east Scheemda, Winschoten, and Bad Nieuweschans. The stations in Scheemda and Winschoten are served two times per hour by a train from Groningen (operated by Arriva). One of these two trains terminates in Winschoten, while the other continues to Bad Nieuweschans (hence served 1x/hour). The travel time from Groningen to Oldambt is approximately 30 minutes (Scheemda) to 48 minutes (Bad Nieuweschans).

The train service used to continue to Leer (Ostfriesland) in Germany. However, in 2015 a ship collided with the railway bridge between Bad Nieuweschans and Leer, making Bad Nieuweschans the terminus. The hourly train service that terminates in Winschoten is supplemented by a replacement bus service that runs Winschoten - Bad Nieuweschans - Weener - Leer. Coming from Germany to the Oldambt, you can therefore take a train to 'Leer (Ostfriesland)' station and transfer to the replacement bus to Bad Nieuweschans and Winschoten. (Reconstruction works on the bridge are planned to start no sooner than 2020, with completion set four years later.)

By bus[edit]

It is easiest to get to the Oldambt by train. However, from some destinations in the region (Groningen and Drenthe provinces), regional bus routes operated by Qbuzz can be used.

  • Bus route 13 from Veendam: 1x per hour during daytime Mondays to Saturdays.
  • Bus routes 14 and 75 from Stadskanaal: 1-2x per hour during daytime Mondays to Saturdays (route 14 via Vlagtwedde, route 75 via Nieuwe Pekela).
  • Bus route 110 from Assen via Veendam: 1-2x per hour daily (from Assen it is faster to take a train via Groningen city).
  • Bus route 119 from Delfzijl: 1x per hour daily.

Get around[edit]

The fastest way to get around in the Oldambt region is by car. In the southern part of the Oldambt there is an extensive road network, including the A7 motorway and several trunk roads. In the northern part, the population density is much lower and there are only some local roads. However, the best way to get around is arguably by bicycle. The main towns and villages are clearly signposted with dedicated signposts for cyclists, and in many cases separate cycle paths are available.

Apart from the train connection from Scheemda via Winschoten to Bad Nieuweschans, as described above, there are two bus routes that can be useful to get around in the Oldambt. Bus route 13 (direction Veendam) connects Winschoten to the villages of Heiligerlee and Westerlee; and bus route 17 connects the stations of Winschoten and Scheemda via the villages Beerta, Finsterwolde, Oostwold, and Midwolda.



Windmill 'Berg' in Winschoten

In the early 18th century, there were thirteen windmills in Winschoten alone, giving it the nickname Molenstad (windmill city). As a result of the industrial revolution and expansion of residential areas, the number of windmills has decreased. Nowadays, there are still three traditional windmills in Winschoten, and five more in the other villages of the Oldambt. Some of the most notable include:

  • 1 Edens (De Volharding), Nassaustraat 14, Winschoten. Open for visits Saturday afternoons. The oldest windmill of Groningen province. The grist mill was built in 1763.
  • 2 Berg, Grintweg 61, Winschoten. Large windmill built in 1854 for grain milling and barley peeling.
  • 3 Dijkstra, Nassaustraat 63, Winschoten. The largest of Winschoten's three windmills, with six millstones, built in 1862.
  • 4 Udema's molen, Ganzedijk 71, Finsterwolde. Sundays 13:00-17:00. Built in 1868.
  • 5 De Dellen, Pastorieweg 2A, Nieuw Scheemda. Polder windmill built in 1855, that was used for drainage of the reclaimed land (polder). A modern pumping station has been built next to it, but the traditional windmill can still be operational in case of emergency.



  • 1 [dead link] Fontana Resort Bad Nieuweschans, Weg naar de Bron 3-9, Bad Nieuweschans, +31 597 527 777. (thermal baths daily 9:00-22:45). Complete welness resort: thermal baths with healing spring water, various sauna facilities, a steam bathhouse, relaxation areas, and a park. The resort is the reason for the prefix 'Bad' in the name of Bad Nieuweschans, to promote it as a spa town. The resort also includes a hotel and several restaurants.

General aviation[edit]

  • 2 Oostwold Airport, Polderweg 28, Oostwold, +31 597 551 490. General aviation airfield, with daily sightseeing flights. The airport is available for VFR flights and Schengen only. Sightseeing flights from €114 for 15 minutes (3 persons).

Outdoor recreation and water sports[edit]

  • 3 Huninga's Watersport (Zeilschool & Bootverhuur Blauwestad), Strandweg 1, Midwolda (in the harbour/marina of Midwolda), +31 6 5230 7528. Sailing courses as well as rental of motorboats, electric boats, sailing boats, canoes, and kayaks.
  • Pieter Dekker Rondvaarten (Blauwestad boat tours), Strandweg 1, Midwolda (in the harbour/marina of Midwolda), +31 597 561 717. Every Sunday at 13:30; additional tours by appointment. Boat tour on the Oldambtmeer lake (adults €9.50).
  • 4 Welvoart (Blauwestad boat tours), Redersplein 8, Blauwestad (Azzurro restaurant), +31 6 2948 3615. Every Sunday at 15:00, additional tours in Summer. Boat tour on the Oldambtmeer lake.


There is a wide variety of more than 50 shops in the town centre of Winschoten, and a smaller selection of shops in Scheemda. In some of the other villages there are a few shops, mainly supermarkets.

General opening hours are 09:00 to 18:00 on weekdays, and 09:00 to 17:00 on Saturdays. In Winschoten, shops are open late on Friday evenings, until 21:00. Generally, shops are closed on Sundays, but several times per year in Winschoten Sunday afternoon shopping is organised. Supermarkets have wider opening hours, with most supermarkets in Winschotenand Scheemda open M-Sa 08:00 to 21:00, and Su 12:00/13:00 to 18:00. Supermarkets in the other villages generally have more limited opening hours (e.g. M-F until 20:00, and closed on Sundays).

Regional products[edit]

  • 1 Landwinkel Oldiek, Hoofdweg West 26, Nieuwolda, +31 596 541 355. Tu-F 09:00-18:00, Sa 09:00-17:00. Products from Oldambt, including locally grown apples, pears, cherries, prunes, and grapes, as well as wines, juices, local cakes, and cheeses.


National monument 'Hoofdstraat 59 Beerta', now restaurant Smederij 1872.
  • 1 Steakhouse Desperado, Engelstilstraat 4, Winschoten, +31 597 430 106. W-Su 17:00-22:00. Main courses about €20.
  • 2 Restaurant de Parelvisser (Landgoed Westerlee), Hoofdweg 67, Westerlee, +31 597 433 082. Daily 18:00-21:30. Surprise 'flavours of Groningen' three- to six-course menus. Starting from €35 for three courses.
  • 3 Smederij 1872, Hoofdstraat 59, Beerta, +31 597 851 236. Tu Th-Su 15:00-24:00. Restaurant in a national monument building that used to be a smithy (smederij), with a waterfront terrace Main courses about €20.




  • 1 New Royal York Hotel, Stationsweg 21, Winschoten (opposite Winschoten railway station), +31 597 414 300. from €74 per night for a double room.
  • 2 Hotel Landgoed Westerlee, Hoofdweg 67, Westerlee, +31 597 433 082. Resort with spa and sauna in a former lord farm from €129 per night for a double room.
  • 3 [dead link] Fontana Wellnesshotel (Fontana Resort Bad Nieuweschans), Weg naar de bron 3-9, Bad Nieuweschans, +31 597 527 777. Four-star hotel as part of the Fontana spa and wellness resort. from €169 per night for a double room, including spa access.
  • 4 Hotel In den Stallen, Oostereinde 10, Winschoten, +31 597 414 073. from €71 per night for a double room.
  • 5 Hotel Victoria, Marktplein 6, Winschoten, +31 597 418 472. from €69 per night for a double room.

Campsites and cottages[edit]

  • 6 De Leeuwenborg, Pastorieweg 14, Nieuw Scheemda, +31 598 446 464. Campsite along the Termunterzijldiep canal, and rental of cottages. There is also an indoor playground and a miniature golf course.
  • 7 Camping de Bouwte, Hoofdweg 20A, Midwolda, +31 597 591 706. Campsite and cottage rental. With a swimming lake.
  • 8 Camping Meerland, Groeveweg 42, Oostwold, +31 597 422 644. Campsite, cottage, and apartmentGGGGG rental on an island in the middle of the Oldambtmeer lake.
  • 9 Camping de Boscamp, Dok 1a, Nieuwolda, +31 596 541 727. Small campsite along the Termunterzijldiep canal
  • 10 Kostverloren11, Kostverloren 11, Finsterwolde, +31 597 521 378. Campsite and bed & breakfast apartments in the vast and quiet north of the Oldambt.
  • 11 De fruitgaard (Mini-camping), Fam. Bosschaart, Pastorieweg 16 9635 TD, Noordbroek (10 km (6 miles) NW of Winschoten), +31 598-446434, . Includes showers. No Wi-Fi but OK GSM phone signal. Laundry facilities. 1 person/tent/bike/night €6.


Go next[edit]

  • Bourtange — Star-shaped fort village, 20 km south of the Oldambt
  • Leer — Town just across the border in East Frisia, Germany
  • Groningen — The provincial capital, and the economic and cultural centre of the Northern Netherlands

Routes through Oldambt
GroningenMidden-Groningen  W  E  LeerBremen

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