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Rømø is an island in Denmark.

Satellite photo of Rømø


Most visitors to Rømø rent a cottage for one or two weeks. But it is also possible to stay in hotels or Bed & Breakfasts for a day or two. And if you are in South Jutland it is worth it to go to Rømø for a day trip.

The attraction of Rømø is the spectacular nature: the heather, the enormous beaches, the Wadden Sea.

Get in[edit]

By car[edit]

Rømø is connected to mainland by a road running across a causeway.

By ferry[edit]

  • 1 Syltfærge (Departs from the Rømø port at Havneby), +45 73755303. between Rømø and Sylt island. Departs 9 times a day in each direction in the high season. Rømø-Sylt Line (Q1657743) on Wikidata

By bus[edit]

Bus No. 285 leaves from Skærbæk train station and stops at Lakolk, Nørre Tvismark (The Havnebyvej/Vesterhavsvej intersection), Kongsmark, and Havneby. It is also the school bus, so it runs 9 times a day on schooldays but only two or three times on weekends and school holidays. On schoolday the bus also stops in Toftum and Juvre.

Get around[edit]

Entrance with speed limit sign to beach on Rømø

By car[edit]

It is possible to drive on to the huge beaches at Lakolk and Sønderstrand, but keep an eye on the car while parked; the tide can come quickly.

By bike[edit]

Rømø is a good size for bicycles and there are bicycle paths along the major roads (Havnebyvej and Vesterhavsvej).

Røme bike path

On horseback[edit]

Horseback riding is very popular on Rømø. You can ride on all public roads, the beaches, and marked bridleways.


Toftum Skole, one of Denmark's oldest and smallest schools
Whale skeleton
  • 1 Kommandørgård Museum (Kommandørgården), Juvrevej 60, Toftum. May - October. Mansion house (built 1770) of the Thaden family. Free WiFi. 50 kr. Kommandørgården (Q1780081) on Wikidata
  • 2 Toftum School, Juvrevej 56 (Next to Kommandørgården). Tiny old straw-roof school building. free entrance.
  • 3 Naturcenter Tønnisgård, Havnebyvej 30, +45 74 75 52 57, . Mar-Oct: M-F 10:00-16:00; Nov-Mar: M-W 10:00-15:00. Exhibitions on nature and the Wadden Sea. Tønnisgård arrange many organized tours and events in the region. It is a good place to start a vacation to get an idea about what is going on. 22 kr.
  • 4 Rømø Mini Museum, Havnebyvej 30 (Behild Tønnisgård). Tells the history of the Rømø’s formation, from a sandbank to its present size. Free entrance.
Rømø Church
  • 5 Rømø Church (Sankt Clemens Kirke), Havnebyvej 152, +45 74755231. M-Su 08:00-16:00. Church from 1200. Notice the seven model ships and the hat hooks. Free entrance. Rømø Church (Q12334553) on Wikidata Rømø Church on Wikipedia
  • 6 Whalebone fence (in Juvre). Fence made of whalebones. Made in 1722 when wood was a scarce resource on Rømø. free.
Whalebone fence on Rømø Denmark



Go to the beach. it is the largest sand beach in Northern Europe. During low tide it can be 2.5 km wide and 8.5 km long.

use one of Havvfaldpose bags for tidying up the beach
Kitesurfing sign at western beach
  • 1 Høstbjerg. Climb the highest point on Rømø (19 meters) to have a magnificient view over the surrounding heathlands. On a clear day you can see to Esbjerg in the north and south to the island of Sylt. free. Høstbjerg (Q23747188) on Wikidata
  • 2 Rømø Labyrinth Park. 70 kr.
  • 3 Rømø Golf Club, Vestergade 31. 300 kr.
  • 4 Rømø Candles (Rømø Lys), Lakolk Butikscenter 18, +45 73755151, . Make your own candles 5 kr per 100 grams of candles.
  • 5 Rømø Fishing Lake (Rømø Fiskesø), Vestervej 46, +45 24253945. sundawn-sunset. Put and Take from €11.
  • 6 Pick you own oysters. Sep-Apr. You can pick you own oysters north-east of Havneby. The oysters are there all year. But they are safe to eat in months with a name with an "R". Bring rubber boots. free.
  • Seal Safari (Starts at the ferry in Havneby). 4-hour guided boat tour watching seals, harbour porpoises, and birds. 235 kr.
  • 7 Thomsens Ridecenter, Vråbyvej 9, Havneby, +45 74756880, . Horse riding in the woods or on the beach From €22.
Rømø bunker tour
  • Bunker tours (starts at Tønnisgård). Visit the World War II bunkers on Rømø. Guided tours in German and Danish. It starts by a presentation in Tønnisgård when you drive or cycle in your own vehicle to the first bunker. You visit four bunkers. The two last ones are a bit challenging. You have to climb ladders and move in narrow shafts. Bring a good flashlight (they have a few extra for people who did not bring a flashlight) and shoes that can take some water. 75 kr.
  • Nationalpark Bussen (Starts at Rømø havn). Wednesdays from July to October. 5-hour bus tour visiting sights in the Wadden Sea (departs from Tønder on Tuesdays). 245 kr.
  • 8 Kirkeby Plantage Hundeskov. If you brought a dog, take it to Kirkeby Dog Park where is can roam without a leash. Oct-Mar dog can also run free on the beaches. There are also dog parks at Lakolk and Vråby. free.
  • 9 Lakolk Beach (At the western end of Vesterhavsvej.). Kitesurfing and windsurfing at the north end (go right then you get on to the beach).
  • 10 Sønderstrand (South Beach). The south beach is the place for beach sailing (blokarts and kitebuggies). But also interesting to explore on foot.
  • 11 Military area at Juvre Sand. This 20 km² area is used for training air to ground attacks. You are allowed to watch the activities from the observation platform. Watch out for the laser lights. free.
  • 12 Havsand Lå. at high tide. Swim in this natural swimming pool which is filled at every high tide. The water is warmer than at the beach.
oyster picking banks


  • 1 Rømø Købmanden (Kwik Spar), Havnebyvej 25.
  • 2 Rømø Bakery (Rømø Bageriet), Havnebyvej 214.
  • 3 Rømø Butcher (Rømø Slagteren), Prilen 2, +45 29907516, . Butcher and delicatessen. Very helpful. Try the local lamb.
  • 4 Produce Stand. Fresh potatoes, tomatoes, eggs, onions, strawberries, etc., depending on the season..
  • 5 Dagli Brugsen (in Havneby). 7:00-21:00 in the summer, less in the winter. The largest grocery shop on Rømø.


Local specialties include the Wadden Sea lamb,which you can see grazing along the causeway to Rømø, and seafood, for example the small brown shrimps and the Wadden Sea oysters.

If you have access to a kitchen or a barbecue you can make a great local fresh meal with vegetables and eggs from one of the honor box produce stands, fish from the shop in Havneby or lamb from the butcher.

Hattesgaard Cafe Rømø, outside serving
  • 1 Kommandørgården, Havnebyvej 201 (In Hotel Kommandørgården), +45 74755122. Steaks and fish. Has a huge buffet. 200 kr.
  • 2 Havneby Kro, SKansen 3, Havneby, +45 74757535, . Solid Danish food. Good seafood. 200 kr, in the summer all-you-can-eat buffet for 178 kr.
  • 3 Holms, Nordre Havnevej 1 (at the harbour in Havneby), +45 74755066, . Popular seafood restaurant. 200 kr for a typical main course.
  • 4 Otto & Ani's Fisk, Havnepladsen 6, +45 74755306. Very informal place with excellent fresh fish. The luxury seafood platter is a bargain.
  • 5 Ristorante Europa, Vestergade 2, Havneby, +45 74757460. to 22:00. Pizzas and pasta. Eat at tables inside and outside. DKK 80.
  • 6 Cafe Hattesgaard, Hattesvej 17, Tvismark (Off Havnebyvej, at Rømø Købmanden), +45 72752111. 10:00-19:00. Very cosy cafe and antique shop. Big selection of cakes. Free Wifi. DKK 40 cakes.
  • 7 Frankel 5, Frankel 5, +45 74755136. M-Th 12:00-20:00; F 12:00-21:00; Sa Su 11:00-21:00. Very traditional danish food. 150 kr.
  • 8 Cafe Retro, Lakolk Butikscenter 4, +45 61336078. F-Sa 11:00-20:00, Su 11:00-19:30. Friendly place with burgers, spareribs, etc. Dogs welcomed DKK 100.


You can have a drink at most restaurants and cafes. Havneby Kro has a good bar. On a nice day Hattesgaard is the place to enjoy a drink outside at one of the outside terraces.

  • 1 Cafe Midtpunkt, Lakolk Butikscenter 6, +45 7475 5368. Every day, 10:00-20:00. A cafe on the west of the island which claims to have the best ice creams on Rømø.


Most visitors to Rømø rent a cottage for a week or two. But there are also good options for staying a few days.


  • 3 Tourist Information (At Vesterhavnsvej/Juvrevej intersection). Free Wifi and helpful information
  • Hattesgaard is a great place to connect to the free WiFi while having a coffee or a beer.
  • Tønnisgård. Has free Wi-Fi.

Stay safe[edit]

Rømø is generally safe, just watch out for the tide.

Do not drive too close to the water

Open fire is not allowed anywhere on the island because of the fire hazard. Barbecuing is OK.

On the north end Juvre Sand is used for military exercises. When in use a signal ball is raised.

Military Warning ball

The closest pharmacy is in Skærbæk.

Cute Police Station, Rømø, Denmark

Go next[edit]

  • 4 Ribe. is a charming town 30 km north of the Rømø causeway. Ribe (Q322361) on Wikidata Ribe on Wikipedia
  • 5Sylt. Take the ferry to Sylt. A daypass is cheaper than a return ticket. If you go by car you can take the ferry to Sylt, then use the car-train from Sylt to Niebüll on mainland Germany and drive back to Rømø. Sylt (Q3107) on Wikidata Sylt on Wikipedia
  • 6 Højer. See the dike, the windmill, and buy some of the famous Højer sausages. Højer (Q12317764) on Wikidata Højer on Wikipedia
  • 7Tønder. Towards the German border. Old charming city with narrow streets. Tønder (Q3223979) on Wikidata Tønder on Wikipedia
  • 8 Skærbæk. The nearest town in mainland Jutland. It has several supermarkets, a pharmacy. Skærbæk Holiday Centre (bowling, fitness, laundry, restaurants) is located there. Skærbæk (Q2622689) on Wikidata Skærbæk, Tønder Municipality on Wikipedia
  • 9 Rudbøl Border crossing. Rudbøl is the closest border crossing. It it a beautiful tour if you go by the small road through Ballum and Højer. The actual border crossing is tiny and picturesque. And you can stock up on cheap drinks and snacks at one of the shops just south of the border. Rudbøl (Q12333880) on Wikidata
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