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I've added some further details to the Aceh article based on information from friends in the region or friends working there (some associated with the Police department in Aceh province, others who were former guides in Leuser National Park before the current fighting, and finally by a member of AUSAid who frequently travels to Banda Aceh on aid work from his office in Jakarta). -- Marquis790.


First of all, how should "shariah law" be capitalized? No caps? Caps for both words? Caps for only "Shariah"? Let's pick one and be consistent throughout the article.

Also, which one of these is true?

In the "Understand" section:

So far no sharia laws have been enforced upon tourists, and non-Muslims are officially exempted from having to follow sharia laws

In "Stay safe":

Since 2016, such laws have being applied both to Muslims and non-Muslims.

If shariah is being applied to non-Muslims, which shariah laws are being applied and how are they being applied? We need to be specific if we want to help visitors. Ikan Kekek (talk) 06:55, 30 April 2018 (UTC)