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Northeastern Switzerland?[edit]

If I am not mistaken Aargau is located in north-central Switzerland. I believe that for a location to qualify as laying in Northeastern Switzerland it'd have to be to the east of Zürich? I think a few other people should look at a map of the country and post here before I change anything as whoever wrote that Baden is located in the northeast has placed it on the "Northeastern Switzerland" page and I do not feel right changing it on my own. -- - 20:29, 8 March 2006

Yeah. I wrote that it's in Northeastern Switzerland but you're right, that probably should be only places east of Zurich. Looking Switzerland#Regions I'm not sure which one Baden should be in though. It's not really Central Switzerland along with Lucerne is it? Maybe it's Zurich (region) close to the border of Basel (region) ? hmmm Need a map of regions -- (WT-en) Nojer2 19:05, 8 March 2006 (EST)
They call it Mittelland, which my wife does not know how to translate into English. She and I would argue "Mittelland" applies to the flat area (Flachland) of the country from about Zuerich to the Romandie. If you want to put Baden in a region, put it with Zuerich because it is connected to the city's S-Bahn system and many people commute to Zuerich from there. It is only 15 mintues away via a fast train. Basel is 45 minutes. On a side note, the Müllerbräu beer garden now has its own website, so I updated the link. It tells you when it is open or closed via the internet, much easier than treking over there to find it closed on account of the weather. ( again, or Seanmullan on Wikipedia). 29 June 2006.

Crest hike over the Lägeren maplink correction[edit]

  • I corrected the maplink (LineString) for Crest hike over the Lägeren in the Baden (Switzerland) article. There were errors in coding the coordinates section (each set of) and argument (parameter) order for that maplink - Will check again at a later date to insure it is working correctly.... Matroc (talk) 03:56, 25 September 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]