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Train info moved here[edit]

Perhaps you can glean useful information from these tables and the wall of text below that isn't already in the article and should be:

Originating Station: Howrah:

Train No. Name 12019 Shatabdi Exp (except Sun) 06:05 13317 Black Diamond Exp 06:15 13051 Doon Exp 06:45 31448 Shaktipunj Exp 14:30 12339 Coalfield Exp 17:15 12341 Agnibina Exp 18:20 12333 Vibhuti Exp 20:00

From Sealdah:

3503 Intercity Exp 16:40

From New Delhi/Delhi 2314 Rajdhani Exp 16:45 2304/2382 Poorva Exp 16:25 2312 Kalka Mail 06:30 (at Delhi)

Some of the long distance trains passing through Durgapur are: 2313/2314 Sealdah New Delhi Rajdhani Express, 2381/2382 or 2303/2304 Howrah-New Delhi Poorva Express 2311/2312 Howrah Delhi Kalka Mail, 2321/2322 Howrah Mumbai Mail (via Allahabad), 3009/3010 Howrah Dehra Dun Doon Express, 3151/3152 Sealdah Jammu Tawi, 3025/3026 Howrah Bhopal (departing Howrah on Monday, departing Bhopal on Wednesday), 1448/1449 Howrah Jabalpur Shaktipunj Express, 1159/1160 Howrah Gwalior Chambal Express (departing Howrah on Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday; departing Gwalior on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday), 9306/9305 Howrah Indore Shipra Express (departing Howrah on Monday, Thursday, Saturday; departing Indore on Tuesaday, Thursday, Saturday), 5630/5629 Guwahati Chennai Egmore Express (departing Guwahati Friday, departing Egmore on Monday), 5930/5929 Dibrugarh Chennai Egmore Express (departing Dibrugarh on Sunday, departing Egmore on Monday), 3007/3008 Howrah Sriganganagar Udyan Abha Toofan Express, 3049/3050 Howrah Amritsar Express, 3005/3006 Howrah Amritsar Mail, 2023/2024 Howrah Patna Jan Shatabdi Express (No train on Sunday), 2329/2330 Sealdah Delhi West Bengal Sampark Kranti Express, 3019/3020 Howrah Kathgodam Bagh Express, 3021/3022 Howrah Raxaul Mithila Express, 5640/5639 Guwahati Puri Express (departing Guwahati on Thursday, Departing Puri on Saturday).

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