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Older discussions (no structure)[edit]

Fine. Some person wants to delete the link to my site, I'm removing all my content. I could have made this article great - I've lived in Ningbo for 2 years, and I know just about everything about the city. But, I refuse to participate.

It's not personal -- please see Project:External links for the rationale. This site has to be stand-alone and complete. But, alas, you can't delete your content either because you've already agreed to license it, see the small print below the Save page button when you edit. (WT-en) Jpatokal 05:09, 21 Feb 2006 (EST)

I see now that some user who has taken my website's name has added tons of content from my site, copied & pasted directly. This means people don't even have to go to my site any more! This totally sucks. Thanks, Wikivoyage.

How do we add photos of the places, how should I handle multiple photos from the same place???

You upload pictures on Wikivoyage Shared, here [1]. After you've uploaded them, you can put them here by using brackets with the image name: [[Image:Imagename|thumb|300px|Description]]

Thank-you for the kind advice about adding pictures, I have many hundreds of pictures of Ningbo and its landmarks from living there for over 15 years. Is it ok for me to add all the good ones, or would this be too much? Maybe adding a sub page for each location that I have pictures for would be a better way of showing all the pictures for that location without cluttering this page up too much?

I cant believe I never found this website before, its so easy to add content and to see everyone pitching in with there bit of knowledge I just had to add the information I have on the Beilun district, keep adding more information there is loads not here yet!

Do listings[edit]

All the listings below are basically a yellow pages style activies for people who live in Ningbo. I moved them all to here in case anyone feels they can add good value back to the article. I also removed a listing suggested sexual services --Andrewssi2 (talk) 00:24, 21 August 2014 (UTC)


  • Bowling, 4F, 2 Wenchang Jie, Zhongshan Xi Lu 中山西路文昌街2号4楼, +86 0574 8726-8668. noon-11:30PM. Inside the Mandarin Prosperous Hotel you will find a modern six lane bowling alley.
  • Orient Golf Country Club, Taowu, Mashan, Wuxi, +86 0574-8622-8999. 7,221 Yards, 18 Holes, Par 72
  • Lu Han Golf Club, 360 Zhongxing Lu 中兴路360号, +86 0574 8777-7525. Cheap and easy driving range
  • Ningbo Delson Green World Golf Club, +86 0574 8840 1166. 18-hole golf course with 6 artificial lakes, Par 72, 7200 Yards. Visitors Welcome
  • Power House Gym, 368 Kaiming Jie 开明街370号, +86 0574 87266767. Powerhouse offers a three day trial pass to their clean and modern gym.
  • Youngor Gymnasium, 360 Zhongxing Lu 中兴路360号, +86 0574 8777-6922.
  • Ningbo Swimming and Fitness Center, 128 Zhaohui Lu 江东朝晖路128号, +86 0574 5615-5066.
  • Kaesun Gym, 2F, 148 Jiefang Bei Lu 解放北路148号2楼, +86 0574 8727-3339.
  • Kailisi Bomei Health Club (华严街106弄1-21号), 1-21, 106 Nong, Huayan Jie, +86 0574 8770-0344.
  • Howard Johnson Gym (柳汀街230号地下一楼), Howard Johnson Plaza Ningbo, 230 Liuting Jie, +86 0574 2786-6666.
  • Segue Fitness Club (朝晖路128号), 128 Zhaohui Lu, +86 0574 5615-5007.
  • Sheraton Gym & Pool (彩虹北路50号4楼), 4F, Sheraton Ningbo Hotel, 50 Caihong Bei Lu, +86 0574 8768-8688.
  • Shangri-La Health Club, +86 0574 8799-8888. Besides the spacious gym, there is an indoor heated swimming pool (with separate children's pool) featuring natural daylight where guests can enjoy revitalising dips and two outdoor tennis courts, as well as daily and personal training classes, services and programming combined with personalised service in an atmosphere of comfort and convenience.
  • Weider Terra, 4F, Shuijing Changlang, Tian Yi Square 天一广场水晶街水晶长廊4楼, +86 0574 8724-0111.
  • Yinzhou Basketball Gymnasium (钱湖南路578号), 578 Qianhu Nan Lu.
  • Chlitina International Beauty Clinic, 2F Huijin Bldg, 91 Heyi Lu 和义路91号汇金大厦2楼, +86 0574 8736-4901.
  • Qing Shui Fang Supreme Spa Club, 298 Zhenming Lu 镇明路298号, +86 13957801806.
  • Ningbo Tennis Center.
  • Dongqian Lake Paintball Shooting Center, Xiao Putuo, Dongqian Lake 东钱湖小普陀景区, +86 0574 8849-086.
  • Rong Kai Taekwondo Club, 68 Zhufang Jie, Zhongshan Dong Lu 中山东路铸坊街68号, +86 0574 8726-5672.
  • Dao Shun Archery Club, 2F, Bldg A, 146-153 Youqiang Xiang, Cuibai Lu 翠柏路筱墙巷146-153号A座二层, +86 0574 8726-5672.
  • Band of Brothers Laser Tag, 12F, C3, Mayuan Bldg, 72 Mayuan Lu 马园路72号马园大厦12楼C3, +86 0574 2786-6662.
  • Zhongshan Park Outdoor Basketball, 7 Henghe Jie 横河街7号, +86 0574 6600-7773.
  • Li Kun Tennis Cen, 360 Zhongxing Lu 中兴路360号, +86 0574 8777-6669.
  • Football Stadium, 360 Zhongxing Lu 中兴路360号, +86 0574 8776-9615.
  • Yoga Acharya, +86 13484200289. Born into a family of teachers and counselors in India, Yoga Acharya Ganesh continues his family's lineage of spreading mind-body-spirit health through yoga and ancient Eastern practices.
  • TaiPan Bathe (宁波大班浴场), 87757555. bathhouse with massage, foot massage, KTV, hotel, mahjong rooms and coffee
Good job clearing the excess from the article! One observation on a detail, though: I'm not a golfer, but there are people who travel for golf. If any of these golf courses is particularly notable, a golfer should speak up about that, because it would be a good reason to restore the listing in question to the guide. Ikan Kekek (talk) 02:14, 21 August 2014 (UTC)

Yes you are right. A lot of golf ranges in Asia are actually just big tents where you can whack balls all day long, although some of the listings here do seem to be fully fledged clubs. I'll add them back. Andrewssi2 (talk) 05:13, 21 August 2014 (UTC)

Future metro lines[edit]

Since the first metro line opened this year (2014) I thought it interesting to take a look at the planned metro system by 2020: Andrewssi2 (talk) 02:00, 21 August 2014 (UTC)

Ningbo Rail Transit Plan (2020) en.svg