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CBGBs in New York ? What in the world is that ? (EditHint: Maybe you could explain that on page New York (city) rather than here on this Tulsa page)

Not sure where these comments should go. I saw nothing under drink but felt McNellie's and Kilkenny's were worth a mention. Also I linked to the list of worst intersections. Expanded on just how bad Tulsa drivers really are. and I added the Scottish event and updated the Conestoga one -- Chris (who is too lazy to create a new wiki account and forgot his login).

Good work Chris! You plunged forward and put the information in its place. If you've got anymore knowledge of the area, we'd love for you to share it! -- (WT-en) Ilkirk 17:42, 23 Sep 2005 (EDT)

Uh, I'm not sure if the Tulsa travel guide is really the place for some of this.

Could you suggest a better place ? See OffTopic

Could you take a look at the Project:Goals and non-goals? and maybe read some of the other city guides like Geneva to get a feel for things? thanks (WT-en) Majnoona

Thanks for the links. I found them useful.

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I see that the entry for Portland (Oregon) mentions a wiki. Do you know of any wiki physically located in anywhere in OK ? I've actually personally seen the computer that the runs on, but I wouldn't call it a tourist attraction. -- (WT-en) DavidCary

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Tulsa Events

Tulsa restaurants

Tulsa theatres and cinemas

Tulsa museums

I moved this section from the article. While it's historically interesting, does it really help the modern-day traveler to Tulsa? -- DavidCary

I dont know much about precolumbian times but it lies right on the Arkansas River, which after passing through Arkansas feeds into the Mississippi River, so it is likely many Indians traversed the territory.

In the 1830s however, Andrew Jackson in his infinite wisdom decided to banish the Five Civilized Tribes from Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, etc, and move them all into 'Indian Territory'. The Creeks got a portion of the northeastern part of Oklahoma, and named one of the towns after a town they had back in the southeast, Tulsey Town.

In the late 1800s the Dawes Act took away land from the tribal governments, broke the land into sections, and gave those sections to individual tribal members. This left a lot of land free for the whites to take it, and they did.

Then someone found oil in the 'glenn pool', southwest of the City. In the first half of the 20th Century, the majority of the oil (up to 66%) used in the United States was found within a 90 mile radius of Tulsa. Whites flooded into the territory, fortunes were made, the downtown was filled with fancy art deco buildings, and statehood was quickly demanded.

In nearby Osage county, bloodbaths erupted as family fueds and political machinations that would put the Sopranos to shame were carried out at the barrel of a gun over the fortunes buried in the soil.

African Americans also came to Indian Territory and built one of the most prosperous neighborhoods in the area, the Greenwood district, until it was burned down in a race riot instigated by angry whites in 1921, possibly with the assistance of the KKK and definitely with the assistance of the pillars of the white community. To this day Tulsa is segregated into North Tulsa and South Tulsa, and nobody has been punished or arrested, and no reparations have been made, despite the help of Johnnie Cochran and other famous legal fellows.

Tulsa had other businesses, like manufacturing, and helped build everything from planes for the US military to Bama Pies for the US consumer. There is still an oil refinery on the west side of the river, and you can smell it quite often. An oil company took all of its old nation-wide oil pipelines and rights of way and strung communications cable through them to become a telecom company.

There is often a bad smell along South Elwood Ave. (just S. of the refinery, the first street W of the Arkansas river), but I don't think that's the Sinclair Oil Refinery. And I've never smelled that smell anywhere E of the Arkansas river (the vast majority of Tulsa is E of the river).


Do not go to Turkey Mountain, on the west side of the river. It is way overgrown, and full of weirdos, and the occasional mountain biker. You can get an interesting view of the city from one or two spots but.. it is almost not worth it.

Shouldn't this article be a stub? There's not exactly much here...

just remove it - tulsa isn't worth a dime imo;

I think the Flea Market section needs some work. The fairgrounds flea market may be evicted. Also the one on Admiral burned down or at least one of them did. The Great American is still open as far as I know.


Made massive overhauls to all sections, but a lot in Eat. Section needs a) either a local to put restaurants in their places or b) some massive deletions. There are many, many restaurants listed but should try to focus on only listing those that fit Wikivoyage guidelines.(WT-en) Zepppep 18:20, 27 October 2009 (EDT)

Learn section[edit]

I'm putting this here, as it appears to contain nothing relevant for the traveller.(WT-en) Texugo 09:40, 20 March 2010 (EDT)


Tulsa is just about the largest US city that has no major state/public university. There are two 4 year private universities and a plethora of smaller 2 year commuter colleges and limited-degree-option branches of statewide 4 years colleges such as NSU, OU, OSU, etc. There are also truck driving schools, welding schools, a Vo-Tech, and other technical colleges.

Universities in or near Tulsa:

  • Oklahoma State University [1] Tulsa branch
  • Oral Roberts University [2] Tulsa is home to educational complex founded and named in honor of televangelist Oral Roberts. The Cityplex Tower there is the second-largest skyscraper in Oklahoma and the architecture and layout of the campus has somewhat of a resemblance to the Government Buildings in Brasilia.
  • Spartan School of Aeronautics [3]
  • Tulsa Community College [4] (4 campuses)
  • Tulsa Technology Center [5]
  • University of Oklahoma [6] Tulsa branch
  • University of Tulsa [7] Private four year University.

John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park[edit]

Is it worth a listing? It's mentioned at the end of w:Tulsa race riot# Tulsa Race Riot Commission:

A park with statues was dedicated as John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park on October 27, 2010, named in honor of the notable African-American historian from Tulsa

Ikan Kekek (talk) 05:32, 29 October 2018 (UTC)