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[[image:DSC03222.jpg|Even kilted, I'll push my friend's car out of the mud.|right|250px]]

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I'm SQL DBA working in Nashville, Tennessee - a recent move from my childhood home of Chattanooga.

I'm a traveller at heart with nothing in my wallet. In fact, my wallet has gotten a bit inverted over the years, but this next year has me paying off all my bills.

I've seen a good bit of the United States, bits of Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria), Sydney in Australia, and travelled about New Zealand. See my 43 Places for those details.

I can't wait to get back to New Zealand and quite specifically, Dunedin. I started doing my immigration homework as soon as I got back home. I'm toying with my next iterniary (WT-en) here.

However, I have been taken over by this sick obsession of lurking on WikiTravel for hours at a time. Most most significant contribution is to my hometown page.

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