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Tamale is Ghana's third city (and second largest in area) and the capital of Northern Ghana. Tamale has been voted three consecutive times by the Ghana Tourist Board as the cleanest city in Ghana and is proud of its well organized road networking in comparison to other cities and regions through Ghana. There are many things to do inside the city. Many visitors also use Tamale as a launching point for visits to Mole National Park, Tongo Hills, and the Paga Crocodile Pond.

The city has grown a conglomeration of villages with architectural blend of traditional mud houses to one with modern buildings, international airport, and several offices of multinational organizations and companies.

Ahmadiyya Mosque

Get in[edit]

Bolga Road in downtown Tamale

Public bus from Accra or Kumasi is cheap and safer than the many private bus drivers. It takes 11 hours from Accra, leaving around 8AM so make sure you make a bathroom stop on the lunch stop as you might not be able to otherwise.

You can also take a direct flight to Tamale from Accra using Fly540Africa.

Private car from any medium sized town with driver is only about GH₵30 a day.

  • 1 Tamale Airport. Tamale International Airport (Q2195432) on Wikidata Tamale International Airport on Wikipedia

Get around[edit]

Yellow-yellows (motorised cycle rickshaws) are ubiquitous, and for a shared ride you can get from "town" (the centre) to anywhere in Tamale for GH₵6 or less. If you're new to the system, confirm the price before getting in. Make sure you tell the driver that you want a shared ride, otherwise prices will skyrocket. You can also take the red-and-yellow branded taxis.


Good point from which to visit Bongo (Moon Landscape) Tongo and Congo or if heading to Burkina Faso (neighboring country). Visit the Paga crocodile pond and all the slave camps near Paga. Also visit Sirigu Art Village to learn about all the arts and craft of the northern people of Ghana.

It is possible to do a day trip from Tamale to Mole National Park, where you can see elephants, warthogs, several types of monkeys, and other animals. You can book a tour from Tamale township or Tamale Airport, and cost approximately $130 per day plus fuel. There are also several places to stay in Mole. Near Mole National Park, you can visit the Larabanga mosque, the oldest in Ghana.

  • 1 Red Clay (yellow-yellows might not know the place by name, but they might know where it is if you say it's Ibrahim Mahama's Studio near Giana), +233 37 209 6210. Open 9AM–5PM everyday except Friday. This artistic studio of Ibrahim Mahama seems like a piece of Europe in the middle of nowhere in Ghana. Several of Mahama's artworks are exhibited, most of which are rather large scale. The tour becomes more informative the greater the attendance. Free, donations appreciated.
  • 2 Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art (SCCA), Montana street (on your right on the Koblimahigu-Fou road), +233 37 209 6210. M–Th 9AM–8PM, F closed, Sa Su 9AM–6PM. The Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art (SCCA) is an artist-run project space, exhibition and research hub, cultural repository and artists’ residency located in Tamale, Ghana- dedicated to art and cultural practices which emerged in the 20th century. They are renovating for the next exhibition until the "end of 2023", so until then there isn't much to see. Free, donations appreciated.
  • 3 Nkrumah Voli-ni (in Nyohini Binabaa ni, turn right 100 m from the Tamale Medical stores when you are going towards industrial area, and continue on a 50-m walk and you will find it on your left in the open space). This is an underground warehouse that was built by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to store grains to relieve the people of hunger in times of struggle. It is now owned by Ibrahim Mahama, but there is not much to see here for the foreseeable future. Guided tours may still be available. Free, donations appreciated.
  • 4 Ahmadiyya Central Mosque. The main mosque of the Ahmadiyya movement in Ghana.
  • 5 Ambariya Sunni Community. This is the headquaters of the Sunni community in Ghana.
  • 6 Masjid Bayaan Institute. Headquaters for Masjidul Bayaan.


  • Greet the people as it is the only opener to a conversation especially when you need help.
  • Avoid talking about the conflicts in Dagbon and about the supremacy of chieftaincy over others
  • Top up on supplies if you are heading out into the smaller towns or countryside.
  • Chat to the locals, very friendly bunch and you will find the best travel info this way.
Tamale Sports Stadium, built in 2007 for the African Cup of Nations final tournament


  • Market on Main Street: The best of products can be found on the main streets of Tamale especially during weekends. However it takes a lot of energy to walk around for specific items and also having to negotiate. Make it a point to ask the locals the price range of products before entering the market since prices could be high at times for perceived strangers. If you ever have to bargain, don't be desperate because there is another seller somewhere who can give you a better option but be sure not to get a reduction in price after wandering and returning to the earlier seller you bargained with. Sometimes you have to behave like someone who is walking away to get a better price. You can find Cobblers, textiles and lots of food joints dotted around. Worth going into for the look of it alone and you may be hassled to 'buy Yam!' especially if you are a woman.
  • Wander around a bit and you will find music shops selling tapes of the current Ghanaian charts, worth bringing a few home to remind yourself of the sunny, almost Jamaican style music being played everywhere.
  • 1 Forsmuel shop, Direct opposite Tamale main Taxi rank, +233546712355. 9AM-8PM. You can get your quality products such as electronics, groceries etc. GH₵.
  • 2 Aboabu market (located on the Tamale-Nyohini road on your left). 6AM - 10PM. You can get almost eveerything they sell in markets here. GH₵.
  • 3 Tamale central market (enter through the Tamale main Taxi rank). 6AM - 10PM. Buy anything you want at wholesale, retail or consumer price.
  • 4 Melcom (Where Ghana shops) (opposite the main Goil filling station in town). 8am to 6pm. They use automated systems which identify their products using barcode. You can always pass through for all kinds of products.
  • 5 Naasant Ventures (opposite the main post office in town). Buy all groceries and goods here.
  • 6 Cultural Centre (Art council) (it shares walls with the regional library and the Tamale Jubilee park). Oil paintings from GH₵7.50, batiks, ornaments, cheap jewelry, goatskin handbags foot pillows, and drums.
  • 7 Timber Market (Taabo kohigu ni) (on the Aboabu-Nyohini road at your right before the Shell filling station and the Zogbeli traffic lights). Buy all your wood and wooden works here.
  • 8 Kakpagara noli market (on your left when you from the Tamale central mosque just before Picorna Hotel and gardens). Buy almost everything you need here.
  • 9 Lamashegu market (on the left side of the Lamashegu main street when you are coming from town direct opposite the Lamashegu chief palace). If you need a less busy market where you can buy your stuff from, then this is the market to go to.
  • 10 Kukuo Market (directly opposite the Tamale Teaching Hospital).


Koose is a local snack made from deep fried bean flour dough which can be bought just off the main street across from the taxi station. Note that there is a risk of food poisoning from roadside food stalls. As always, make sure the food you buy is hot.

There are a few western-style restaurants on the main street.

  • 1 Zaachi Ice Cream (Opposite Stanbic bank in the centre of town), +233 54 113 7479. Open everyday except Tuesday, noon–10PM. There is a reason this dessert place is the first listing: it should be considered an attraction of Tamale. The ice cream quality is comparable to European premium ice creams, and the flavours change daily. You get a generous scoop with waffle crumbs on top. GH₵15 per scoop.
  • 2 De Shallot Eatery, C42W+W9W (Next to Nyohini roundabout). They sell all kinds of local foods, including a selection of rice and meats. GH₵7–25 for a meal.
  • 3 Asanka Local Chop Bar, C42W+W9W, +233 24 572 4172. A very low-key restaurant without any "Asanka Local" signage – but it is the only restaurant in the vicinity. They serve mainly fufu with light soup and meat. Many locals come here to take-away but there are seats outside. At 5PM they pound the fufu outside, and dinner is served starting from 6pm. GH₵5 for fufu, GH₵5 per (small) piece of meat with light soup.
  • 4 Oasis Lounge Bar & Restaurant, 846 Rice City. Gumani, +233 54 356 4353. 9AM–11PM most days. Place is very serene. Enjoyable cool music. Nice entertainment. The managers are very friendly and accommodating. A nice place to go blow off some steam after a very tiring day or week. They basically have every food. GH₵60–100.
  • 5 Kamara's Chop Bar Nyabɔtrɛ, 94PV+3WM. Cook, and sell jallof rice, waakye, rice balls, bank, fufu with PA nut soup or light soup, etc.
  • 6 Crest Restaurant (formerly Gidipass), +233 55 882 9871. M–Sa 9AM–10PM, Su 11AM–10PM. A bar on the main street that also serves good rice dishes and even spring rolls. If you want something more like home they have a colonial-style dining room.
  • 7 Tacarobama Local. They serve an amazing variety of food, from pizza and chips to local dishes. Their staff are fast and friendly and there is a nice open-air area to relax in.
  • 8 Caro-Nicks Restaurant and Bar, F553+5J4, Bolgatanga - Tamale Rd, +233 24 488 4857.
  • 9 Point Seven Bar, C535+4JQ, Salaga Rd (directly opposite Giddi lodge around the central town).
  • 10 Luxury Restaurant and Bar (VIP), C5X3+HMQ, Bolgatanga - Tamale Rd (on the Tamale-Bolgatanga road, few meters from King David spot), +233 55 962 9486. Luxury is restaurant and bar is the place to be when you are in town. Great meals and spacious place for your party. You can enjoy both local Ghanaian dishes and continental ones. There is a bouquet for kids and a kids playground just in case you want to get them busy. They offer delivery services in Tamale and the waiters are great however some of them needs some level of professional training. But In all you won't regret the experience.
  • 11 Nite Fast Food (Nite Food) (along the hospital road directly adjacent Las Hotel and adjacent Total filling station). Nite Food is a neat, nice and well preserved area with both local meals Banku, Fufu, TZ and exotic ones like fried rice with chicken, noodles and many more.
  • 12 Mavwax Restaurant, Mavwax Restaurant Jublee Road Tamale (adjacent Tamale Regional library).
  • 13 Favour Restaurant (along Tatco, GBC road). A place where one can get nice food and drinks.
  • Sister Rahinatu's Chop Bar, 95X9+CCG, Salaga Rd.
  • Sparkles Restaurant. They offer a wide variety of dishes. Every Friday evening at 9PM there is a cultural performance to introduce local culture to the visitors.
  • The Dons Pub, Gumani, +233 50 080 6073.
  • The Guys Pub, C5H6+HGQ, Unnamed Road, +233 54 955 1074. Well located on the edge of a man-made forest not far from the centre of Tamale Metropolis, you can have a nice moment with friend and family in a cool bar which is easily accessible by road.
  • Auntie Muni TZ joint, C43W+JMP.
  • Klassiek Restaurant and Bar, C536+J79, Police Park, Jubilee Park, +233 24 470 9859.
  • Wooden Bakery, Coffee Shop, Bar And Restaurant, R.C.841 Airport Road (adj Mash Plaza), Gumani, +233 20 677 4422.
  • The Promise Hill. This is a very small road side "chop house" they don't have a menu for the food sold here. Alcoholic and non Alcoholic drinks are available at any time of the day.
  • Legends Restaurant, Sports Bar & Club, 95WF+R52, Liberation Rd. Nice place with snooker and a club. Less crowd.
  • White Chillies Bar and Restaurant (opposite Islamic School Tamale), +233 24 469 9819.
  • Buffalo Bar Fuo Tamale, Kestrel Street NT-0227-1352, +233 55 996 0366.
  • KIT KAT PUB, Tamale-Kumbungu Rd, +233 20 080 0240. Very friendly. Is a place to be when you are around Kumbuyili... KiT Kat you do all. Good space to relax.
  • Ayi Banku's Bar, C5F5+99R, Tamale - Navrongo Road, +233 24 306 6166. It is a good restaurant for everyone. They have a lot to offer you especially Northern dishes.
  • FLEMISH ®️, C4JG+W39, Unnamed Road, +233 24 897 5774.
  • Home Touch Bar & Catering, F4J8+64X, Tamale-Kumbungu Rd, Tamale, +233 24 074 3075.
  • Bafana Banyana, +233 277 591727.
  • Akwei Allah chop bar, Akwei Allah chop bar Jublee Road.


Gidipass bar on Main Street, across and down a little from taxi rank where all the 'whites' and a few locals go. Has a few types of beer and sodas. Also serve good meals. Other small bars located around the main area (taxi rank and market)

Meet Me There Drinking spot is a few km north along the main road towards Bolgatanga (called Bolga Road). Set in a tall canopy of palm and date trees, drinks are at cost or below (meaning GH₵0.25 for a mineral/pop bottle), where as at Gidipass or other tourist centres, they cost GH₵0.60 or more. You can pick up some food from the street, and they'll bring you dishes to eat with and soap to wash with! Don't get too comfortable though. They'll kick you out at 10PM regardless of how much business you're giving them

  • 1 All Friends Spot (On the stadium road, Tamale).


the Asempa Lodge

There is no shortage of accommodation options in Tamale. Because of the ubiquity and affordability of yellow-yellows, even accommodation options far away from the centre of town should be considered. That said, it does help to choose one located close to a main road.

  • 1 Gariba Lodge, +233 50 372 0087 (+233 071-23371/23041-3 ), . It's a hotel considered to be two stars by the government.
  • 2 Temaya Cottage Lodge, 26 Temaya Link, Nanton Road (From the centre of town, take a yellow-yellow for GH₵5 to Gbanyamni ("ba-NYUM-ni"). At the bend just past the Zaagamni fuel station, turn right onto a dirt track and take the first right.), +233 544244589. Check-in: 10AM, check-out: 10AM. Comes with A/C, TV, breakfast, and sometimes hot showers. There are no mirrors in the room and internet (especially with Vodafone) can be spotty. Wifi comes at an extra GH₵40 per day. Rooms start at GH₵160 per night..
  • 3 Tamale Institute of Cross Cultural Studies. Offers boarding as well as a roof-top cantina/bar. Limited number of air-conditioned rooms available. Rooms generally available when courses are not in session (most of the time).
  • 4 Sundowner Lodge, 35 North Kanvilli Residential Area.
  • 5 Jeyads Lodge, Salaga Rd (opposite the Ganaa Hotel on around Viting police barriers).
  • 6 Gaana Hotel, Vitting Road.
  • 7 Picorna Hotel, Picorna Road.
  • 8 Target Hill Hotel, Vittin Target. Check-in: noon, check-out: noon.
  • Ruks Hotel (Vitting- Target, near Sabonkudi Mosque Storey Building).
  • Pioneer Guest Lodge, Waterson Road.
  • Mariam Hotel, Mariam Rd (close to St. Pauls school), +233 37 202 3548.
  • Arewa Sunshine Hotel, Rc 65 Rice City Layout.
  • Radach Lodge & Conference Centre, 73 Industrial Area, Lamashegu.
  • Hotel Zosimli (Bolgatanga-Tamale after Dungu Tamale), +233 37 209 9917.
  • Clinton Lodge Double, Location Mum Hotel.
  • Nim Avenue Hotel, Liberation Road, +233 37 209 8292.
  • Airport Inn Hotel, G5GC+JCG Janjori-kukuo, Airport Road, +233 20 115 4661.
  • Dreamland Beach Resort - Hostel.
  • Modern City Hotel Standard.
  • Global Dream Hotel, Kalpohini Residential Rd, +233 37 209 8445. Along SSNIT fuo road.
  • My Time Guest House, +233 372099883, +233 24 448 7112. Around village water on the Dungu road.
  • Hotel Heritage, Liberation Road Russian Bungalow Plot 34.
  • Bed And Breakfast Premier Lodge Tamale (Kanvili-tunayili Road 10 Rooms).
  • Best Lodge Hotel, +233 55 218 0103.
  • Mum Hotel, +233 24 411 5879.
  • Little Afrika Lodge, 47 Choggu Yapalsi, Jisonayili Rd, +233 24 587 0379.
  • Premier Lodge (Kanvili-Tunayili), +233 50 277 0519.
  • American Royal Lodge (along Tamale International School Road), +233 24 247 9998.
  • MA-S Hotel (F525+QC2, Bolgatanga Rd), +233 37 202 7065.
  • Pioneer Hotel, C57H+PQ9, +233 54 416 2661.
  • Catholic Archdiocesan Guest House, +233 37 202 2265.
  • Hamdallah Hotel (95WC+RXW), +233 24 490 2874.
  • Mole Lodge (Fuo road, Tamale), +233 24 393 3510.
  • Grande Sophia Hotel, +233 26 487 0390.
  • Mash Lodge Tamale, +233 20 653 7534.
  • Dawadawa Lodge, +233 24 689 8623. Quiet and secluded accommodation.
  • UDS Guesthouse (formerly UDS International Conference Centre), University for Development Studies Dungu Campus (9498+Q9C), +233 37 2097367, . This is a two-star guesthouse.
  • B Sheini Hotel, Lamashegu-Builpela Rd, +233 54 818 0469.
  • Naat Guest house, +233 20 218 1369.


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