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For other places with the same name, see Other uses (disambiguation).
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This template should be placed at the top of articles that have an ambiguous title when a corresponding disambiguation page exists. For example, since "Paris" most commonly refers to the city in France the Paris article title does not include disambiguation, so this template is placed at the top of that article to point to Paris (disambiguation).


{{other uses}}

...which produces:

For other places with the same name, see Other uses (disambiguation).

Alternately, a single parameter may be passed to this template so that the template can link to a disambiguation page that is different than the current page:

{{other uses|Cleveland}}

...which produces:

For other places with the same name, see Cleveland (disambiguation).

When to use: When a page has an ambiguous title, so that readers who searched for that title might have been looking for a different article, use this template to direct those readers to a disambiguation page that may help them find their desired article.

When not to use: Do not use this template on an article with an unambiguous title; for example, a reader who searches specifically for "Paris (Texas)" is not likely to have been looking for an article about a city in France (or anywhere else), so it would not be appropriate to add this template to the top of the Paris (Texas) article. Also, do not use this template to link to an article that is not a disambiguation page; instead, one of the other hatnote templates listed below may be more appropriate for that purpose.

Related templates[edit]

  • {{Confused}} – Used at the top of articles to point to similar articles that a user might have been searching for, such as those whose names differ slightly in spelling.
  • {{Redirect}} – Used at the top of articles when a redirect to the article is also a common disambiguation term.
  • {{Related}} – Use at the bottom of articles to add links for closely related articles to the left sidebar.
  • {{See also}} – Used at top of page sections, to point the reader to related information.

Used on pages that would normally require disambiguation, but meet the "most famous" exception (such as Paris and Denmark). This notice should be added to the top of the article and will create a link to a disambiguation page.

Template parameters[Edit template data]

Disambiguation article1

If not specified, it will go to an article by the same name + " (disambiguation)". (i.e. if in the "Paris" article, the link will by default be "Paris (disambiguation)" article. If the correct disambiguation page article is a page other than the default, filling out this field will override the default and replace it with the article you specify.

Page nameoptional