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 Rail-interchange documentation sub-pages 


This article and its sub-pages document all possible combinations for Rail-interchange, also known as RINT. This overview has been ordered and displayed with the following rules in mind:

  1. RINT exists to document public transport networks, specifically urban rail networks, but can also be used to list rail network operators, tram networks, bus rapid transit networks, trolleybus networks, ferry services et cetera. Please refrain from adding entire networks as this will make the template unnecessarily long, and add only the most essential networks in a city or region. If you are doubtful about which lines should be added, then ask other contributors on city or region's talk page.
  2. Cities are sorted underneath their countries in the documentation, but listed in alphabetical order in the template's source code. If the country isn't in the Table of Content, then the city won't be either.
  3. Entries in a city are listed by their appearance in the RINT wikitext.
  4. Multiple listings which are part of the same network are sorted by the system they are a part of. For instance: Paris has all its Métro lines, Transilien, Tramway and RER services grouped.
  5. Copy-paste-able entry codes for lines, such as  B  {{rint|rotterdam|B}} are listed with at most one code per group unless the line names in RINT differ from the line name displayed in the output.
    Rotterdam has its lines grouped as  A ,  B ,  C ,  D  and  E , meaning that, since the lines have names that follow a logical order, only once copy-paste-code is given.
  6. Unless stated otherwise, the displayed templates are what is available. If you're missing a line or service, then get in touch with one of the maintainers of this template or plunge forward yourself.

Editing the template

The template, found can be edited by anyone. When editing, however, please follow the following directions:

  1. If you are adding a city, then please add it as follows:
    | CITY={{#switch: {{lc: {{{2}}} | INPUT = (...) }}
    • CITY: the city (or country) of the route(s) that will be added. Be sure to make them lowercase and/or numeral. Do not use anything outside of the regular ABC: No umlauts (äëïöü), no accents (áâà etc.). For instance: Düsseldorf would be written dusseldorf
    • INPUT: The line ID the user of the template would input. Again, only use lowercase letters or numerals without umlauts, accents and so forth.
    • ID: The ID given in the output. For example: 7bis in  7bis . Capital letters, accents, umlauts and the local language are all allowed here so long as it adds to the template. As a general rule of thumb, use only the same symbols used in the official signage for this line or service if one is in place.
    • For INPUT, use only {{RbE}} to recreate the logo of the service or to recreate the line icon. This is as to avoid the usage of many little icons in destination articles, which may distract the reader from the content of the article. All your tools for designing symbols using RbE (Routebox Entry) can be found on its template page.
  2. Do not use third input options. Input option one is the city or country, two is the line ID. This should be sufficient.
  3. Do not work destructively. Your contribution may not break entries used elsewhere. In cases where multiple names may apply for a single line, such as Basel, change parameter 2 (the line id string), to be |1|s1=, using a pipe (|) to switch between options. You can add as many aliases using pipes as you want, but please keep this number to a bare minimum.
  4. Do not stress yourself out. The template is large, and you are in no way required to keep everything updated. Other users do their share as well.

Generic labels


  • BSicon FLUG.svg {{rint|air}}
  • link={ {{rint|airfield}}
  • BSicon BICYCLE.svg {{rint|bike}}
  • BSicon BUS3.svg {{rint|brt}}
  • Bus-logo.svg {{rint|bus}}
  • BSicon AETRAM.svg {{rint|cable}}
  • BSicon LDER.svg {{rint|express}}
  • Ferry symbol.svg {{rint|ferry}}
  • BSicon FUNI.svg {{rint|funicular}}
  • Aiga heliport.svg {{rint|heliport}}
  • BSicon lDAMPF.svg {{rint|heritagerail}}
  • BSicon BRILL.svg {{rint|heritagetram}}
  • BSicon SUBWAY.svg {{rint|metro}}
  • BSicon MONO.svg {{rint|mono}}
  • BSicon BAHN.svg {{rint|rail}}
  • BSicon TRAM.svg {{rint|tram}}
  • link=} {{rint|trolley}}


  • Parking.svg {{rint|park}}
  • passport control {{rint|passport}}
  • Toilets {{rint|toilet}}
  • Handicapped accessible {{rint|wheelchair}}