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Umuahia is a city of about 774,000 (2020) in South East Nigeria. Umuahia is renowned for being a railway and agricultural market center, which attracts traders and farmers from neighbouring towns to sell their produce, such as yams, cassava, corn (maize), taro, citrus fruits, and palm oil and kernels.


Abia State Tower

Umuahia is the capital of Abia State. It has its place in history as the second capital of Biafra State after the first, Enugu, was captured by the Nigerian Forces during the Nigerian Civil War. It retained this designation until the Nigerian Forces finally overcame the rebellion, at which point it suffered neglect from the Nigerian government as a form of retaliation, observable to this day.

An area made up of the Igbo people by and large, it got its peculiar name from a British misspelling of the Igbos' original name for their community.

There are industries that help drive its economy, such as a brewery and a palm-oil-processing plant. Nigeria's National Root Crops Research Institute, at Umudike, is adjacent to the town.

The city is well known for being an agricultural market centre in south East Nigeria. It is also a railway collection point for crops such as yams, cassava, vegetables,palm kernel among others. It is the host of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike (MOUAU) formerly known as Federal University of Agriculture (FUAU), Government College Umuahia, Trinity College and several hospitals like Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Umuahia (formerly Queen Elizabeth Hospital). Umuahia comprises of two local government areas namely; Umuahia North and Umuahia South.

Umuahia is made up of two local government areas which are Umuahia North and Umuahia South. These two local government is made up of five clans which are:

  • Ubakala
  • Olokoro
  • Umuokpara
  • Ohuhu
  • Ibeku


Umuahia has a tropical climate. During most months of the year, there is significant rainfall in Umuahia. There is only a short dry season which begins in November and ends in February while the rainy season begins in March and ends in October, with a short break in August. Precipitation is the lowest in December, with an average of 15 mm. Most precipitation falls in September, with an average of 322 mm. At an average temperature of 27.5 °C, March is the hottest month of the year. In August, the average temperature is 24.5 °C. It is the lowest average temperature of the whole year.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

Travellers who want to go to Umuahia by air have to make use of the closest airport to Umuahia which is the Sam Mbakwe Cargo Internatiional Airport located in Ngokpala Imo State, which is also known as the Imo Airport. Airlines that service this airport are Overland Airways and Arik Air. There are buses readily available to transport people from the Airport to Umuahia. You should not get uncomfortable because the driving time from Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport to Umuahia, Nigeria is: 1 hour, 47 minutes.

Another airport that can also service visitors who want to come into Umuahia by air is Port Harcourt International Airport. The distance between Umuahia and Port Harcourt International Airport is two hours.

By bus[edit]

Travelers who want to come to Umuahia by bus should feel free because there are so many bus transport companies that come to Umuahia from other cities and states. The average cost of travelling to Umuahia by bus from the South-South and South-East is ₦2,500 while the average cost of travelling to Umuahia from the other parts of Nigeria is ₦6,000. Reliable transport companies such as God is Good Motors, Peace Mass Transit, Abia line, the Young Shall Grow, Imo Transort Company (ITC) among many others transport people from different parts of the country to Umuahia.

Get around[edit]

Map of Umuahia

Umuahia has a superb road network and low population density and this makes it to rarely ever have a traffic jam or delay. Motorbikes(Okada),Tricycle popularly known as Keke and buses are used as the major means of transportation in Umuahia. The average cost of transportation within the Umuahia is about ₦150.


  • 1 National War Museum, National War Museum Rd, +234 803 592 7567. M-F 9AM-5PM, Sa-Su noon-6PM. Shows displays of weapons from both sides of the 1967-1971 Nigerian conflict and various exhibits pertaining to the event, including boats, planes, and tanks outside. No photography allowed inside. Also has bunker from where Voice of Biafra radio transmissions originated. National War Museum, Umuahia (Q55624815) on Wikidata National War Museum, Umuahia on Wikipedia
  • 2 Ojukwu's Bunker, +234 701 789 5370. Ojukwu's Bunker is part of the National War Museum and it's annex is at Okpara Avenue. It is where the late Biafran general hid while commanding the desperate attempts to secede from the country. The bunker was constructed during the civil war after the fall of Enugu and it was the subterranean office for the Biafran government. The premises of Ojukwu bunker belonged to Late Dr. Michael I. Okpara who was the second Premier of Eastern Nigeria from December 17, 1959 to January 15, 1966. The bunker measures 26.9 feet deep and about 8 m. It was constructed under 90 days, between April to June 1968. All the people involved in the construction of the bunker were less than 40 years old.
  • The Gate of Umuahia. Not a gate, but the name they call the grand market at the centre of the city where different food,clothing etc items are been sold.The market Operates mostly in the night.Although efforts has been made to stop the sales of items in this location. It is also a stop for various commuters buses travelling to and fro from various places in the South East.
  • Akwete Cloth Production House (A few kilometres from Umuahia). The akwete cloth production is a unique hand woven textile produced in the town of Akwete. The traditional Igbo weaving as demonstrated in Akwete processes sisal-hemp, raffia and spun cotton into finished products. While the coarse raffia materials are used by masquerades and in the past as headgear for warriors among other uses, the hemp material was used to weave towels, ropes, and handbags. The more comfortable and colourful spun cotton is used to weave cloth for everyday wearing. The weaving of the cloth is usually done by the women, and the ability to weave is seen as a gift.
  • Abia Tower. A beautiful place to behold in Umuahia. It is a grand work of architecture. Abia Tower is graced with a pleasant arrangement of flowers and it is always a perfect site for picture-perfect moments for visitors.


  • Ekpe Festival Umuahia. Masquerade festival is peculiar to Umuahia people that is celebrated annually in January. It is a lively cultural festival that attracts people from all walks of life. The has existed for so many years and it involves many kinds of Ekpe masquerades performing different kinds of cultural dance during the festival. During the festival, male and female both young and old normally dress in their cultural attire, the male must tie a piece of George (wrapper) to make up for the cultural attire. Male children who have been initiated into Ekpe masquerade, and are skilled in playing the cultural music, show case their talent and expertise in their culture while the masquerade performs the dancing. In appreciation of the performance of the masquerade, players and individual dancers donate money to the masquerade while the music is still on. When the cultural celebration want to come to an end, Ekpe masquerade will use a cutlass and behead a goat at a strike.
  • New Yam Festival (also known as Iwaji)). The most significant festival in Umuahia, Abia State. New yam festival is celebrated annually at the end of the rainy season in August in thanksgiving to the gods for a bumper harvest.
  • 1 Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike (MOUAU), Umudike, Umuahia, +234 816 878 2066. 7AM-5PM. Government-owned higher institution. Michael Okpara University of Agriculture (Q6833225) on Wikidata Michael Okpara University of Agriculture on Wikipedia



Umuahia has many markets where visitors can go and buy what they need.

  • Amuzukwu Relief Market. Located at Niger Road/Amuzukwu Umuahia North L.G.A.
  • Ishi-gate market. Umuahia is a central business district of the town. There is actually no real gate at the place, except a long metallic bar which is usually employed to close vehicular traffic routes when trains are passing in other to avoid accidents. Quite significantly, the gate identifies the main market at the centre of the metropolis and the many different goods and farm produce are being sold in this market at a pocket friendly rate.
  • Umuahia Ultramodern Market. This market has been in Umuahia for more than seven decades. It about the busiest market in Umuahia, as business activities going on in the market almost throughout the day. It is a very good place to shop for food items and it is very affordable.


There are so many supermarkets in Umuahia that offer a wide variety of food, groceries, beverages, beauty care products, fashion items, toiletries, and household products. Most of them are organized into sections so as to make it easier for customers to do their shopping with ease.

  • 1 Ezeigbo Supermarket, Nkwere St, +234 806 429 5009. Monday to Saturday 24 hours. It offers wholesale and retail sales of variety of products ranging from food stuff to cosmetics, toiletries, beverages, household items etc.
  • 2 De-Mecks Super Market, No. 9, Warri St, +234 803 944 5088. Monday to Saturday 8AM-7:30PM. De-Mecks Super Market is a wholesale and retail shopping centre for gift items, perfume, cosmetics, greeting cards, accessories, fashion, home decor, baby items, pet items, batteries, grocery, foodstuff, beverages, wines & hot drinks etc.
  • 3 Shoprite Abia, Abia Mall Old Garki, Off Uwalaka Steet, +234 38 761 441. Daily 9AM-9PM. Offers low prices on the best grocery, household products, beauty products, convenient services, gift items and many others.
  • 4 247 Supermarket, No. 1 Azikiwe Rd, Umu Obasi, +234 706 768 2790. Monday to Saturday 7:45AM-9PM. Provides for daily needs in such areas as groceries,provisions, household items, toiletries, wines and other needs.
  • 5 NIC & Angel Superstore, +234 808 944 2270. Monday to Saturday 7AM-9:30PM. NIC & Angel Superstore deals with glossaries, food items, perfumes, provisions, stationeries, baby items, cosmetics, beauty products, wears and many others.
  • 6 Tina-mak Supermarket, No. 6 Uzuakoli Rd, +234 806 043 1127. Tina-mak Supermarket provides its customers with such items as groceries, food products, fashion products etc.
  • 7 Zubbyjee Enterprise's, Living rocks junction, Umudike, +234 806 260 2505. 8AM-9PM. In-store shopping.


Most of the restaurants and eateries in Umuahia offer African cuisines, International cuisine, Dine-in, Takeaway and delivery services. The foods they serve their customers is super spicy and delicious, yummy, rich & tasty foods. These restaurant and eateries include:

  • 1 Chillis Café, No. 17 Udi St, +234 803 387 1859. Daily 7:30AM-10PM. Chillis Café offers delicately prepared meals and pastries. It offers very affordable meals and it is a good restaurant for visitors and tourist to visit.
  • 2 Apples Fastfood, No. 27/29 Ojike St, Umu Obasi, +234 703 478 2206. Daily 7AM-9PM. Apples fastfood has great meal option and enough parking space.
  • 3 Bubbles Food, Umuahia-Ikot Ekpene Rd, Umu Obas. Daily 7AM-9PM. Bubbles Food is a very affordable restaurant. Their dishes are excellently prepared to ensure that their customers get maximum satisfaction and value for their money.
  • 4 Mr Bigg's, Ikot Ekpene Rd, Umu Obasi. Daily 8AM-9PM. Mr Bigg's is generally known for its top-notch customer service and delicately prepared meals. It offers varieties of continental cuisines and excellent pastries.
  • 5 D Place, No. 21 Adelabu St, Mission Hill, +234 803 574 9073. M-Sa 8AM-5PM. D Place is one of the best restaurants in Umuahia to go for a cool drink. One of the most talked about bars/restaurants in Umuahia. It offers deliciously prepared dishes like Nkwobi, Isiewu, pepper soup among others.
  • 6 Crunchies, No. 232 Finbars St, +234 902 222 9068. Daily 7AM-9PM. Crunches is a fast food that offers deliciously prepared meals and pastries. It is known as one of the top restaurants in Umuahia.
  • 7 Kilimanjaro Restaurant, Abia Mall. Daily 9AM-9PM. Kilimanjaro Restaurant serves her customers both African and International cuisines that has great taste at a pocket friendly rate.
  • 8 Jovit Fast Food, No.1 Secretariat Road, BCA Rd, Round About, +234 813 458 6733. Daily 8:30AM-midnight. The food they serve their customers include: Shawarma, Hamburger, Pizza among many other African and international cuisine.
  • 9 De Choice Umuahia, No. 2 Library Ave.
  • 10 Moses Peace Restaurant, Club Rd, Umu Obasi 440236, +2347065113132. A restaurant where you can get contemporary Nigerian dishes.
  • 11 PFF fast food and services, 9 Item St, Umuahia, +234 814 162 8513. 8AM-8:30PM. Offering local and Continental breakfast, dishes.
  • 12 Aquilla African, Azikiwe Road, Amafor Isingwu. Daily 10AM - 9PM. Dine in and delivery.
  • 13 Orange Bar, Mission Hill, +234 806 081 3539. Daily 9AM-midnight. Dine in and takeaway.
  • 14 Nua Fast Food, No 52, Okigwe Road, +234 806 310 4766. Daily 9AM-midnight. Dine in and Takeaway.
  • 15 Hoeffers Restaurant And Fast Foods, Umu Obasi. Daily 8AM - 10PM.
  • 16 Home Of The Whopper, Ubakala, Umuahia, Nigeria, +234 703 448 7194. Daily 10AM - 9PM. Dine in and takeaway.
  • 17 Crunchies Umuahia, 223 Finbars Road, Umu Obasi, +234 902 222 9068. Daily 10AM - 9PM. Dine in and takeaway.
  • 18 Oomnne Guest House, 8 Oomnne drive, yi Aba, Abayi, Aba, +234 805 980 6434. Daily 8AM - 10PM. Dine in and takeaway.
  • 19 Ndiebe Junction, Ndi Ojugwo Community School, Umuahia - Ohafia Rd, Amelu Abam. Daily 8AM - 10PM. Dine in and takeaway.


Umuahia has beautiful bars and beer joints where tourists and visitors can go and cool off after their day-to-day activities. Some of these bars include:

  • 1 Nekebis Exclusive Bar, 85 Old Timber Rd. M-Sa 8AM-10AM. Deals on various beers, wines, hot drinks various drinks, Ugba, nkwobi etc.
  • 2 Sips cocktails and more, Amuzukwu, +234 903 785 1541. Daily 10AM-8:30PM.


  • 1 Rixos Continental Resort, No 1a Rixos Avenue by CBN junction off, Bende Rd, +234 703 841 2981. Free breakfast, restaurant, bar pool, gym, spa, wifi. ₦ 18538.
  • 2 Hotel Royal Damgrete, 13-16 Factory Rd, Umu Obasi (2.7 km from National War Museum Umuahia), +234 701 447 4211. Check-in: 2PM (with an ID), check-out: noon. 60 rooms and suites categorised into Standard, Executive, Studio Suite, Royal Suite, Diplomatic Suite and Presidential Suite. Each room is equipped with wir-conditioning units, study/reading table, sofa, cable connected TV and an en-suite bathroom. This hotel has 4 bars, a restaurant, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, parking space sfor150 cars, high speed Wi-Fi internet, conference halls, and an executive boardroom ,a lawn tennis court, CCTV cameras, firefighting equipment and uniformed security personnel. The hotel has generators to ensure constant power supply. ₦20,000-₦140,000 per night.
  • 3 Villa Roy Hotel, No. 19 Mission Hill. Check-in: 2PM, check-out: noon. Villa Roy Hotel is a 3-star hotel and is one of the best budget hotels in Umuahia. It lies a few kilometres from most bus terminals in Umuahia. It is tastefully and delicately furnished, with modern facilities and services that will simply make you feel like royalty. This hotel features spacious-appointed guest rooms and suites, each with contemporary decoration. A refrigerator, wireless high-speed internet access, and cable satellite television. Other amenities at this hotel include an The hotel ensures that its customers have a comfortable and memorable stay. Amenities in the hotel include: restaurant, bar, out door swimming pool, free parking space and great exercise facilities for indoor and outdoor exercise luggage store, onsite cocktail lounge among others. ₦9,000-30,000 per night.
  • 4 De Royal Legacy Hotel and Suites, National War Museum Rd, +234 802 574 9983. Check-in: 2PM, check-out: noon. A 3-star hotel. Amenities in the hotel include restaurant, a snack bar/deli, free WiFi in public areas and free self parking, free newspapers, safes, and desks are among the other amenities that guests will find. Other amenities include 24-hour room service, dry cleaning, and laundry facilities, 24-hour room service, and LED TVs with satellite channels. ₦9,000 per night.
  • 5 Golden Olives Resort, No.158 Winners Road, Government Layout, +234 708 680 2894. Check-in: 2PM, check-out: noon. This hotel offers customers free breakfast, free wifi, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, free parking space among others amenities. ₦53,628 per night.
  • 6 De Paragon View Hotel, 8, Paragon Rd. Standard and serene environment.
  • 7 Chaise World Hotels Ltd, Agbaoba Oboro, Km 8 Umuahia - Ikot Ekpene Rd, 440101, Umudike, +234 816 420 5374.

Stay safe[edit]

Umuahia could easily be described as a city of refuge, due to the fact it houses a war museum. Over the years, the city has grown through several challenges, from acting as a capital for the defunct Republic of Biafra to the several security problems that plagued the city for some time. Despite all these challenges, Umuahia can be said to be a safe place due to a mix of her rich culture and business acumen. The city is open in terms of culture and religion both for residents and tourists, and this makes it very easy for every one to get assimilated into the society.


Go next[edit]

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