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This is the imported user page of user David Bjorgen, Cybjorg on All contributions that this user had made on Wikitravel up until August 2012 were imported. The imported revisions of this contributor are labelled as "(WT-en) Cybjorg".
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tr-1 Bu kullanıcı temel düzeyde Türkçe bilir.
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David Bjorgen is an amateur photographer, amateur world traveler, amateur historian, and amateur collector of useless knowledge. He dabbles around with Wikipedia and Wikicommons. He is fueled entirely by Mountain Dew and Twix candy bars and writes about himself in the third person.


Cybjorg is a Docent for Jerusalem and Jordan (Amman, Petra and Jerash). Feel free to leave any questions on his talk page or use the email link on the left-hand navigation to send him a message.


Cybjorg's (WV-en) To Do List.


[[Image:Cybjorg Visited Countries.gif|400px]]
From: USA
Visited: Algeria Aruba Austria Bahrain Canada Czech Republic Germany Israel Jordan Lebanon Mexico Thailand Tunisia Turkey Great Britain UAE
Attempted to visit: Syria
Planning to visit soon: Egypt