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Kaiserpfalz gel living

the city was created 1170 of Kaiser Barbarossa. Barbarossa established on an island in Kinzig the its imperial palace, whose ruins are visible still today. In the Middle Ages gel living lay at the trade route between Frankfurt/Main and Leipzig, which gave to the city incomes and prosperity.

The city did not remain spared by military conflicts. In the dreissigjaehrigen war the city was depopulated nearly and in 19. The troops Napoleons drew century by the Kinzigtal. The destruction in gel living in the dreissigjaehrigen war is to be reread in the contemporary novel the adventurous Simplicissimus of Johann Jacob Christoffel of Grimmelshausen.

Beginning 19. Century lost gel living its status as realm city and the cure principality Hessen Kassel was awarded, after it belonged to the Grand Duchy of Frankfurt for short time.

1936 became gel living garrison town. The armed forces barracks were taken over after the war by the Americans and called Coleman barracks. Most well-known one US-American military, which performed its service there, was the later US minister of foreign affairs Colin Powell. The barracks became meanwhile into a trade area umgewandelt.[[Image:Gelnhausen - closest Stelle.jpg|right|thumb|150px|Alte trade route]

1974 lost the city during the reestablishment Main Kinzig circle and task of the circle gel living the district town rights, which regained her 2005 as new district town of the Main Kinzig circle.

Gel-live were 1996 hosts Hessentags, to an one-week meeting, which is delivered once in the year in a city in Hessen.

In the year 2005 approximately 22,000 inhabitants in gel living and the quarters Hailer, Haitz, Höchst, Meerholz and Roth.

Fauna and Flora

Gel-lives lies in the Kinzigtal and north of the Buedinger forest, to one of the largest German coherent forest areas is limited. In the forest are still red and black game. The wild pigs penetrate for the disappointment of owners of property into the peripheral areas of the city, so that one meets already once a wild pig on the road at night, which takes however usually tear from. Except the domestic game in gel living also still Waschbaer eingenistet itself. In 19. and at the beginning 20. Century also wine was cultivated here, but the Reblaus prepared an end for the laborious cultivation.

Get in[edit]

By air[edit]


For hobby fliers gel living is attainable by airplane. Beside the A66 runs the fastened runway of the airfield gel living. For aircraft passengers is Rhine Main airport Frankfurt the 45 autominutes distant.



With the course one can reach gel living with the regional express or the regional course of Frankfurt/Main (30-40 minutes travel time), Fulda or pouring directly. Fulda and Frankfurt are started at least once per hour also on weekends. (opening times of the fahrkartenschalters: Mo-Fr: 6.00-18.45, SA 8.00-14.00, so and holiday closed; in addition, there is present two ticket automats)

By car[edit]


Gel-live is convenient to A 66 between Frankfurt and Fulda. Fulda is distant approximately 50 kilometers into eastern direction, Frankfurt of approximately 60 kilometers in western direction; out pour is there approx.. 80 kilometers and out Aschaffenburg likewise approx.. 60 kilometers.

Gel-live possess with the departure gel living west ([[Image:AB AS blau.png]] 43) and gel living east ([[Image:AB AS blau.png]] 44) two motorway departures. For the attendance of the old part of town the departure gel living east is suitable better, here is also well out-described the way to the old part of town.





Obermarkt gel living

in gel living operate city penalty, so that one is not necessarily dependent on the car. Approximately around the old part of town parking is difficult. One can park on the usually overfilled upper market or use the multi-storey car park city center. A further somewhat remote alternative is the liable to pay the costs parking lot to the Kinzig. Also with the wheel gel living can be explored. Since the city is because of the mountain, some smaller upward gradients are to be overcome.

At in the year 2005 the again opened Raiffeisen gas station in the gel houses road (corner depot road) one can refuel around the clock by transfer with the Maestro map. Here one receives also bio Diesels. Further a liquid gas gas station on the area is in planning and presumably in 2006 in enterprise is taken.

For vehicles with natural gas drive the shell gas station at the local exit direction free court (proximity of motorway departure gel living west) offers a possibility for refuelling (opening time taegl. to 22,00).

Those, which do not want to explore gel living and the environment with the own vehicle or by foot or wheel or to be able, find taxi conditions at the station. (taxi collective call 2108)


Kirchen und Synagogen[edit]

Kirchen und Synagogen


the city possesses 13 with Marienkirche the beautiful, Roman church (Dreifaltigkeitskirche) from that. Century with four towers. 1543 became the church by the Westfaeli peace Evangelist. For many centuries a tower an inclined tower hood, those zierte only in the eighties 19. Century one corrected.

With the Peter church and the former synagog two further places of worship remained preserved. The Peter church (builds in 13. Century) was used after the reformation, when the church became redundant, occasionally than cigar factory and only 1920 again to the place of worship were geweiht. The synagog got over the time to a large extent without prejudice to. After a renovation in the eighties of the last century by the city gel living there concerts and exhibitions take place in today's time.

The Godobertuskapelle became in 12. Century delighted and is thereby gel living oldest place of worship. It is outside of the earlier stadtmauern in the proximity of the upper wood gate.

Burgen und Schlösser[edit]

Burgen und Schlösser

On an island of the Kinzig is the great of emperor Friedrich Barbarossa in the Roman style built imperial palace. The imperial palace was established on some thousand oak stakes on a swampy island. Important event was approximately the process Heinrich the lion 1180. In the dreissigjaehrigen war the castle was heavily damaged. The Pfalz purged in the years increasingly and it had even into 19. Century a part because of state of decay to be torn off. Nevertheless the imperial palace belongs to the besterhaltensten buildings in to Germany from Stauferzeit. (opening times: Di-Di-So 10.00-16.00, entrance 1.80 �'�).




the old part of town from gel living remained preserved in large parts. From the many town-gates and towers the Buttenturm, the two wood gates, the brick gate, the ship gate and the Haitzer gate remained preserved. The Haitzer gate became in 19. Century, after the road was shifted beside the gate, to a house converted. Also the halbmond (lain in the today's city garden), which a panorama over gel living offers, as defense tower the centuries defied.

The witch tower is an attachment tower from the center 15. Century. After the legend witches and Hexer were kept imprisoned here. In the tower torture instruments are issued, although tortures did not take place here. The entrance to the witch tower is possible only within a city guidance.

Further unusual buildings in the old part of town are the house Johanniterordens from that 13. Century, one of the oldest half timbered houses of Hessen, and that Roman house at the Untermarkt.



On the Untermarkt stands a monument of Philipp rice, for the inventor of the telephone, who is born in gel living.



  • In the local history museum, which is to be found at the upper market in the same building as the tourist information, one can look at oneself pieces of find out over 800 years urban history. (opening times: Mo-Fr 8.00-12.00 and 14.00-16.30, SA 9.00-12.00 and 14.30-16.00, and so 14.00-16.30).

Straßen und Plätze[edit]

Straßen und Plätze

Are historically important the under and the upper market with the old city hall. On the upper market take place nowadays the week and the Weihnachtsmarkt. The long lane and the Schmidtgasse represent the typical road courses in the old part of town.



The only park of gel living is the city garden, which is convenient both between two of stadtmauern and between the Haitzer gate and the lower wood gate. As local recreation area otherwise the Buedinger serves forest.



  • from May to Septembers historical city guidance take place on in each case first Friday in the month, which are visited regularly by up to 1.000 daily tourists. Tickets for the experience guidance become direct at 19.30 o'clock before the city hall, to which starting point for the city guidance sells. Beginning of the guidance is at 20.15 o'clock. The costs of a ticket amounted to for adult 8 � ' � and for children of 7 to 16 years 4 � ' �. it are offered always different topic round courses, then the wheel of the life takes also in 14. Century. Sunday in the afternoon also "classical" city guidance take place.
  • Admits is gel living in the Main Kinzig circle for its on the second weekend in October taking place Schelmenmarkt, to a entertainment celebration, which belongs together with cold market in local mountain to the largest people celebrations the region. In the spring the Barbarossamarkt in gel living takes place, which leans against the Schelmenmarkt in the autumn. The lantern celebration in the city garden is the festive high point in the summer.
  • The Panaromaweg loads for moving in. At former vineyards along it offers a view over the Kinzigtal.
  • The blockhouse is starting point for migrations and Mountainbike routes in the Buedinger forest
  • Into approximately five kilometers distance lies in Gettenbach 9-Loch-Golfplatz.
  • In the city there is one 2004 open open-rir swimming pool (Webcam) (entrance 3 � ' �) (opening times May until Septembers) and an indoor swimming pool (entrance 3.20 � ' �) (opening times: Mo geschl., weekday of 7.45-13.00, additionally Di 14.30-19.00, Mi 14.30-22.00, DO 14.30-22.00, Fr 14.30-19.30, SA 13.00-18.00 and so 9.00-17.00 (summers only to 13,00).
  • Hand ball friends can visit the heimspiele of the Zweitbundesligisten TV gel living.
  • Each second Sunday in September a auto-free Sunday takes place in the Kinzigtal. At this Kinzigtal total one can drive with the bicycle from Hanau over gel living on locked roads up to the delta of the Kinzig to Sterbfritz. In this meeting participate up to 200.000 humans.



The shopping street in gel living is brick building with its many specialist shops. Otherwise all kinds from business are to be found to, only supermarkets find one due to that limit surface nearly only in the local parts or in neighbouring municipalities in the central center gel living.

In guard brook (of approx. 10 kilometers removed from gel living) ceramic(s) of the same name is resident. Here one can acquire new ceramic(s) articles in the manufacturers sale both as well as favorable parts with small lack. In the cure city bath Orb one can buy in the purchase zone also Sundays.



Approximately around gel living there is a multiplicity of Italian restaurants in all price situations. In addition come a Mexican, a Thai and a Chinese restaurant. Also various nearly Food restaurant is present.



  • Beer well, familiar, deftige meals (master meals), so quiescent day, Brentanostrasse (proximity of synagog) Tel.: 06051-4331.
  • emperor well, Graslitzer road (opposite the vocational school), good-civil kitchen, Mo quiescent day, Tel.: 06051-3233.
  • Schelm of mountains, rustikales Ambiente, very comfortably, rich meals, Di Ruhetag, Tel.: 06051-2755.
  • Sale e Pepe, long lane, Tel.: 06051-12996, tiny Pizzeria at the Untermarkt. The house-made noodles on weekend are sensational.
  • Pizzeria A66, convenient in the quarter Hailer, which secrettap, according to opinion of many gel houses gives it here the best Pizza of the wood furnace, in addition, the other meal is not to be despised, very favorable, Tel.: 67929.



  • Tony`s Pizzeria at the sports field, Tel.: 06051-2192. Rather expensively, but with wood furnace.
  • Castle mill, Tel.: 06051-82050.
  • To the lion, long lane 28 in the old part of town, Tel.: 06051-2816, where already Dr. Faust fed...
  • to the good source, at the upper market, German kitchen, telephone 06051-472794






For under dreissigjaehrigen ones:

  • Coconut, Lohmuehlenweg 33, Cocktailbar.
  • eulenspiegel, turn red ago lane, music tavern in the old half timbered house.
  • [1], station route, music tavern.

Starting from thirty upward:

  • Dudelsack, bank way, on Mondays quiescent day.
  • Klamotte, long lane.
  • cafe kind, upper market opposite of the old city hall.



The cinema in gel living consists of two Kinosaealen in two different buildings in the heart brook way (Pali) and in that turn red ago lane (Casino). The Blockbuster starts usually at the same time with the large cinemas. The cinema map costs 6 � ' �, fresh Popcorn and cinema-usual little things is available in the cinema before area.



  • gelateria by elisa at the brick tower 1, ganzj. opened, Tel.: 2910.
  • Ice cafe Riviera, Untermarkt 19, Tel.: 13610.




  • Schelm of mountains, at the historical upper market, Tel.: 2755.



  • Grimmelshausen hotel, Schmidtgasse, Tel.: 92420.
  • horseshoe yard (duly to the municipality lens court), approx.. far away in the forest convenient, for wedding celebrations much, EZ 58 likes to 6 km von Gelnhausen � ' �, DZ 79 � ' �, Tel.: 96610. fax: 9661-19, E-Mail:



  • castle mill, lain to the Kinzig (opposite the imperial palace) in an old mill, Tel.: 82050.



In gel living the resuming schools of the region are like a High School and vocational schools. The professional school Fulda, the university and professional school in Frankfurt and even the 80 kilometers distant university and parts of the professional school in pouring are well attainable with public means of transport.



Gel-live offer since the assumption of the district town function of Hanau numerous jobs in the public service. Largest private employers in the city are a supplier of the automobile industry with several locations in the city and a large furniture house in the neighbour municipality Gruendau. Many inhabitants of the region oscillate after Hanau, where larger industrial enterprises are, or to Frankfurt.

Stay safe[edit]


The police is in the heart brook way 63 in the range of the old barracks, Tel.: 827-0.

Stay healthy[edit]

Gesund bleiben

Most physicians (under it also in each case a dentist and a pharmacy) are either in the station route or in Triangulum in the proximity of the bus station.



In principle the hessian holidays apply in gel living. To the nineties there was the hail day on 15 August still as gel houses holiday, at which the business had closed totally or partly. The hail day reminded of a fire on 15 August 1736, when the advice and department store at that time were on fire and after by a hail shower one saved to the legend.

At the Bavarian holidays the business lying approximately around gel living is used gladly from the Bavarian neighbours to buying.



In gel living there are two regional daily papers, which on the happening in the region report with gel houses day sheet (GT) and the gel houses new newspaper (GNZ). Besides the expenditure for regional of the Frankfurt round rundschau possesses a side over gel living. The GT extra, which to GT on Sunday and the gel houses messenger report as free advertising newspapers likewise on the region.

Money automats of the savings bank, cooperative bank, postal bank and the Dresdner bank are in the city center, so that for nearly all current account owners free money taking off is possible.

A cleaning is at the corner Barbarossastrasse and Schmidtgasse directly in the city centre opposite the district savings bank gel living and in Altenhasslau in the proximity of the central railroad overpass between gel living and Altenhasslau.



The preselection for gel living reads 06051. All telephone numbers in this article are indicated without preselection. The quarters Roth with the municipality Gruendau grew together. Here is to be considered with the use from telephone boxes to, in which place one is, since the preselections of the two places are different. Always along-select best the preselection in telephone boxes.

In department store Joh there is an InterNet cafe, where one has access to the Web.

Get out[edit]

Weiter geht's

  • In the proximity Ronneburg, a medieval castle is convenient, where regularly historical markets and knight plays take place.
  • East of gel living are bath Orb, a health resort with historical old part of town and various baths, under it a Themalbad and a nature bath.
  • For moving the nearby [[Spessart] is offered] or somewhat far Rhoen on.
  • In Steinau at the road brothers the Grimm house lies, where the brothers Grimm grew up. Steinau offers still further attractions with the doll theatre and the lock.
  • West lie long same old with the leisure area Kinzigsee, open-rir swimming pool and the lock.
  • In the proximity the present Hanau lures the visitors with the hessian doll museum and the two locks Philipps peace and William bath.
  • North of gel living lies the town Buedingen with its lock, whose old part of town outlasted also the times.

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1 [[Dmoz:Europa/Deutschland/Hessen/Landkreise/Main Kinzig Kreis/Staedte and municipality/gel living/]