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Hi! My name is Tally, and I'm a college student who has lived in Pensacola, FL for all my life. I know a good bit about the Florida panhandle and parts of Alabama. I figured that since I know a bit about the area, I might as well edit a few articles. If you need to, you can email me.

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If you have any questions about Pensacola, FL or Santa Rosa County, FL, I'd be glad to help! You can leave a message on my talk page, or for a quicker response, email me using the link in the toolbox at the left.

To Do List, Pensacola

  • MoS 'See'
  • Clean up 'Do', fix prices
    • Boating (I know nothing about this)
    • Diving options (Or this)
    • Hiking (Edward Ball Trail)
    • Fishing (de Luna)
    • Running and Jogging (Running Wild's We Run Wild club)
  • Remove the word 'local' which I seem to have used 39 times.
  • Shorten ECAT section
  • Edit 'Understand'
    • Spanish History
    • Navy History
    • Modern History


    • Visitor's Center
  • Expand 'Do'
    • Sunsets at de Luna
  • Expand 'Buy'
    • Subdivide 'Downtown Pensacola Shopping'
    • T&W Flea Market
    • J.W. Renfroe's Pecan Shop
    • Joe Patti's Seafood
    • All One Spirit
    • Everman's Natural Food
    • Shady Lady
    • Yard sales, esp. Scenic Hwy
    • East Hill
  • Expand Mid-range hotels
  • Expand 'Drink'
    • Add coffee shops

**Add nightclubs

    • Brews Brothers
    • New York Nick's
    • Piano Bar
    • 600 S.
  • Add vegan/vegetarian options Okay, there aren't any.
  • Everman's Natural Food
  • Apple Market
  • Classes at DK
  • Blue Angels Air Show
  • Maps
    • Expand Downtown Pensacola map north to Cervantes St
    • Add park names to Downtown Pensacola map
    • Add city map
    • Add NAS Pensacola map

*Move Pensacola Beach items to Pensacola Beach

To Do List, Pensacola Beach

  • Restaurants
  • Sea oats (don't touch!)
  • Sea life
  • Sea birds
  • Spaceship House
  • Cross
  • Blue Angels Shows
  • Quietwater Beach Festival
  • Bushwhacker Festival
  • Fishing
  • Parasailing
  • Beach! Sunbathe, kite, surf, wakeboard, volleyball, frisbee
  • Sandshaker Lounge
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Commercial Area Map
  • Island Map
  • Boat rental areas, boat charters.
  • Move 'By Boat' to 'Get Around'
  • Expand Fort Pickens

To Do List, Milton

  • Photos!
    • Downtown Milton
    • Bikers on Trail
    • Chet's Seafood
  • Map
  • Itinerary, Coldwater Creek Paddle Trail
  • Itinerary, Blackwater Heritage Trail
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