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Hi my main areas of expertise, that I have recently visited are in no particular order Dresden, Franconia, the East Frisian islands, Lübeck, Nicaragua and some side trips here or there to Southern California or Costa Rica

I was born in Upper Franconia but spent most of my early years in Middle Franconia (yes the difference matters) and after having spent a year or so in the Rio San Juan Region of Nicaragua I now live in Erlangen.

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Nicaragua, Germany, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Costa Rica, Austria, Italy, USA (California) Mexico, Spain (Catalonia)

Layover / airports

 Panama (PTY airport),  France (CDG airport), Netherlands (AMS Schiphol airport) USA (ATL airport and DFW airport) Spain, (MAD airport) an odd case, as I left the airport and probably spent more time in Madrid, than in Poland


Spain April-June 2017; mostly work Istanbul, Turkey April 2018 for a weekend


Costa Rica, Nicaragua / Mexico and maybe something in between - August/September 2018

Userspace pages[edit]

I am not usually one for creating stuff in userspace, but sometimes I do as a Fingerübung proof of concept or for whatever reason. If I am confident something can be put into mainspace under current policy, I put it into mainspace, though. Unless I explicitly say otherwise, all listed userspace articles can be edited by any well meaning editor who feels like it.