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Hi my main areas of expertise, that I have recently visited are in no particular order Dresden, Franconia, the East Frisian islands, Lübeck, Nicaragua and some side trips here or there to Southern California or Costa Rica

I was born in Upper FranconiaWappen Bezirk Oberfranken.png but spent most of my early years in Middle Franconia Mittelfranken Wappen.svg (yes the difference matters) and after having spent a year or so in the Rio San Juan Region of Flag of Nicaragua.svgNicaragua I now live in Flag of Saxony.svgSaxony but still go to Frankenrechen.svg Franconia once or twice a month, usually by train.

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Flag of Nicaragua.svgNicaragua, Flag of Germany.svgGermany, Flag of Sweden.svgSweden, Flag of Slovakia.svgSlovakia, Flag of the Czech Republic.svgCzech Republic, Flag of Poland.svgPoland, Flag of Costa Rica.svgCosta Rica, Flag of Austria.svgAustria, Flag of Italy.svgItaly, Flag of the United States.svgUSA (Flag of California.svgCalifornia) Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico

Layover / airports

Flag of Panama.svg Panama (PTY airport), Flag of France.svg France (CDG airport), Flag of the Netherlands.svgNetherlands (AMS Schiphol airport) Flag of the United States.svgUSA (ATL airport and DFW airport) Flag of Spain.svg Spain, (MAD airport) an odd case, as I left the airport and probably spent more time in Madrid, than in Poland


Flag of Spain.svg Spain April-September(?) 2017; mostly work

Userspace pages[edit]

I am not usually one for creating stuff in userspace, but sometimes I do as a Fingerübung proof of concept or for whatever reason. If I am confident something can be put into mainspace under current policy, I put it into mainspace, though. Unless I explicitly say otherwise, all listed userspace articles can be edited by any well meaning editor who feels like it.