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Boating on the Baltic Sea mi #1st article point and the deletionists cannot even touch it. Also don't be dumm like this guy, wear a life vest, the inflating models are quite comfortable
I am a fan of copyleft ever since I heard of it.
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Hiya. I'm Jukeboksi (pseudonym) from Helsinki, Finland. You can catch me at Wikipedia where I've been since 2003.

I'm a copyleft, consumer empowerment, ecolo, hypertext, art, code, sailing, snowboarding, free social media and adfree wiki enthusiast.

I host the Consumerium consumer empowerment effort wiki since 2003 and WikiStudy (which is not an encyclopedia).

Is picture with green, blue and brown hues showing an outdooring by lake Lohjanjärvi in Lohja

Am also an old editor at Wikitravel [1] but not very appreciative of its purchase by a for-profit entity and the ads and the inability to freely use Wikimedia Commons images coz no-one thought to set up instant commons ability of Mediawiki.

I've contributed to the following articles to list some:

I've started:

Welcome to Ленингр... Saint Petersburg 2012
  • Boating on the Baltic Sea ( well only Sailing in Finland originally but it was decided to grow scope.
  • Traveler routers is a field I have been closely in contact with since 1997 when I got the idea to try to implement Reiseauskunft but on a local traffic level.
  • Ridesharing and carsharing services are ecological, innovative, convenient and inexpensive compared to train or coach fares and car rentals.
    • Ridesharing means a better fuel and capital utilization efficiency in the form of transporting more people per km of vehicle mileage.
    • Carsharing means better utilization of manufactured capital (vehicle) leading to less manufacturing requirement for vehicles. Also provides capital gains revenues to individuals offering his/her ride to the peer-to-peer carsharing ultimate cosumer.

I archive

Travel predictions:

  • Someone will make a service that combines global and local mass transit traveler routers and car navigation with ridesharing and even carsharing apps into an ultimate traveler app. My prediction is that this will happen within five years (as of 2016).

Amazement at the world and some thoughts based on it