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I joined way back when this was Wikitravel (and I'm still there, too). I'm not well-traveled so I don't have much to add in terms of content, but I'm pretty familiar with my hometown of Indianapolis and I can definitely do small maintenance here and there. You're most likely to catch me on Wikipedia, although I frequent all of the Wikimedia projects.

Autopatroller since 2013-01-20T03:11:05. Patroller since 2023-05-03T07:13:48.

Hometown Indianapolis
Residence Indianapolis
Other homes n/a
Have visited Atlanta, Bloomington, Chicago, Danville, East Point, Evansville, Hershey, Los Angeles, Marlinton, New York City, Orlando, Paducah, Pigeon Forge, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, United Nations headquarters, Washington, D.C., West Lebanon
Wishlist Western Sahara

Need help in Indianapolis?[edit]

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I've lived in Indianapolis for over 30 years, so I've offered my services as a docent on Wikivoyage. That means that you can contact me for assistance in getting around the city. Feel free to contact me anytime, although I'm usually only free past noon (UTC-4). I am not an expert on the Circle City's history, but I would be happy to give what knowledge I have.

Phone +1 (317) 660‒1236
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