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Melbourne! My city

Some the things I gone and done[edit]

Where I've been[edit]

Nuvola Australian flag.svg Nuvola Scottish flag.svg Nuvola English flag.svg Nuvola Dutch flag.svg Nuvola Belgian flag.svg Nuvola German flag.svg Nuvola Spain flag.svg Nuvola Northern Irish flag.svg Nuvola Irish flag.svg Nuvola France flag.svg Nuvola Italy flag.svg Nuvola Vatican flag.svg Nuvola Greek flag.svg Nuvola New Zealand flag.svg Nuvola Niuean flag.svg

Dates:  | 2004                                                                         | 2008                                                                          | 2012

Northernmost point: Edinburgh, Scotland, 55.953276, -3.188069
Southernmost point: Hobart, Tasmania, -42.883244, 147.325656
Easternmost point: Rocky Bay, Waiheke Island, -36.819253, 175.058260
Westernmost point: Halagigie Point, Niue, 19.075186, -169.948687
Highest point: 1858m, Mount Jaithmathang, Alpine National Park, Victoria -36.890847, 147.191500
Lowest point: 8m below sea level (approximately), Parliament Station, Platforms 3/4, Melbourne -37.811830, 144.973103


Current travel wishlist[edit]

Nuvola Northern Territory flag.svg Nuvola Kazakh flag.svg Nuvola Chinese flag.svg Nuvola Estonian flag.svg Nuvola Mongolian flag.svg Nuvola South Korean flag.svg Nuvola USA flag alternative.svg Nuvola Canada flag.svg Nuvola Russian flag.svg Nuvola Norwegian flag.svg Nuvola Icelandic flag.svg Nuvola Greenland flag.svg Nuvola Armenian flag.svg Nuvola Mexico flag.svg Nuvola Azerbaijan flag.svg

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