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This is a Wikivoyage user page.


I'm a user on Wikivoyage, and I guess Selfie City is also an imaginary city . . .

  • Has an obsession with Greenland and Alaska - along with Mexico, California, and other places.
  • No, despite having contributions in many unusual places, I'm not a world traveler. Most of my exploring is done on Google Maps, not on planes, trains, self-driving cars, or even spaceships?

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You're already here!

Get around

When you consider that Selfie City is just a user page on Wikivoyage and Wikipedia, there's no traveling necessary.


Places I'd like to see in my life

  • Other Planets. Moon, Mars, Jupiter (or as coders write, Jupyter), Saturn - it's hard to create coordinates on Wikivoyage for these!
  • 1 Southern Greenland. I love the beautiful, rugged country of the lands beyond the homelands of most. Not northern Greenland, though. I prefer the "banana" coast.
  • 2 Arctic Alaska (A return to the far north). Really out in the wild here. The key is, don't get near any big brown, furry creatures.


Things I'd like to build or create in my life

  • 1 Bering Strait Expressway, Nearest current location: Manley Hot Springs Road, Manley Hot Springs, Alaska (It'll one day begin at Manley Hot Springs Road). My plan is to one day build a road connected Manley Hot Springs and Magadan, in other words, Alaska and Russia, or, in greater terms, America and Russia, and in greatest terms, North America with Asia, Europe, and Africa.
  • 2 Republic of Bir Tawil. I advise you to join me in being a self-declared President of Bir Tawil. As the place is currently not recognized as a nation by anyone except Jeremiah Heaton and a few other claimants like me, you can do whatever you like there. One day, someone should sell off the land cheaply to businesses and developers at an extremely low property tax rate - what I call a good income!
  • 3 Guadalupe Island Development. An almost unknown, extremely hard-to-reach (next to possible destination) island is located nearly 200 miles of the coast of Baja California. The closest most tourists get to this beautiful island is the Great White Shark fishing boat tours, but I think the island's dramatic scenery and 4,000-foot-cliffs could make it a luxury tourist destination one day.
  • 4 Marmarosa City. Named after a fairly unknown musician, this city will be Greenland's tourist hub (I hope!), being nestled between three glaciers and a national park at more than 2,000 feet.


Unlike most people, I like free things.


  • Plenty of Meat. Especially beef and the burger type.
  • Plenty of Cheese. But not strong cheeses.
  • No Vegetables. I don't like vegetables.


I don't drink.


  • I sleep best with a lot of covers, My bedroom. I sleep best with plenty of covers.
  • Pillows were a good invention. Especially "generously stuffed" ones.

Go next

  • Sandbox. And no, I don't make sand castles in it.

This city travel guide to Selfie City is a usable article. It has general information, but please don't feel free to improve it by editing the page.


But I need to get back to seriousness here for something important:

You have seen me create listings and write "credits to" and thought, Google Maps doesn't have a Creative Commons license. There is an explanation for this: Google Maps gets information from businesses and displays it on their map application. I copy information (phone numbers of businesses, business URLs, etc.) from the map application and put it on Wikivoyage. However, phone numbers, URLs of businesses, and addresses aren't copyrighted, so this is not a copyright violation.