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This is a Wikivoyage user page.

I'm an administrator on Wikivoyage, and I guess Selfie City is also an imaginary city . . .

I make contributions to travel topics and create new ones, I've worked on plenty of destination articles, and I've done a little work on itineraries here and there. I also used to post up pictures on Commons where there were gaps in what their pictures covered, etc., but I don't do that anymore. I've also found myself reverting edits, fiercely debating in deletion discussions (e.g. Esperanto phrasebook), and archiving old Travellers' Pub discussions more and more since I signed up.

I also set up the Arrivals lounge, a place where those new to the website can ask questions (somewhat like Wikipedia's Teahouse).

I have made approximately 11,500 edits as of December 16, 2018.

Articles I created or significantly expanded

More-or-less in chronological order; not all are included here, but most are

  • Pleasanton — significantly expanded and brought to guide status
  • Guadalupe Island — it was created by another user, who then expanded it with my help and added information from the Wikipedia article about the destination.
  • Del Valle — regional park near Pleasanton
  • Monument Valley — brought to guide status on this website, and then nominated it to go on the front page of another online travel guide
  • Superior (Montana) — part of my expansion to 8,000 bytes project
  • Tracy City — part of my expansion to 8,000 bytes project
  • Bordentown — part of my expansion to 8,000 bytes project
  • Marshall (North Carolina) — part of my expansion to 8,000 bytes project
  • Clinton (Missouri) — part of my expansion to 8,000 bytes project
  • Jazz — created it myself and brought to guide status
  • Geographical records — much of this is my work, particularly northern and southern points
  • Motorcycle speedway — an interesting sport that unfortunately does not have the publicity it deserves. The article I created about it was done along the lines of Association Football in Europe with of course completely different content.
  • Beaver (Utah) — this was a gap in WV's coverage of Utah until I created this article
  • Hiking in the East Bay
  • Maps — was created back in the early days, but was never developed into something very useful and was turned into a redirect for many years until I created a new, much more informational article about it
  • Biomes and ecosystems — I created it myself, with some inspiration from Article requests. Then, later, created articles about tropical rainforests, subtropical rainforests, deserts, and Mediterranean climates as subtopics of the "Biomes and ecosystems" article.
  • Indigenous cultures of South America — as of 15 September 2018, it is still not a very long article; however, it was only a few sentences when I first started working on it, and now it is more informative, contains a picture and a mapmask, and is more than five times as large (in bytes) than it was when I began working on it.
  • Cuisine of Britain and Ireland — created this article, which had been on the WV:RA list for some time. It got plenty of input and some contributions from other users, and I moved some information from other articles to fill out the gaps.
  • Mountain ranges — added some information, particularly to the section about North America; another contributor also added markers to the article, which was very helpful
  • Hiking in the United States
  • User:SelfieCity/Deny

Other contributions

  • Table design in Severe weather article
  • I created Wikivoyage:Arrivals lounge
  • I've worked on some COTMs (COTM stands for Collaboration of the Month), including Bermuda and a collaboration that involved getting city districts up to usable status.

See also

  • Projects. Stuff I'm working on
  • Sandbox. And no, I don't make sand castles in it.

This city travel guide to Selfie City is a usable article. It has general information, but please don't feel free to improve it by editing the page.