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Hello. I am SmileKat40, a Wikivoyage contributor.

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Articles I've created/expanded[edit]

  1. South Pole
  2. West Antarctica
  3. Space
  4. Moon

The List[edit]

I have taken the Wikipediholism test in Wikipedia (for Wikivoyage). My score is:

Regular version: 109 points, diagnosis is "This is the optimal, most productive range."

Legacy version: 13018 points, 2 eliteness, points diagnosis is "Please take the time from your busy edits to read the following, Don't forget: Breathing doesn't intrude on your ability to edit, so do so regularly to prevent fainting and reducing the amount of time you can spend on Wikipedia.", eliteness diagnosis is "You are an elite Wikipediholic and a prime candidate for rollback rights."

Modern version: 26525299682932096897926355728293966669606148830010279419089681487091532404549805221652000000 points, 116668469300 eliteness, 18172 RC and 2 URC.