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This is a Wikivoyage user page.

Bot account for User:Traveler100

If this bot is running and you want to stop it. Publish some text on the Talk page of this article.

Proposed Function[edit]


If first line of article start with colon then replace and place text in {{hatnote}}

Ongoing functions[edit]

Listings case[edit]

Change listings type name from uppercase to lowercase. For example Sleep to sleep. When page has mix of uppercase and lowercase listings the map marking do not work correctly.

Previous functions[edit]


  • change kms to km (if number before it)

Translate text position[edit]

  • Move {{translate}} from top to bottom of articles.

Related sites - phase 2[edit]

no Wikipedia link[edit]

Related sites[edit]

Change syntax of Related Sites entries

  • Replace [[Wikipedia:(.*?)]] with {{RelatedWikipedia|$1}}
  • Replace [[Commons:Category:(.*?)]] with {{RelatedCommonsCat|$1}}
  • Replace [[Commons:(.*?)]] with {{RelatedCommons|$1}}
  • Delete [[Dmoz:(.*?)]]

Fix phone number format[edit]

For all articles check phone parameter of listings template (buy, do, drink, eat, listing, see, sleep).

  • If parameter contains text and special characters but not capital letters:
  • replace / with -
  • remove (0)
  • remove [0]
  • remove ( and )
  • remove '
  • remove .
  • remove &nbsp

* remove Tel: and Tel.:

  • remove 00
  • repalce 011 with +
  • replace +digits digits digits digits with +digits digits digits-digits
  • replace +digits digits-digits with +digits digits digits
  • Run via country adding country code if does not exist, fixing country code format with plus and removing zeros

Currently running manually as too many exceptions for automatic.

Add pagebanners[edit]

Recursively descend country or continent categories below Category:Region categories and for all article pages (skip if contains {{pagebanner ) add {{pagebanner}} to first line.

Note: Only articles within Category:Austria will have the template added until the preliminary stage is over.

New article type and status tags[edit]

Per discussion at Wikivoyage talk:Article status#Consolidation proposal.