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Bot account for User:Traveler100

Proposed Function[edit]

For all articles check phone parameter of listings template (buy, do, drink, eat, listing, see, sleep).

  • If parameter contains text and special characters but not capital letters:
  • replace / with -
  • remove (0)
  • remove [0]
  • remove ( and )
  • remove '
  • remove .
  • remove &nbsp

* remove Tel: and Tel.:

  • remove 00
  • repalce 011 with +
  • replace +digits digits digits digits with +digits digits digits-digits
  • replace +digits digits-digits with +digits digits digits
  • Run via country adding country code if does not exist, fixing country code format with plus and removing zeros

Currently running manually as too many exceptions for automatic.

Previous function[edit]

Recursively descend country or continent categories below Category:Region categories and for all article pages (skip if contains {{pagebanner ) add {{pagebanner}} to first line.

Note: Only articles within Category:Austria will have the template added until the preliminary stage is over.


Add as first parameter to template image file for that region.

Previous function[edit]

Per discussion at Wikivoyage talk:Article status#Consolidation proposal.