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WV Expeditions[edit]

Extreme points of travel (excluding in flight)[edit]

Map of Traveler100
My records Place Detail Values
Northernmost Sweden Gothenburg 1 Låssby 6,419 km north
and S-E.most
Australia Montague Island 2 Montague Island Lighthouse 4,033 km south
14,955 km
Easternmost Australia Byron Bay 3 Cape Byron 13,062 km east
and N-W.most
Canada Vancouver Island 4 middle somewhere 7,836 km west
12,473 km
N-E.most Japan Tokyo 5 Tokyo Station 14,277 km
S-W.most USA San Diego 6 Casa de Balboa 12,525 km
Closest to the equator Singapore Singapore 7 Singapore Changi Airport 151 km
Highest Canada Jasper 8 Whistlers Peak 2,470 m (8,100 ft)
Lowest England English Channel France 9 Channel Tunnel (Eurotunnel) −115 m (−377 ft)
Furthest inland USA Denver 10 Denver International Airport about 1,500 km
Furthest offshore Ireland Irish Sea Wales 11 St George"s Channel about 45 km

Areas of travel and contribution[edit]

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