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Hi all. I'm Vidimian, hailing from Tekirdağ in Thrace, northwestern Turkey. I have lived all my life in Tekirdağ except for seven years between 2001 and 2008 when I resided in Istanbul (in Fatih for the first two years and then in Kadıköy in the next five years). I can probably provide answers for questions on these cities, as well as many other places in Turkey, but I have not declared myself a docent for any of them in the fear of not being able to answer the hardest questions. :-)

One of my goals in Wikivoyage is to get the article of my much beloved (and relatively little touristed) home region of Eastern Thrace up to at least guide status but that's a very looong way off.

I'm one of the administrators/janitors here. Needless to say, this doesn't give my opinions any more weight or authority than anyone else's.

You can also see me editing English and Turkish versions of Wikipedia, albeit very rarely. I'm perhaps one of the few Wikivoyagers who got accustomed to using MediaWiki and wiki markup at Wikivoyage first and then go on editing Wikipedia, not vice versa. I also contribute to English and Turkish versions of Hitchwiki, a wiki devoted solely to hitchhiking, but nowhere near as much as I contribute to Wikivoyage although I still have some tips to add there. I also go by the username 'Vidimian' at these wikis, too.

Please help us in our effort standing against the Internet censorship law proposed by the Turkish government by signing the petition here and spreading the word. Awareness is among the greatest things that make life so (in)valuable. Thanks a lot! – Vidimian, May 19th, 2011