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Caution Note: This is an experimental status created as part of a proposal made here. It is not finalised yet.

Informative articles in simple words, is the status between usable and guide (good). It was created in 2022 because the range of "usable articles" was far too broad. A name has not been settled yet, but the "informative" term is used as a temporary placeholder until a name has been finalised.

Getting an article to "informative" is not too hard, it is just much more about usable. For example, a usable article might only list one place to eat and sleep. An informative article, however, may have around three or four places to eat or sleep, in the case that the one listed place is closed. Similarly, informative articles may be very close to meeting the criteria for guide status, but may be missing certain details like coordinates, address info, contact info etc. While they are not exactly "complete", they are very close to being complete, but they're just not there yet. As an example, until there is an article at such status, this version of Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park or this revision of White Sands National Park are good examples on how informative articles should look like.

See also: Stub articles, Outline articles, Usable articles, Guide articles, Star articles.


The criteria for what makes a "informative" article varies depending on the subject. A city article is expected to have some hotel and restaurant listings, but unlike usable articles, they should contain at least four listings. Regions should instead have a listing of cities in that region. National parks may be leave-no-trace camping and wilderness and while a usable article can just mention "there is no facilities in xxxx", an informative article will give links and point out to the nearest place for food and accommodation. Similarly, an article for a small, isolated remote village may indicate a lack of hotels (or restaurants) and suggest alternatives, with clear links.

The criteria for a travel topic or phrasebook would be even more different and has not been finalised yet.

See Wikivoyage:Article status for an overview of article status criteria, or the following links for usable criteria for specific article types:

A complete list of all current "informative" articles can be found in Category:Informative articles