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The Stay safe Expedition is a Wikivoyage expedition dedicated to provide on-time security and safety information on different destinations. Please leave your name if you wish to join, thanks!



The safety situation of our world is ever changing. About ten years ago, Syria was still a habitable and welcoming country for travellers, but who expected that the reactions to anti-government protests in 2011 would lead to a full-fledged civil war that is still active?

Timely and detailed safety information is important to travellers from the time they choose their destinations to the date they leave the destination. While it's true that events happening in major tourist destinations are well covered, those in other areas usually are not. This expedition is therefore established to improve such content.


  • To provide and update timely localized travel warnings regarding any incidents that may seriously affect the safety of travellers, including but not limited to:
    • Wars and conflicts;
    • Violent civil disorders and riots;
    • Notable disasters causing significant casualties and damage;
    • Other matters specified in Template:Warningbox#When to use.
  • To provide localized crime and safety information regarding destinations.
  • To maintain the directories of emergency phone numbers of different destinations.
  • To deal with out of date COVID boxes
  • Ukraine warningboxes.


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