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Creating an account at Wikivoyage gives a bunch of benefits:

  • Easier communication — you will receive others' comments on your personal talk page, even if your future visits are from a computer or device at another IP address.
  • Gain credit for your contributions.
  • Build a reputation — allow other Wikivoyagers to distinguish you from other anonymous users, and provide you with a greater level of trust.
  • Protect your privacy — your IP address will be displayed in the history of articles if you are not editing from a registered account, but registering will allow you to maintain your privacy behind an alias (this will also hide your location).
  • Have your own watchlist — a list of pages for which you want to keep track of future changes.
  • Customize your Wikivoyage experience with the preferences menu.
  • Make your own books, a collection of Wikivoyage articles you can save in PDF, or buy a copy of from PediaPress.
  • Be able to edit semi-protected pages (after four days of registering).
  • Have the opportunity to gain additional user rights, such as having your edits automatically patrolled, or becoming one of the drone underclass.
  • Have a better time here - get recognised and be taken more seriously.
  • Link edits to your account on other Wikimedia projects (if you have one).