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what to add[edit]

Great article. But is it only me who reads in #1 "What to add" an idea that we more encourage here adding new pages than contributing to existing ones? --(WT-en) DenisYurkin 03:02, 3 May 2010 (EDT)

License disclaimer[edit]

I moved the license disclaimer to the top of the article to make it very clear that contributions are freely licensed - this seems to be a very important point that is missed by some new editors. -- (WT-en) Ryan • (talk) • 00:37, 26 May 2010 (EDT)

Excellent article on Egypt[edit]

Can't understand "how to make a comment," quite apart from "editing." I want to say that your whole, entire, article on Egypt is surprisingly, and extraordinarily, accurate, has the right tone, and in difficult things that involve culture, and realities, is really dead-center ON -- as in no other "travel writing" that I've seen. And, I KNOW, from 50 years in the country! 18 January 2013‎

Warning to Newbys[edit]

Thread deleted as it was copied to multiple locations. See Wikivoyage talk:Welcome, newcomers#Warning to Newbys for the active discussion -- Ryan • (talk) • 18:38, 22 April 2015 (UTC)