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Time online[edit]

Most of my contributions are made over weekends--so if you'd like to patrol them, checking the latest dozen in Recent Changes won't show my edits.

I normally contribute from GMT+3 (Moscow).

Background and motivation[edit]

I work for Yandex (leading Russian search engine) and basically have not too much spare time. I travel outside Russia 2 or 3 times a year.

The original reason I came to Wikivoyage was to share very detailed pieces of my travel experiences. With time I turned to sharing the key findings and hidden gems from my travel. This experience helped me to find what's most important in my travel notes--and to share them with friends maximizing added value and minimizing useless infowaste.

Additionally, I take a printout of a Wikivoyage destination guide wherever I travel, scan them immeditately before each destination to find the key things I need--and mark pieces where structure doesn't help with scanning. And I contribute to ToDo sections of that articles' Talk pages on what was missing from my experience (of course, if I have answers I contribute them directly to the article).

For professional life, I contribute to and edit Wikivoyage to better understand how wiki sites and communities work and evolve. I use that experience in shaping our corporate wiki intranet, and in theory it can help in distant future to set up a wiki community for some niche topic, if/when my career urge me to.


I'm a Docent for Russia and Moscow where I live now, and for Altai where I was born and lived until age of 17. I can also help a bit on St. Petersburg as have many friends there, and being there myself several times.

I am also Docent for Morocco, Marrakech, Santorini and Oia where I've been recently, and made tons of notes out of which only few published yet here on Wikivoyage. Similarly for Hungary, Budapest, Szentendre and Eger, although I published almost all I know about these regions.

I never offer services as a guide helping you visit sights for a fee. I can only answer some questions on the destinations I am quite knowledgeable about.

Feel free to leave your questions on my Talk Page. If I don't seem to contribute for a long time, feel free to drop email (see contacts at the top of this page). IM is also possible on weekends, but I can't promise to have time on weekdays.

Need your help[edit]

Articles I started[edit]


Templates I created[edit]


Travel experience[edit]


Personal templates[edit]

My own versions--before they become a general practice (or even set in stone in templates):

If you are from Russia, you may find ... less ... than you're accustomed to. (e.g. to compare prices for Massimo Dutti)

  • Understand
  • Travellers mix: For the case you'd like to follow your citizens (or alternatively to escape them while travelling), here's where travellers from different countries spend time on the holidays
  • Get out:
  • How to get out
  • Where to go
  • Get in:By plane
  • Terminals
  • Connections (airlines; destinations with direct flights)
  • Airport transfer
  • Duty Free Shopping at {Airport|Terminal X}
    • From the airport to the city
  • Airport cafes
  • Get around
  • By foot: на каблуках; детская коляска; булыжная мостовая
  • By tube:
Where To Alight
Foo Line westbound: the last door of the last carriage
Foo Line eastbound: the first door of the first carriage
Bar Line eastbound: the third door of the first carriage
Bar Line westbound: the second door of the last carriage
  • See
    прогулочным шагом: It takes around an hour to walk up at a leisurely pace
  • Buy
  • Money (currencies + credit cards)
  • Money exchange
  • What to buy? Apart from classical tourist souvenirs like postcards and trinkets, here are some things from this region that are hard to find elsewhere, or even unique.
  • Design (see Helsinki#Design)
  • unconventional (designer goods; souvenirs etc)
  • Eat
  • Main courses generally around ... (price ranges)
  • daily ..., Mon-Thu ...
  • upscale and modern
  • atmospheric place
  • Chains
  • Traditional (Region) cuisine
  • Non-(Region) cuisines
(place) declares to be "(quote)"
India: infobox listing most frequent dishes
London: what you can get for what money
  • Drink
  • club full of good-looking people
  • ambient bars
  • chilled out lounge bar
  • Sleep
  • availability is tight and prices can be crazy
  • for Santorini: it's not uncommon to be quoted over US$300/night for what would elsewhere be a distinctly ordinary business hotel going for a third of the price

Outstanding discussions[edit]

WF 2 weeks to plunge forward[edit]

(wait for 2 weeks since the date specified below)

Waiting for reply[edit]

Other actionable[edit]

Rome reverts[edit]

North Center: currently we list:

  • Residence Frattina: #298 at TripAdvisor
  • Hotel Claridge: #253
  • Duke Hotel, $347: #64
  • Lord Byron, $444: #38 (added later)
  • Residenza Borghese: not at TA at all (added later)

But we don't:

  • Villa Borghese Resort, $78: #357, but Top Value at TA
  • Casa Montani, $267: #14 [4]
  • Aldrovandi Palace Villa Borghese, $404: #60 [5]
  • Villa Morgagni, $230: #76

(and more, although some are not from this district: [6])

Colloseo: we list:

  • Hotel Ivanhoe: (unrated at TA--why?)
  • Hotel Labelle: #687
  • Torre Colonna: #28

Esquilno-San Giovanni: we list:

  • La Casa di Amy B & B: #143, reviews mostly positive
  • Mosaic Hostel: #65, Only 3 "very good"+1 "avg"

Nomentano: we list:

  • Hotel Sonya: #96; mostly Excellent and VeryGood

Rankings of what looked like a Yellow Pages copy-paste[edit]

Esquilino-San_Giovanni [7]:

  • Same-template address: (Cap: 00185, Rome, Italy)
    • Ariana B&B Rome: #807 (terrible prevailing)
    • Bella Beatrice B&B: not rated; only one mention in forums: [8]
    • La Casa di Amy B & B Rome: (34 exc, 37 very good--but the description was clearly flowery)
    • Panoramic Hostel Rome: not rated; no mention in forums
    • B&B Sergio Rome: #635; equal number of every ranking (but too view rankings after all)
  • only Rome in the name:
    • Hotel Center Rome: #552 (30 very good, 50 avg, 25 poor, 18 terrible)
    • Hotel Taormina Rome: #288 (18 very good; 9 exc; 10 avg)

Colloseo [9] (always only Rome in name)

  • Aenea Superior Inn Rome: #68
  • Hotel Adas Rome: #808 (8 avg; 10 terrible)
  • Hotel Ivanhoe Rome: #598 (5 very good, but quite few reviews)
  • Hotel Labelle Rome: #690 (7 very good)
  • YWCA Foyer di Roma: not rated
  • Intown Luxury House Rome: #217; (10 excel, 4 very good)


Edits/removals to challenge[edit]


Places to avoid[edit]

  • Pest: Cafe Pataya [10]

Personal Bookmarks[edit]

  • Rome/Trastevere -- a star district to consider for foodies, very restaurants-rich place
  • Editing is always more fun if there are at least two of you working on an article. Here are a few articles I'm interested in working on. If you do to, tell me and we can work together! © User:Hrcolyer

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  • {{subst:User:DenisYurkin/QuestionOnYourEdit|article name|talk section name}} --~~~~:
Hi (username). I have a question about something you contributed to (article name) and I've started a discussion in Talk:(article name). If you can, please take a look at the Talk:(article name) page and leave your comments. Thanks!


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