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Budaörs (German: Wudersch, Croatian: Jerša, Erša or Vundeš) is a town in Pest County, west of District 11, Budapest metropolitan area, and has about 28,400 inhabitants. The town lies among the Buda Hills and the Tétény Plateau in the Budaörs Basin. The town is split by M1, M7 motorways.


Budaörs is a commuter town to the west from Budapest. Several large retail stores pay taxes to the local council, so much so that Budaörs is the richest town of Hungary. The history of the city reaches back to the 13th century. In 1921, the Battle of Budaörs was the last attempt to restore the Habsburg Empire. Budaörs was elevated to town status in 1986.

Get in[edit]

By train[edit]

Trains  S10  and  S12  are available hourly from Budapest Déli pályaudvar to Győr via Bicske, Tatabánya, Tata and Komárom. The journey from Budapest takes 12 minutes and costs 250 Ft.

1 Budaörs Train Station, Raktár utca 1 (Budaörs vasútállomás  287 ), +36 1 349-4949, . There is no ticket office, tickets can be purchased on the train. Two beautiful and large sized small-leaved linden (Tilia cordata) can be see before the station, probably planted at the beginning of the 20th century. Budaörs railway station (Q21876888) on Wikidata

By bus[edit]

To Budaörs from Budapest:

  • From Kelenföld vasútállomás  M4  by  40 ,  40B ,  88 ,  88A  or  188  to 2 Templom tér.
  • From Móricz Zsigmond körtér  M4  by  240  to Templom tér.
  • From Széll Kálmán tér  M2  by  140  or  140A  to Templom tér (except on sundays).

Get around[edit]

By bus[edit]

Local bus lines in Budaörs are operated by two companies:

  • Lines 1–299 (except 288, 289) are operated by BKK. Budapest-passes are not valid beyond the administrative boundaries of Budapest. Tickets can be purchased at vending machines (also passes), at the drivers and at many newsstands. Available tickets and passes:
    • Metropolitan area ticket (valid between Budaörs and the first bus stop within Budapest): 250 Ft.
    • Single ticket (valid for the whole line): 350 Ft in advance, 450 Ft from the driver.
    • Metropolitan area local pass (valid within Budaörs): 5200 Ft per month.
    • Metropolitan area pass 5 km, valid between Budaörs and the first bus stop within Budapest): 5940 Ft per month.
    • South Buda zone pass 10 km, valid between Budakeszi, Budaörs, Diósd, Törökbálint and the first bus stop within Budapest): 9580 Ft per month.
  • Lines 288, 289 are operated by Homm. This service can be used for free.

Public transport map of Budaörs.

By taxi[edit]



Swabian folk costumes in Jakob Bleyer Local History Museum
  • 1 Jakob Bleyer Local History Museum (Bleyer Jakab Helytörténeti Gyűjtemény, Jakob Bleyer Heimatmuseum), Budapesti út 45 (Aradi utca  40 ), +36 23 440-217, . M–F 10:00–17:00, Sa 10:00–18:00. The Local History Collection located in a typical local Swabian house. The house with porch and the courtyard section of the museum are particularly beautiful, contemporary status was preserved. A museum which chronicles the history of the German settlers in Budaörs. Its five rooms used to be the home of a well-to-do farmer-bourgeois family. Shows the farmer-bourgeois life-style destroyed by the expelling in 1946. A sculpture about John of Nepomuk is located opposite the Local History Collection. The soft limestone, baroque sculpture was erected in 1852. Adult: 300 Ft; senior, student: 200 Ft.
  • 2 Town's Archaeology Museum (Városi Régészeti Kiállítás), Károly király utca 2 (Károly király utca  40 ), +36 30 549-8840, . Tu–Su 10:00–16:00. Presentation of the most interesting and valuable pieces of Budaörs archaeological finds. Reconstructions and models to be seen. Lots of visual documentation and tactile exhibition material helps to understand the nearly 7000 years history. Free entrance.
  • 3 Csiki Pihenőkert, Virág utca 6 (Csiki tanya  88 ), +36 30 549-8840, . Apr–Oct: Tu–Su 10:00–16:00, but May–Aug for individual visitors not allowed to using the playgounds. Árpád era archaeological park, forest school and summer camp. Located in pleasant natural environment, western outskirts of Budaörs. After the excavation of an Árpád archaeological park reconstructed a part of the former town called Csík. A pit house, furnaces, yurt village and contemporary botanical gardens can be see here. Other attractions: oven medieval inn, auditorium and media lab, Indian Village, Castle Theatre, grassy and sandy sports field, archery courts, playgrounds, swimming pool and a small fish pond. Adult: 1000 Ft, children: 800 Ft, senior: free.


  • 4 John of Nepomuk Roman Catholic Church (Nepomuki Szent János római katolikus templom), Templom tér (Templom tér  40 ), +36 23 440-414, . Built between 1801–1810. Mixed architectural elements, mostly Baroque-style with some classicising details. The main altar has a Classicist character and shows Christ's death at the Calvary. The gracious carving of lime-tree pulpit depicts the Good Shepherd sowing seeds. The Baroque-style font of the apse was made in the 18th century. On the left wall are Baroque-style pictures of Saint George and Saint Cecile from 19th century. On the right-side wall can be see the Three Magi and the picture of the Holy Trinity. There are four fresco of the ceiling: John of Nepomuk, Saint Dominic, the ascension of Christ and Moses with the snake on the last fresco. A sculpture about Wendelin of Trier standing next to the church. This sandstone sculpture is approximately 1.5 m high. The saint's symbols include a bag by his side, a hat on the ground and a lying cattle by his feet. The dying soldier who failing into the arms of Christ title World War I Memorial was set up in 1925 from public contributions in the church garden. There are marble tables placed four sides of the monument, carved the names of men from Budaörs, who died on Galician and Italian battlefields. St. John of Nepomuk church, Budaörs (Q28045609) on Wikidata
  • 5 Starentanz Roman Catholic Chapel (Starentanz római katolikus kápolna), Farkasréti út 87 (Tulipán utca  40 ). It was built in 1808. On the left side of the chapel, behind a large glass is a metre-high painting depicting the Emmaus Disciples. The painting was made in 1912.
  • 6 Chapel on Kő Hill (Kő-hegyi kápolna) (Károly király utca  40 ). The chapel built by Ferenc Wendler in 1855.
  • 7 Calvary (Kálvária) (Kisfaludy utca  40 ). Calvary hill is a geyser cone of a regular shape. There is a small chapel built by Jakab Kreis in 1817.
  • 8 Old Cemetery and Csulits Chapel (Ótemető és Csulits-kápolna) (Templom tér  40 ). The abandoned graveyard contains graves from the period between the 18th and 20th centuries. The graves of similar types with tables (their material is sandstone, limestone, red limestone from Tardos and cast stone) provide a uniform appearance to the cemetery. The chapel is situated at the centre of the Old Cemetery and was built in 1863 by János Csulits. A single-nave, single-tower building, with two windows. Now, this chapel is used by Greek Catholics for their ceremonies.


Kő Hill
  • 9 Kő Hill (Kő-hegy) (1 km (0.62 mi) walk from Templom tér  40 ). Offers a great panorama to the town, on a clear day can you see to South Buda. There are cellars from the 18th and 19th century. Kő-hegy (Q26231973) on Wikidata
  • 10 Odvas Hill (Odvas-hegy) (1 km (0.62 mi) walk from Budaörs, városháza  40 ). Nice view to the town. Odvas Hill (Q26231764) on Wikidata
  • 11 Törökugrató Hill (Csiki csárda  88 ). Nice view to the town. Nature trails called "Kövirózsa" and "Naprózsa" showing the botanical values of the area.
  • 12 Huszonnégyökrös Hill (Huszonnégyökrös-hegy) (1.5 km (0.93 mi) walk from Csiki csárda  88 ). Nice view to Budaörs Basin. (Q1056569) on Wikidata
  • 13 Nap Hill (Nap-hegy) (1 km (0.62 mi) walk from Aradi utca  40 ). There is a nature trail showing the botanical values of the area.
  • 14 Tűzkő Hill (Tűzkő-hegy) (1.5 km (0.93 mi) walk from Felsőhatár utca  40 ). Nice view to Gazdagrét. There is a nature trail showing the botanical values of the area.




Chapel on Kő Hill



John of Nepomuk Roman Catholic Church
  • 1 Auchan, Sport utca 2-4 (Ifjúság utca  40B ), toll-free: +36 80 109-010. M–Sa 06:00–22:00, Su 07:00–21:00. Hypermarket. Services: food bar, pharmacy, shoe store, post office, bank.
  • 2 Korzo, Építők utca 2 (Ifjúság utca  40B ), +36 1 350-8710, . M–Sa 10:00–19:00, Su 10:00–18:00. Shopping centre.
  • 3 Príma, Szabadság út 52-54 (Károly király utca  40 ), +36 23 445-750. M–Sa 06:00–21:00, Su 07:00–18:00. Supermarket.
  • 4 Small Farmers' Market in Budaörs (Budaörsi Gazdapiac), Patkó utca (Gimnázium  40 ), +36 30 874-3781, . Sa 06:00–12:00.
  • 5 Tesco, Kinizsi út 1-3 (Agip utca  287 ), . 24 hours daily. Hypermarket.


This page uses the following price ranges for a typical meal for one, including soft drink:
Budget Under 1700 Ft
Mid-range 1700 Ft2700 Ft
Splurge Over 2700 Ft



Huszonnégyökrös Hill




Suhajda Confectionery


Starentanz Roman Catholic Chapel


This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget Under 13,000 Ft
Mid-range 13,000 Ft17,000 Ft
Splurge Over 17,000 Ft

About one and half dozen pensions and guesthouses waiting you, mostly in relaxing green area.




View from Törökugrató Hill
  • 6 Adler Guesthouse and Restaurant, Budapesti út 15 (Aradi utca  40 ), +36 23 440-215, fax: +36 23 441-657, . Restaurant: 12:00–22:00. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 11:00. 27 rooms. Traditional restaurant with local cuisine. Located in a 19th-century former wine cellar press house. Single room: 16,765 Ft, double room: 18,700 Ft, average meal: 2290 Ft.
  • 7 Adler Hotel, Budapesti út 2 (Templom tér  40 ), +36 23 428-528, fax: +36 23 428-527, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 10:00. 14 rooms. Single room: 19,335 Ft, double room: 22,555 Ft.
  • 8 Holiday Inn, Rubik Ernő utca 2 (Budaörs, benzinkút  173 ), +36 23 504-000, fax: +36 23 504-055, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. 160 rooms, 4 apartments. Single room: 29,645 Ft, double room: 33,830 Ft.


Budaörs' postal code is H-2040, and its telephone area code is 23.

  • 1 Budaörs 1 Post Office, Szabadság út 74 (Károly király utca  40 ), +36 23 415-994, . M Th 08:00–19:00, Tu W F 08:00–18:00.
  • 2 Telekuckó, Templom tér 15 (Templom tér  40 ), +36 23 414-446, fax: +36 23 428-875, . M–F 09:00–19:00. Internet access. Internet: 360 Ft per hour.
  • 3 Zsuzsanna Bercsényi Town's Library (Gróf Bercsényi Zsuzsanna Városi Könyvtár), Károly király utca 20 (Károly király utca  40 ), +36 23 415-405, . M–Th 10:00–18:30, F 10:00–16:00, Sa 09:00–13:00. Internet access. Adult: 500 Ft per year, senior, student: 250 Ft per year.

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