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Huzhou (湖州) is a prefecture-level city in Zhejiang province, located on the southwest side of Lake Tai, a bit north of Hangzhou.


Wuxing is the birthplace of silk culture, tea culture and Hong Kong culture.
Known as the "urban back garden", Anji has beautiful mountains and clear waters and a beautiful environment. It is a bright green pearl in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone.
Nanxun District has famous tourist attractions such as Nanxun Ancient Town, Nanxun Baijian Building, and Linghu Anlan Bridge.
Deqing County has a long history, with relics of Liangzhu culture and legends of ancient Fangfeng culture.
Changxing has tourist attractions such as Xianshan Lake Scenic Area, Shuikou Tea Culture Tourism Scenic Area, and Chinese Alligator Village.


Huzhou is located in Zhejiang Province, China, and is the central city of the Yangtze River Delta. It faces Wuxi and Suzhou in Jiangsu Province across the lake.


Huzhou is an ancient city south of the Yangtze River with a history of more than 2,000 years. It is known as the "Land of Fish and Rice" and "The House of Silk". It is relatively close to Suzhou and Hangzhou, the two heavens on earth that everyone longed for in ancient times, and is close to the ocean. It is located on the south bank of Lake Tai (Taihu in Chinese) and has been nurtured by the lake for generations. Since ancient times, Huzhou people have lived a leisurely life. They work and rest every day at sunrise, which provides certain conditions for the development of Huzhou culture.


Huzhou Feather Fan[edit]

Huzhou Feather Fan, commonly known as Bird Feather Fan, is a famous traditional handicraft with a long history. Together with Suzhou Tuan Fan and Hangzhou Folding Fan, it is one of the three most famous fans in China. It has a history of more than 1,300 years.

Huzhou feather fans have many production processes, strict selection of materials, and fine selection of materials. There are strict requirements on the origin and collection season of wool.


Send the Kitchen King

Every year on the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, the Kitchen God is sent to heaven to report to the Jade Emperor what his family has done in the past year. On Kitchen God's Day, every household will hold a lively farewell ceremony to bid farewell to the new year. The owner of the furnace ascended to heaven. In order to let the Kitchen God "speak good words to the sky when he returns to the palace and bring him good luck.After sending away the Kitchen God, you can carry out general cleaning and prepare for the New Year. Then on the fourth day of the first lunar month, you need to invite the Kitchen God back home to continue performing his duties. Sending the Kitchen God to the Kitchen God entrusts the working people of the Han nationality with their beautiful wish to ward off evil spirits, eliminate disasters, and welcome good fortune. Send the Kitchen King Dates:

  • Friday, February 2, 2024

Send the Kitchen King[edit]

Every household must "send the Kitchen God" on this day. When people from all over Huzhou offer stoves, they light incense candles on the lid of the stove, offer wine, fruits, water chestnuts, mushrooms, maltose, sugar-filled dumplings, fish, meat and other offerings.

Spring Festival[edit]

The Spring Festival is a major folk festival that integrates getting rid of the old and bringing in the new, worshiping gods and ancestors, praying for blessings and warding off evil spirits, reuniting relatives and friends, celebrating entertainment and eating.

Qing Ming Festival[edit]

Qingming Festival, also known as Outing Festival, Qingming Festival, March Festival, Ancestor Worship Festival, etc., takes place at the turn of mid-spring and late spring.


Climate chart (explanation)
Average max. and min. temperatures in °C
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Huzhou City is located in the north subtropical monsoon climate zone.Huzhou City is located in the north subtropical monsoon climate zone. . The city's annual average temperature ranges from 12.2℃ to 17.3℃. The coldest month is January and the hottest month is July.


Huzhou dialect is one of the representative dialects of Wu dialect. Like Suzhou dialect with the same root, it is also called "Wunong soft dialect". Huzhou Rural Dialect, like Shanghai Dialect, Suzhou Dialect, Hangzhou Dialect, Wuxi Dialect, Changzhou Dialect, Jiaxing Dialect, Shaoxing Dialect, and Ningbo Dialect, are all northern Wu dialects. They are highly similar in phonology, vocabulary, grammar, etc., and there is basically no major obstacle to direct communication.

Get in[edit]

By Train

  • 1 Huzhou Railway Station (湖州站). Huzhou City has four stations for high-speed trains — Huzhou Station, Deqing Station, Changxing Station, and Anji Station — plus two that handle only slower trains — Changxing South Station and Deqing West Station. Huzhou Railway Station (Q15929201) on Wikidata Huzhou railway station on Wikipedia

By plane[edit]

Since there is no airport in Huzhou, you need to go to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.

By bus[edit]

Huzhou Bus Terminal Located at No. 1288, Zhanqian Road, Wuxing District.

Suzhou North Square Bus Terminal to Huzhou.It takes about 2 hours.¥51

Get around[edit]

There are 2 districts and 3 counties within Huzhou, a mix of urban, suburban and rural areas.

Huzhou districts
  1. Wuxing District 吴兴区
  2. Nanxun District 南浔区 (named after the historic town of Nanxun 南浔镇), which lies in the middle of the district)
  3. Changxing County 长兴县
  4. Deqing County 德清县
  5. Anji County 安吉县

By bus[edit]

Huzhou has 38 digital lines and 55 dedicated lines. The bus fare policy is 2 yuan for air-conditioned buses, and multi-level fares are implemented for suburban lines, with the highest fare being 7 yuan. At the same time, free ride services are provided to seven types of people, namely retired cadres, model workers at or above the municipal level, the blind, honorary soldiers, active military personnel, seniors aged 70 and above, and disabled people. Seniors aged 60-69 and those recovering from cancer are provided with free rides. Members of the association are provided with a half-price discount, and students are provided with a 20% discount on bus services.

By taxi[edit]

The starting fare for taxis in Huzhou is 8 yuan within 2.5 kilometers, and then 2.5 yuan per kilometer, and a 20-minute journey costs 35 yuan.

By bicycle[edit]

Huzhou's public bicycles are free to rent within 1 hour (including 1 hour). If it exceeds 1 hour, it will be charged at 1 yuan per hour per bicycle (less than 1 hour will be counted as 1 hour). The rental service fee will be charged; the maximum cumulative limit within 24 hours The charge is 10 yuan per vehicle; if the vehicle is rented continuously for more than 24 hours, it will be re-billed according to the above standards.


  • Popular with Chinese tourists from Shanghai & Hangzhou, Anji County (安吉县) offers a glimpse of rural life amid the bamboo forests. The area has 60,000 hectares of bamboo groves.
  • 1 Huzhou Museum (湖州博物馆). Every Tuesday to Sunday 9:00-16:00. Huzhou Museum is a national second-level museum. It is a comprehensive museum integrating collection, research and display. The museum has three basic exhibitions, namely "Wuxing Fu - Huzhou History and Humanities Series", "Knife and Wood Life - Zhao Yannian Art Exhibition", and "Things I Forgot: Zhao Family Memorial Hall and Ming and Qing Classical Furniture Exhibition" .
  • 2 Nanxun Ancient Town (南浔古镇), Nanxun District, Huzhou, Zhejiang. 8:00-17:00. Nanxun is a 5A-level scenic spot in Huzhou, and it is also outstanding among many water towns in the south of the Yangtze River. Nanxun Ancient Town is free, but there are fees for individual ancient houses and manors in the ancient town. ¥80.
  • 3 moganshan (莫干山), Deqing County. 8:30-16:30. he scenic area is full of bamboo forests. The air in the mountains is very fresh. It is very cool here in summer. ¥80.
  • 4 Lianhuazhuang Park (莲花庄公园), No. 108, Lianhuazhuang Road, Wuxing District, toll-free: +86 572 2503985. 06:00-20:00. There are a large number of ancient and famous trees in the park, which are evergreen all year round. There are also many places of interest, such as lotus pond, lotus pavilion, lotus tower, etc. It is a park with a long history and profound cultural heritage.
  • 5 Xishan Yang Wetland Scenic Area (西山漾湿地景区), Xishan Road, Balidian Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou City. It is known as the only lake in Huzhou that can rival West Lake. Its main attractions include: Water Conservancy Park (Pan Jixun Memorial Hall), Wuxing Pastoral Slow City, Wuxing Painting and Calligraphy Academy, Wedding Park, Wetland Park, etc.
  • 6 Huzhou Changdao Park (湖州长岛公园), No. 398, Taihu Road, Wuxing District. Changdao Park is the largest park in Huzhou and is a very suitable place for exercise. Every evening, there are many people running, walking and walking, especially in summer. Every spring when tulips bloom, Long Island Park attracts countless tourists to enjoy the flowers.
  • 7 Tashan Forest Park (塔山森林公园), In Mogan Mountain Scenic Area, toll-free: +86 572 8033402. It is very suitable for morning exercises and the air is very good. It is named Tashan Forest Park because it is located in Tashan Town.
  • 8 Linghu Ancient Town (菱湖古镇), No. 8, Dongzha Road, Nanxun District, toll-free: +86 572 3949288. Monday to Sunday all day. Many buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties have been preserved here, with small bridges and flowing water, and it is very quiet.
  • 9 Silk Town Digang Ancient Village (丝绸小镇荻港古村), Opposite the Dailongkou Fountain in Lixiang, Digang Road, toll-free: +86 572 2906068. It is a thousand-year-old ancient town with a long history and little known. There are few tourists here and it is a relatively original village.
  • 10 Huzhou Art Museum (湖州市美术馆), No. 2588, Longwangshan Road, Wuxing District, toll-free: +86 572 2119573. Monday to Sunday 09:00-16:30. The shape of the art museum is in Greek architectural style, and it collects and displays many fine arts, calligraphy works and related cultural relics from past dynasties.
  • 11 Huzhou Science and Technology Museum (湖州市科技馆), No. 999, Renhuangshan Road, Wuxing District, toll-free: +86 572 2399065. Every Wednesday to Sunday, 9:00-16:00. Visiting here requires making an appointment online, which is very suitable for bringing children to experience. There are many aerospace-related projects on the first floor, and Huarong Road and other projects on the second floor.


  • 1 Fangfeng Temple Fair (防风氏庙会), Fangfeng Mountain, Deqing County. The day before and after the 25th day of the eighth lunar month. The Fangfeng Temple Fair is one of the components of Fangfeng culture and is closely related to the Fangfeng myth. A grand temple fair will be held on this day, with vendors selling goods and stalls all over the street, and it is very lively with crowds of people.
  • Peach Blossom Festival (桃花节). March-April every year. The Huzhou Peach Blossom Festival not only includes peach blossom viewing activities, but also a variety of entertainment activities such as flower viewing and dancing, tasting peach blossom wine, and participating in competitions.


  • 1 Huzhou Yintai Department Store.
  • 2 Huzhou Wanda Plaza (湖州万达广场), +86 572-2660555. 10:00-22:00.


  • 1 Huzhou Renjia Retro Garden Restaurant (湖州人家·复古花园餐厅), No. 35, Chaoyang Lane, +86 18957279717. Monday to Sunday 10:00-13:30 16:00-20:00. This store is decorated in the Republic of China style and the taste is light. Farm chicken soup is the most popular dish. The soup is clear and the chicken is crispy and tender. The seafood fried vermicelli is also delicious. The ingredients include shrimp, eggs, cabbage, garlic sprouts, etc. It is relatively light, and the fried rice noodles are fragrant and have the umami flavor of the seafood.
  • 2 Huzhou Zhuangyuan Building (湖州状元楼), 40 meters southwest of the intersection of Qinlao Street and Hospital Lane, Wuxing District, +86 18057220128. Monday to Sunday 16:00-24:00. This store is very famous in Huzhou. It is a time-honored hotel and has many local Huzhou specialties.
  • 3 Zhang Shengji (张盛记), No. 120 Ziyun Road, +86 18906728696, toll-free: +86 572 2892277. Monday to Sunday 11:00-13:00 17:00-24:00. This is a local private restaurant in Huzhou. Most of the people who come here to eat are Huzhou locals. Although the environment is not good, but the proprietress is very enthusiastic and the prices are affordable.
  • 4 Taihu Yingyue·First-line Lake View Restaurant (太湖映月·一线湖景餐厅), No. K3K4, Building K, Fisherman's Wharf, Binhu Street, +86 18268235263, toll-free: +86 572 2582777. Monday to Friday 10:00-13:00 16:00-20:00 Saturday and Sunday 10:00-13:30 16:00-20:00. This restaurant is antique and decorated in a garden style. The food is served quickly, fresh and delicious. It is recommended to try the Taihu Three Whites.
  • 5 Old town taste private kitchen (老城味道私房菜), No. 153, Yihetou, Yishang Street Hall, +86 15257201617. Monday to Sunday 09:00-13:30 16:00-20:30. Here you can eat while looking at the lake. The portions are generous, delicious and not expensive. The traditional sausage in the old city here is very delicious, waxy and fragrant.
  • 6 BLACK33·wine bistro (BLACK33·wine bistro餐酒馆), East of No. 201, 2nd Floor, Xinghuo Skyline Bund Plaza, Longwangshan Road, +86 13665758885. Monday to Sunday 10:00-21:00. The atmosphere here is very good and the presentation is exquisite. The piglet ribs are delicious, and the dessert is dense and fragrant, melting in your mouth.


Anji White Tea: One of the famous traditional Chinese teas, it is a type of green tea. It is produced in Anji, Huzhou. It is famous for its unique shape, color and aroma. Its unique characteristics and taste are widely loved by tea lovers.

  • 1 three stone coffee (叁石咖啡), No. 203, South East Street, +86 13857287315. Monday to Sunday 09:00-21:00. The view on the second floor of the coffee shop is very good and there is an open platform. The Australian white is very fragrant and the coffee beans are roasted to the right degree without being very bitter.
  • 2 ROSEMARY Coffee Museum (ROSEMARY咖啡美术馆), No. 99-103, Dingjiaqiao Road (100 meters west of Science and Technology Hotel, +86 18268289737. Monday to Sunday 09:00-22:00. This store is very popular and the owner is very enthusiastic. The coffee is pure and the freshly baked waffles are delicious.
  • 3 Mak Kee Milk Company (麦记牛奶公司), Store No. 13.14, Unit 4, No. 8, Jiangnan Garden, Shiyuan Road, Nanxun District, +86 18757278624. Monday to Sunday 10:00-21:30. This shop is located in Nanxun Ancient Town. It is a very unique shop and a sweet water shop. Recommended to taste Grand Slam,.
  • 4 Xishan Tea House (溪山茶栈), Room 101, Building 31, South Gate, Silk Town Wetland Landscape Park, Wuxing District, +86 13736886661. Monday to Sunday 09:30-22:30. It is recommended to try jasmine tea and rose tea. It is recommended to take a break here in summer.
  • 5 MooN·Party Bar (MooN·Party酒吧), No. 786, Zhongxin Plaza, Aishan Street (Yimin Road Store), +86 13587245300. Monday to Sunday 18:30-06:30.
  • 6 FIMI coffee·bar (FIMI coffee·bar), Moganshan Yicui Villa, No. 21 Lingkengli, Laoling Village, Moganshan Town, +86 13362225106. Monday to Sunday 11:00-23:30. The bartender is very professional, with clear layers and rich and dense taste.


  • 1 Home Inn (Nanxun Ancient Town) (如家酒店(南浔古镇店)), No. F13155, Zhebei Building (Century Mall Store), No. 73 Jiangnan Road, Nanxun Town, Nanxun District, toll-free: +86 572 3883888. The hotel environment is very good, clean and comfortable. Next to the intersection, there is a queue for eating, drinking and playing.
  • 2 Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Hotel (湖州喜来登温泉酒店), No. 5858, Taihu Road, Wuxing District, toll-free: +86 572 2299999. Huzhou's first floating platinum-level seven-star hotel is one of the must-check-out hotels in Huzhou. Due to its unique shape, the hotel is built on the water of Taihu Lake and has become one of the city symbols of Huzhou.
  • 3 Zhebei Hotel (浙北大酒店), No. 507, South Street, Wuxing District. Zhebei Hotel is a long-established star hotel in Huzhou City. It is located near the famous Yishang Street in Huzhou City and is also relatively close to Lianhuazhuang Park.

Stay safe[edit]


Free emergency telephone numbers:

  • Police: 110.
  • Fire alarm: 119.
  • Medical care: 120.

Stay healthy[edit]

Because it is located in a subtropical monsoon climate area, the air is moist and warm, so there are more mosquitoes in summer.But repellents can be found in every convenience store, and they don't carry any known diseases in the area.

In Huzhou, like most of China, tap water is not recommended for drinking directly, but it can be used for washing. Filtered and boiled tap water is safer to drink.


You can get a free map from a Huzhou tourist information office (near most tourist places).

Go next[edit]

Shanghai: It takes about 2 hours to take the high-speed rail from Huzhou Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Station. Shanghai is the economic, financial and cultural center of China. Shanghai is world-famous for its bustling urban landscape, modern architecture and unique cultural charm. Shanghai is a vibrant, multicultural city that attracts tourists and investors from all over the world.

Hangzhou: It takes about 30 minutes by high-speed rail from Huzhou to Hangzhou East Railway Station. Hangzhou is one of the seven ancient capitals of China. The Liangzhu culture of Yuhang 5,000 years ago is known as the "dawn of civilization." During the Yuan Dynasty, it was praised by Italian traveler Marco Polo as "the most beautiful and luxurious city in the world."

Ningbo: It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to take the high-speed rail from Huzhou to Ningbo Station. Ningbo is one of China's important coastal tourist cities and an important city in the Shanghai metropolitan area. Not only the scenery is beautiful, but the history and culture are also very rich. The Jinzi Kingdom of the Xia Dynasty, 4,200 years ago, is considered to be the earliest origin of Ningbo as a "city". It attracts many domestic and foreign tourists every year for sightseeing and vacation.

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