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Konkan is a coastal region of Western India, consisting of the coastal areas of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. Some definitions include the entire western coast of India, from Gujarat to Kerala.


Map of Konkan
  Maharashtra (North Konkan and South Konkan)
Home to India's best beaches.
  Karnataka (Karavali)


  • 1 Mumbai (Bombay) — The capital of Konkan and the financial capital of India
  • 2 Amboli — A hill station in Maharashtra
  • 3 Goregaon — A suburb of Mumbai city
  • 4 Kalyan Kalyan on Wikipedia — A city east-north-east of Thane
  • 5 Navi Mumbai (New Bombay) — a planned city founded in 1971
  • 6 Panvel — in Navi Mumbai
  • 7 Ratnagiri —A port city in Maharashtra, known for Alphonso mangoes
  • 8 Thane — elder brother of Mumbai, metropolitan city north of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai
  • 9 Vasai-Virar Vasai on Wikipedia — A twin city in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region

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Marathi and Konkani are the main languages of the Konkan region. While English is not well understood outside the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, Hindi is well understood by most people.

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Konkan Railway operates through this region.




  • Fruits from April to May end you must have the king of fruits, Hapus (or "Alphonso") mango, especially from Ratnagari District. You can also try on Fanas (jackfruit), Karvanda (blue berries), Jambhul, Kokam, cashew fruit/nut
  • Tender coconut.
  • San-za-na, jackfruit idli with coconut or cow milk
  • Fanas Bhaji, jackfruit curry
  • Amti Bhat, rice and yellow dal curry
  • Koyada, half ripe mango curry
  • Vatli dal, raw mango dal
  • Sol kadhi kokam curry
  • Kadva wal usal beans curry
  • Bangdyache human mackerel coconut curry

Veg specialities in Konkan region:

  • Chulivarchya Bhakrya - Cake of native grains made on chulha
  • Fanas Bhaji - Spicy jackfruit curry
  • Amti Bhat - rice and yellow dal curry
  • Koyada - half ripe mango sweet sour curry
  • San-za-na- jackfruit sweet dish with coconut or cow milk
  • Kelphoolachi Bhaji - a Konkan favourite made of banana flowers
  • Vatli dal - side dish made up with raw mango dal
  • Sol kadhi - kokam curry
  • The modak, considered to be the favourite steamed delight of the Hindu elephant god, Ganesha.

Non-veg specialities in Konkan Region:

  • Kurkuron Bombeel - crisply fried Mumbai duck
  • Tisrya-che Kalvan - clams in thick spicy masala
  • Bangadyachi Chatni - spicy dry dish made of tasty fish
  • Vade - Sagoti - meat dish with fried cake of mixed grains


  • Kokam Sarbat, cool kokam juice
  • Amba Panha, raw mango drink
  • Tender coconut water
  • Maadi-fresh palm sap
  • Sol-Kadhi, typical Konkani drink made by Kokam
  • Avala Sarbat, typical Konkani drink made by Avala
  • Karvand Sarbat, typical Konkani drink made by Karvand
  • Khazoor Maadi, an alcoholic drink made from date tree juice.

Stay safe[edit]

Like most parts of Western India, Konkan has a low crime-rate. However, pickpockets are known to operate in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). Keep your money, passport and credit card safely in your wallet.

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